A little change can be good

I went out the other day to do some errands. The sun was bright, shining and it was hot. A few hours into my errands I was making good progress getting things done. As I walked along I noticed that the sky had become really overcast. Before I could wonder if I should think about heading home it started to pour. I mean pour like a waterfall. Although the weather man hadn’t said there was rain I always carry my umbrella with me. So I opened it but with the amount of rain I was still soaked by the time I found shelter. I wasn’t the only one caught unprepared and we were all dripping wet and wondering what had just happened. Lots of people around me were upset and cursing about this random weather change. I wasn’t upset I just got me a cup of tea and a seat near the window and watched the rain coming down. It was a beautiful sight. All that massive water, thunder and lightning.

My way of thinking of it is that things happen and plan changes. We don’t always have control so we need to just accept that it happened and move on. As I drank my tea and watched the rain my thoughts turned to how years ago I would have let things like the weather change upset me. Especially when I had plans to do something. With time I changed and realized that changes in plan or what happens around you can be a good thing. We might not always see it at the present time but eventually it will be revealed. Being upset or letting such things mess with you is not worth it. Now I do still get upset but I’ve learned not to sweat the small things. Like rain that I can’t control.

So as the rain continued to fall I sat, had a cup of tea and enjoyed my unexpected break in my busy day. It was fun to relax and watch people. Got my ideas flowing about what could happen during an unexpected rainstorm. Ah a kernel of a new idea. I wrote down some ideas as I watched the rain. When the rain stopped I went on my way and got what I needed to do done then headed home. With a new idea that happened due to something different than I had planned. A little change can be good.

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2 Responses to A little change can be good

  1. Carol L.

    Conquering sounds like a really good read. When plans change unexpectedly the best we can do is accept it and watch it unfold. I enjoyed your post today.
    Carol L.

  2. Valerie

    As Bob Ross would say, there are no mistakes, there are only happy little accidents.

    in Germany

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