Dakota Cassidy – An American Werewolf in Hoboken

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Untitled-1Blurb–Book 1 in the Wolf Mates Series

Wooing a life mate can be hard enough for a wolf, wooing one while under the threat of a curse even more so. 

Wooing a mate while pretending to be her dog? Nearly impossible. 

After being drugged and captured by Animal Control, Max Adams is on Hoboken’s doggie death row when his life mate adopts him, takes him home, and promptly names him Fluffy. While JC, in all her new-pet-owner-ness, feeds “Fluffy” vile kibble, dresses him in mortifying dog couture, and schedules to have his his manhood removed, Max’s human side gets to know JC. Especially in the biblical sense. Hopefully well enough to make her fall madly in love, mate with him under the full moon, and move with him to Cedar Glen to live happily every after forever and ever amen. And fast.

Because the curse comes with a deadline…and the clock is ticking.

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Dakota Cassidy is the national bestselling author of more than a dozen books of contemporary and paranormal romance. She lives for a good laugh in both her life and her writing.

Her goals are simple: banish the color yellow forever, create world peace via hot rollers and Aqua Net, and nab every tiara in the land by competing in the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss World pageants. And of course, write really funny, sexy, romantic books!

Dakota lives in Oregon with her dogs and her husband, who puts the heroes in her books to shame. She loves, loves, loves to connect with readers, so visit her online at:

Facebook page–https://www.facebook.com/DakotaCassidyFanPage

 Twitter https://twitter.com/DakotaCassidy

 Website www.dakotacassidy.com

Author Interview:

I am so glad you could join us here at RomanceJunkies. To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Thank you so much for having me! Right now, I’m gearing up to release An American Werewolf in Hoboken, also gearing up for the release of Talk Dirty To Me (my contemp series) AND I’m currently writing The Accidental Dragon. Phew. I’m whooped. LOL!


When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

 I don’t think there was one defining moment. It just sort of happened and once it did happen, I knew I had to keep doing it.


Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?

 It was several people, in fact. They said, “Sit down, shut up, fingers on the keyboard and write.” :)


Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you?

I love funny, and nerdy. But I also love edgy and rough with enough of an alpha twist so as not to be an overbearing ass, but able to handle my big mouth. It’s true. I have a big mouth. I know, surprise!


What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

I love to garden, read, and I love working with wood. Though, I haven’t in years since I sold my bad saw.

What has been your biggest adventure to date?

 Going to Romania to adopt my oldest son who’s now almost 23. Crazy, exciting, heartbreaking.


 If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

Bora-Bora. OMG, have you seen those huts out in the water? Heaven.


When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?


I’m a total foodie. I love to try different things, and since I’ve moved to Portland, my foodie soul is all filled up!


What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

 I found out just recently not having an icemaker in my fridge is like some sort of pox of my humanity. LOL! It’s killing me.


 What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?

 Sleep. So much sleep. That’s romantic, right? :)

How do you describe yourself? How would your family and friends describe you?

 Probably ditzy, definitely uncensored, strong-willed, mouthy. More mouthy. :)


 What is your favorite comfort food?

 Lobster. Sigh. Drenched in butter. Yum.


 What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

 I have trouble picking between fall and winter. I love them both with equal amounts of passion. Now that I live in OR, I’ve finally experienced them again, and I’m overjoyed.


What project are you working on next?

 After The Accidental Dragon, I’m on to the second and third in my Wolf Mates series–What’s New Pussycat and Moon Over Manhasset!


Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

 I’ll be at Jan’s Paperbacks in Aloha, OR on May 3, 2014 7:00 p.m. for the launch of my new contemnp series and the release of Talk Dirty To Me! Southern, sexy, very sassy women who run a phone sex company in small town GA. If you’re nearby, I hope you drop in!

Mary Burton’s YOU’RE NOT SAFE

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I am so glad you could join us here at RomanceJunkies. To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

You bet!  Currently, I’m involved in fun marketing efforts—such as this interview—for my new novel,  YOU’RE NOT SAFE. I’m pleased to say that readers have been incredibly supportive and made the book a USA Today bestseller in its first week on sale.  My more introverted self is neck deep in final drafts of my next book, COVER YOUR EYES.  It’s coming out next fall and is the first of four romantic suspense stories I’m setting in Nashville.  I’m just now dipping into the third Nashville book and having fun figuring it out.  It doesn’t even have a title yet.  Oh, and I have a novella coming out in October in the holiday anthology, Our First Christmas, alongside works from Lisa Jackson, Mary Carter and Cathy Lamb.  My always present current project is, of course, keeping track of my (now!) three dachshunds and trying not to take too many time outs to play with them.

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

That moment was a long time in the making.  I had a career in marketing and always thought about writing. Finally, my head was just so full of stories so much of the time that one day the light bulb went off.  I remember standing in a bookstore staring at the books in the romance section and I just knew this was something I could do.  Whether I was going to be good at it or not—come what may—it was time to sit down and write.  And so I did.  And, happily, I’m still at it, twenty-one novels later.  

Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?

I was at the Washington Romance Writers conference and I remember hearing Nora Roberts speak.  She is always focused on the writing and she writes every day.  That really stuck with me and so I began writing every day.  Back in the day my kids were little so I didn’t have much time most days, but I made a point to add something to the book each day.  It’s amazing how those stolen minutes and hours added up.

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you?

My hero in YOU’RE NOT SAFE is my idea of a perfect hero.  He’s a Texas Ranger who stands at six foot six and he’s got a reputation for being a fierce warrior.  He’s also dedicated to his nephew and finding the help that the boy needs to recover from PTSD.  My heroes are Alpha males who aren’t afraid to fight the bad guys, fight for their families and most especially to fight for the women they love.  


What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

I’m a notorious dog lover, baker and cook.  So much so that we just adopted our third dog, Tiki, who joins siblings Bella and Buddy.  I enjoy cooking and baking so much that I’ve logged dozens of hours as a kitchen assistant at Sur la Table and at the University of Richmond’s Culinary Arts Program.  The latter is also where I’m currently completing my Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate. And, of course, time with my family is always at the top of my list though much harder to come by these days as my husband and I are now empty nesters.


What has been your biggest adventure to date?

I’ve had a few daring moments.  I have 40 hours of flight time in a Cessna 152, I’ve gone caving, run a few triathlons, and I’ve gone scuba diving off the coast of Fiji.  All were incredible experiences!

If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

I’m torn between a white sandy beach (it’s been a LONG winter) and Paris.  Nothing would make me happier than to dig my toes in the sand or wander the back streets of Paris.  I’ve also had a notion to visit Germany, somewhere I’ve never been but would love to see!


When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?

I will try anything once.   It’s crazy not to not try a food just because it’s different.  I was raised by a mother who always had an adventurous streak when it came to food.  As a kid I tried rattlesnake, snails and I remember having buffalo for dinner.  Christmas dinner at Mom’s is always an adventure because we never know what’s going to be served.  Might be different but it’s always delicious.

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

Yes, thanks for asking.  I’ll be at the Chicago Spring Fling Writers Conference in Chicago April 24th – 26th  (http://www.chicagonorthrwa.org/spring-fling-writers-conference-registration ). On Saturday, May 10th I’ll be back home in Richmond and participating in a mystery panel  with authors Ellery Adams, Mollie Cox Bryan and LynDee Walk at Kelly Justice’s wonderful Fountain Bookstore in Richmond ( http://www.fountainbookstore.com ).  Summer finds me heading to Manhattan for Thriller Writers of America’s Thrillerfest (http://thrillerfest.com) and to the Killer Nashville conference in—you guessed it—Tennessee. (http://www.killernashville.com) I’ll be posting and new events on my site at http://www.maryburton.com/events. I hope Romance Junkie readers will come up and say hello.


