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Sex Drive Susan Lyons

FLY ME! was my title for my December release from Kensington Aphrodisia. The editorial and marketing folks, in their ultimate wisdom, changed it to SEX DRIVE. Oh well, I’m just the author. What do I now about creating good titles?But here’s why I like FLY ME as a title. This book is the “planes” book in my sexy Wild Ride to Love “planes, trains, automobiles, and a cruise ship” series. I had in mind doing titles that reflected the different modes of transportation: Fly Me, Steam Heat, Sex Drive (for the automobiles one), and Cruising for Love. Oh well, so much for that idea! The planes book is SEX DRIVE, the trains books LOVE, UNEXPECTEDLY (April 2010, under the pen name Susan Fox), and the third and fourth are as yet untitled.The series isn’t, of course, primarily about modes of transport. My books are romances, first and foremost. And they’re steamy. Also, they involve character development for both the heroine and hero, because I figure, in a good romance, we want to see the protagonists reach deep inside themselves to learn some important truths, face some fears, and become stronger, better people. They need to work for the love we know they’re ultimately going to win. The Wild Ride to Love books are also linked in that the four heroines are sisters, and there are some family issues to be worked out. (There’s a reason the sisters all live in different places!) All the same, the travel element is key to this series. Love is a journey. So, how fitting that each sister is taking an actual physical journey when she finds the love of her life. Besides, there’s something romantic about travel, don’t you think? Or at least, the fantasy of travel. Forget about walking barefoot through security scanners, being crammed into too-small seats with minimal leg room, and having to pay for your meagre lunch. Don’t we all dream of being seated beside that special person whose company makes the miles fly by?That’s exactly what happens to Prof. Theresa Fallon in SEX DRIVE. It’s a long trip from Sydney, Australia, to Vancouver, BC, but the prof’s sexy seatmate, thriller writer Damien Black, has ways of making the hours fly by. It’s a classic attraction of opposites. How can she turn down the mile-high club and sex on Waikiki Beach? To the prof’s surprise, her sex drive hasn’t disappeared – it was only waiting for the right man to awaken it. And the same very well might go for her heart… (Notice how cleverly I worked “sex drive” into the blurb, even though it wasn’t my title to begin with? LOL)So, that’s Theresa’s story—and, obviously, she’s going to be a big fan of airplane travel from this day on. How about you? What’s your favorite mode of transportation, and why? Have you had any particularly wonderful experiences during your travels? What’s your fantasy trip? As added incentive to share, one person who comments today will receive an autographed copy of SEX DRIVE.

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“Ms. Lyons’ gives readers characters you can relate to, genuine emotional context and undeniable passion wrapped up in a compelling storyline that leaves you eagerly anticipating her next release.” (Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies; 5 blue ribbons)

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And now, just to get you in the mood for a romantic travel fantasy, here’s a book video…


Susan Lyons writes sexy contemporary romance that’s passionate, heartwarming and fun. She is published by Kensington Aphrodisia, Kensington Brava, Berkley Heat, and Harlequin Spice Briefs. She also writes sweet short romance with The Wild Rose Press.

42 Responses to Fly Me! by Susan Lyons

  1. Susan Lyons

    Thanks, Valerie and Lexee. Valerie, here’s hoping you manage to go on that cruise. And Lexee, I totally agree about the length of a flight. It makes me think twice about going somewhere if the flight’s 7-8 hours or more.

  2. Lexee

    This book sounds amazing. I have only flown a few times but it wasn’t too bad. the longer the flight though the harder it can be.

  3. Valerie

    I’m not fond of flying, though I have to sometimes. I like trains….very relaxing. I have never been on a cruise and that is something I would very much like to do.

    I enjoyed reading about the book, it looks really cool.


  4. Lorhainne Eckhart

    I’m a little late Susan. My Fantasy trip, flying first class in airplane, or even better, a private jet, or helicopter to some secluded retreat, in the wilderness. I love the nature, lots of trees and peace and quiet.
    Lorhainne Eckhart
    The Captain’s Lady – A Passionate Tale of Love during the Iraqi War

  5. Susan Lyons

    Kathleen, what a lovely image of the greens of Ireland. As for inconsiderate travelers – well, it seems to me you can find them whatever way you travel. There were sure a few out on the road yesterday!

