A GhostWalker Novel: Toxic Game

  • Author Christine Feehan
  • Release Date March 12, 2019
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 1984803498
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Angel Brewer

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Our Review

The GHOST WALKER series continues with another heart pounding tale of action, adventure and romance in the jungles of Indonesia. Two ghost walkers find a love they never thought they could have with each other and will soon wonder if they are facing certain death.

Dr. Draden Freeman has spent his life doing many things. He has been a soldier, a model, a doctor and now he is trying to stop the evil that lurks in the darkness and spreads disease to the innocent. Draden never in a million years thought he would be infected with a deadly virus that could kill him but that is exactly what happens. Now he is on borrowed time to find the ones who did it and stop them from creating a world wide epidemic. Then he meets Shylah and his whole world turns upside down.

Shylah Cosmo was sent into the jungle to track the men responsible for the virus that decimated an entire village. When she comes upon Draden and gives life saving CPR she has no idea that he has been infected with the deadly virus or that she has infected herself by saving him. Now they have a limited time to save themselves and the world before the virus is unleashed on society. Will Shylah find herself falling in love with the sexy and lovable Draden?

Christine Feehan has penned an intriguing and enthralling tale of love and adventure. Draden is the heart stopping alpha male who is isolated and lonely but finds his perfect mate in Shylah. Our brave and spunky heroine is everything you have come to expect in a Ghost Walker lead female. Shylah is an alpha female who doesn’t take anything from Draden; she lets him know in no uncertain terms that she is just as dangerous as he is. There is a slow build up that leads to some very steamy loving and will leave the reader panting for more. Also you get updates on the other Ghost Walkers and their mates from past stories and how everything connects together. Christine Feehan has done an excellent job with TOXIC GAME that will keep her fans coming back for more.

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