Christmas on Main Street

  • Author Leeanna Morgan
  • Release Date December 2, 2019
  • Publisher Rogan Press
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by book lover

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Our Review

CHRISTMAS ON MAIN STREET by Leeanna Morgan is a classic Christmas story with plenty of small town Christmas events. It’s a sweet holiday romance to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Jack Devlin is visiting family in Sapphire Bay, Montana, and meets up with Emma Lewis. He falls hard and fast for Emma and her six-year-old twins, Dylan and Molly. The longer Jack stays in Sapphire Bay, the less he wants to return to his life in New York City.

Emma is falling for Jack, but she’s wary after her husband abandoned her with two babies to fend for herself. She swore she would always stand on her own, but when Jack comes into the picture, her determination melts away.

This is a fun, sweet romance, full of Christmas spirit, but I did feel there wasn’t a lot of conflict. Halfway through the book, we know Jack and Emma love each other. Her ex-husband comes back on the scene after being gone five years, but they appear to be getting along. While that changes later in the book, it felt like a stronger conflict would have greatly improved the story. Even so, it’s a fun read.

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