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angelsI believe in miracles. Every day is a miracle. The sun rising, the laughter of children, a perfect crystal snowflake. The breath of your baby on your cheek as you hold him close. All miracles. Is it these things that are miracles or out perceptions of them? There is beauty and magic all around us, if we choose to see it. In any circumstances we find ourselves, looking for that bright spot of hope and love will lighten our heart. I choose to find beauty and allow darkness to drift away. It’s not always easy, but believing in something greater… something uplifting to my spirit… is a good way to live my life.
blue angel
I have always been a dreamer and I have always loved Christmas. I also love to collect Christmas angels. They are so beautiful! I have about 6 lovely grand angels, but my most prized one is a small white angel that my mum had on her tree for the last twenty years of her life. Miracles by Opal CarewIt overlooked every Christmas my sons spent with mum and dad, and later when it was just mum. Now Mum is gone, but we put her angel high on a shelf to overlook our Christmas moments… to keep her memory alive in our hearts. A few years ago, when I was packing up my angels after the holidays, as I closed the box, encasing my angelic friends in darkness, I thought about how they would be in there, in total darkness for a year, then they would come out for a few precious weeks, then back into the box. (Yes, I tend to anthropomorphize a little too much. I have trouble gift wrapping a stuffed animal!) This triggered the idea for CHRISTMAS Miracles by Opal CarewANGEL. What if a woman had been cursed to be a Christmas treetop angel… only to see the light of day for a week or so each year. To feel emotions, but not to feel the touch of another human. To never be touched by love.The story opens when that sad, lonely woman is given a chance to recover her life. But at a terrible price.

Miracles by Opal CarewCHRISTMAS ANGEL is a novella written by Opal Carew. It was originally published under the name Elizabeth Batten-Carew and has just be re-released by Sinful Moments Press.

Christmas Angel




34 Responses to Miracles by Opal Carew

  1. Sue A.

    Opal, I’m happy to hear about your happy “beginning!”
    I’m hoping for a little miracle of our own for an ill family member.

  2. Opal Carew

    Hi, Linda Poitevin. Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to seeing you at our meeting, and I look forward to getting my hands on your brand new book, A Fairy Tale for Gwyn!

    Laura K, your pearl angels sound wonderful! It’s so nice that you make such lovely things to pass on to those who have touched your heart.

    Gigi, what a wonderful idea to start an ornament collection for you daughters. I’m sure they look forward to having those wonderful items adorn their future trees.

    Linda Henderson, thank you for sharing the story of your granddaughter. I had tears in my eyes when I read it.

    Susan L, thanks for your congrats on my son’s success.

    Thanks to everyone who commented. I love to see so many people with such wonderfully positive and uplifting views of the world. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


  3. susan leech

    Opal, congradulations to your son. I am always happy to hear happy endings in some one’s life and your son sure is a miracle. I wish him the best in college and I know you are proud of him. I am happy for all of your family. susan L.

  4. Little Lamb Lost

    There are too many surprising and wonderful happenings in the world to not believe in miracles. That Christmas Angel story sounds quite unusual. I love what if’s…

  5. Linda Henderson

    Since you shared your son’s early birth, I’ll tell you about my granddaughter. She was born 4 months early weighing 1 pound and 2.7 ounces and was 11 1/2 inches long. When my daughter (who had tried to get pregnant for 7 years) was admitted to the hospital they gave us no hope for our little girl, said she didn’t have a chance. They discussed funeral homes and everything with us. We were devastated. I asked them if they were going to try and save her and they told us if she tried to draw a breath they would attempt to get her on the ventilator. They moved us all to a room next door and we didn’t know anything. Finally my youngest daughter came in and told us that she had a good heartbeat and after several attempts they got her on the ventilator and she was on her way to the NICU. We had her baptised that night because it was still uncertain if she would make it. I believe she was the first 23 week baby they had saved. They don’t consider them viable apparently until 24 weeks. She spent 3 weeks on the ventilator and after that never looked back. She was very slow to gain weight and was under a pound for about a week. She had no brain bleeds, which was a miracle. She came home to us in July after spending 4 months in the NICU. She was technically 9 months old on the 19th but they adjust that for her prematurity. She weighs over 8 1/2 pounds now and is doing great. We have to be careful for the first year because of her lungs, but they will strengthen with time. Even the doctors told us she was a miracle. My mother says that God has big plans for her. Since her birth the NICU has had several 23 weeks babies in there. I don’t know that any of them have been successful, but I’d like to think that after Payton’s birth the hospital is more aware that a 23 week baby sometimes has a chance. So, my family has experienced a true miracle and I hope Payton’s story is a reason for people to believe in the power of God and that if you believe all things are possible.

  6. Chris Mead

    I loved reading your blog post Opal, and seeing your angels. I too beleive that miracles are all around us if we choose to see them. I loved the premise of your story and I am putting it on my list of must read books!

    Happy Holidays!

    Chris Mead

  7. peg360

    Christmas is a time for miracles.and enjoyed all the pic. of your angels

  8. Sherry H

    I believe in miracles too.

  9. Lexee

    I believe in miracles too. I loved the pictures of angels that you had and the cover for you book looks awesome.

