Courting Trouble

  • Author Kerrigan Byrne
  • Release Date December 8, 2020
  • Publisher Gnarly Wool Publishing
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Lady Honoria “Nora” Mosby, Viscountess Woodhaven, is the eldest daughter of a baron. She has spent ten years in a loveless marriage to a cruel monster. Honoria nearly becomes her late husband’s last victim. She begs her brother-in-law to take her to Doctor Conleith’s clinic for care. Honoria wants to gain his forgiveness for all the wrongs she caused him in the past. Will Honoria’s father and late husband stand in the way of their second chance? Or will she continue martyring herself for her family?

Titus Conleith is a physician and brilliant surgeon. He plans to open clinics in every town for the lower and working classes. The last person Titus expects to find on his operating table is Honoria, the woman who broke his heart. Fate allows their paths to cross yet again. When her life is threatened, he offers her sanctuary at his clinic. Can Titus forgive Honoria? What other sacrifices will he have to make to be with her? Or will their differences in status keep them apart?

Titus is now one of my favorite Kerrigan Byrne’s heroes. He is such a remarkable man. I like Titus’ views on politics and political officials. It is so nice to see another mirror my feelings about that particular subject. I adore Titus’ grand plans for the future. He never once forgot just where he came from. Titus could have focused on attending the wealthy and privileged and ignored the needs of the lower and working classes.

I am so happy Kerrigan Byrne wrote Honoria’s happily ever after. SEDUCING A STRANGER / A DARK AND STORMY KNIGHT painted her most unfavorably until the end. Honoria is a misunderstood woman who made the best of the horrific life fate gave her. What I admire the most about her are the many sacrifices Honoria makes for those that she loves. She would rather give up her happiness and freedom than destroy Titus or her sisters’ future prospects.

COURTING TROUBLE is book two in Kerrigan Byrne’s brand-new historical romance series, GOODE GIRLS ROMANCE, a spinoff from her VICTORIAN REBELS series. This story immediately picks up where SEDUCING A STRANGER (previously titled A DARK AND STORMY KNIGHT) leaves off, so it is necessary to read the previous book first. Plus, to understand the side characters and their unique relationships and roles, it is important to read the previous series.

I adore how the author approaches this second-chance romance. In the beginning, she focuses on how the couple first meets and interacts, instead of relying on flashbacks typical of the trope. I am so proud of myself for recognizing the song lyrics Kerrigan Byrne used in the story. The rendition I know is done by the Irish singer Eimear Quinn.

COURTING TROUBLE is a beautiful and uplifting tale of second chances. I cannot wait for Mercy and Felicity Goode’s books.

A Recommended Read.

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