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The perfect leading man

            I filled out a profile for and when I put down what I was looking for in a man, I realized that it was one of the men in my novels.  In “Some Hearts”, my first novel, Adam was a bit of a schmuck, albeit a really good looking one.  He was afraid of commitment, (find a man who isn’t), but when he met his match, he wanted her.  Tall, dark, handsome, well built, drove a Porsche, played the piano, and has a great ass, but he lacked in the “ understanding of a woman” department.  Kelly was a bit of a ‘fraidy cat as well, but once she gave him her heart, she was in it for the long haul.  Adam’s problem lies in listening to everyone else but the one person that counts the most. Himself.   Kelly doesn’t ask for much, just for Adam to love her as she is.  She doesn’t expect Adam to be more than he can be, and she doesn’t expect him to change, she loves him for himself.  Adam however doesn’t know what he wants and when he figures it out, it scares him.  Adam isn’t sure how to deal with his discovery and the question remains, is he too late?

            Now in real life, I’m an independent woman raising two kids on my own and haven’t had much luck in the love department.  Hell, who am I kidding, I’ve had NO luck a’tall!(and that’s with a bishops blessing too!).  My leading man is the man of my dreams.  He is kind, loving, sweet, generous, intelligent, quirky, funny, talented, sensitive, has a great sense of humor, can keep me in my place, a good cook, (I hate to cook so this is a treat), loves music, opened minded to trying different things, strong enough to pull me out of my cave, gentle enough to put up with my temperamental tantrums, and mood swings,  understands my love for furry things and the need to bring them home, (strong enough to say NO you don’t!), Likes older cars and is not afraid to help me fix them, (or should I say fix them for me so i don’t kill myself),  doesn’t take himself  or me too seriously, has a healthy love and respect for the LORD, and likes to go to church occasionally,  likes kids and enjoys refereeing when necessary,  be opened minded to different kinds of music and doesn’t think everything I listen to sucks. Oh, and I would like to be somewhat important in his life.  This isn’t too much to ask is it?

            In my second novel, “Through the Dark Night”, my sister pointed out that the relationship between “Grayson” and “Anna” is a mirror image to my relationship with my ex-boyfriend.  Now David had reddish brown hair, dreamy green eyes and a killer smile, while Grayson is again, tall, dark curly hair, dark brown eyes.  While the physical attributes are important to the reader, the real attributes of the character are often what draws our readers in.  I do want a man like Grayson.  He is sweet, kind, loving, has a deep spiritual side and a great relationship with God.  He is funny, quirky, plays the piano, is wonderful with kids AND he can cook.(something EVERY woman dreams of !).  Throughout the novel he allows Anna to heal and to come to grips with what she as been through, he is first and foremost her friend, secondly her lover.  He gives her the space she needs, yet he isn’t very far away.  And when the tables are turned, she waits for him to catch up.  I was reminded of that song by Faith Hill, “If I Should  fall behind, Wait for Me”. Bruce Springsteen wrote it I think, but it says, that she’ll wait until he catches up.  Anna waits for Grayson, even though she thinks he is a lost cause.   She may “think” it, but deep in her heart, she doesn’t “believe” it.  THAT is what true love is.  Believing in what can’t be seen, but felt with every sense available.

            Will I ever meet my perfect leading man? Who knows, that lies in God’s hands.  I do enjoy writing an independent woman who doesn’t need a man by her side.  She enjoys a man by her side, but doesn’t NEED him to feel whole.  I think it takes a deeper sense of self to realize that your partner makes you want to be a better person, but you don’t need him to be a better person.  In “Some Hearts”, Adam comes to that conclusion by himself, he realizes that Kelly brought out the best in him and that he let himself down, and disappointed Kelly.  A few of my readers told me that Kelly was stupid to take Adam back, but I guess you’ll have to read the book to decide for yourself.

 In “Through the Dark Night”, Grayson and Anna…. Oops, its not published yet, you’ll have to wait and see.  😉  How’s that for a cliff hanger?

            Thanks for reading, and I hope you find your perfect leading man.

Joyce Morgan

6 Responses to Guest Author Joyce Morgan

  1. Lindy

    I married my perfect leading man!


  2. Pamk

    My hubby isn’t perfect but he’s getting there. He cooks for me and helps in the house. And he rubbs my back too.

  3. Valerie

    I enjoyed this post very much.

    I have found my leading man. Yes, he has his flaws, but don’t we all. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. We are together now 31 years and I hope we have 31 more!!

  4. Kathleen O'Donnell

    If you find this perfect man, ask him if he as a brother, uncle, cousin…..As we gals find out, there is no “perfect man” just a guy with a few flaws…My grandmother always said i would meet that someone special just around the corner.. Well I have been around so many corners in my search, I am getting a bit dizzy.. Have not found him yet…

  5. gloria fama

    I’m a romance novel junkie, but have to admit liking the comedies more. I enjoyed the wit and sarcasm in La Familia. Why not treat lifes little or major dramas with humor? It is healthier!

  6. Pam S

    What a wonderful post Joyce!

    No fair on the cliffy lol. Looking forward to Through the Dark Night’s release!

    All the Best!
    Pam S

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