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The Scoundrel Falls Hard

Gwen Gully is a third-generation blacksmith to oversee her family’s forge. Her business is slowly dwindling because a new blacksmith moved into her village. Gwen intervenes to save a fugitive...

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Never Rescue A Rogue

NEVER RESCUE A ROGUE is an adventurous, amusing, angst-filled romance starring Giles Sinclair, an extremely handsome man, and Diana Merriwell, a gorgeous independent woman. Neither like each other and squabble...

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Always Be My Duchess

Always Be My Duchess by Amalie Howard

Lord Lysander “Stone” Blackstone, the Duke of Montcroix, wants nothing more than to increase the ducal coffers. When Stone gets lost in the seedier part of town, a young woman...

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The Lord Pretender

The Lord Pretender by Sawyer North

Emma Watts is the daughter of a disgraced baron. She vows vengeance on the group responsible for her late father’s fall from grace. Emma intends to find incriminating dirt on...

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