Fall Start and Stop

Fall is here and the weather has been up and down. Some days are nice and warmer than usual while others are below seasonal temps. It has been unpredictable.

Similar to what I have been going through with my writing. I’ve been a fall cleaning mood. Been organizing what I want to write for the rest of the year and making plans for next year. I would be further along but when I read through some files I get caught up in the story and have to jot down some ideas. While it is a good thing it makes my fall organization go in starts and stops. I am making some headway with my organization although it is slow.

So I’m working on my fall start and stop of organization. It’s been fun revisiting old stories and seeing then since time has passed with fresh eyes. More stories are popping up as I go along. I am tempted to start writing but I am not just taking notes as I go along. My fall start and stop so far has been very fruitful. 

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5 Responses to Fall Start and Stop

  1. Pam S

    really liked your post :)!

    Fall is usually when I start seem to organzing my stuff too… work, home, etc.

    Our weather has been really odd as well. I am in south Alabama; 2 days ago the high was in the mid 80’s and today was in the 50’s with a low in the 30’s.

  2. PhyllisC

    The weather here has been strange too. Way too warm for middle of October but did cool off yesterday. Hopefully it will stay cooler.

  3. catslady

    lol I should be organizing my life and house but I definitely procrastinate no matter what the weather. And boy has our weather been weird – we are only in the 30’s and should be at least in the high 50’s or 60’s. I’m not ready for winter sigh.

  4. Romance Junkies

    Hi Taige!

    Great idea on organizing your old stories, maybe find some new stories along the way.

  5. Pam Keener

    What is it about fall & spring that makes us go on a cleaning frenzy *wink*.
    & just who decided that we should do it? Ah well! Thanks for the blog. I admire you not stopping to start writing & just taking notes.
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener in PA

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