A Duke by Default

  • Author Alyssa Cole
  • Release Date July 31, 2018
  • Publisher HarperCollins
  • ISBN/ASIN B073B2B81T
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by BPoston

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Our Review

Portia Hobbs leaves New York City to travel to Scotland to become the apprentice to Tavis McKenzie, a struggling swordmaker. She is struggling to discover what she wants to do with her life. Her sister is brilliant and her parents extremely successful. She knows she has been a disappointment to them because she has no interest in going into the family business. She is hoping this trip to Scotland to do something entirely unique will help her discover what she really wants.

Tavis McKenzie is a gruff Scotsman who has no time for the spoiled American girl coming to help him. He got suckered into hiring her but hopes if he ignores her, she will decide to leave. He didn’t expect her to be so darn pretty or such a hard worker. Her knowledge of Scottish history is amazing, and she has even helped bring in more customers for his business.

While researching the history of the castle Tavis lives in, Portia discovers he might be the secret son of a duke, which could change his life dramatically. Can she help him realize his family roots and come to terms with his new station in life, or will he toss her out the door, afraid to reach for what might seem to be an impossible dream?

A DUKE BY DEFAULT was a fun story. Ms. Cole’s knowledge about Scottish history, weaponry, and armor is immense. This was a delightful read, and I look forward to more of her stories.

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