Book 2 in the Wolf Maiden Chronicles Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf (Historical paranormal)

Dear Romance Junkies,

Thank you for letting me be a guest author on your blog. I’m excited to announce the release of Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf. It follows the highly acclaimed release of my first novel in the series Werewolf Sanctuary. Though the first novel is a contemporary it leads to the others.

My background is in the biological science with degrees in Zoology and Biology. I am passionate about wolves and all wildlife and along with my love of myth inspired me to write this epic series. When I’m not writing I volunteer at a local animal sanctuary, I teach at the Grey School of Wizardry and do presentations on both wolf and werewolf lore. During each full moon I interview a famous werewolf on my blog

I’m providing you with a blurb, for Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf, the short trailer and a glossary of my werewolf universe.


Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf  is a historical paranormal romance that takes place during the Viking Era of the Dark Ages. A time when only the strong survive. It is the second book in the Wolf Maiden Chronicles, which depicts alpha lycans and their human wolf maiden mates.

Sigurd, an alpha Norse wolfskin, son of Gunnolf the Red seeks revenge against shape shifting bearskins, Bork the Mad and his son, Mord the Blood Claw for the death of his parents and his older brother Guda. Orphaned, he has been raised by his older sister Brynhild, who convinces him to take a wolf maiden in order to increase their small pack. Despite the warning by Hungerd the wolf witch, he takes a farmer’s new bride with tragic consequences. Alone he joins a long ship until the day he can avenge his pack’s demise.

Emelisse, a Frank wolf maiden, has been raised and educated in the classics, science, literature and languages by female lycans of the Lupercal. Born a runt with a weak heart her father has been overprotective. She refuses to be treated like a delicate vase and rebels by seeking out riding and falconry. Now at age eighteen Emelisse frets that her father wants her to accept Radulf III the Cruel, an alpha lycan of a pack of powerful warriors. She tries to run away with her human lover.

Viking werewolf, Sigurd rescues Emelisse, from the claws of the berserker bear men. He claims her as his ulf hexen or wolf maiden, but she wants to leave lycan society and live with humans. To complicate matters she has been called by her goddess Feronia to save the lycans from a dreaded disease. Their union is wrought with great peril in a world where werewolves must battle against their own kind as well as their fierce enemy, the berserker bear men. Will Emelisse accept Sigurd a foreign lycan as her alpha mate? Sigurd vows to protect her from their enemies but how can he save her before she dies from her ailing heart?


Glossary for the Wolf Maiden Chronicles

Pack Hierarchy


Lycan:  An ancient line of humans that shift into large bear sized massive wolves with distinctive tattoos depicting their specific pack. Also known as wolfen, wolf men, wolfskins and werewolves. Their shape shifting is not painful but rather pleasurable. Lycans are superior to humans in many ways. They have the strength of ten men, and the alpha has the strength of five or more lycans. They can heal over night from severe wounds and are immune to most diseases except for the dreaded rabies and the toxin from wolf bane flower. They are very loyal and gentle with their young and pack members.

Alpha Lycan:  Dominant lycans that are leaders of their packs and can are not under the influence of the moon. They can shift at any time.  The alpha male must control his pack of betas.

Male Alpha: The male alpha leads the pack.  He is the result of a lycan and human woman mating. He is the most powerful member of the pack and like all alphas can shift at any time. Alpha males can only marry a wolf maiden, a human life mate.

Female Alpha:  A female lycan not under the influence of the moon. She helps protect the pack and serves as a surrogate parent to all the pack children. Alpha females are barren. The Lupercal or Lycan secret governmental body is run by twelve alpha females.

Wolf Maiden: A human woman with the special palm facing 5 toed wolf print birth mark, which turns bright red when she is imprinted by her alpha life mate. A wolf maiden can be born to a pack or randomly among humans, unaware of her role. She is also known as an Ulf hexen in Viking culture. During the Middle Ages she was also called a wolf witch or a woman marked with the sign of the beast. Though she is meant for an alpha mate, she can marry and though it takes longer can get pregnant by a human and have normal males who can then have future wolf maidens.

Beta Lycans: Lycans that shift only during the full moon. They must be controlled by the alpha since they can become mindless beasts that roam around and kill.

Omega Lycans: Lycans that have been deemed the lowest of the low. In ancient times they were no more than slaves for the higher ranked lycans. The Lupercal no longer allows pack members to be treated like omegas since a near revolt during ancient times.

Lupercii: Human men that serve the Lupercal and Lycans. They serve as spies for the secret lycan society and worship the lycan goddess, Feronia. They often take alpha female lycans as consorts. The Lupercii hope that in their next life they will be born as lycans.

Lycan Gods and Society

Feronia:  The goddess of the lycans. She is said to have been a wolf maiden who took a shape shifting giant wolf as a lover. She communes with her oracles, especially with the leader of the Lupercal and wolf maidens.

Lusna: Moon goddess that gave them the gift of painless shifting.

Lupercal: Governmental and spiritual body of the secret lycan society. It is run by twelve alpha female lycans. The leader of the Lupercal is often a seer and or sorceress. Their word is law and any who disobey will be considered rogue and or be punished by returning to their next life as a prey animal.

Lupercalia: Early spring festival when most wolf maidens and beta lycans become fertile. Rituals allow for wild sex escapades.

Den brother or sister: Pack that a lycan grew up with, not necessarily related by blood.

Valeria Luperca: A wolf maiden that has the healing touch. Can heal any lycan both physically and emotionally. Mentioned in White Wolf of Avalon.

Bear men: Also known as bearskins. An ancient line of humans who could shift into bears at anytime. Their shift is painful. Like bears they hibernate during the winter.  They can be slow witted, strong and have a short temper. During ancient times lycans killed most off from the continent.


Conditions that Harm Lycans


 Lunar Madness: A condition, though rare, which can occur when an alpha suppresses his shift for too long. It will cause the alpha to shift with the pull of the moon until his system stabilizes.

Rabies: A viral disease transferred from the bite of an infected animal.  Can cause a lycan to kill many.

Werewolf Bite fever: An infection that can kill a human from the bite of a lycan.

Wolfsbane: A flower that is toxic to a lycan. It is often used as poison because a lycan cannot smell or taste it.

Feel Free to contact or learn more about my writings,

Eva Gordon

Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-935407-30-0 for Werewolf Sanctuary    LCCN: 2009924111

ISBN 978-1-935407-31-7 for Beast Warrior, Viking Werewolf



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