An Heiress to Remember

  • Author Maya Rodale
  • Release Date March 31, 2020
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 978-0-06-283884-1
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Diana Mcc

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Our Review

AN HEIRESS TO REMEMBER, by Maya Rodale, is part of the series The Gilded Age Girls Club, takes place in Manhattan, NY in 1895. The heroine, Beatrice Goodwin, is beautiful, kind, rich, independent, and successful. She and her family had chosen a Duke for marriage, over Wes Dalton, her first love who worked at the family Department store. 

Sixteen years later, she divorces the Duke when her childless marriage falls apart. She leaves England and heads to Manhattan, NY and her family. She  has always loved  the family’s department store, Goodwin’s. Her father has died and the store is being miss-managed by her derelict brother. The store is in disarray and hardly any customers shop there. There is a new in store in  town, right across the street from Goodwin’s, and Dalton is the owner. He is known as the Prince of Manhattan.

Wes Dalton’s young heart was broken, when Beatrice chose the Duke over him. Dalton has gone from store clerk at Goodwin’s to rich, self-made owner of Dalton’s Department store. In the beginning of the story he only wants revenge and to put Goodwin’s out of business. 

The storyline is different from the usual second chance stories. For one thing they are both mid-thirties. Beatrice and Dalton are fierce competitors by day and soon become lovers at night.

What is enticing is their love affair takes place after hours in one or the others store. In housewares, in the furniture dept., in the lounges etc., love was on the move, and I couldn’t wait to see where they ended up next.

Beatrice creates a lovely store with childcare, a beauty salon, a reading and relaxing nook, all for women to have a break from every day life. Her store is soon “The Place to go and be Seen”.

There is plenty of sizzle, great dialogue and a mystery, as someone keeps defacing Beatrice’s store and eventually sets it on fire.

I really enjoyed AN HEIRESS TO REMEMBER, and highly recommend this book.





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