A Wedding Tail

  • Author Casey Griffin
  • Release Date October 25, 2021
  • Publisher Charming Frog Publishing
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Zoe Plum is a wedding planner. She is a sexual health representative on the side. She encounters the flirtatious Levi Dolson at the most harrowing wedding of her career. She hopes the Wedding Expo will help boost her business even higher, only to find herself running into Levi again. The sexy rockstar refuses to take no for an answer. A series of accidents threatens to ruin all of Zoe’s plans for her best friend’s wedding. Can Zoe pull off a miraculous wedding for her friend Piper? Will she finally open her bruised heart to Levi?

Levi Dolson is the lead singer for a promising rock band. He agrees to be his college friend’s last minute, stand-in groomsman. Levi cannot conceal his growing interest in the cool and aloof wedding planner. In hopes of furthering their association, he signs up for the Wedding Expo. However, Zoe continues to play hard-to-get. When a series of disastrous incidents follows her, Levi tries to help her uncover the saboteur. Can Levi sway Zoe to take a chance on them? Or will he be forced to give up on her for good?

I cannot help but like and admire Zoe. She is the ever practical, responsible, and confidant one of her trio of friends. However, Zoe has been hurt in the most horrendous way possible. I like how Zoe’s past heartache and pessimism does not interfere with her business. She strives to make every customer’s dream come true on their special day, regardless of their bizarre demands. What I adore the most about Zoe is her steadfast dedication to her two best friends. There is little she would not do for Piper and Addy, even jeopardize her life and business for them.

What is there not to like about Levi! He is such a fun character! Levi’s outgoing personality really balances out Zoe’s cool and collected demeanor. I admire Levi’s determination to follow his own path and dream rather than accept the one set up for him. He knows better than anyone what would make him happiest. What I love the most about Levi is his determination. He never once gave up on Zoe. Levi knew that she was well worth the wait. He realized that she needed to heal before she could open her heart again.

A WEDDING TAIL is the third book in Casey Griffin’s doxie-themed series, A RESCUE DOG ROMANCE. The author received the rights back to this fun series from her previous publisher, which gives her the chance to reintroduce it. This story got a touch up too, as with the previous two. It is shorter than its 2017 release. I do recommend reading this series in order. Each story can stand alone; however, there is a background plot that spans the three books. Also, readers can get a better understanding of Piper, Addison, and Zoe’s close bond.

A WEDDING TAIL is a remarkable tale of one woman finally letting go of the past to heal and discover love again. I am delighted that the author announced there will be a fourth book. Yay! More dachshund books to look forward to. I cannot wait to see who is next!

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