Between Bloode and Stone

  • Author Marie Harte
  • Release Date October 19, 2021
  • Publisher No Box Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-1642920642
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Diana Mcc

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Our Review

BETWEEN BLOODE AND STONE by Marie Harte is the first book in the series Between the Shadows. BETWEEN BLOODE AND STONE is a standalone book I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Faraine is a Dusk Elf with an ability to converse with the earth and rocks. She is under the control of a fierce, violent vampire who wants her to find all the powerful Bloode Stones and bring them to him. In the beginning, she does just that because the vampire is holding her prisoner and torturing her brother.

Her search takes her to the Night Bloode mansion and the powerful vampire Varujan.

Varujan and his motley crew of vamps are serving out a debt to a magician and living in the Night Bloode Mansion. There are six vampires living there and they are rough and mean and don’t follow orders. Vampires are all male and cursed to live in small groups least they wipe their species out fighting.

As a prisoner, she and Varujan begin a slow dance of light vs. dark. Their search together for the Bloode Stones brings them closer, and Varujan finds he can fall in love after all. Theirs is a slow-burn to an intriguing HOT climax.

There are fantastic characters in this story, including a goddess, magician, a battle cat and many more. If you love paranormal romance that has plenty of twists, turns, action and love, you should read BETWEEN BLOODE AND STONE. This first book in the new series Between the Shadows. I highly recommend this book

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