YOU’RE NOT SAFE by Mary Burton
Zebra Books/Mass Market Original/Fiction
April 2014/On Sale 3-25-14/$7.99 ($8.99 Canada)/ 978-1-4201-2507-8

Burton’s New Suspense Novel is Published as a Paperback Original

“[Mary Burton] once again demonstrates her romantic suspense chops with this taut novel . . . Burton plays cat-and-mouse with the reader through a tight plot, with
credible suspects and romantic spice keeping it real.” –Publishers Weekly

“An entertaining mystery infused with suspense . . . the barely-held-in attraction between hardened Texas Ranger Tec and the guilt-ridden Greer resonates, as does their tension as they encounter a vicious killer. Crisp, in-depth writing yields a satisfying, gripping plot and steady pacing. This story is hard to put down.” –RT Book Reviews

Praise for NO ESCAPE
No-Escape-revise-blue-band“Mary Burton—the modern day Queen of Romantic Suspense—raises the stakes
chapter by chapter . . . [an] unnerving journey to the truth . . . irresistible characters
and a riveting plot.” –Book Reporter

“Fast paced and seriously creepy, in the way that a good thriller should be . . . Burton
delivers spine tingling satisfaction in No Escape and leaves the reader anxious for her
next work . . . be prepared to sleep with the lights on.” –The Jefferson County Post (TN)

“Burton always writes great, edgy suspense, and this book is no different.”
–Parkersburg News and Sentinel (WV)


The-Seventh-Victim“An excellent thriller… a very twisted saga that readers will find unbelievably hard to put down!” –Suspense Magazine

“With plenty of procedural details, red herrings and spine-chilling danger, this tale of romantic suspense will keep readers up all night.” –Book Page

“Best-selling author Mary Burton unleashes her most terrifying romantic suspense yet.”
–Happily Ever After, USA Today

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mary Burton lets loose an obsessed killer who’s granting the wishes of four former friends the only way he knows how—by killing them—in her latest suspense novel, YOU’RE NOT SAFE. It joins Burton’s highly praised novels NO ESCAPE and THE SEVENTH VICTIM to complete her Austin-set trifecta featuring Texas Rangers confronting multi-layered crimes of passion and deceit.

YOU’RE NOT SAFE is Ranger Tec Bragg’s and vineyard owner Greer Templeton’s
story. Greer has had enough pain in her life and has worked hard to move forward, to
ensure the fulfillment of her aunt’s dreams for her fledgling Texas Hill Country vineyard
and to stay out of the limelight of her past. Then Tec shows up on her doorstep
questioning her about a suicide on the adjacent property, her relationship to the dead
man and why her photo was found at the scene.

Tec, a no-nonsense, hardened professional isn’t sure what he expects to find when he heads to Bonneville Vineyards to question Greer. A broken body has been found hanging from a tree and his gut tells him it wasn’t a suicide. Greer is his best lead, and possibly his top suspect, and he’s determined to find out what she knows, despite her refusal to betray confidences of the past.

Soon, another death—also an unlikely suicide—makes it all too clear that something from Greer’s teen years ties her to the killer and his victims. The question is what. And, as not one but two more murders are discovered, can Tec find and knock down the walls Austin’s elite are hiding behind before the killer gets to Greer?

Mary Burton, the “modern day Queen of Romantic Suspense”* brings readers characters faced with daunting challenges that take them to the dark side and back again, not simply in the pursuit of justice, but as they come to terms with themselves and the lives they’ve chosen.
*Book Reporter

Mary-Burton-2012-Studio-FSBABOUT MARY BURTON
New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist Mary Burton has been intrigued by investigative work and the people who do it since Virginia, her home state, was stung by a string of serial killings that spanned more than twenty years. Not surprisingly, many of her suspense novels are fueled by the acts of multiple killers and the people who pursue them, as is YOU’RE NOT SAFE, which completes the trio of stories set in and around Austin she began with The Seventh Victim and continued with No Escape.

The author of twenty-one novels and three novellas, her earlier work includes I’m Watching You, Dead Ringer and Dying Scream, set in her home town of Richmond, and Senseless, Merciless and Before She Dies, set in Alexandria.

Mary’s intensive research has led to meetings with key members of law enforcement, to seminars and classes, and to the firing range. She is a graduate of the Henrico County Citizens Police Academy and the Richmond FBI Citizen’s Academy, and has attended Sisters in Crime’s Forensic University program and the Writers Police Academy in Jamestown, North Carolina.

A Richmond native whose family roots run as deep as the nation’s, Mary has lived there for most of her life. She graduated from Virginia’s Hollins University and had a career in marketing before deciding to write full time. Her first manuscript, a historical romance, was published in 2000.

She is a member of Thriller Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. She travels often for signings, speaking engagements and other appearances. She is a frequent speaker regarding writing and genre fiction, and continues to present her “Unraveling Romantic Suspense” workshop and her day-long program “Writing Your Book…The First Step.”

Mary is currently finishing work on her new suspense novel, Cover Your Eyes. The first of three thrillers set in Nashville, it is being published in November. In October her novella, A Ranger for Christmas, will be featured in the holiday anthology, Our First Christmas, along with works by Lisa Jackson, Mary Carter and Cathy Lamb.
www.maryburton.com http://www.facebook.com/maryburtonfanpage www.kensingtonbooks.com




Keri Multerer interactive romance fiction

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It’s wonderful to lose yourself in a good book, being transported into a make believe world where the heroine falls in love with…….well, someone you may or may not want her to. Do you ever want to yell at her to run away now, go for it, pick the blond, not the brunette! Sometimes it’s fun to be an active participant in the story, making choices for the protagonist based on what you want to see happen. SilkWords blurs the line between romance fiction and casual gaming to offer high quality stories with reader interactivity.

The site is tasteful, ad free, and offers a unique reading experience to the busy, modern woman. The stories are high quality with rich characters, settings, and plot and can be reset to any point in the storyline to make different choices.

We offer something for everyone with a variety of sub-genres, heat levels, and sexual orientation of the protagonist.

Here is a sampling of some of our most popular stories:

The Harem Club by Jane Nin

Married young, recently divorced, she thinks she’s ready to get back in the game. But when she receives an invitation to an exclusive, adults-only club, she wonders is she ready for this?

You’re first choice:

Does she play? or Does she watch?

Ellery’s Choice by Robin Stock

Feisty Ellery spent a year grieving her fiance. Mack, arrogant and sexy, may be just the cure she needs. Or will former co-worker Jason woo her away from self exile in the Appalachian hills?

You choose if Ellery:

Is not able to resist Mack? or Does she do her best to avoid him?

Between Hedge and Manor by Skyler White

The new kitchenmaid at Dunsany Manor has heard dark whispers about its young lord. Polly has good sense and hedgemagic to keep her safe, but desire will take her right to the boundary between his world and hers.

You choose if:

The lord cannot permit her to ruin herself for him. or Knowing he cannot stop her, the lord lets their love come sweeping in.

What do you think of this concept? What type of interactivity would you enjoy seeing in a romance story? Leave your thoughts in the comments. One commenter will receive a free one-year subscription. 

Author Rebekah Lewis

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Book Blurb:

The only cure to the satyr curse is a nymph. When Ariston finds one spying on him, can he win her over?

Under the Satyr Moon a curse was wrought, and under the same moon shall it be reversed…if the Fates allow.

A freelance photography job goes downhill fast when Lily Anders’ boyfriend dumps her and disappears from the campsite, leaving her stranded in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Feeling lost, heartbroken, and afraid, Lily follows a mysterious melody through the wilderness. She never would have guessed the source of the music would reveal that legendary figures of Greek mythology really existed, and she could be one of them.

