An Unexpected Amish Courtship

  • Author Rachel J. Good
  • Release Date July 27, 2021
  • Publisher Zebra
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781420150384
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

AN UNEXPECTED AMISH COURTSHIP is the second book in the SURPRISED BY LOVE series. I’m so glad this series will continue and can’t wait for more! I love the direction in which the novel was taken. There are so many stories within the book, but the author deftly connects them. And though characters reappear from previous books in the series, this can be read on its own. AN UNEXPECTED AMISH COURTSHIP is filled with love and faith and ultimately a satisfying warmth and happiness, although the characters go through a lot to get there!

We return to Pennsylvania to the Green Valley Farmers Market and are reunited with characters we’ve met before along along with new ones. Mrs. Vandenberg is once again matchmaking but also being her generous, if bossy, self to her neighbors and friends. This time, Savilla and Isaac are in her crosshairs. While there is an immediate attraction when they meet at the market, they need a little help communicating.

Savilla was sent to Pennsylvania from Ohio to live with her maiden aunt since her aunt has to undergo surgery and will need help afterward. Savilla didn’t even know she had an aunt, so it’s one surprise after another when they do meet—and most of those surprises aren’t happy ones. 

Savilla and Isaac both seem to multitask and always try to find the good in others, no matter how difficult that might be. Isaac comes from a large family, and they embrace Savilla when she feels she has no one on her side. (Her aunt’s brother is a very angry and hard man, and Savilla hurts because she, her mom, and her sisters had to move in with him and his family to remain in Ohio.)

The story flows well and has plenty of well-wrought emotion. There is always room for a prayer to help the characters be kinder or more accepting of God, as well as to help them deal with their insecurities and frailties. The ending gave me wonderful closure, and I wanted to go back and read it again. I especially love the book’s cover—not only the serenity of it but how representative it was of the market and thus the story.

Ms. Good is one of my favorite authors of Amish fiction. I always look forward to reading her work. Give her books a try if you haven’t already.


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