Blaze Titles Coming in October

#423 LETHAL EXPOSURE  by  Lori Wilde
Perfect Anatomy, Bk. 3
Wanting to expand her sexual IQ, Julie DeMarco selects Sebastian Black—hot shot PR exec—to participate in a no-strings fling. The playboy should be an easygoing love ‘em and leave ‘em type, but what if there’s more to the man than just his good looks? Pre-order Book

#424 MS. MATCH by Jo Leigh
The Wrong Bed
Oops! It’s the wrong sister! Paul Bennet only agrees to take plain-Jane Gwen Christopher on a charity date to score points with her gorgeous sister. So what is he thinking when he wakes up beside Gwen the very next morning? Pre-order Book

#425 AMOROUS LIAISONS by  Sarah Mayberry
Lust in Translation
Max Laurent thought he was over his attraction to Maddy Green. But when she shows up on the doorstep of his Paris flat, turns out the lust never went away. He’s determined to stay silent so as not to ruin their friendship…until the night she seduces him, that is. Pre-order book 

#426 GOOD TO THE LAST BITE by Crystal Green
Vampire Edward Marburn has only one goal left—to take vengeance on Gisele, the female vamp who’d stolen his humanity. Before long, Edward has Gisele right where he wants her.  And he learns that the joys of sexual revenge can last an eternity…. Pre-order book

#427 HER SECRET TREASURE by Cindi Myers
Adam Carroway never thought he’d agree to work with Sandra Newman. Hit the sheets with her…absolutely. But work together? Still, his expedition needs the publicity her TV show will bring. Besides, what could be sexier than working out their differences in bed? Pre-order Book

#428 WATCH AND LEARN by Stephanie Bond
Sex for Beginners, Bk. 1
When recently divorced Gemma Jacobs receives a letter she’d written to herself ten years ago in college, she never guesses the contents will inspire her to take charge of her sexuality, to unleash her forbidden exhibitionist tendencies…and to seduce her totally hot, voyeuristic new neighbor…. Pre-order Book

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#417 ALL OR NOTHING  by Debbi Rawlins Buy your copy today!

#418 RISQUÉ BUSINESS  by Tawny Weber Buy your copy today!

#419 AT HER PLEASURE  by Cindi Myers Buy your copy today!

#420 Seducing a  S.E.A.L.  by Jamie Sobrato Buy your copy today!

#421 LIVE AND YEARN  by Kelley St. John Buy your copy today!

#422 OVERNIGHT SENSATION  by Karen Foley Buy your copy today!

2 Responses to Blaze Titles Coming in October

  1. Lisa

    Wow what a list of books. Something cool to look forward too.

  2. Cheryl McInnis

    I love Harlequins’s Blaze line, these are definitely not my Mom’s Harlequins!!!!!!!! I just finished Live and
    Yearn and loved it. Kelley St.John’s Sexth Sense series was awesome, and this book was a great ending to it. I’m really looking forward to Stephanie Bond’s new book, she is really good!

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