 Ever since he was cursed, Ariston has only wanted one thing—to be human again. He has searched the globe for a nymph to free him, but over three thousand years of failure has pushed him into a life of solitude. Ariston believes he’s finally found the salvation he’s longed for when he catches Lily spying on him in the forest. Unfortunately, he has to convince her to like him first.

 What seems to be the Fates bringing them together in time for the Satyr Moon proves to be an elaborate scheme with macabre intentions. Dionysus has sent Ariston’s estranged brother, Adonis, to ensure the curse cannot be broken, and nothing tosses cold water over the flame of seduction like a twin seeking vengeance.

Buy link


Read An Excerpt:

“Oh God. Oh God. I’m hallucinating, probably have a fever, and I need to get out of here now.” She nodded as she said the last word as if it finalized her babbling, confirming an inner argument of some sort.

“I don’t think you’re suffering any ailments. You can keep gawking at me all you like. Although, I would prefer if you looked a little higher than my feet.” Much more impressive, that. At least, no one had ever complained before.

She made a derogatory noise in the back of her throat. “Please tell me you’re some D&D nerd in a really well-made costume and you mean me no harm. Also, if you have a cell phone, I would really appreciate it if you don’t take my previous comment personally and let me borrow it for a moment.” Ah, well, that solved one of his concerns; if she had no phone, she couldn’t have sent evidence or contacted anyone about what she’d seen. Unless, of course, she had a camera stashed somewhere. I should probably frisk her to find out.

He crossed his arms. “This is not a costume.” Ariston narrowed his eyes, a thought occurring to him. “I didn’t sense you being attracted by my song like I did the blonde. Are you a magical being? Who are you? A deity? A demigoddess?” He was on to something there, but wasn’t sure what. Had she brought the freak thunderstorm the night before? There had been no sign of rain, yet rained it had. And hailed on top of it.

“Right… Maybe you should let me hold that phone I mentioned before. I think it could bring help for both of us.”

“I don’t have a phone on me. Where would I put it? In my leg hair?” He lifted a hoof and waved it in a counterclockwise motion. Brunette’s eyes widened once more. Why did everyone get all worked up over the hooves, but not the horns? Those mostly received a pffft reaction followed by a series of retorts about his nature of “horniness.” It’s not like he would start making goat noises and chewing on buttons. The only part of his anatomy of any real importance hung heavily between his legs, and that was as human as any mortal man. Except he liked to think he was better endowed.

“In your, uh, gun holster?” Brunette pointed to his panpipes.

“What about it?” Ariston asked.

“You asked where you would put a cellphone. There is a large pocket on your strappy purse thingy.” She nibbled her full bottom lip, an act that shot fire to his groin.

“It’s not a purse. How could you even say that? It’s very manly.”

“Uh huh. Of course.”

“It is.” The twinge of lust faded out as he noticed the blood spotted bandage across the palm of her hand. “How were you injured?” Ariston took an unconscious step toward her. He had medical supplies at the cabin. Though he healed at phenomenal speeds, his blood still made a mess when it flowed on the wrong side of his skin. He could patch her up in no time.

She glanced at her palm, almost surprised to see the bandage there. Then she shook her head and said, “Yeah, this is the weirdest conversation ever. Sorry, but…gotta dash.” She darted off in the opposite direction. As she sprinted away, stinging drops of water began to bombard his skin. Brunette had to be the one manipulating the rain, but how? What was she? It must be linked to her emotions somehow, and it made him wonder what had happened to provoke the furious assault from the elements the night before.

Ariston snapped out of his stupor and chased after her. “Hey, not so fast!” A thought started taking root in his mind. He’d been excited about her before, but if he was right… Gods, he couldn’t let her escape. Not if there was a chance.

Brunette was magical in nature, affecting the elements. The timing was too good to be true. Ariston had sought one of her kind for as long as he’d been a satyr, and if she turned out being a nymph, she was also his savior. Unfortunately, his salvation continued putting distance between them. She may have the upper hand in the rain, but he knew the forest well. He’d capture her like the legends of old, and she’d be his. Mine!

She had revealed herself to him. Perhaps not intentionally, yet she had. All he needed was Brunette to desire him enough to take him as a lover under the Satyr Moon. He smiled. Ariston was rusty when it came to true seduction, without the use of magic, but he enjoyed a challenge. He could be free, mortal, could finally have a family, grow old, and live a normal human life.

Author Interview:

 1.)        What does your writing schedule look like? Do you have to plot or do you write as it comes?

It’s a scramble right now. I have a general outline for my works in progress, but I let the characters take me from plot point A to plot point B. Sometimes they deviate from the plan, and it is always interesting to see why.

2.)        What inspired you to be a writer? Who is your biggest support system? When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I enjoyed to read as a kid, so I dabbled with writing a lot in middle school, high school and college. I took two creative writing fiction classes in college. While I wanted to be a wild animal trainer at the end of high school, I always knew I would write something one day. (p.s. animal training didn’t work out. Had to drop Biology as a major because I couldn’t get through botany and it was required. I aced the animal biology classes, failed miserably at plants LOL!)

3.)        Which genre is your favorite to write? Is there a genre that you would love to write but haven’t yet? Are there any that you would stay away from?

Paranormal is my favorite. I like the vast amount of possibilities to work with that aren’t grounded as much into reality. When I read a story I want it to take me away from my life, and since paranormal things don’t happen to me I like to experiment with my characters and see how they react to things that don’t seem possible. Because reaction is what makes a person interesting. If, say, a vampire hops out and demands blood, any sane person would be afraid. But if they aren’t, well…they either have a death wish, or they have secrets you want to know. Why doesn’t that vampire scare them? Or is it all a front?

I probably won’t write contemporary romance. I need a spice of something surreal. I don’t want to live in the real world when I read or write!

I have an idea for a YA series I would like to develop further, and have been plotting since 2005. But since it is also mythology based, I want to finish the Cursed Satyroi first. I don’t need to pantheons of gods in my head at one time. They are bossy.

4.)        Do you use a pen name? Why or why not? If you do does the name have a special meaning to you?

I do use a pen name. Mainly because if looking for a job, I didn’t want my naughty satyr books to be the first thing in a Google search. I’m not ashamed of them though, and I have no issue if people know my real name.  Rebekah is a name I have always liked the spelling for. Lewis came from a great number of silly things, but let’s just say it is the first name of the author who wrote my favorite childhood story: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

 5.)        Have your characters ever taken a turn on you and changed personalities? What was your most challenging character to create and why?


 Personalities, not so much. Entire subplots: yes. Hermes decided Kat was going to have Pan’s child at the end of Wicked Satyr Nights. That was never part of the plan! Lol

 Most challenging has been Ariston. He just did not want to cooperate with me and fought every step of the way. He’s very honest and wants to lay it all out, and I had to let him to an extent because the book wasn’t going anywhere because he refused to be secretive.

6.)        What kind of research do you do for your books? Where is your favorite place to find what you need to know? What is the most interesting thing you have learned?

I have been doing a lot of research on mythology for this series, cryptozoology, maps, landmarks, and ancient Greek.  Internet is the easiest, but you have to be careful with that because not all sources online are accurate. If I can get physical books, I do. I have a shelf of mythology books and ancient Greek books as well.

7.)        What is the last book that you read that left a big impression on you?


Poison Princess by Kresley Cole. I loved seeing the before and after of the apocalypse. Usually we only see the after and know very little about the cause. I think I have an author crush on Kresley. Not in a creepy way. I just admire her so! lol

 Fun Questions

1.)        What is your favorite TV commercial? How about your least favorite?

