Parenting or Romance? Author Angela Lam Turpin Discusses Blood Moon Rising

Blood Moon Rising is about a vampire mother who must save her dhampir son from death by finding the blood of his human father before the next full moon.

Although Blood Moon Rising is a paranormal romance, the romantic elements of the plot interest me less than the mother/son dynamic.  In this age of divorce, blended families, and single-parents, the relationship between a parent and child often comes before or between a romantic interest, whether that romantic interest is a one-night stand or a marriage.

Valkyrie’s abandoned by her lover before the novel opens, but she has her son, Anthony, whom she’s had since birth.  That bond between them is strong, probably a lot stronger than it would be if Valkyrie had a mate.  But parenthood is not designed to hold the same tension as a romance, and eventually the friction between Anthony’s desire for independence and Valkyrie’s desire for connection threaten to tear them apart.  Anthony’s illness and his need for his mother to locate his father only complicate matters, as does Valkyrie’s growing love for Bill, a human, who may or may not be Anthony’s father.

If you’ve ever struggled with maintaining a love relationship amidst parenting obligations and enjoy the paranormal, this book is for you!

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Leave a message below about a challenge you’ve experienced trying to combine parenting and romance.  One lucky commentator will win a FREE PDF copy of Blood Moon Rising!  Don’t have children and/or a love interest?  Don’t worry.  Leave a comment about what you love or hate most about vampires for your chance to win!

4 Responses to Parenting or Romance? Author Angela Lam Turpin Discusses Blood Moon Rising

  1. Lynda

    Honestly, WORK is more likely to interfer with romance than my kids. If only I didn’t have to get up in the morning and the husband wasn’t a shift worker!

    I think one thing that really helped for me was that I was a stay at home mom after my daughter was born. During the day the kids were top priority in all ways. At night, the husband got attention except for in emergencies. Thankfully we aren’t the china and candlelight dinner type. Romance for us is a lot less sophisticated even before the kids.

    I have to confess, if I wasn’t married to their dad, the kids always have priority over a new relationship.

  2. Angela Lam Turpin

    Hi Jessie and Jaime,

    Sounds like you’re typical parents struggling to maintain a balance between romance and parenthood. Though from your posts it sounds like parenting wins!

  3. Jaime

    I don’t know about everyone else but our “romantic” dinners, regardless of the type of dish I prepare, are often served with Kool-Aid, paper towels, and sippy cups.

    If that doesn’t get you in the mood – I don’t know what will!

  4. Jessie

    I hate when the kids can’t sleep because the boogie man is out to get them and my husband and I are trying to get some time together and it’s already ten o’clock on a week night!!!!!!

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