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Well, hello!

Thank you very much for having me today. It means a lot to me as both an author and as the marketing manager for the most awesome ebook publisher in the entire universe:  Eternal Press.

A lot of people see my name on promo emails and places like where I hang out and occasionally moderate chats. Many of those folks don’t know much about me or my work.  So I figured I’d tell you what I have going on since I normally spend a lot of time telling people about other folk’s works.

ebook thriller, Death Masks from Eternal Press  I have a love for fantasy and dark fiction but have found horror a little easier for me to write. I read just about anything though. It must be my sick sense of humor. Death Masks is a thriller about a serial murderer which Eternal Press released just a month prior to me accepting the position of marketing manager. I actually started out with them as an editor.

I really love working at EP. It’s a great, very supportive family who have given me an appreciation for romance. I always thought romance was silly stuff until I read some of these books and interacted with these folks. Since then I’ve met so many talented writers with great stories to tell. That’s what’s most important to me…a good story.  The folks at EP have given me the courage to try my hand at erotica too. I have my first erotica coming in December under a pseudonym.

You can check out my other works on my website at  There you’ll find the video trailer for Death Masks which features a deathmetal band from my home town of Roswell, NM and one of a reading I did at the Red Lion Pub in Chicago featuring a story of mine, Beauty Is, which appeared in issue #4 of Surreal Magazine.  It’s a fun story.  Think Mary Kay lady meets a zombie!  🙂 Wanna know a secret? I was a Mary Kay lady when I wrote the first draft.

I have a number of short stories in anthologies, the latest of which is a story about what dragons really do with the maidens given to them. It’s called Dragonfruit and appears in the anthology, Firestorm of Dragons.  Coming soon in 2009, I have a paranormal story in an anthology about dark fairy tales. That story’s called Die Weib Frau.  I was lucky enough to spend six weeks in Germany this year and ran across both legends touched on when visiting a castle.  My sons have often told friends to watch out because everything ends up in one of my stories. I suppose they’re right.

My non-fiction work includes chapters in The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy and The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction, both from Dragon Moon Press. 2009 will see another guide from them on writing magic. I wrote the chapter on Celtic Magic (and recently presented a workshop based upon it at The Muse Online Writing Workshop).

Also upcoming from Dragon Moon Press, will be a guidebook on writing paranormal stories. I’m co-editing this one with Tina Morgan. Bop of an email to me if you want the guidelines. krichards at kim-richards dot com.

As of today I’m neck deep in nanowrimo (National Write a Novel in A Month). It’s fun and I do recommend it for any writer. The one thing nanowrimo did for me was show my family that I’m serious about this writing thing. I’ve created several novels through participating in it. There’s just something about a deadline like that which gets me motivated.

I just got married in 2009 on Halloween. I keep telling everyone I’m going to take a week off but something always comes along that I want to do first. I like being very busy. It and writing keep my depression at bay. I’m one of those writers who ‘can’t not write’. It’s in my blood.

Thanks again for letting me ramble today. I hope you’ll take time to check out my work and visit Eternal Press at

OH, you know that email address I gave you above? Send me your snail mail address and I’ll mail you a bookwormbag goodie bag.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

8 Responses to Guest blogger, author and marketing manager, Kim Richards

  1. Ven

    It’s been almost 17 years since I vitseid Calgary to ride in the first ever Canadian Bike for Bibles.I wish I could be there again to ride a few kilometres with you.

  2. Amelia

    Kim, it sounds like you are one extremely busy lady… And your sons are probably right, in that most people will write on something that they have some experience in – to make it more believable to the reader….

    I went to your website to find that it was “temporarily suspended”. I hope that that is not a permanent situation as I would like to check it out.

    Have a good New Year with many more to come.

  3. Guestauthor

    CONGRATULATIONS on your recent marriag

    DEATH MASK sounds rather interesting. Well done and good luck with it.


  4. Dianne Sagan


    I really enjoyed your guest blog. You are a very busy lady! Congrats on your recent marriage.

    I completely understand that you can’t not write. I feel the same way. If I’m not actively at the keyboard writing, then I’m writing in my head.

    Best of luck with your new releases this coming Spring.

  5. Brandy W

    Funny I dated guys from there too. Yum what fun memories I have of that place. I guess I should specify that I was there for college. I spent a little more time with my boyfriends than classes. That is funny about the hospital.

  6. Kim Richards

    DOH! I did mean I got married in 2008. I’m SO embarrassed.

    Other stories I have going on are a trilogy about the amazon women of Thermadon (modern day Turkey). The first book is currently in revision and I’ve got a critique group looking it over. The second one is my nanowrimo for this year. I also have a horror that needs revising and an erotica to finish.

    Brandy…I never went to NMMI but I dated guys from there. Does that count? 😉 I was actually born on Walker AFB before it closed down. It’s a big joke now that the hospital where I was born is now a mental health facility.

  7. Brandy W

    Morning Kim, nice blog. Big props for your hometown. I was one of those kids who got to call it home for a little while. I went to NMMI for a year and a half then decided that I was more interested in having fun and wasting my parents money.

    It was nice to meet you.

  8. Melis L.

    Hi there Kim!

    Great to have you here! I really enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂 Wow! You just got married on Halloween in 2009? I think you mean in 2008, right? Congratulations!

    I love dragon stories! Your research on your stories is so fascinating! I would love to visit a castle sometime. Any other sneak peeks into future stories of yours?

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! I will send my snail mail address to your e-mail address as soon as I am done here. Thanks again for stopping by! I enjoyed visiting with you! 😉

    Michele L.

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