Diversions are great things.

“This was yet another in a long series of diversions in an attempt to avoid responsibility.” – Real Genius

The plan this weekend was to get ahead of writing my thesis, to finish up a few chapters of a book, to be so productive that I will amazingly not have to worry for a while about my work. That was the plan and that plan went up into a beautiful set of flames. Its burning brightly right now in the corner. LOL.

I got a palm reading instead!

To those that do not know what palm reading is, here is a little description: Chiromancy or cheiromancy,), is the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as palmistry, palm-reading, chirology or hand analysis. The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists.

Chiromancy consists of the practice of evaluating a person’s character or future life by “reading” the palm of that person’s hand. Various “lines” (“heart line”, “life line”, etc.) and “mounts” (or bumps) (chirognomy) , purportedly suggest interpretations by their relative sizes, qualities, and intersections. In some traditions, readers also examine characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints and palmar skin patterns (dermatoglyphics), skin texture and color, shape of the palm, and flexibility of the hand.

A reader usually begins by reading the person’s ‘dominant hand’ (the hand he or she writes with or uses the most)(sometimes considered to represent the concious mind, whereas the other hand is subconscious). In some traditions of palmistry, the other hand is believed to carry hereditary or family traits, or, depending on the palmist’s cosmological beliefs, to convey information about past-life or karmic conditions.

The basic framework for “Classical” palmistry (the most widely taught and practiced tradition) is rooted in Greek mythology. Each area of the palm and fingers is related to a god or goddess, and the features of that area indicate the nature of the corresponding aspect of the subject. For example, the ring finger is associated with the Greek god Apollo; characteristics of the ring finger are tied to the subject’s dealings with art, music, aesthetics, fame, wealth, and harmony.  (Taken from Wikipedia)

Pretty neat huh? Well here is my result. I find it to be very general but it was fun none the less.

You are sensitive, imaginative, emotional, creative, and found to be moody and even impulsive. Your nails give you away as someone who is placid, easy-going, and a dreamer. A pale pink nail color belongs to someone who is warm with an outgoing nature. You have a well balanced mind, and will be successful. You are an independent and original thinker. Your finger length tells that you are intelligent. Your slender finger shape reveals that you are both introverted and you have an artistic nature. Your smooth joints show that you have an impulsive nature. You are quick-thinking. You are stubborn, and persistent. You have many good prospects in work, business, and in the entire outside world. You withdraw from social events.

Sometimes you are overwhelmed by anxiety. Your Mercury finger shows that you have a difficulty in making the best of yourself, and your situations. You are emotionally balanced. Your flexible thumb shows that you have an easy-going nature. You are tolerant, flexible, and tend to be extravagant at times. You are generally very excitable. You are afraid of physical suffering. You are happy to work in a partnership, rather than doing it alone. You aim high. You have a pleasant nature. You are a lucky person. You have good taste, and appreciate artistic qualities. You are a hardworking person. You need variety in your life, and enjoy to entertain company. You have a lively disposition. You are courageous. You are sensitive and imaginative.

Your heartline reveals that your heart wins in battles between your heart and your head. Flirting is part of your style. Your headline reveals that you are in a relationship that involves both friendship as well as love. You are extremely selective. You choose your friends and your lovers very carefully, and you are especially loyal to these people.

You have good health and prosperity. You will have an illness that you will recover from in a short period of time. You can expect to have a sudden change in circumstances. Luck is in your favor. You need excitement in your life. You have problems with your digestion. You are likely to take things to the extreme. You will have 4 dependants. Three of the dependants that you have will be boys. One of the dependants that you have will be a girl. You can expect to live healthily for a minimum of 70 years. Count the number of marriage lines that you have and this number of deep, clear lines that you find suggests how many close relationships that you can expect to have over your lifetime. The deep straight vertical lines on your fingers represent overwork and general fatigue. You have indicated that you do not have any moles on your hands or wrists. You have many interests. You have good fortune in your palm. You have had a difficult life, but you will be happy to know that you will find your true happiness. You will have a wonderful life.

Well that was how I spent my weekend, yes fun I know, but still makes me giggle a bit. Oh responsibility.

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Diversions are great things.Diversions are great things.Diversions are great things.

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