    Maureen, I enjoy the same aspect of train travel. I often wish I could get out and explore, though. But then that can be true of car travel as well, if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere – or you’re with one of those guy drivers who thinks driving is all about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, with as few stops as possible along the way. (Yes, I’ve known one or two of those!)

    Thanks, Debby. I hope you enjoy my book.

  6. Debby

    This book look fantastic. Can’t wait to read it.,

  7. Maureen

    I enjoy traveling by train. It is so interesting to sit by the window and watch towns and people go by and see how the landscape changes.

  8. Kathleen

    I like flying, but I don’t like the inconsideratio of some passengers.. Although I do like to take driving vacations. I have seen a lot of wonderful places while driving..
    But there is nothing like flying over the Emerald Isle.. and see a wondereous sight of those Forty Shades of Green..

  9. Susan Lyons

    LOL, Jane. If you’re reading a book with a cover like the one on SEX DRIVE, I’m guessing all sorts of interesting things could happen!

    Gee, another Susan L. What fun! Yes, here’s hoping there’s another cruise in your future before too long.

    Diana, I agree about seeing the scenery when you drive. Something else that’s fun is boating in a small boat. In the Pacific Northwest, you can cruise close to shore, anchor in quiet bays at night, and see deer come down to the water (I’ve even seem them go swimming), have Canada geese come to be fed, watch eagles and hawks hunting, watch great blue herons fishing… It’s truly a lovely experience.

  10. Diana Smith

    I like to keep my feet planted on firm ground. In other words I prefer to drive or be driven wherever I go. I love the trips I have made thru the mountains seeing all the grandeur of the trees and wildlife and just awesome landscapes. You can’t see that from the air or on the water.

  11. susan leech

    Hi Susan, I love to drive but also would love to go on another cruise..we went in 1999 now it’s time for another one but can’t afford it right now. We still can hope. ha Susan L.

  12. Jane K.

    Susan, I’ve flown to New Zealand & Australia numerous times — often alone, wishing I could have more distractions than just the movie channel or the person snoring beside me because I usually can’t sleep … a slight problem on the 13 hour flight. On my next trip to NZ, I’ll definitely have your book in hand … never know what could happen!

  13. Susan Lyons

    I’m not sure if a flight to Australia is a good or bad way of getting over fear of flying. On the plus side, you quickly get used to being on a plane and just kind of settle in for the duration. It’s kind of like a really long bus ride, except there’s no scenery. But on the other hand, if you felt really afraid, it could get worse and worse because the flight’s so long and you could start feeling as if you’d never, ever be on solid ground again. I guess my advice would be to start with shorter hops.

  14. Crystal B.

    I would love to go to Australia some day but I would have to get over my fear of flying. My favorite mode of travel would be by automobile.

  15. Susan Lyons

    Thanks, Armenia. I hope you do make it to Italy and France. And in the meantime, I hope you enjoy SEX DRIVE.

  16. Armenia

    I love flying and would some day like to travel to Italy and France.

    Your book trailer to SEX DRIVE was very nice and the cover, OMG, so purely sensual. It sounds like one steamy read. I am looking forward to it.

  17. Susan Lyons

    Hi Mary. Oh yes, I do love small planes. Especially seaplane trips, which are wonderful in the Pacific Northwest. They stop at fishing camps, lodges, resorts. On a sunny day, you can’t beat it! Once, traveling in a DeHavilland Beaver, which had only a pilot, no co-pilot, I was in the co-pilot seat. The pilot actually let me fly the plane from Quadra Island to Vancouver, up until we reached the Lions Gate Bridge. Strictly against regs, of course, but there’s not a lot you can do wrong when you’re all alone up there in the sky!

  18. Mary J. Forbes

    Susan, I love flying, especially on short journeys because of the smaller planes. They fly lower and you get to see a lot more than when you’re five miles in the sky. 😉 Once I flew through the mountains in a helicopter–when it was raining. Hard not to get a lump in the throat when the windscreen had no wipers!! No fantasy trip that one, LOL!

    Very intriguing cover on Sex Drive!