Currently this is my favorite: http://youtu.be/ZFqaFu2maDg

 Why? Tom Hiddleston. I want him for my very own. LOL

 Least favorite is hard to pick since there are so many bad ones out there. I think the mariachi band Little Ceasar commercial is the most annoying at the moment though.

2.)        Who was your first celebrity crush? Is he still hot?

First celebrity crush would have to be…you know I think it was David Jason Frank from Power Rangers. He’s not bad looking now, but I have moved on.

3.)        What are your favorite TV shows? Which shows could you do without ever watching?

Favorite shows are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Vikings, and Once Upon a Time.

I could do without watching just about any reality show ever (though I do watch the Voice and Face Off on occasion. They tempt me with their evil ways…and Adam Levine.)

RebekahLewisHeadshotAuthor Bio:

Rebekah Lewis holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. She is an award-winning cover artist for digital publishers, and enjoys every minute of it when not immersed in a world of satyrs and Greek gods. Always feeling the need to be productive, she can be found creating something whether with words or images, or with arts and crafts. She resides in Savannah, GA with her cat, Bagheera.

If you would like to follow Rebekah on social media or contact via email, use the following information:

Website: www.rebekah-lewis.com

Email: lewis.rebekah@rocketmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RebekahLewisAuthor

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6537317.Rebekah_Lewis

Twitter: @RebekahLLewis


A NUMBERS GAME by Tracy Solheim

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TSolheimAuthor Bio:
Author Tracy Solheim has written her share of best sellers and note-worthy books. Unfortunately most of them line the shelves of dusty government offices around the world never to see the light of day. She hopes to change that with her series of contemporary romantic fiction novels published by Berkley Books.

“I guess you could say I’m a frustrated sports writer at heart, but I love writing-and reading-books centered around sports. I can thank my dad for that. He introduced me to Dick Francis novels when I was a teenager and I was hooked. I am also a big fan of the happily ever after endings of romance novels, so it was only natural that I combined the two elements in my fiction debut.”

To find out more about Tracy Solheim, visit her at:
Website: http://www.tracysolheim.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TracySolheimBooks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TracyKSolheim
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6519003.Tracy_Solheim

9780698164451_p0_v2_s260x420About A NUMBERS GAME:
Love is worth more than the sum of its hearts…

CPA Merrit Callahan learned early not to let passion unravel her orderly life. Back in college she fell hard for a football player, only to be devastated when she discovered he’d been duping her all along-dared by his teammates to score with his bookish tutor. Now, after her back-stabbing fiancé breaks off their engagement, Merrit flees to Baltimore to escape the fallout.

After eight years in the pros, a series of concussions have forced Heath Gibson out of the NFL. The transition from player to coach for the Baltimore Blaze hasn’t been smooth, but finding himself face-to-face with Merrit Callahan makes the ride even rockier. He’s been filled with regret ever since a stupid team prank caused Merrit to run away from him a decade earlier.

Merrit’s stunned to reconnect with Heath. And despite the authenticity of his reignited feelings this time around, Merrit’s got her mind set on payback. She’ll give Heath a night he won’t forget and then walk away. But Heath’s hold on her heart-and the rest of her body-is difficult to break…

Includes a preview of the next Out of Bounds novel, Risky Game.

Buy links:
Amazon- http://amzn.to/1pH0Qxm
B&N- http://bit.ly/1jWqBuE
iBooks- http://bit.ly/1dLJxJY
Kobo- http://bit.ly/1dLJzl5

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/19654431-a-numbers-game

Read An Excerpt:

 A feeling of light-headedness nearly brought Merrit to her knees.  Her eyes roamed over the well muscled arms and beautiful chest to his trim waist, honing in on the small green shamrock tattoo peeking out above the waistband of his shorts.  One that exactly matched the shamrock she’d had tattooed above her own hip bone.  She didn’t bother looking up at his face because she already knew it by heart.  Just as she knew the feel of his firm lips on her own, the taste of his skin, the brush of his unshaved face and his musky scent.  Worse, she knew firsthand the mockery that would be reflected in his coffee eyes.  Mockery she’d once mistaken for something else.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” he was saying, but his words sounded to Merrit as if they were echoing out of the end of a pipe.  “I picked up the wrong keys when I went out for my run and I left my cell phone inside on the charger.  Would you mind if I borrowed yours to make a quick—”

He stopped mid-sentence and mid-stride holding both hands up, palms out.  Merrit realized she was mirroring his pose, her hands at the ready to push him away.  The gasping sound she heard was coming from her own throat as her ribs continued to squeeze tightly around her lungs.  She saw the moment recognition dawned on his face; his lips beginning to form a word.  As if the angels sensed her panic, a surge of adrenalin washed away the cement–like feeling in Merrit’s limbs.  Heart racing, she jumped into her car, jammed the key in the ignition and drove off before things really got messy and she passed out.

Giveaway details:
Tracy is giving away a $25 Amazon or B&N gift card (winner’s choice) to one random commenter during the tour.

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Link to code : http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/share-code/YTRhNTlhMGI2NjEwMzc0ZDllMmUxODliZTEyZmMxOjcy/

Tour Schedule:
April 7- Smexy Books http://smexybooks.com/
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(2nd Stop) What I’m Reading http://sillymelody.blogspot.com/
April 9- Delighted Reader http://delightedreader.com
April 10- Romance Junkies http://www.romancejunkies.com/
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We are giving away this fantastic New York Times poster to our grand prize winners and three copies of the book to lucky readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Novel of the Titanic
By Hazel Gaynor

William Morrow Paperback

Publication Date: April 1, 2014

ISBN: 9780062316868
Price: $14.99; 300 Pages
E-book ISBN: 9780062316875

Maggie Murphy’s voyage to America, 1912.

“Readers will enjoy this lovely, heartfelt story.”
— Romantic Times (4 Stars)

WILLIAM MORROW is thrilled to publish Hazel Gaynor’s debut novel, THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME: A Novel of the Titanic

Her story is inspired by true events surrounding the Addergoole 14—members of a church parish in County Mayo, Ireland that set sail together on RMS Titanic, all hoping to find a brighter future in America. It is believed that the losses suffered by the parish in the Titanic disaster were the largest proportionate loss of life from any locality.

Seventeen year old Maggie Murphy feels bittersweet about her journey across the Atlantic
Ocean. While her future lies in an unknown new place, her heart remains in the country with
Séamus, the sweetheart she is leaving behind. Maggie is one of the fortunate few passengers in steerage who survives on April 15th, 1912. Waking up alone in a New York hospital, she vows never to speak of the terror and panic of that night again.

Weaving in and out of Maggie’s voyage and Chicago, 1982, Gaynor introduces the reader to
twenty-one year old Grace Butler. When her Great Nana Maggie shares the painful secret she
harbored for almost a lifetime about Titanic, the revelation gives Grace new direction—and
leads her and Maggie to unexpected reunions with those thought to be lost long ago.
Gaynor’s poignant tale seamlessly blends fact and fiction, exploring the tragedy’s impact and
its lasting repercussions on survivors and their descendants. With snippets of actual
Marconigrams—telegrams sent through the Marconi Company between Titanic and Carpathia and between Carpathia and the White Star Line office—THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME is a story of enduring love and forgiveness, spanning seventy years, and a real source of fascination for history buffs and Titanic enthusiasts.

THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME is available now at Amazon | B&N iTunes IndieBound

Read an Excerpt:

It was a year after they’d first danced at the Brennans’ wedding that she’d finally found the courage to tell him the news she had been dreading.

