It's Time for a Thanksgiving Contest

This time of year is when we all think about what we’re thankful for and we at Romance Junkies are no different. So in honor of this thankful time of year we’d like you all to share with us Your Most Memorable Thanksgiving Memory. Share it with us between now and November 24th and we’ll randomly select a winner from all the entires.

What not enough you say, ok well then how about this we’ll select five winners. So come on and share with us and maybe you’ll have a new book to add to your collection.

OH BTW here’s a peek at what you can win. 

Operation Second Chance by Roxanne Rustand, Superromance Harlequin- Author Autographed copy


Halfway to The Grave by Jeaniene Frost, Avon

Blackthorne’s Bride by Shana Galen, Avon

Taken by the Night by Kathryn Smith, Avon

In Her Bed by Deborah MacGillivray, Zebra, Author Autographed copy


24 Responses to It's Time for a Thanksgiving Contest

  1. Lisa Avila

    Several years ago (24), my parents and I purchased land next to each other. We had alot of company for Thanksgiving, so everyone was going back and forth between the two houses. The turkey was in the sink at my house, and someone had accidently let a cat in, when I went to get the turkey, I found the cat eating it. It had made it through the wrapper and about finished one leg. This was late Wed. evening, so all the shop were closed. It was either have no turkey or… dad took one of his saws and sawed off the portion the cat had been eating on. My mom washed it good and cooked it. This tale still gets told at family get togethers, esp. at Thanksgiving time.

  2. KimW

    Coming in a wee bit late to catch up on posts. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was when my husband and I were first married. We had gone to the store to buy the turkey and other fixings. When we got home, we had everything we purchased except the turkey. My husband remembered putting the turkey on the trunk of the car before we left the store and was going to put it in the back seat. He didn’t remember that final task. haha! We drove back to the store and it was laying in the parking lot still in the bag. We laughed and laughed for a long time about it.

  3. Stacia Helpman

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was when I was 17. My uncle had moved to California (from Ohio) when I was 2 years ago so I hadn’t seen him in about 15 years when he made a surprise trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving. We ended up having a family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. It was our first ever. Since then, we’ve gotten together with my mom’s family every fall for a family reunion even though my uncle (who still lives in California) can’t make it every year. It’s nice to be around for the start of a family tradition.

  4. Sheyla

    Well, I’m not american, but as I read a lot I’ve always been curious about it. the Thanksgiving that stands out for me is the only one I celebrated in US (which I’m happy to say was fabulous). At the time I was doing an interchange and I was invited to celebrate with the church. We had a nice service, then a collective self-service supper while the young played accoustic guitar and sung and the children run around and played. It was really amazing how I felt at home and welcomed, given I missed my own home and my family so badly. Those guys really came through to me, and made it seem effortless. I only experienced it once, but that one holiday was unforgettable.

  5. beth reimer

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was the year that my son was born, he is/was the first grandchild born to both sides of the family so it was nice to have several generations.

  6. Crystal B.

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Every year, we all gather at my parents’ house and the ladies cook and the guys chat and play with the kids. It is a fabulous time filled with wonderful food and great conversation.

  7. ReadingIsSoMuchFun

    My Most Memorable Thanksgiving Memory is when my fiance and I cooked together last year. We made turkey, potato salad, collard greens, yams with apples cut in it, baked macaroni and cheese, apple pie, corn bread stuffing, honey glazed ham, cranberry and pumpkin pie. I am usually the on who does the cooking but this one was the best because we did it together and had so much fun doing it. This year we will be doing the same thing 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Gobble Gobble.


  8. catslady

    I’ve had so many it’s hard to pick. My mom always did Thanksgiving except for the two I did when my dad was sick and now it’s moved on to my nephew’s house (family’s growing and we need the room lol) and everyone does something. It’s never the same people which is nice because if there’s someone that needs a place to go we make room (afterall that’s a big part of it I think). Some relatives take turns so they have a chance at other inlaws. I’ll miss my one daughter and fiancee this year but she’ll be here for Christmas. The only time I wasn’t with immediate family was when my husband was in the service stationed in Mississippi before having to depart for Viet Nam – a lot of us got together and made our own family that day. It was a very poignant time since we all new that some of our guys just may not be there for the next Thanksgiving but that year we had a lot to be thankful for.

  9. Lily

    We don’t really celebrate thanksgiving in a special way in my family… we have a nice meal -not turkey but chicken! and a good chocolate cake… but it is a good excuse to get together!

  10. Nathalie

    My most memorable memory must be this year because my family was all together – which does not happen too often – and we ate a great meal, plus had a great laugh!

  11. Amelia

    My most memorable Thanksgiving would be our family eating dinner (Turkey and stuffing) together. Nowadays, we don’t even do that.

  12. JOYE

    The one I remember the most was when my older brother came home and we were not expecting him. He was in the Air force. We were so happy. hardly any of us ate the big Thanksgiving dinner. We sat around and talked and talked.

