A Midnight Dance

  • Author Joanna Davidson Politano
  • Release Date September 7, 2021
  • Publisher Revell
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780800736903
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Dianamcc

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Our Review

A MIDNIGHT DANCE by Joanna Davidson Politano, takes place in the Regency Era. The plot takes you behind the scenes of ballet and theater in one of London’s most famed theaters.

Ella Blythe, daughter of one of London’s most famous ballerinas, has dreamed of being on the stage. Trained by her reclusive mother, she auditions for a scholarship at the famed Craven Street Theater. She has a fierce desire to prove herself to her unknown benefactor and works hard practicing more than anyone else.

Two different men are the heroes. At fourteen years old, she shared a midnight ballet dance in the attic of the theater with Phillipe. She has dreamed of that brief encounter with the handsome Phillipe for years. When she joins the ballet company, Phillipe is the lead male dancer. She soon spends time with Phillipe and finds him to be not only charismatic, but a kind and caring man.

The other man is Jack, the choreographer. He seems to taunt her yet helps her realize her goals. He gets Ella to loosen up and enjoy life outside of the theater. He has a bold, optimistic outlook on life even though so many tragedies mar his past.

Ella, with the help of Jack, soon discovers more about her parents. She begins to realize that almost everything she has always believed to be true was a myth. Surprises pop up around every corner and only one man will prove himself worthy of her love.

I liked A MIDNIGHT DANCE and its cast of remarkable characters. It was interesting to read about  Ella as she grew from a self-centered young woman to a mature and caring person and prima ballerina.

This book combines history and the culture of ballet in 1830’s London, tender romance, a great mystery, suspense, and a captivating plot.

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