Liane Gentry Skye, Addicted to Magic

I believe in magic. 

No, really, I do.  Nobody can convince me that Santa doesn’t exist, that mer-folk aren’t real, or that time travelling demi-gods live only in my imagination.  For me, magic simply is, and I choose not to contemplate a world where it doesn’t exist.

I’m finding that during these challenging times, I’m reaching more and more into my bag of magic tricks to help me create the kinds of stories that can spirit me away from the crap life throws at me. I think that’s why all my stories involve liberal doses of magic–usually of the wicked kind. 

In fact, both of my July releases are stories where red hot magic and sexy fantasy play heavily into the relationships between my heroes and heroines.

 When I was a kid, I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up.  While that particular dream hasn’t come true just yet, I do love to write about worlds where mer-folk simply are. 

My most recent release, Heart Storm is my very first mermaid novella, and appears in Secrets, Volume 27, Untamed Pleasures.

Sirenia, the last fertile mermaid of her brood, must defy a hurricane to find and mate with the only merman who can save her kind, the prophesied Lost Son of Triton.  Too bad he’s not that sexy Navy SEAL, Byron Burke, who was washed into her arms by the hurricane–and by destiny!

While Heart Storm has been described as “sparkly magic with a brooding edge,” my other July release, Wicked Temptation, could better be described as “brooding magic with a sparkly edge.”  Since Wicked Temptation is the kick of title to Red Sage Publishing’s first multi-author series, Three Kinds of Wicked, I thought the romance junkies out there might enjoy taking a peek at the trailer for the series:

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What about you?  Does magic play a part in your everyday life?  Do you enjoy a bit of magic with your romance, or do you prefer more reality driven stories?  If you do enjoy some sexy magic in your stories, please stop by my website

Thanks so much for allowing me to introduce myself and my work to you here at Romance Junkies today! 

8 Responses to Liane Gentry Skye, Addicted to Magic

  1. Derrick Snay

    You cannot believe how long ive been looking for something like this. Went through 5 pages of Yahoo results and couldnt find anything. One search on Bing. There this is…. Really gotta start using that more often

  2. Carol M

    Congratulations, Liana!

    I love stories with a bit of magic! 🙂

  3. Lori Leger

    Congrats Liana! Magic and romance – what a great combination. Will check this one out when I get the chance. I hope I get to publish one day, as well.
    Good luck,

  4. Susie

    Congratulations Liana!

    Magick, magick everywhere. And Dragons ! Congratulations again on your new release!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Pamk

    Congrats on your release. and I love my stories with a bit of magic or tons of it. this is my favorite type story so of course I’m going to your website to check out your books.

  6. Valerie

    Congrats on your release.

    I love stories with magic, fantasy and magical creatures. My favourites are unicorns and dragons.

  7. Guestauthor

    Thank you, Tracy! I appreciate your stopping by. 🙂

  8. Guestauthor

    Congratulations on your new release, Liana. Hope it does very well for you.

    Best wishes.

    Tracy Cooper-Posey

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