At Close Range

  • Author Laura Griffin
  • Release Date January 31, 2017
  • Publisher Pocket Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-1476761756
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Pop! Crack! Thwump! Life has just been snuffed out in a double murder in AT CLOSE RANGE in Laura Griffin’s new TRACERS novel. Daniele Harper, a pretty police detective, is extremely baffled, as clues don’t jive at the crime scene of a double homicide. Needing help with analyzing fingerprints, Dani contacts the Delphi Center. Dani’s secret crush, Scott Black, rushes to help her, but oh boy, he is delicious eye candy. Just what she doesn’t need, a mental lapse in judgment, because she is asked to head up her first case and she doesn’t want to blow it.

Scott Black, ex-Navy SEAL, ballistics pro and hot, hunkalicious stud material, is offering to help Dani out on her murder case. Only, she clearly states she doesn’t want his help. Or does she? Dani is on the fence about wanting Scott close to her. But Scott is drawn to Dani like a moth to a flame. Just being near her rackets up his need to have her and kiss her silly. Oh brother, Scott has it bad for Dani! This is very dangerous because he needs to concentrate on catching the crazed killer. When the investigation zeros in on him as the killer, will Dani’s trust in him falter? Scott needs to do something, and fast, because the murderer just might put them both in his sights. What will they do? The mattress tango, find the killer or possibly, maybe both?

AT CLOSE RANGE is riveting, explosive, seductive, and totally empowering. Gorgeous detective extraordinaire, Daniele Harper, tackles a murder case, along with sharp ballistics expert, Scott Black–a curiously, complex character with a serious craving for one specific female, Dani, who he likes to keep in his radar. When Dani is made lead detective in a double homicide, things deteriorate, fast. Murphy’s law–if something can go wrong, it will and does in her case. Blast it all, why her?

Lies, intrigue, blackmail, brisk, edgy action and smartly sexy, AT CLOSE RANGE has it all. The author, Ms. Griffin, weaves a complex murder case that quickly goes awry. There are plenty of twists and turns that will leave the reader guessing until the very end. I was astonished at all the unexpected developments and totally surprised at the explosive ending. I mean, wow! Ms. Griffin is a stellar writer who definitely knows how to pen a shocking murder mystery. AT CLOSE RANGE is startlingly sharp, smart, and subtly sexy. Brilliant!  


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