A Lady's Formula For Love

  • Author Elizabeth Everett
  • Release Date February 9, 2021
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780593200629/B08BKS6C4H
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Luminous, lusty, steamy and smart, A LADY’S FORMULA FOR LOVE, is perfectly spiced with sticky situations. In Ms. Everett’s debut novel in the Secret Scientists of London series, Lady Violet Hughes, a gorgeous, brainy scientist, is leader of a secret society for ladies, Athena’s Retreat. Violet’s hid her true passions for years while married to an older man who squelched and belittled her. After his death, Violet opened the doors to a secret woman’s club, where women can pursue their scientific interests safely. She is working on a crucial plan for the Crown, requested by her stepson. However, recent events have put her in danger, so her stepson hires an extremely, lethal bodyguard. Does Violet approve?

Arthur Kneland, an agent for the Crown and a counter-assassin, is strikingly handsome and potently virile. When he meets vivacious Violet, blazing sparks ignite. He is hired to protect her, only he wants to kiss her and more. Violet magnetizes him like no other woman before her. She has intelligence, boldness and irresistible charm. Arthur’s line of work puts him in constant peril, but working with Violet might possibly be the first time his heart will be at risk. He is finding himself falling in love with the confounded woman. Blast it all! Is this a recipe for danger?

An intelligent lady and a mysterious guardian have a battle of wills and more, in Ms. Everett’s delightful new novel, A LADY’S FORMULA FOR LOVE. Perilous predicaments, a puzzling plot, and a ravishing romance winningly weave a wonderful story. I absolutely adored the sexy bodyguard who captured my heart from the beginning. It was fun to watch Violet let down her guard around Arthur as he inch by inch stole her breath away. I loved all the quirky characters of Athena’s Retreat who are Violet’s friends. They all are such strong women with brains to boot! Fantastic, hilarious fun seeing the ladies flounder with their experiments and the mistakes that befall them. This is an expertly crafted story with many romantic moments squished in-between chilling moments. I have found myself a new author to follow! Provocative, empowering, and spicy, A LADY’S FORMULA FOR LOVE will ignite your senses!

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