Let’s talk about the love story in ‘To Conquer a Highlander’….

Hey, it’s all about the love story….right?

Well, maybe there is more to my tales than that. People aren’t just waiting around to fall in love…they have lives and responsibilities. I think that’s what snares my attention so much to the historical period. These people lead such different lives, that finding any time for personal relationships was much more difficult. Travel was much slower, so you didn’t have the chance to meet new people very often either.

Torin and Shannon meet during a battle which isn’t too uncommon during this period. Shannon is on her way to the wedding her father has arranged for her and Torin finds himself needing to interfere with that union. If he doesn’t, his own people will face being over run by the alliance Shannon’s wedding will seal. The fact are really blunt but that didn’t keep these two from falling in love.

Torin and Shannon challenged me to over come their dedication to their own clans, which is no small task when you understand the history. It was a time when you needed to be part of a strong family. Getting yourself branded as a traitor was no light burden and if Shannon turned her back on her clan, Torin’s clan might not want her being part of theirs.

But Torin managed to face down the power behind the throne and gain permission to wed Shannon.

Highlanders are enthralling for me. The history and traditions of these people fascinate me, hey, they managed to resist being conquered by Rome and the Vikings settled among them too. Their music is magical and their love of life inspiring. Many of my historicals are set in Scotland, either on the border such as ‘Bedding the Enemy’ or in the Highlands like ‘To Conquer a Highlander’.

People often ask me what it is about the kilt wearing man that makes me want to write a love story. I’m not sure it’s exactly the kilt but more of a case of what that kilt means to me. Highlanders were people who survived where no one else wanted to even try. They did it with loyalty which really means through teamwork. The clan members all supported one another. That’s why it was so important for Shannon to keep her fathers word on whom she would wed. She was supporting the clan, not being treated like chattel. It was the way these people made binding contracts during a time when might often made right. A clan might think twice about raiding another one if their laird had kin among the elders. Finding a way to have my two charters fall in love was hard but worth it.

So I hope you take a few hours to enjoy Torin and Shannon’s story in ‘To Conquer a Highlander’ and look for ‘Bedding the Enemy’ next month too. Drop by website for excerpts.

Mary Wine

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4 Responses to Let’s talk about the love story in ‘To Conquer a Highlander’….

  1. peg360

    Hi Mary,I am a big fan of highlander books an your excerpt sounds terrific I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Mary Wine

    Carol—Thanks so much!!!

    Pam- I hope you enjoy them.

    I wanted to drop by and say hello, I’m a bit of a flutter-hen…yes, that’s a word…I made it up….Kind of like a cookie recipe, you toss in what looks good! Anyway, I worry about my babies…my books and lurk around looking to see what folks think of them.


    Mary Wine

  3. Pam S

    Hi Mary,

    Both of these are on my wish list and can’t wait to pick them up and get started. Really enjoyed Stranger in My Bed.

  4. Carol L.

    Hi Mary,
    Just to let you know that I loved How To Conquer A Highlander. I love Highlanders and one of the things that makes them so special is their loyalty to clan. I just finished reading Stranger In My Bed. I loved Brodick and Anne.
    Carol L.

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