  10. Lindy

    Wow, what a cool idea — a treetop angel heroine! I love your books, and I love that you keep surprising me. Write on, Opal!


  11. Gigi

    Hi Opal,
    Wonderful post. I also believe in miracles and I love Christmas Angels.
    My tree is cover in Ornaments that I have been collecting for ohhh about 30 years. Most of them Hallmark Keepsake. Both my daughter have collections I started when they were born so when they leave home they will be a ble to take a huge box ull to start their Christmas trees.

  12. Laura K

    I too believe in angels and Christmas miracles. Years ago when my Mom died, my aunt showed me how to make these little pearl angels that many have used as ornaments or placed them in their cars. I don’t charge for them now- this is a gift I give from my heart to anyone who’s touched mine. I find it interesting that most of the world’s major religions- Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have angels featured prominently. Yours are so beautiful. Here’s to hoping someone else will add to your collection this holiday season!

  13. Linda Poitevin

    Hi, Opal! Belated comment here (that’s what I get for being on ORWA’s digest rather than individual emails!), but just wanted to say what an amazingly original premise that is! I love it!!! Congrats to your son on his scholarship, btw. See you in the New Year!


  14. Maureen

    It would be wonderful if more people would focus on the good things in their lives. I think the world would be a more peaceful place. Your story sounds unuique.

  15. Eva S

    I believe in miracles, and love stories about them!

  16. Opal Carew

    Hi. Wow, these are some wonderful uplifting stories. I agree that miracles are all around us and I try to notice and appreciate even the smallest. I’ve tried to teach my sons to do the same.

    My youngest son, who was born 9 weeks early and weighed little more than three pounds is something of a miracle. He had hemorrhages on both sides of his brain while in the hospital. We were worried that would result in learning disabilities or worse. Now he’s seventeen and a few days ago he received acceptance to a great university with a scholarship!


  17. susan leech

    I am a miracle..I was in a coma for four days, died twice and here to tell about it. My hubby was told if I ever came out of the coma I would be a “vegetable due to the time lenghth I was in the coma. I am fine and this happened in 1984 when I was 38 years old. I can not help but think miracles are real and also angels. Your book sounds good and one I would love. susan L.

  18. Robin Priddy

    Sounds like a great story.

  19. Lori Leger

    This definitely looks like something I’d find enjoyable. Miracles are truly an everyday occurrance. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  20. Cathy M

    I have a small collection of Christmas angels myself, and dearly love the ones that my boy’s made for me when they were younger.

  21. MarthaE

    I love Christmas stories and I believe in miracles! Your book premise sounds very interesting!

  22. stacey smith

    I love Christmas Angels two There classy and Colorful and looking for just the right one to but on your tree can take a while but you don’t mind looking at all of them.

  23. Kathleen

    I love Angels and I have a collection of them.. And mircles to me are found not so much in a big way, but small ways that we take for granted sometimes…
    Great post Opal..

  24. Pam P

    Wonderful post, Opal. I agree, miracles, small or large, are everywhere to be found if we just look. Lovely angels you have; I have a few angels I’ve collected over the year, some I have out all year.

  25. Amelia

    My mother started collecting angels after her triple bypass in 1994. She said when she started collecting that an angel had been watching over her during this time, so she usually has a few angels out year round now. She just had her 79th birthday and we know that we’ve had her on borrowed time for the last few years. We know that there is a reason why she’s still here and we may never know that reason, but she’s still ticking along :-> That’s our miracle every time she’s had a health issue… That and her cars still going, when according to mechanics there are no reasons whe her car(s) should still be running – and wouldn’t for anyone else… She prayers her cars through whatever.

  26. Debby

    I beleive in miracles and I thinkwe need to. Miracles would be a great topic for a story.

  27. christy m

    Miracles are all around us. What an awesome idea for a story. look forward to reading it.

  28. Opal Carew

    Hi. Yikes, I made a few typos in my blog. Sorry about that.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. It’s nice to see so many people believe in miracles. I agree with you, Diana, that the magical aspect of the being would not be locked away, but in my heroine’s case, it was part of the curse.

    Catslady, that’s great that you still put up your girls’ paper angels. The kids grow up so fast and those wonderful things they made us become more and more cherished!

    I will apologize in advance if I do not respond again tonight. We have freezing rain here and our power has flickered out several times already. (I will check again as often as I can.)


  29. Eva Lege

    Sounds like a story I would love 2 read. I surely believe n miracles, too.

  30. Linda Henderson

    I always enjoy angel stories, and I too believe in miracles.

  31. Diana Smith

    That is interesting the way you thought about how an angel would feel locked in darkness for a year only to b e brought out for a few days. They say angels are with us all the time so I tend tp believe that the animate object is in a box but the inanimate is not. Thanks for your views. Have a Happy New Year!

  32. Cherie J

    I love angels. What a great idea to do an angel story.

  33. catslady

    Oh what an original premise! And I love the pics of your angels! I still put up two paper angels (both at the same time to prevent hurt feelings lol) that my girls made when they were in kindergarten!

  34. Valerie

    Sounds like a great story and yes, I too, believe in miracles!!!!!

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