Circle of the Moon (A Soulwood Novel Book 4)

  • Author Faith Hunter
  • Release Date February 26, 2019
  • Publisher Ace
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-0399587948
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by SJ

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Our Review

The fourth book in Faith Hunter’s SOULWOOD series delivers action, an intriguing plot, a romance, and amazing growth for all the characters. Faith Hunter just keeps getting better! I read this book in one sitting, let it sit a few days, then read it again! 

In this installment (and this book is best read after reading books one through three), Nell is maturing, drawing information and power from the land, in particular, through her land, Soulwood. 

When head agent Rick LeFleur sends an SOS, unable to recall exactly why he was drawn to a particular witch circle with no memory of having done so, the mystery begins. Black magic, vampires, death and more death. As Rick’s past catches up to him and Nell deals with vampires and her own past, a new villain emerges to draw something monstrous into the world. Nell continues to grow, her character development a thing of beauty as the author rounds her out perfectly.

Nell’s relationship with her sister, her family (God’s Cloud of Glory Church) and the PsyLed team, not to mention her feelings for Occam, all work together to create a fascinating, enchanting heroine with both strengths and weaknesses that carry the plot as much as the action does. 

I loved how the author used all the characters on the team, as well as the vampires (LOVE Yummy!) and the mystery of the villain/s to build suspense. 

Faith Hunter writes must-read urban fantasy like no one else. If you haven’t already read the beginning of this series, BLOOD OF THE EARTH, pick up a copy right now and dive in. You won’t regret a single minute of it.

Recommended Read!


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