“I’m goin’ to America, Séamus,” she’d said, as they sat by the fireside playing cards on a wet, dark January evening. “It’s all decided. I’m to go with Aunt Kathleen to Chicago. Peggy Madden, Katie Kenny, and the Brennans are to travel with us—and some others.” The crackle and spit from the fire had filled the silence which descended upon the young couple. Séamus hadn’t spoken. “We’re to go in the spring.”

The rain had lashed against the windows. There’d been no other sound. Even the fire had seemed to momentarily hush itself.

“We’re to sail on a new liner called Titanic. They say it’s the biggest, finest, safest ocean liner there’s ever been built,” she’d added, more to break the unbearable silence than anything. She’d felt silly then. Why had she told him this? Who cared about the ship or how big it was? That was the sort of stuff that her cousin, Pat Brogan, and Peggy Madden were interested in, not her. To Maggie, the ship they would sail on was an entirely insignificant fact amid the reality of what the departure meant for her and Séamus.

He’d maintained his silence, throwing another sod of turf onto the fire, which sent a wave of moist, earthy smoke billowing across the room.

“Would you think of coming too?” she’d added hesitantly, already knowing his answer.

He’d looked at her, this young man she adored with the uncomplicated certainty of youth, his cheeks rosy from the warmth of the flames. “Ah, Maggie, you know I can’t. Not with Da so sick an’ all. Anyway, we haven’t a shillin’ to our name. I could never be affording one of those boat tickets, never mind two, even if he was well enough.”

They’d talked before about the prospect of emigrating, it being a common occurrence in the parish. Séamus had a brother in Philadelphia, who sent home as much money as he could afford, but with his mam dead and his da too ill to travel, Séamus knew that a trip to America would not be his for the making anytime soon. Maggie’s fate, however, lay entirely in the hands of Aunt Kathleen, who had first made the trip to America herself twenty years ago and was completely enamored with the place. She’d written often to her niece about the possibility of joining her in Chicago, about how America offered much better prospects for young women than Ireland ever could, but one thing or another had always prevented it from happening. However, this time was different. With nobody to care for Maggie in Ireland, Aunt Kathleen had made up her mind: her niece would go back to Chicago with her in the spring. And no matter how much this arrangement might break Maggie’s heart, there was no changing Kathleen Dolan’s mind once it was made up.

Author Interview:


I am so glad you could join us here at Romance Junkies. To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects?


 Firstly, thank you for inviting me to Romance Junkies (love the name!)

 I’m so excited about the release of my debut: THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME – A Novel of the Titanic. The novel tells the story of a young Irish woman, Maggie Murphy, who reluctantly leaves her Irish home and her sweetheart, Séamus, to start a new life in America with her aunt. They travel on RMS Titanic. Seventy years later, Maggie confides in her great-granddaughter, Grace, sharing her experience of the traumatic events of April, 1912. Maggie’s revelations have far-reaching repercussions for them both.


 I’ve been fascinated with Titanic since I was a teenager. When I started my research for the novel, I came across the record of a survivor from a small parish in County Mayo, Ireland. From there, I discovered the history of a group of Irish emigrants – now known locally as the Addergoole Fourteen – who travelled together on Titanic. I knew immediately that I’d found the inspiration for my novel. I wanted to explore the experience of a third class passenger on Titanic, the aftermath of the disaster and how such an event can have far-reaching repercussions on a survivor’s life. Through Maggie, I hope to allow readers to immerse themselves in an aspect of the Titanic disaster they might not have considered.

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

 I’ve loved reading since I was a child and I’ve always dabbled in creative writing in some form or another. After university, I went straight into a corporate career in the finance and legal sectors. I left my job in 2009 to look after my children, and that was when I began to tap back into my creative side. Initially, I wrote a parenting blog in the few moments I snatched while I was at home with my two children. This led to writing freelance for the local and national press and my writing began to get noticed. Eventually, that long-held ambition to write a novel finally felt like something I could achieve. I consider myself very lucky to have found something I love working at.


Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?

 I interviewed Philippa Gregory in 2012. As a big fan of her novels (and a then unpublished writer) this was a real ‘wow’ moment for me. The whole conversation with her was hugely inspiring but one particular piece of advice stuck with me: ‘don’t look at something that seems to be successful and think ‘I can do that’. If you’ve been blessed with a talent to write, you should write the best novel you possibly can, so that whatever way a reader comes across it, they will want to turn the page and keep reading. That is what makes a good novel.’


What has been your biggest adventure to date?

 Having children. Without a doubt. They surprise me every single day.



What is your favorite comfort food?

 A good old-fashioned sticky toffee pudding with custard. It’s like a great bug hug in a bowl.

 What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

 Autumn. I love the colours, the nip in the air, the smell of smoke from the peat fires, Halloween – I love everything about autumn! Also, most of the major events in my life have happened in autumn – engagement, wedding and the birth of my two children, so it’s a busy and very special season for that reason too.


What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

My laptop!


What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?

 On holiday somewhere beautiful and warm (perhaps a Tuscan farmhouse) sharing a chilled bottle of wine with my husband while we watch the stars. Other than that, any evening where everyone gets a good sleep and nobody needs me to fetch them a drink or find their teddy in the middle of the night is romantic enough for me!

 What project are you working on next?

 My second novel, DAUGHTERS OF THE FLOWERS, is about two sets of sisters and is set around a charity for orphaned flower sellers in Victorian London. The story spans several decades across the late 1800s and early 1900s. I love the Victorian and Edwardian eras and the streets of Victorian London were a wonderfully haunting place to explore in my imagination. I am very excited about the book’s publication early next year.


Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

 THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME will be hopping around the internet during the April blog tour. I have been asked some great questions and have revealed all sorts of information about myself that I probably shouldn’t have! Full details of the blog tour, which includes lots of giveaways, are available on my website at www.hazelgaynor.com

 In person, I will be speaking on Book Club Girl on Air and also on Irish radio station KFM. I will post dates and times and podcasts of these interviews on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hazelgaynorbooks and on my website. I will be guest hosting at #LitChat on Twitter in May, where I will be talking about THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME and am also looking forward to speaking at the Romantic Novelists’ Association annual conference in the UK in July.

 Other events will be announced on my Facebook page and website over the coming weeks and months.

 Hazel-Gaynor-photoABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hazel Gaynor is an exciting new voice in historical fiction. Her writing has been featured in the Sunday Times Magazine and Irish Times, and she was the recipient of the 2012 Cecil Day Lewis award for Emerging Writers. Originally from North Yorkshire, England, Hazel now lives in Ireland with her husband, and two young children. For more information, please visit her on the web at http://www.hazelgaynor.com/

Hazel can also be reached via social media: Facebook & twitter: @HazelGaynor

Liz Everly’s LIKE HONEY Blog Tour

April 08, 2014 By: Romance Junkies Category: Latest News


GRAND PRIZE: $30 gift card to Amazon or B & N

3 RUNNERS UP: will each receive a copy of the ebook



 a Rafflecopter giveaway

LINK:  http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/share-code/NDk3NGE1NDcwMTI3ZDNiOGM2NTQyNzVmNDFiMGJjOjI4Nw==/





Saffron Nights, Book 3
Published by: e-Kensington

Expected Release April 3, 2014

Print Length: 203 pages

 BUY LINKS:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

 Wanted: A Hot Honey of a Man

Love brought Jennifer D’Amico to Scotland, but it’s honey that makes her stay. Her honey farm is all the beautiful widow has left of her brief marriage. All she needs is a master beekeeper to get the flailing business back on track. What she gets is Grayson McGhilly, a boldly sexy stranger who knows his honey–almost as well as he knows how to bring Jennifer to the brink of passion. . ..