  19. Susan Lyons

    Oh, Cheryl, that sounds like a fantastic trip. So glad you found your cat again! And what a fortuitous car break-down. Now, of course in a romance novel, the garage would be owned by an incredibly hot guy and it’d be love at first sight (LOL), but a long-lost relative is pretty darned good too. I hope you and your kids get to make that fantasy trip, and pop in again at that same garage (hopefully without the breakdown, this time).

  20. Susan Lyons

    Rachel, I love that analogy. On the journey of love, haven’t we all stopped at some point and asked ourselves, “What’s the purpose of this trip?” (And hey, now I also see the analogy to writing a book, and choosing a career as a writer. There are definitely times you wonder what on earth you’re doing!) Asking the “purpose” question helps you pull back and take a broader perspective – beyond what’s annoying or worrying you right now – and remind you (hopefully) that your journey is about something that’s really quite wonderful.

  21. Cheryl McInnis

    My favorite mode of travel is by car, and my most memorable trip was driving across Canada. I was moving back home to Nova Scotia after living in Alberta and decided to drive…that way I could take my time and stop when I wanted to take a closer look at something interesting. It took me 6 days, but I had some great experiences, met some wonderful people, listened to the Red-Hot Chili Peppers for 5 days straight, lost my cat, found him again, my car broke down and the garage where I took it was owned by long-lost relatives of my Dad( that was cool!) All in all, it was great and my fantasy trip is that I’d love to do it again with my kids-in our air conditioned mini-van with the built in DVD player, LOL!

    Congrats on the new release Susan!

  22. Rachel

    I love the metaphor of love as a journey, Susan!

    It absolutely is, from the first thrill, through the shock of going through the scanner barefoot and on to the Customs officer’s question: “What’s the purpose of your trip?” and then the relaxation on the beach or the hike in the mountains or the stroll from art gallery to cafe…

    And sometimes, when you’re dragging a whole lot of baggage through a grim airport, you remember that Customs officer and you’ve just gotta ask yourself: “What’s the purpose of this trip?”

    Your Theresa sounds like a lucky woman: finding love on the way to someplace else – that’s got to be the best!

  23. Susan Lyons

    LOL re doing the driving, Sue. I’m the opposite. Oh, I like driving for an hour or two, but after that my body starts to hurt. And when I’m driving, I’m so busy concentrating on traffic that I miss most of the scenery. So I’m very content to be in the passenger seat, especially if I’m in a new place and really want to see what’s going on around me. Like you, I get restless when I fly. It’s not so much that I wouldn’t love to read good books for hours on ends, but the space is so cramped and uncomfortable. Having a pleasant travel companion can definitely make the hours fly be more quickly – though I’ve sure never had experiences like Theresa does in SEX DRIVE. LOL.

  24. Sue A.

    I only like car trips if I’m doing the driving. Flying is okay, but I’m not good at making the time go by fast. And like with planes, I find trains noisy. I think I’d enjoy a cruise on a big cruise ship where part of the experience is the time spent on it rather than it simply being a means of transport.

  25. Susan Lyons

    Hi Jodie – and here I took you for a driver! It’s funny, I don’t think of cruises as offering much privacy. But then, I’ve never done it, and so I have an image of tiny cramped cabins that you want to escape – and once you escape there’d always be other people around. Guess I’ll just have to try it one day.

    Vanessa, you’re so lucky you don’t get carsick. You must miss a lot of great scenery, but on the other hand you’re reading a lot of great books!

  26. Vanessa McGovern

    I will travel anyway but I love to travel in cars…especially long road trips (where other people are driving) so I can read my books!

  27. Jodie Esch

    Well, I like to get to places fast – so I adore flying. However, I think a cruise would be the ultimate – more privacy, more down-time.

    And I think your ‘sisters’ concept is a very powerful one. I adore my only sister. And we are totally, totally different from each other. It always amazes me how different we are. And it sounds like your ‘fictional’ sisters are like that too.

    You’re on a roll Susan!

  28. Susan Lyons

    Lindy, the secluded beach house sounds fantastic!

    Pam, I agree about up close and personal – if there’s time to do it.

    Chris, here’s hoping there’s another train trip in you future – and maybe a cruise, too.

