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I’ve posted variations of this blog because to me, discussing contemporary romance never gets old. love to read and write contemporaries. I love to talk to others who read contemporaries and gauge what they have to say about current books and authors. Recently I got to thinking about the books I’ve written.

The Hot Zone – Sports Heroes


The Chandler Brothers – Brothers and their mother who wants grandchildren


The Costas Sisters – polar opposite twin sisters with an Atlantic City con family


Ty and Hunter – 3 best friends, separated by a deep dark secret


The many Temptations I’ve written over the years

THE LUCKY SERIES – 3 sexy male cousin plagued by a family curse.

luckycharm_sm.jpg                                                                             luckystreak_s.jpg

I don’t want anyone to think the word “curse” means the LUCKY series is a twist on what I write. Let me be clear. The LUCKY Series is NOT a paranormal series. It doesn’t pretend to be. What the Lucky series does, finishing up with LUCKY BREAK in stores tomorrow, is to touch on the notion that a curse can actually be many thing from a streak of bad luck to a self fulfilling prophecy – and how an affected family and those who love them suffer in the process. The newest generation of Corwin men want to find love and break the curse – but they don’t know how. Derek in LUCKY CHARM reunited with the love he let go in order to protect her from the curse and is now praying that she is his lucky charm. Mike in LUCKY STREAK found a woman adept at gambling and one willing to take risks, their love being the biggest risk of all. And up now in LUCKY BREAK is the last Corwin cousin, Jason.


Jason is the most fascinating cousin because his long ago love is Lauren Perkins – of the same Perkins family whose ancestor supposedly placed the curse. The families are supposed to be enemies. Her grandmother wreaked havoc on the town and the Corwin family for years. Her sister is in prison for Arson, having perpetuated her grandmother’s legacy. So Lauren wants only to sell her grandmother’s old house and move on with her life away from the bad memories. But that’s not such an easy thing to do when Jason Corwin shows up in her life again. First he insists on being the one to renovate the house. Then he whispers sweet, sexy somethings in her ear … about staying in town. Soon a saboteur and the promise of hidden treasure changes everything – and one lucky break just might put an end … to the Corwin curse forever.


In contemporary romance, I love humor!  What do you love about contemporary romance? What kind of hero and heroine? What sort of story?  Post for a chance to win a $25 gift

You can check out my brand new website,  see the LUCKY BREAK video, and much more at .

30 Responses to Carly Phillips – I Love Contemporaries

  1. Michele L.

    Dear Kh,
    I have entered other Carly P. contests in October and none of them have had any winners selected yet that I saw. I guess just keep checking back until they pick winners.

  2. kh

    any winner

  3. Linda Henderson

    I love contemporary romance. Yes I like the humor, the HEA and the gut wrenching human emotion. I like the hero to be strong yet gentle, smart, funny, resourceful, and of course good looking and kind. I like the heroines to be smart, funny, kind, and not a wimp. I really don’t like wimpy heroines. I enjoy reunion stories, good girl meets bad boy, good boy meets bad girl, at long last love, and really I enjoy most any storyline. I don’t have Lucky Break yet but I’m reading Lucky Streak right now and I am really really liking it. Can’t wait to read the last one.

  4. catslady

    Actually I’m fairly new to contemporaries always having preferred the historical because it takes me away to a place I don’t know. But I have found that if there is some humor in the contemporary stories that I really enjoy them. Every day life as I know it has enough problems for a book that is too serious.

  5. Booklover1335

    I love contemporary romances…sadly I know they are not as popular as paranormal or historical romances… just trying to find one at Walmart or Target is like a treasure hunt. Hard to find, but rewarding at the same time.

    What I love most about contemporary romances is that they are usually all about the characters and their personal flaws they have to overcome to find love. It’s not so much about danger, action, or social constraints that push the two characters together, as much as it is about them finding each other and becoming open to love….and if you have a humor, and great supporting characters that can spin off into a series it makes it all the better.

    I like that their stories aren’t so fantastic that they could be pulled from real life. That that kind of romance could be true for someone.

  6. Tracey D

    I really enjoy reading contemporary romances. I’m currently reading What I Did for Love Susan Elizabeth Phillips and it’s keeping me in stitches!

