Desired Silence

This always seems to happen to me and wondered if it happens to other.

Once again I was right in the middle of a really intense scene in a book. I mean it is heart pounding, sweaty and you’re at the edge of your seat. Then wham the phone rings or someone talks to you yanking you right out of it. Oyy. That happened to me today. Not once but 6 times damn it. My phone has never rang that much. The first time I was reading a JD Robb book (I’m rereading the series again for the new book next month. I love the series) and just as I reached the pivotal part the phone rang. It frightened me so bad I threw the book up in the air. Yeah if you’ve read my blog this is a similar to what happened to me before.

Since my phone rarely rings I was peeved. I picked it up and tried to answer pleasantly but I can’t tell you if I succeeded or not. I’m sure you guessed it already who was on the other end of the phone. A TELEMARKETER. Since I know they are only doing there job I was okay I tried to be polite and told them not interested and they kept going on and on. I hung up and went and got my book.

So I started reading again and was back into the book when … you guessed it the phone rang again. This time I at least kept my book in hand and answered the phone all the while I was thinking was I Verizon or what. And I’m sure you know what I am about to say. It was another TELEMARKETER trying to sell me a newspaper subscription. I didn’t even try to listen I hung up. I went back to my book and then the phone rang, rang and rang. Each time another TELEMARKETER. By this time I was so annoyed. When I hung up I did something I should have done in the first place. Took the phone off the hook.

Achieved. Silence.

~Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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2 Responses to Desired Silence

  1. Caffey

    Maybe thats a time you’ll have to turn on the answering machine and turn off the sound and when you take your break to go check the messages. I know when I read I try not to read during a show I love to watch (and I rarely watch any TV), so sometimes have to pull that time aside for you with no interruptions! I know when I’m reading a great scene, and have to put it down, I go back and read through earlier to the scene to get into it again!

  2. Cathy M

    Hi Taige, I have a mute button on my phone that gets used alot, lol. When I start a good book, I just want to immerse myself in that fictional world, and let reality go away for awhile.

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