A Duchess A Day

  • Author Charis Michaels
  • Release Date November 10, 2020
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062984951/B084VP51B7
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

A clever cast of characters with escapades galore and an amusing romance, A DUCHESS A DAY simply sizzles! It stars Lady Helena Lark whose main existence is tending to her orchard in the forest where she lives. She defies her parents request to wed a tiresome and carousing Duke of Lusk, because she doesn’t find him the least bit attractive. More importantly, her orchard will be demolished to make way for transportation on the river, which borders the two families’ estates. Will Helena be forced to wed a boozy, dreary Duke?

Enter the “Huntsman”, Declan Shaw, a mercenary who is currently awaiting trial in jail after his last client went AWOL and he was wrongly accused. However, he is surprisingly hired to deliver a runaway fiancée to a Duke and his prison sentence is dropped with the promise of a grand payment. Declan is intrigued, says yes, with future plans to care for his father and sisters with the money he earns if he delivers Lady Helena. There is a catch. She is known to be flighty and feisty. What has he got himself into?

Sparks ignite when Declan meets Helena for the first time. Declan wonders how he will reign in his growing love for the spirited, sassy, sexy lady who makes his blood race. Helena is equally attracted to the brooding, dark, handsome man who is her chosen bodyguard sticking to her like glue. The Duke of Lusk’s uncle is adamant about Declan keeping Helena in line. But Helena has other ideas, proving that she is smart, wily and desperate to plan her own future. Will Declan help her out in her scheme to dangle a duchess in front of the Duke to marry instead of her?

A DUCHESS A DAY is simply enchanting and filled with risks and secrets. When a mercenary is hired to contain the disobedient Lady Helena Lark, the laws of attraction are put to the test, in this innovative, provocative romantic escapade. Helena is spirited and determined to wed the man of her dreams when he comes along, not the preordained, irksome Duke of Lusk. Her idea to find various duchesses for the Duke to meet is a difficult task! I was impressed with the author’s imagination and ingenuity. The author expertly plots a complex story with subplots galore, lively characters, chilling overtones and adept touches of humor. I loved the budding romance between Declan and Helena, which is very risky and intoxicating. Ms. Michaels’ new book in the Awakened By A Kiss series is a winner! Now, I can’t wait for the next book. A DUCHESS A DAY is simply magical!

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