    Tracey D

  7. Beverly G

    I love contemorary romances- tho i like drama andhumor and ll ofthat like a real life folding before my eyes the heros have to feel and seem real the soft yethard hero that is funny but smart and protective and the heroine can ahve quirks and not be perfect and for the love of all thats holy i wanna heroine that is bigger then a size 10 and proud read down to earth people who have same issues and problems everyone has that they have to get passed to come to gether

  8. Amy G.

    I love contemporary romances- I just love books that have humor in it (since I love to laugh), are written well, and have characters you can really relate to. I definitely love a hero that is attractive- but that can come across through his sense of humor, his being romantic, and other qualities like that. The heroine of a romance should definitely have a bit of independence and be a strong person- not just seem like a damsel in distress. I love stories where the couple may not really like each other all that much at the beginning, but then eventually they fall in love.

  9. Diana

    I also love humor in contemporary romance. I’m fond of reunion stories, angst, and misunderstandings. I like strong, sassy, witty heroes and heroines.

  10. Michele L.

    Although I like a bit of everything, my favorites are romantic comedies with a bit of mystery thrown in. I love the twists and turns to a mystery. The best stories I have read are when the hero and heoine are thrown together by accident, they don’t get along at first, but find they have an irresistable attraction to one another.

    Your books are the greatest Carly! I absolutely love the Chandler series and the Hot Zone series. My kind of guys!

  11. Lois

    Definitely love humor, in the contemporaries or Regencies that I read. . . my contemporaries though, so I like seeing places I’ve heard of (even if I haven’t been there), a guy and gal with careers that I’ve heard of, and, something I can overall identify, even if I never will actually go through it myself. Lighter ones, more serious ones, I’ll take them both. . . most of my Christmas themed books are contemporary, I realized over the past couple years. 🙂


  12. kh

    great os ee u great
    i love contemp and i read only lol
    i love it becaue it can be funny. serious and sexy , so all that is fun and great
    congrats ont eh books
    and hot covers
    please count me in

    love your books and vicki thompson

  13. Quilt Lady

    I read a little of everything and I switch around quite often. I have been on contemporaries lately! I love a lot of humor in my books. I like my heros and heroiens to be strong but I also like for them to have flaws in everything I read. Lets face it in real life no one is perfect, although there is a few that think they are. So give me some humor and some flaws and I am a happy camper.

  14. cheryl c.

    I read both contemporaries and historicals. It really depends on my mood which one I read.

    I like contemporaries because I can relate to the characters and their modern problems and relationships. Women characters have the opportunity to have careers and make their own decisions.

    I especially enjoy contemporaries with humor. With the daily stresses of life, I think we all really need to laugh. Some authors that add just the right amount of humor to their stories are YOU (of course!), Kristan Higgins, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lori Wilde, Rachel Gibson, and Jennifer Crusie.

  15. Cathy M

    I like the give and take of strong characters, especially combined with a bit of humor. I like intelligent characters that talk things out, no big misunderstandings to resolve. I like the sexual chemistry to be off the charts and lead up to sensual love making. I enjoy the dynamics of family life, brothers and sisters, and their interaction with the main characters.

  16. Cherie J

    I love humor in romance books. The type of contemporary plot I read depends on my mood. Sometimes I like it to be light and humorous. Sometimes I want it to be strongly emotional. Sometimes I want something unusual in it like a touch of the paranormal or suspense. The beauty of contemporary romance is the variety of topics that can be used. I also love a good friends to lovers plot and a fairy tale based contemporary is welcome too.

    Heroes- I want them to be strong and protective and have strong sense of honor. Probably why I tend to enjoy Novels with military and law enforcement heroes alot.

    Heroines-I want them to be sweet and spunky and have a good sense of humor.

  17. Pamk

    Love humour in books. I love books will military or cops or firefighters in them. And if there is some suspense thrown in all the better.

