Destinations unknown

Well hello all you RJ-ers out there.

 Yup I’m Mila Ramos and I’m back again for another fabulous blogging opportunity at the lovely Romance Junkies.

 My little adventure for you today is brought to you by the city of Snyder, TX.  Now to those that have never heard of this city, it is a very small town. Population of 10,000 or so. Why am I here, well I’m currently on break and on my way to seeing family in West Texas.  To those that have never been to such small places, I must tell you they are the best. I love small towns, for the two things they offer; Peace and simplicity. When you’re dealing with huge cities and constant rush, there is nothing better than going to a small town and literally relaxing your mind and adjusting to an eye-opening few days that allow you to open your eyes and truly see through your senses. 

So as I was looking out at the horizon here tonight, I used that opportunity to ponder characters. Any moment used to the craft right? What are you authors out there favorite areas to truly get away and write? What about you readers? Where do you like to go to escape with a good book?

Currently, with one of my books, I’m writing about the state of New Jersey. I haven’t been able to go there but I have friends living there who have brought the city to life in their words.  And I aim to bring the beauty of the city I’m focusing on to magestic light.  I often wonder when other writers/authors detail in their stories actual towns and cities, if they ever have problems bringing the accurate beauty of that city. Each city is different, each town has its own essence. Is it hard to distinguish one from another? What special thing makes one city stand out from another? Now mind you, people will have issues with some cities and never see a certain beauty like other people. But I do often wonder if they, people who have lived in a place long enough, find a new side to their town when reading it through an authors eyes.

Has anyone ever had that experience? Have you ever read about your town through the eyes of an author and said “That’s my home? I never knew!” 

 If you have had this experience I would truly love to know!

Hope everyone has a great day, and keep writing RJ-ers!

Mila Ramos, Paranormal & Contemporary Romance



4 Responses to Destinations unknown

  1. Lieselotte Demelis

    I appreciate your piece of work, thankyou for all the good articles .

  2. Billie Jo

    I am doing well Mila. Oh I would love to have a DQ Blizzard, my favorite.

    LOL on being careful. I am always careful, it is the things in my way that are not…LOL

    Billie Jo

  3. mila ramos

    Billie! How are you sweety? Oh – hear you about having no time but I don’t have little ones. You would have loved snyderm there were windmills everywhere! It was just too cool! And they make the best DQ blizzards anywhere! Lol. So good to hear from you! You be careful and take care of yourself hon!

  4. Billie Jo


    What’s up girl?

    I read everywhere..LOL. There is no escaping when you have two wee ones. Gee can’t even go the bathroom without one or the other following you. LOL

    I have read several books from my hometown and I have never had the experience. For me, I would love to leave the state. LOL

    Thanks for coming to RJ! You rock!

    Billie Jo

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