First Friday #GIVEAWAY--Paranormal Bundle!

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** CONTEST CLOSED–Winner Rachel T.** Thanks for entering and good luck next time!

Hi there! Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! It’s time for our next giveaway, a nice bundle of books for the paranormal lover in you! To enter to win this bundle (prize mailed U.S. only), simply comment on the post. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?  Good luck! Winner announced Monday.

Paranormal Giveaway

To enter to win this bundle of books* by Catrina Burgess, Jennifer Ashley, Maxym M. Martineau, Donna Grant, and Lynsay Sands, comment here with your…wait for it…favorite Halloween candy!  Good luck!

*Prize mailed U.S. only

24 Responses to First Friday #GIVEAWAY–Paranormal Bundle!

  1. Cody321


  2. Nicole White

    Candy Corn rules! It’s my favorite.

  3. Stephanie B.

    Starbursts and Dove dark chocolate!

  4. Glenda M

    Almond Snickers!!

  5. Stephanie Calhoun

    Malted milk balls. A childhood favorite

  6. Angi Clingan

    my favorite is anything chocolate that doesn’t have coconut or fruit pieces in it.

  7. Ronna Richett

    My favorite is Tootsie Rolls. Every year my great grandson goes through his candy haul and gives them all to me. He has been doing this since he was 1. He is 9 now. Then when he comes to spend the day we share.

  8. Robin Hair

    My favorite Halloween candy is Milky Way.

  9. Trudy


  10. April

    Mounds bars

  11. Gabi J.

    Twix, but only the left one. Lol

  12. Cindy

    Carmel apples and all things chocolate!

  13. Rachel T

    My fav is Heath them! Only see them around Halloween sadly ?

  14. Shannon Coley

    My favorite is Reese’s Pieces! I bought two large bags of candy, but no trick or treaters came! So, it’s a good thing I got stuff I like!

  15. bn100


  16. Barbara Chapman

    Homemade Carmel Apples!

  17. Joyce Wilkins

    Reese’s cups!

  18. Tamara Lee


  19. Jen K

    Strictly Halloween? Then candy corn. Otherwise, Baby Ruth.

  20. Barbara Bates

    Love Hershey Mini Bars?♥️

  21. Colleen C.

    Love Reeses Cups!

  22. sharon

    Reeses Pieces are a favorite of mine.

  23. Cherie Gravette

    My favorite Halloween candy is York peppermint patties!

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