  18. Lisa G

    I love all kinds of romance novels but contempories are extremely fun to read. I want a strong heroine; smart, feisty, competitive but still needs a shoulder (or a chest) to cry on at times. My guy needs to be universal; able to build a barn, fix a car, cook a meal, yet, walk into a board meeting and handle everyone with finese. I like all kinds of heros- cowboys, sportsy, construction, you name it. I need a story in which I can get into from the very start. If it takes me a few pages to get into it I lose interest and fast! Love your books, Carly

  19. Romance Junkies

    I love contemporaries that are fun. the storyline tends to be realistic but not heavy I guess. I love the ones about atheletes too hockey, football, baseball. I like the heroine to be strong and sassy but not so strong that the hero can’t save her every now and then. The hero I like to be protective without being overbearing and sensitive without being wimpy. I also love westerns, they seem to be my new addiction 🙂


  20. Kathleen O'Donnell

    I love contemporary romance and especially if humour is involved.. The heroeins tend to be strong independent woman, but get into situations that are not always in their control. The hero’s are coming to the resucue but not always does the heroine want to be rescued.. She really can look after herself.. But then again as we have the hero who can be the one that can be that “absent minded” professor sort and he is the one that get’s into all kinds of out of control binds and the heroine come to rescue the day…
    Carly’s has always given me a great read…
    I also like to read Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz, her historical Arcane Society books… Now these ladies are very indepentent for the times and felt that they did not need a man, until their paths crossed on the same purpsose and mayhem and comedy leaps off the pages…

  21. RobynL

    Contemporary romance is my favorite genre; humor plays an important part in the story. It is always good to laugh. Contemps are easy reading which I enjoy.
    I enjoy Western, Inspirational, food related, etc.

    The hero should stand by and be protective whenever needed;
    the heroine should in building their relationship and together they
    can have a HEA.

  22. Tami

    I love nerdy (but hunky) comical leading men. To me, it makes them more endearing and believable. I love it when a contemporary has me laughing out loud.


  23. susan leech

    I still enjoy the hero who rides a white horse and protects ladies in trouble. I guess I won’t outgrow those since I am in my 60’s and too old for changes. I have the second and third books of your lucky series but haven’t read them as I hope to find the first book before I start reading them They look so good. I have quite a few of your other ones so I have no doubt I will enjoy these once I can get one I need and start reading them. Welcome to the chat today and will be stopping back to see what’s going on. Have a fun day. susan L.

  24. Pam Keener

    I love my Heroines strong, independent perhaps recovering from some kind of trauma or hurt and not being able to trust. The Heroes have to be handsome but can have some kind of flaw that makes them think that they are undesireable. I love my Heroes to be strong and kind hearted. I also love when there is a message to be learned in the book. I love for it the story to transpire in faraway places too. In short I just love a good story.
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener in PA

  25. Dina

    I like that they can happen to anyone now, I enjoy hero stories that are accidents and the hero comes forward w/o knowing it.

  26. annie

    My favorite is contemporaries. Have always enjoyed them greatly and look forward to their timeless quality. Heroes with compassion and genuine feelings are important and make the story realistic. Heroines who can be understanding yet have strength and intuition resounds with me. A story that is appealing is one with emotion, and dealing with family values and profound issues.

  27. Amy s.

    I love contemps. My fave stories are best friends turned lovers, reunited lovers, navy seals, and cowboys. I like strong heroines and alpha heroes.

  28. Angela S.

    I really enjoy humor as well but really hate excessive cursing. Really don’t writers use Webster’s? Be creative. Battlestar G. created a new word for cursing try using alternative words instead or creative a new language. Okay sorry – off the soap box now. LOL. All is good with the world – it is Friday. Yippee.

    I agree with Michelle’s posting love athletes, navy seals, CIA, spys, FBI, delta, rangers, okay so I like “super” men. It is great when one of this type of men fall for a strong woman especially when they both fight it at the beginning.

    I have read most of Carly’s books. Love the Hot Zone ones.


  29. michele Benard

    I like that I can relate to Contemporary Romance they are easy to follow. I like Hot heros who are sure of themselves, I love Athletes, and Navy Seals. I like Heroines who are are strong and maybe who grew up maybe not so confident and then became confident. I love humor Cathi linz and Christie craig are good with humor. I love Chemistry as well I like when they are attracted to each other but fight it at first.
    once I find authors of contemporaies that I like I tend to read everything they have written.

  30. Laurie G

    I agree with you about humor in romance. Love it! Favorites Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson, Sandra Hill and Stef Ann Holm.

    I like sizzling chemistry between the characters and over all believability.

    Heroes: #1 Must treat others with respect
    I dislike unnecessary violence. Heroes don’t have to be handsome but their overall “character” values must be appealing! I enjoy sport’s heroes, cops, firefighters, exmilitary members.
    Heroines: #1 I like independence!. She’s able to stand alone but, she can accept emotional support once in a while.

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