From the moment Gray lays eyes on Jennifer, he’s hooked, mind and body. But his mission isn’t just to savor every succulent inch of her, but to keep her from harm. For Gray isn’t just a beekeeper, but an undercover agent investigating criminal activity at her farm. And now he’ll do just about anything to keep the sweet and oh-so-satisfying Jennifer safe in his arms. . ..

Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Like-Honey-Saffron-Nights-Everly-ebook/dp/B00FY54N68/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391791765&sr=8-1&keywords=like+honey+by+liz+everly


B&N:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/like-honey-liz-everly/1117238132?ean=9781601830128 

 Author Interview

I am so glad you could join us here at RomanceJunkies. To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects? LIKE HONEY, the third in my SAFFRON NIGHTS series is just out. It’s set in beautiful Scotland with a sexy spy-turned-beekeeper and a young lonely widow. Gray is sent to there to infiltrate her honey business because of illegal goings-on. They are very attracted to one another—but he’s her employee (at least that what she thinks) and she may be a criminal, so Gray can’t act on his impulses. The way they get to know one another better makes up a part of the story. The other part is the suspense element, which includes an international drug ring, along with local rivalries.

I also do a little publishing on Amazon right now. I’m publishing a series of linked short stories, EIGHT LAYS AROUND THE WORLD. The first one is set in Egypt, the next one will be set in Hong-Kong.  These stories are more erotic than romance. Grin.

In addition, I’ve just signed a contract with Harper Impulse to do and anthology with my group blog, Lady Smut. LADY SMUT’S BOOK OF DARK DESIRES.

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer? I’ve just always been one. I’m not sure I could pinpoint one moment.

Every writer dreams of getting “the call”. What were you doing when yours came? It seems to me I was at the kitchen table.


 Who got to hear the good news first? My husband.

Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day? I had a journalism professor that really helped me develop a sense of urgency and a respect for deadlines. Even though he was a journalist, I find that helps with fiction writing, too. He often said to just “Sit your butt down and write.”

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you? The perfect hero is smart, funny, and knows what he wants and likes. He’s not afraid to go after it. He’s lusty, earthy. But he’s also the kind of guy who will get up and change diapers at 3 a.m. and doesn’t mind sitting through yet another dreadful dance recital to see his daughter prance across the stage.

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections? I scrapbook and love to read. I have inherited several different collections of glass, which I love and I started my own collection years ago. I love Blenko glass. But since I live in a small house, I’ve had to curtail my collections. I try to keep it as useful things, like Pyrex glassware form the 60s and 70s that I actually can use in the kitchen. Ohmigoodness I LOVE that. I’d love to start a 1970s collection. I’m all about the 70s these days.

What has been your biggest adventure to date? Having children. ;-)

If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why? After the kind of winter we’ve had, I’d just like to go some place WARM. In CRAVINGS, I wrote about a chocolate-themed resort in St. Lucia. I love that idea. The beach. A lovely spa. And plenty of chocolate. But I have LONGINGS to go to Scotland. It’s actually higher on my bucket list.  

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes? I’m adventurous to a point. I’m a vegetarian and will eat most things that do not include meat. I love to try new recipes.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without? Indoor plumbing!

What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”? A night without the kids! And, of course, a lovely meal that I’m not cooking. Before children, my husband and I would haunt the bookstores and attend concert together. Why are bookstores and libraries so sexy? Hmm?

How do you describe yourself? How would your family and friends describe you? 

what is your favorite comfort food? Chocolate, of course.


What is your favorite season? What do you love about it? The love the spring. I love the renewal of life aspect of it. Seeing everything bud, pop, and bloom.

 About Liz Everly



Liz Everly writes, plays, and cooks in a tiny house with a big garden. She writes under a pen name to escape expectations and to embrace all possibilities.


Contact Links:

Website: http://www.lizeverly.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LizEverlyAuthor

Twitter: http://twitter.com/LizEverly1

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6858733.Liz_Everly



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Guest  Post by Layla Chase

The aspect of cowboys that draws me in every time is the quality of being decisive. In the course of a day, they may have to make decisions that affect the welfare of hundreds of animals and a handful of other men. Back in the 1800s, men made these decisions without weather reports or sure knowledge of what lay ahead. The location of a river ford to take the cattle across could become treacherous. When to move the cattle to higher ground could be affected by a freak storm. Driving them to market always had its own set of hazards—lack of water, insufficient grazing, attacks from Indians or rustlers. And always there was the danger of injury or illness that would hamper their progress.

The situation of man against the elements is one associated with cowboys and has captured the imagination of writers and artists for more than 150 years, and is still going strong.

Layla Chase is the CAPA award-winning author of 18 short stories and novellas and is both indie-pubbed and published by Amber Quill, Decadent Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Kensington Aphrodisia, Ravenous Publishing, and The Wilder Rose Press.


Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/layla.chase.52

Those who leave a comment have a chance to win one of two prizes: print copy of erotic historical, Wild Wild Women of the West I, or a sparkly gold hand-crocheted scarf.



Prizes from each author will be listed in the Rafflecopter Widget


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

LINK:  http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/share-code/NDk3NGE1NDcwMTI3ZDNiOGM2NTQyNzVmNDFiMGJjOjI4MA==/



Edited by Delilah Devlin
Publisher:  Cleis Press

Publication Date: March 18, 2014

ISBN-10: 1627780335
ISBN-13: 978-1627780339
Format: Trade Paperback

Pre-Order Trade Paperback
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | Indiebound | The Book Depository

Broad Shoulders, Well-Worn Jeans and a Lean-Hipped Swagger

He may ride off into the sunset, but the cowboy in our heart never goes out of style. Even when coated with dust from riding alongside a herd of cattle or up to his knees in mud taming a wild stallion, this stud still generates plenty of Cowboy Heat.

USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin takes you back to the ranch with stories of rugged romantics, rough riders, and rope wranglers sure to satisfy your desire for a real man. In “Shall We Dance?,” by Myla Jackson, a waltz teacher learns about rhythm from her rancher student at the Flying M. The rodeo champion in Megan Mitcham’s “Coming Home” discovers that true love might be waiting at the end of the trail. A high school reunion at the honky tonk finds a city girl back in the strong arms of her cowboy crush in Cat Johnson’s “Unfinished Business.” Saddle up!

“A wild ride!” —Beth Williamson, author of Hell for Leather

“Devlin Devlin is the go-to for cowboy romance that will make you hot under the collar.” —USA Today



“Mrs. Morgan and the Marshal” by Emma Jay
A dalliance with the sexy town marshal makes a woman rancher question which she wants most, her independence or him

Emma Jay has been writing longer than she’d care to admit, using her endless string of celebrity crushes as inspiration for her heroes. Married twenty-six years, Emma  believes writing romance is like falling in love, over and over again. Creating characters and love stories is an addiction she has no intention of breaking.

“Remember” by Mia Hopkins
A jilted bride saddles up with the blazing-hot cowboy stripper hired for her cancelled bachelorette party

Mia Hopkins is a Los Angeles–based writer of romance and erotic fiction. Her work has appeared in Clean Sheets and will be featured in the forthcoming Circlet Press anthology Under Cover of Darkness. She was born in the year of the horse, which may explain her special fondness for cowboys.

“Cowboy Downtime” by Cheyenne Blue
Passion ignites at a polocrosse game in the Australian outback—she plays attack, he plays defense, and their sexy wager decides the winner.

Cheyenne Blue’s erotica has appeared in over seventy anthologies, including: Best Women’s Erotica,Cowboy LustBest Lesbian RomanceLesbian Lust and Frenzy: 60 Stories of Sudden Sex. She lives and writes by the beach in Queensland, Australia.

“Coming Home” by Megan Mitcham
A busted-up rodeo champion finds the squirt he tormented in youth transformed into a fiery woman challenging him to become the man she deserves

Megan Mitcham was a true Southern bell until she discovered the delicious world of erotic romance. Now she pens racy romances to please a reader’s heart, mind and body.

