• Author Jennifer Probst
  • Release Date July 25, 2017
  • Publisher Gallery Books
  • ISBN/ASIN B01M740T82
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by LJT

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Our Review

My entire being was captivated by the prologue from Jennifer Probst’s ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL. I felt the love and desire between the two main characters deep within my soul and never wanted to let it go.

Sydney Green fell in love with Tristan Pierce when she was only eight years old. Growing up, she always tagged along with him and his two brothers, which resulted in her becoming an honorary member of the Pierce family.

Sydney and Tristan are entangled in a secret love affair when Tristan’s mother passes away. It is at this time that Tristan is completely out of sorts and feels compelled to get away from his brothers and his family’s construction business. He asks Sydney to come with him to New York City, but she wants to stay in town with her ailing grandmother. In addition, she loves working for Pierce Brothers and living in Harrington, so relocating is not really an option. Although she tells Tristan that she loves him, he does not reciprocate the sentiment.

It is almost seven years later when Tristan returns home and joins his brothers in the management of Pierce Construction. Tristan uses his success in the NYC real estate market to further advance their company’s interests, while he and his brothers rekindle the bonds that they once shared. Sydney is now CFO and a single mom to a darling daughter. She and Tristan barely tolerate each other while working on an important project together, until they finally give in to their mutual longing and desires. They get married, form a family, and over time, find a way to forgive each other’s faults and deceptions.

I really enjoyed this book. Sydney is an independent woman, and I loved the way she stood up for herself time and time again. Her daughter is a real cutie, and her way of looking at the world is truly refreshing. Tristan’s good-looks, smarts, and emotions are captured brilliantly, which makes him quite likable. Lastly, Sydney and Tristan are a hot couple. and their sexy times are numerous and fiery. Luckily, they get a second chance to realize they are meant to be.

This is third and final book in the BILLIONAIRE BUILDERS trilogy and can be enjoyed as a standalone. However, in order to truly experience this well-conceived series, I recommend reading books one and two first. Some of the characters crossover, which adds a nice familiarity and background to the plot.

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