Daughter of Fortune

  • Author Isabel Allende
  • Release Date April 14, 2014
  • Publisher Harper Collins
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  • Reviewed by book lover

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Our Review

DAUGHTER OF FORTUNE by Isabel Allende is a historical novel that spans from 1833 Chile to 1853 California gold rush. 

Eliza Sommers is told she was abandoned on the doorstep and that no one knows who her parents are. She’s raised by the woman and brother who found her. When she turns sixteen, she falls in love with a poor bastard, Joaquin Andieta, who works for her uncle. 

They have a short love affair, and then he is consumed with gold fever. He leaves to seek his fortune promising Eliza he’ll return for her. When Eliza discovers she’s pregnant, she follows him, stowing away on a ship with the help of Tao Chi’en, a man who was Shanghaied on her uncle’s ship. Tao is a Chinese doctor, and when she miscarries on the grueling trip to California, he takes care of her. 

Tao disguises her as a boy and sneaks her off the ship. When she is strong enough, Eliza, still disguised as a boy, leaves in search of Joaquin.She spends years adventuring, finds him, and matures enough to realize what she really wants in life.

DAUGHTER OF FORTUNE is rich in historical detail and makes you feel as if you are at the gold rush. The author also does an excellent job of drawing strong women and shows the growth of the characters. There is an implied happily ever after, but I would have preferred a better resolution at the end. Even so, it was an excellent read.

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