“Her Captured Cowboy” by Layla Chase
A lonely woman, ostracized by Colorado townspeople after years in Indian captivity, takes what she needs from a wandering cowboy

Layla Chase, on a dare from a close friend, challenged herself to explore the steamier side of romance and discovered all sorts of characters whose stories needed sharing. She writes contemporary and historical stories from her mountain home in California that she shares with her longtime husband and two dogs.

“Back Stage Pass” by Cynthia D’Alba
A sexy night with a hired escort, who looks exactly like a woman’s favorite country singer, leaves her with a back stage pass and a lot of burning questions

Cynthia D’Alba started writing on a challenge from her husband and discovered having imaginary sex with lots of hunky men was fun. Her first book, Texas Two Step, was released in 2012 and became a publisher best seller.

“Unfinished Business” by Cat Johnson
A class reunion gives one woman a second chance with a sultry cowboy from her past

Cat Johnson is a self-proclaimed promo ho known for her creative marketing and research. She’s sponsored bull-riding rodeo cowboys, owns a collection of cowboy boots and camouflage shoes for book signings and a number of her consultants wear combat or cowboy boots for a living.

“At the Mercy of the Cowboy” by Amber Lin
A new farmhand finds rough living and an even rougher cowboy to soothe away her pain

Amber Lin writes erotic romance with damaged souls and deep emotion. RT Book Reviews called her debut novel “truly extraordinary.” Her latest book, a small-town romance, released in late 2013.

“Cowboy Adonis” by Michael Bracken
When a naked cowboy rises from a stock pond, a nature photographer’s assignment gets personal

Michael Bracken, writer of fiction, nonfiction and advertising copy, is the author of almost nine hundred short stories, several of which have appeared in Cleis Press anthologies.

“Denim and Lace” by Robie Madison
One woman in a pair of rhinestone heels plus two sexy cowboys equals a highly combustible combination

Robie Madison pursues her own adventures traveling around the world. When she’s at home, she writes about men and women who aren’t afraid to take risks for love. When she’s not traveling or writing, she can often be found teaching writing courses online.

“One Track Cowboy” by Delilah Devlin
After tracking two lost hikers, a park ranger and a local rancher lose themselves to a wild passion

Delilah Devlin is a USA Today bestselling author of erotica and erotic romance. She has published over a hundred thirty erotic stories in multiple genres and lengths, and is published by Atria/Strebor, Avon, Berkley, Black Lace, Cleis Press, Ellora’s Cave, Harlequin Spice, HarperCollins: Mischief, Kensington, Montlake, Running Press, and Samhain Publishing. In May 2014, she adds Grand Central to her list of publishers when Her Only Desire releases!

“Skin Deep” by Randi Alexander
A pretty city girl and a scarred country cowboy discover love waits when you’re ready to look beneath the surface

Randi Alexander is a USA Today Bestselling Author and an adventurous spirit with a naughty imagination. Prepare yourself to be rode hard and put up satisfied on the sexier side of happily ever-after!

“Drop Two Tears in a Bucket” by Shoshanna Evers
Alone on her Montana cattle ranch after her husband divorces her, a woman finds satisfaction in the arms of the one cowboy she can’t resist

Shoshanna Evers is a critically acclaimed, best-selling romance author. She is published with Simon & Schuster/Gallery, Ellora’s Cave, and Penguin/Berkley Heat (Agony/Ecstasy), and her work is in several Cleis Press anthologies (including Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and 2013). She lives in Los Angeles with her family and two big dogs.

“A Cowboy for Delilah” by Sabrina York
The last thing this independent, high-powered lawyer wants is a cowboy in her life, but one steamy kiss from a sexy rancher burns her resolve to a crisp

Sabrina York, Her Royal Hotness, writes naked erotic fiction for fans who like it hot, hard and balls-to-the-wall, and erotic romance and fantasy for readers who prefer a slow burn to passion. Sabrina loves writing hot, humorous stories in multiple genres for smart and sexy readers.

“Shall We Dance?” by Myla Jackson
When a lonely woman gives private dance lessons to a shy, sexy cowboy, she stumbles on passion worth fighting for

Myla Jackson spent twenty years livin’ and lovin’ in South Texas, ranching horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus. A former IT professional, Myla happily writes full time, penning adventures that keep her readers begging for more. When she’s not writing, she’s traveling, snow-skiing, boating or riding her ATV, while concocting new stories.

3/31 – 4/13 COWBOY HEAT Blog Tour Schedule


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Edmund MacGregor will do anything to save Scotland from English rule-even kidnap Lady Amelia Bell for ransom. As the daughter of a duke and the chancellor’s betrothed, she’s the perfect pawn in this game. But from the moment he first lays eyes on his spirited captive, he can’t resist stealing a kiss.

Lady Amelia’s duty is to marry well, but that hasn’t stopped her from fantasizing about true love. So when a sexy Scot appears in her home, she’s beguiled. When he kidnaps her, she’s furious. Yet as Edmund introduces her to a world of passion beyond her wildest dreams, can she leave her family behind for this handsome Highlander? And will Edmund risk the only true home he’s ever known to capture the heart of this lovely lass?





 Read An Excerpt

Sarah reached her hand out to Lucan’s door for the fourth time in the space of ten breaths. Each time she retreated, not knowing what to say when she stepped inside. She had stayed away for days. What excuse could she give him? She certainly couldn’t tell him the truth, that Amelia was correct about her. She was a coward. She’d always lived her life with careless abandon, never giving her heart to one man, but sharing it with many. Because she was afraid to. She was young, pretty, and unbound by the shackles of nobility. She could do as she pleased. And she did. She’d never cared what anyone at Queensberry thought of her, save Amelia.

 The men who partook of her never cared what became of her afterward. She liked it that way. No attachments. No expectations. No heartache.

 Malcolm Grant was the perfect man to give herself to. But she hadn’t. And the reason was lying in a bed behind that damned door. Her heart banged loudly in her ears as she reached for it again and this time the sound of Amelia crying out halted Sarah’s movement.

 She turned, agape, and stared at the door to Edmund’s room across the hall. Then she smiled. “Well, good fer ye, Amelia dearest. I’d love to see yer mother’s face after she heard that.”

About Paula Quinn

New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn lives in New York with her three beautiful children, three over-protective chihuahuas, and a loud umbrella cockatoo. She loves to read romance and science fiction and has been writing since she was eleven.  She loves all things medieval, but it is her love for Scotland that pulls at her heartstrings.

 Learn more here:





Welfonder_ToLoveAHighlanderAbout TO LOVE A HIGHLANDER
As one of the bastards born to the Stirling court, Sorley the Hawk has never known his mother or father. It’s a burning quest he has devoted himself to uncovering at any cost. But as a roguish warrior who serves at the pleasure of the King, his prowess-both on the battlefield and in his bedchamber-is legendary. So when a flame-haired Highland lass sneaks into his quarters with a tantalizing proposition, he can’t resist taking her up on her offer .

Lady Mirabelle MacLaren will do anything to keep from marrying her odious suitor, even sully her own good name. And who better to despoil her than his sworn enemy, the one they call “Hawk?” As they set about the enjoyable task of ruining her reputation, Hawk and Mirabelle soon learn that rebellion never tasted so sweet.





Read An Excerpt

With slow deliberation, he shut the door and leaned back against its solid, unyielding wood.  He crossed his ankles and folded his arms, letting his stance show her that he was prepared to remain there until he had the answers he desired.  He was a stubborn man.

     Nor did he tire easily.

