A Glitter Of Gold

  • Author Liz Johnson
  • Release Date August 6, 2019
  • Publisher Revell
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780800729417/B07NDMYGTT
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

A GLITTER OF GOLD is a beautifully plotted drama, with romance and a sunken ship story that twines together two unlikely people. Anne Norris, a pretty tour guide, moves to Savannah, Georgia, for a new beginning and to escape a painful past. She starts up a pirate-tour business. Lately, her bookings are sparse and her rent is looming near. How will she meet her bills?

Anne finds a shiny sword hilt in the sand after a severe storm. This could be her ticket to solvency! She takes it to Carter to investigate. She is extremely attracted to the sexy, optimistic guy. Only, Carter scares her with talk of treasure and taking it to the museum board. Anne rushes out, clutching the hilt. She is scared to trust him after the nightmares in her past. They each have secrets and are hesitant to trust one another, but their attraction is undeniable. What does their future hold?

Carter, a devilishly, handsome museum director, possesses an eighteenth century diary, which was handed down multiple generations in his family. He hopes to discover a shipwreck off the coast, as detailed in the tattered pages. When Anne rushes into his office, his day just got better seeing the lovely lady. The hilt Anne shows him is just what he needs to reinforce his argument with the museum board. Plus, if he discovers the sunken ship, it would boost his career and status within the community, and his family too. Since, his father isn’t happy with his career choice.

Carter and Anne hesitantly team up to do research. Anne still is adjusting to life and men in general. Hopefully, they can find someone to donate money to fund their efforts. Will they find the shipwreck off the coast or will they discover a treasure that is worth more than gold, like true love?

A GLITTER OF GOLD is aglow with a swashbuckling pirate story, engaging characters with hidden secrets and a beautiful love story. The author deftly captures the magic of pirates amid the high seas, second chances and sweeping romances. There are passages about grace and forgiveness around a Christian theme. I loved how smoothly Ms. Johnson blends two stories, the diary’s entries, and the lives of Anne and Carter. I couldn’t get enough of the journal entries, with all the action aboard a ship! Ms. Johnson perfectly describes the coastal area, with the soft sand, the waves, and the wind blowing off the ocean, that I felt like I was there! Have Kleenex ready, as I was moved to tears, when Anne shares her heartbreaking past with Carter. A GLITTER OF GOLD is a breath of fresh air. Incredibly touching and heartwarming.

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