  29. Chris Mead

    Although I have flown, I don’t really care for it. I have never been on a cruise, but hope to some day! I have traveled by train and I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again!

  30. Pam Keener

    I’ve only boarded an airplane about 1/2 dozen times in my life and have never gotten a window seat. I much prefer driving & enjoying the sights up close & personal.

  31. Lindy

    Hmmm… I had to really think about this one, because I’m not crazy about traveling in a plane or a car and I’m too lazy to walk everywhere (lol), so I’d probably have to say train travel is my favorite. My train travel experience (albeit limited) was much more comfortable and relaxing than any other mode of transportation I’ve experienced. Subway travel is pretty keen, but I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I had to do it every day.

    My fantasy would be a ferry from Florida to Mexico (my husband won’t fly), and a month-long stay at a secluded beach house. 🙂


  32. Susan Lyons

    Lisa and Tracey, there’s a lot to be said for being looked after, isn’t there? And something very fun about being delivered to all sorts of different ports, where you can go ashore and explore, then you come back to your luxurious cruise ship afterwards.

    Tracey, I’m glad you liked the trailer.

  33. Tracey D

    The book trailer is great!

    I love cruises! I like to be spoiled and that is what they do on cruises, spoil you!

    Tracey D

  34. Lisa G

    This book sounds hot, hot, hot!
    I love to fly but my ideal fantasy would be a cruise trip around the world where we could stop in small ports for some adventures. I would love to go to exotic places, sample wonderful foods and just be…

  35. Susan Lyons

    SueF, a person could definitely spend weeks – or years! – in Europe. I’ve been to the countries you mentioned and they’re fabulous, but particular favorites of mine are Greece and Portugal.

    Italy is fantastic though, Cathy and Kelly. The scenery, the light, the gelato, the pasta, the wine! Lovely coffee shops for a morning latte and pastry…

    Cathy, you do get spoiled when you aren’t in economy, don’t you? It’s so hard to go back to being cramped. Interesting you mention trains – you have a lot in common with the heroine of my second Wild Ride to Love book, Kat. She hates to fly and loves train journeys. Though, in Canada, the internet isn’t so reliable. But then, you just have to do something other than work!

  36. Kelly

    I’d love to go to Italy, but I don’t care for planes and that would be along trip.

  37. Cathy M

    I love to fly, but ever since I got spoiled on one trip with a First Class upgrade, I just can’t seem to travel comfortably. Also love traveling by train. They have internet hookups, so I can take my computer, you can get pretty comfortable in the seats if you want to get in some reading time, and when I get too stiff, I just walk the aisles for a bit.

    My fantasy trip would be a month touring Italy.

  38. SueF

    I love to fly. It’s my preferred mode of travel although cruises definitely have their place. As to a fantasy trip I would love to go back to Europe – spend weeks in England, France, Spain and Italy. I love history and ancient history so archaeological tours would be so sweet.
    Can’t say as I’ve had any overwhelming experiences but that just keeps me travelling. I also love going to Los Angeles. The sunshine – and the dream factory. Just sign me up for a little Inidanna Jones.

  39. Susan Lyons

    Wow, Amy, you’ve never been on a plane? Seems to me you’re going to have to do that if you hope to go to Australia. Though maybe there’s a nice, long cruise…

  40. Amy S.

    Never been on a plane, so it would be a car. I would love to go to Australia one day.

  41. Guestauthor

    Thanks, Linda. You have a great holiday season, too. Yes, it’s an extremely long flight to Australia. I was lucky enough that when I did it, we had enough air miles to upgrade to business class. It made a huge difference. (And that’s even before the champagne!). I haven’t been to NZ and I sure haven’t seen all of Australia, but I can highly recommend Queensland and New South Wales. Most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen plus jungle, rainforest, highlands, mountains. So much variety. And friendly people and great food. I’d love to go back. (Preferably by business class again. LOL.)

  42. Linda Henderson

    Well I’m kind of a white knuckle flyer, so I guess my preferred mode of transportation is by car. However if I could force myself to fly a long distance I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand. I have always been fascinated with those locations. In the pictures I’ve seen and descriptions in the books I’ve read those countries seem so beautiful and majestic. I would love to see them in person. Sex Drive sounds like my kind of book, I would love to read it. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

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