Die Like an Eagle

  • Author Donna Andrews
  • Release Date August 2, 2016
  • Publisher Minotaur Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 1250078555
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Dottie

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Our Review

This latest Meg Langlow novel centers on youth summer league baseball. Meg is a blacksmith and team mom while her husband Michael is the coach for the Caerphilly Eagles, their twin sons’ youth softball team. As an ornamental blacksmith and mother of twins, one would think Meg would be busy enough, but she is also the assistant to the mayor and her latest assignment is to work with Biff Brown, the irritating and vindictive head of the league who owns a construction company. Biff treats everyone with disdain and has not been sticking to his construction contract to remodel the town square. Meg’s many calls to him have gone unanswered and time is running short. Although Meg and Michael are new to the league, they are quickly catching on to Biff’s bullying tactics, especially when he shows up at a team picnic, and tries to put a stop to it by accusing them of conducting a secret practice. In fact, many of his rules are not even in the rule book and have not been voted on. However, Meg has memorized the rule book and she is not about to let this bully get away with anything.

On opening day, a body looking a lot like Biff is discovered in the porta-potty. But instead of Biff, it is his more congenial brother who worked for him. Although many believe Biff may have done him in, he has an alibi. Meg thinks that Biff may have been the killer’s target, instead of his brother, especially when she uncovers some of his crooked dealings, cronyism and dissatisfied customers. As Meg begins to interview Biff’s clients, she comes across important clues, reporting whatever she finds to the sheriff as they get closer to identifying the murderer. But some don’t like her meddling. Will the killer be found before Meg’s questions make her the next victim?

A fun, entertaining tale, DIE LIKE AN EAGLE, the twentieth novel in author Donna Andrews’ MEG LANGSLOW series, is a clever contemporary cozy mystery that will keep you guessing. The small town America backdrop with baseball, community, potlucks and family dynamics is sure to warm the hearts of its readers, while the mystery and unfolding clues provides a puzzle to keep you thinking. A perfect summer tale! I enjoy this series and always look forward to a new release and a chance to revisit the zany characters in Ms. Andrews’ novels. She provides characters that you will either love or hate. Each book can be read as a standalone, but with all the entertainment to be found in this collection, why settle for just one? This is a delightful story that I recommend to all cozy mystery fans.

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