     “So-o-o,” – he gave her a slow smile, careful not to let it reach his eyes – “I’d hear why you came to me with such a fool request.”

     “Seeing you now, sir,” she returned, her own voice as chilly, “I almost regret my folly.”

     “You should.”  He studied her face, feeling a scowl darken his own.  If anything, she was even more fetching than he remembered.  Her silky red-gold hair gleamed in the light of the wall sconce and her sparkling eyes were still the widest, loveliest he’d ever seen.  Her small, upturned nose gave her an irksome air of innocence, while her mouth, so full and lush….

     The pestiferous twitch at his loins returned. 

     He willed the stirrings away before she noticed and took advantage.

     Praise the gods she wore a cloak that only hinted at the ripeness of her womanly curves.

     She was no longer a girl.

     And for sure, he wasn’t a cocky, full of himself lad.

     “You haven’t answered me.”  He put just enough arrogance into his tone to prove it.

     Her chin came up again, showing her own mettle.  “I say I did.  I am troubled by a matter of some delicacy and require a man’s aid in-”

     “Creating a scandal that will soil you,” Sorley finished for her.

About Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Sue-Ellen Welfonder is a Scotophile whose burning wish to make frequent trips to the land of her dreams led her to a twenty-year career with the airlines.

Now a full-time writer, she’s quick to admit that she much prefers wielding a pen to pushing tea and coffee. She makes annual visits to Scotland, insisting they are a necessity, as each trip gives her inspiration for new books.

Proud of her own Hebridean ancestry, she belongs to two clan societies: the MacFie Clan Society and the Clan MacAlpine Society. In addition to Scotland, her greatest passions are medieval history, the paranormal, and dogs. She never watches television, loves haggis, and writes at a 450-year-old desk that once stood in a Bavarian castle.

Sue-Ellen is married and currently resides with her husband and Jack Russell terrier in Florida. 

Learn more here:


Author H.K. Sterling

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Eyes-Only-600x900In the shadowy world of covert operations it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad. Is there even room for romance? Sometimes romance fits in only too well. Read along with the twists and turns of “Eyes Only” where trust is a rare commodity and you’ll never know which side to root for until the very end.

Buy your copy today! http://www.breathlesspress.com/index.php?main_page=product_free_shipping_info&cPath=9&products_id=555


 ”I dunno, maybe I had a wild hair that night or maybe I was going a little bit stir crazy. In any case, I think Charlie sensed it and that’s why he made the suggestion. So this one time, I decided I’d go to the restricted bar. What harm could it do? I’d have a few drinks with Charlie, hear some old Marine stories, and call it a night.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Isla Aldon was her name. My eyes found her as soon as we stepped in the bar. A crowded bar too. And she was a short thing.”

Author Interview

First, can you let us know what projects you are currently working on? I just published a Romance Mystery with Breathless Press called “A Taste For Killing”. That book is the first in a series called “Chasing the Taste.” Each book has something that the characters, both heroes and villains want, need or are obsessed with. The sequel has already been accepted by BP and is currently in edits. The sequel is called “A Taste For Danger”. All the books have two returning characters who are detectives and there is a lot of banter between them (one male and one female) so they are fun, quick reads that twist and turn. Then of course I have this new one out, “Eyes Only” which is a short-short but packed full of action, romance and twists.

 Under my other pen name, K.D. Rose, I write for a younger audience. There I am working on the sequel to Erasing: Shadows, called Erasing: Shattered.

 1.)        What does your writing schedule look like? Do you have to plot or do you write as it comes?

I am both a plotter and a pantser. : )  I first plot in general in my head if it’s a one off, or in a gigantic book I keep things in that I may forget if it’s going to be series. In series especially, you have to keep a logical stream going all the way through. However, within those parameters I am a total pantser and often the characters and story take me to places I didn’t even know I was going. In the end it all works out.

 2.)        What inspired you to be a writer? Who is your biggest support system? When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

 I always wanted to be a writer from about age 5 on. I started writing seriously around age 13. Then I took decades before I decided to enter the author publishing field. My husband is definitely my biggest support system. He is very supportive of my writing and also helps when I am “in the zone” by making sure I eat, etc LOL

 3.)        Which genre is your favorite to write? Is there a genre that you would love to write but haven’t yet? Are there any that you would stay away from?

I didn’t know it until I started writing them, but I love writing cloak and dagger stories with mystery, suspense, romance and lots of action. I especially love writing twists and turns and surprise endings. The genre that I have yet to get to (but will!) is science fiction. My heroes growing up were science fiction writers.  Stay away from- well I have the greatest respect for historical romance writers but it’s not something that is in my wheelhouse. My favorite thing to write is short stories.

 4.)        Do you use a pen name? Why or why not? If you do does the name have a special meaning to you?

 I actually publish under two different names. I chose to do this because I write books with adult words and themes under one of them and I wanted to separate that from books for younger readers so there would not be any confusion. H.K. Sterling was a random choice, except that because I plan to write science fiction, I kept the first name as initials. There is still bias out there so I preferred to keep gender out of it. My other pen name uses the last name of my family name going back generations. I chose that as a tribute to that and as a way to keep that name going.

 5.)        Have your characters ever taken a turn on you and changed personalities? What was your most challenging character to create and why?

 I haven’t had any change personalities, but I have had secrets suddenly pop up with characters! My most challenging character to create, hmm, they are probably all the secondary characters. It is a challenge to create them and then give them personalities and deepness and growth too when you are really concentrating on the main characters.

 6.)        What kind of research do you do for your books? Where is your favorite place to find what you need to know? What is the most interesting thing you have learned?

I think I made the comment to my editor when I was writing “A Taste For Killing” that now I understood why writers say their internet histories could get them in trouble LOL.  I can’t say what I was researching as that would be a spoiler, but it would look weird if someone saw the history. I use the internet for most research although I have a library of books that I sometimes turn to as well. The most interesting things I’ve learned really came from drawing on my past experience and trying to remember it all correctly. It wasn’t research per se, I already knew the information, but I had to recall it and sometimes had to go back to old papers and books to remember it all accurately.

 7.)        What is the last book that you read that left a big impression on you?

 I read the 10th anniversary edition of “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman. Loved it.

 Fun Questions

 1.)        What is your favorite TV commercial? How about your least favorite?

We are both so busy that we DVR everything so we skip the commercials!

 2.)        Who was your first celebrity crush? Is he still hot?

When I was a young teenager I liked the teen crushes of the day but I don’t want to date myself. Let’s just say they’ve *all* gotten older.

 3.)        What are your favorite TV shows? Which shows could you do without ever watching?

We don’t watch much TV but when we do DVR it’s stuff like The Big Bang Theory (because we are both kind of geeky still) and recently we have really gotten into the documentaries about historic battles and blunders. In fact I keep some of that in my head for my writing that will be used later.


 H.K. Sterling is an author with Breathless Press known for stories with imagination, intelligence, a kick, and twist endings. H.K. likes to focus her writing on suspense, science-fiction, shorts, and anything that is spicy and unexpected. Sometimes her writing may even go dark. H.K. lives in Virginia with her husband who graciously puts up with her passion for writing. H.K. currently has a Mystery/Thriller out: A Taste For Killing; and two short stories in the Breathless Press Anthology: My Bloody Valentine. Her new book, A Taste For Danger has just been accepted for publication and H.K will also soon publish a short-short titled Eyes Only. H.K.’s books are suitable for 18+. You can contact H.K. on the following social media:

Catch up with H.K. Sterling on the following media:

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/hksterling

Twitter: @HKSterling

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HK-Sterling/426989014069244?ref=hl

Email: HK.Sterling@aol.com

HK Sterling “Undercover Blog”: http://hksterling1.blogspot.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/HKSterling



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