  13. Cathy M

    Thanksgiving has always been a big family time for me. And even with all of us now married with kids, we all try to get back home to celebrate. My favorite memory was the first year both my boys went away to college. I missed them like crazy, but because of their class schedules, they just couldn’t make it home. So my dh and I packed up the truck with a turkey and all the trimmings, and brought Thanksgiving dinner to them. I think it was the first time that there was just four of us at the table, but it was such a wonderful day, full of laughter and conversation and has become one of my favorite memory days.

  14. Joyce

    Thanksgiving was always about family. Mom always made everything and it was the only time I would have a slice of mince meat pie.

  15. Teoh

    I’m a Malaysian and most of us here do not celebrate Thanksgiving as a religious holiday but as an occasion to get together with friends. We don’t get cold weather or autumn here but roast turkey with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie do make an appearance on the dining tables!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


  16. Billie Jo

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is spent with my family. I have been cooking our holiday dinners since I was 16 (yes that was a looong time ago).

    For me, I am thankful for my family. They all mean the world to me and it is a nice way of keeping up with everything that is going on in their lives. Now we have added nieces and nephews and it is wonderful to see them grow.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.

    Billie Jo

  17. Carol

    I remember all the good ones when I was younger and my dad and my grandparents were still with us. I remember my mom making pies and stuffing and all our favorites along with the turkey. I’m still making memories with my family which now includes my children and grandchildren and my mom is still making the stuffing! The rest of us all make something so no one has to do it all. This year we are going to my son’s house for another family holiday and new memories.

  18. Tammy G.

    My Most Memorable Thanksgiving Memory would have to be a bad one: I was helping my sister-in-law cook and we had several people there that had shown up already. Well, I did the stupidest thing, I pulled out a glass casserole dish out of the oven that had the dressing in it and set it on top of the stove to cool. (Old dummy here sat it on a very hot burner, I didn’t realize it had just been used and the dish wasn’t supposed to put on there. The dish was just warming in the oven and not as hot as the burner was. Even if it was as hot as the burner it may have still shattered.) I got busy doing something else next thing I know is there is glass flying every where. Everything that wasn’t covered had bits of glass in it. Needless to say I ruined a lot of the dinner, not to mention there was a big mess to clean up. I’m glad it was just family there, even now I still get teased about it. I did go and buy my sister-in-law a new casserole dish. This is something I won’t ever do again. I’ll make room on the counter from now on.

  19. Debby

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was when my sister’s husband was in Korea and she was so upset that we spent the time talking with a bottle of wine. By the end of the day, we were all happy and full.

  20. Eva S

    Here in Finland we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and I envy you all! What a wonderful way for the family to be together and remember how much we have to be thankful for. I think I will try next year…Here we will be together at Christmas, but it’s not the same…

  21. Kimberly B

    I’m in graduate school right now and live too far away from my family to go home for Thanksgiving, but two years ago I was lucky enough to visit my sister over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was my first time in Phoenix—and since I live in Minnesota, the warm weather was certainly welcome! My folks, who live in California, came to stay with her as well, and it was my first family Thanksgiving in years! An added bonus was the fact that, after my parents went home, I got to hang out with just my sister for a day or so.

  22. Hayley M

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was from two years ago. On November 15, 2005 we lost everything in a tornado and were living in one hotel room. Which would have been okay but because of all the other people displaced all 5 of us had to share a room. Due to losing our car we had to depend on others to take us places and really didn’t feel like traveling to anyone’s house out of town for the holidays. so we decided we were just going to pack our 3 kids up Thanksgiving day and go eat at what ever place we could find open. The only place in town was the local Chinese restaurant. It was hilarious. Like right out of A Christmas story. The owners were great and made us special dishes. We had a great time.

  23. Michele R.

    My most memorable Thanksgiving memory is the year when we asked everyone to bring old picture albums and movies. We have over 35 people at our house for Thankgiving. We had a blast watching old movies and looking at all the pictures! We also had some people come who never came before. My mom’s best friend who is also her cousin came to dinner. Also, some of the family’s had new babies so we had to make room for them. We turn one of our bedroom’s into the kids room for the day. There were almost 12 kids together all in the room, coloring, playing games, laughing, and talking. Then one of our cousin’s brought their in-laws because they didn’t have anywhere to go. We had a house full that year! Gosh, we probably had close to 40 people. It was so much fun with all that chatter and visiting going on! We ate twice that day since everyone came around 1:00pm. and didn’t leave until 9:00pm that night. We were exhausted when it was all over with!

  24. tina brunelle

    my thanksgiving memory, is from the service, we always had all the airmen, and people who didnt have anywhere to go come to our home. we had 20 differnt people from all over the base, we always had alot of fun, laughter, and stories to share. best time ever

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