Code of Valor

  • Author Lynette Eason
  • Release Date January 1, 2019
  • Publisher Revell
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by BPoston

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Our Review

In CODE OF VALOR by Lynette Eason, Detective Brady St. John is in desperate need of a break. He decides to use a friend’s cabin on Lake Henley for some much needed rest and relaxation. However, his second night there, he hears a scream and finds a woman being attacked on Lake Henley. He manages to rescue her, but her attacker escapes. Thus begins the journey of Brady and Emily Chastain, a financial crimes investigator, trying to figure out who wants Emily dead.  

Emily does not know why someone is after her. Her best friend is an investigative reporter who has been researching some information Emily discussed with her and has now disappeared. Emily fears for her friend’s life but honestly does not know what, if anything, the information she gave her friend could have to do with her disappearance.  Nothing makes sense.

With the help of Brady and his amazing family (who are all in law enforcement), Emily is trying to figure out what she knows that seems to be putting everybody around her in danger.  

CODE OF VALOR was a great story! Loads of action and adventure, and the characters are great.  The St. John family is a hoot, and I would love them at my back if I were in danger. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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