A Reason for Everything

My mom used to always tell me there is “a reason for everything”. As a kid I used to not believe much. As a teen I started to believe and wondered how my mom was so wise. As an adult and getting older I realize that not only was my mom right she gave me a life lesson that has shaped the way I think about things.

The other day on my way to my day job I missed the train I usually take. I happened to be walking upstairs with another person and he mentioned he wasn’t going to run. And there was probably a reason he missed the train. I glanced at him startled because it was the same thing I was thinking. When I mentioned I had the same thought it led to an interesting discussion on “a reason for everything”. We compared incidences of things that happened and the outcome from such things as missed trains, not going such and such place, or not getting something we thought we needed/wanted. It was a lively conversation and very enlightening. Someone has the same thoughts I do. We talked until we parted ways at our various train stops.

As I continued through my day I thought of the “a reason for everything” in relation to my writing. I’ve been thinking a lot of the choices I’ve made so far in my writing career. I do have some choices I regret while others I don’t. I made each choice with a clear mind and the facts I had at the time.

Next my thoughts turned to the future and so many things I plan to do. With the many things that have happened in my personal life I’ve gained a lot of clarity of what I want. How best to go after it and work toward my goals. I’ve been reading some of my series that I already have books out for, read some already completed books that are unpublished and some ideas I have been working on. I’ve worked out a plan to do them and get them done. I know how I want to spend my time and best ways to get things done.

No matter what does or does not happen. Or what trains maybe missed. (grin) It won’t stop me. I’ll just take another one and keep on moving. There is always many opportunities out there. You just have to see them and get on. Past, present or future there is “a reason for everything”.

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3 Responses to A Reason for Everything

  1. Dani's waterproof jack rabbit


    This does happen…I’m living proof that accidents are meant to be. I found my soul mate this way. I never liked going to this one club and this time I just went along with it. I ran into an old flame from college and were still together, after 12 years. Thanks for the post.

  2. Pam S

    Hi Taige,

    I got that speech from my mom and grandmom as well! It is amazing how your views change over the years isn’t it?

    Thanks for the wonderful post today :)!!

  3. Dorine

    Hi Taige! I heard that ‘a reason for everything’ speech from my mom too 🙂 I find myself saying that very same thing, because I’ve experience it enough over the years to know it’s true.

    Great post 🙂

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