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Embrace the differences

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In a book I read recently there were many things that left me thinking. The book explored the differences in the couple. I know people are different in many ways. Heck I love the differences in my family, friends and people I interact with. Yet something in the book I read made it resonate. In the book the couple was as different as two people could be. Their friends or lack of them were opposites. Their jobs were opposite and thoughts on many things clashed. Yet it worked for them. They were the epitome of the old adage “opposites attracts”. It was their differences they each found so attractive. Having a carbon copy of yourself is boring. The spice comes from being able to live with each other’s differences. Embrace them. They did. Of course after reading the book. It made me think of couples I know. Many of them are different yet they make it work. They don’t try and change each other. They enjoy the differences.

The thought of differences made me also take a look at those around me. Those I see when I take the train to and from work. The friends or couple who at a glance from someone who doesn’t know them seem to be so different. The friends or couple laugh, talk and seem to know each other well. From the conversations I overhear they banter about their differences in thoughts, opinions and even chuckle at it. There is closeness in their body language that shows they trust each other. Watching them after reading the book was an intriguing thing.

It made me think of my own friends, family and interactions. I have a wide array of people I am around. Their differences are what make spending time together so much fun. We have had such great conversation because of this. It has crossed my mind on brief occasions how each person is so different but it doesn’t matter at all. It is about that person and no matter how different. We just embrace those differences.

McKenna Jeffries
…. sensual, edgy, unexpected

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Conquering Jazz – What’s a woman to do when she unwittingly makes a tantalizing proposition to her best friend?

Be brazen, bold and set some ground rules. Her offer. One night of carnal bliss. No emotion allowed.

His counter offer. A continued affair to fulfill all their sexual cravings.

His hidden agenda. Conquer to make sure their affair never ends.

Buy here at Liquid Silver Book.

Gemini Rising – A Tale of the Paranormal

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I love to write. The person in control of the keyboard can use words as a refuge or to envision a landscape filled with passion, revenge, and eventually, harmony. You can create your own world, your own law of physics, (as long as it is consistent) and lastly, a place where your dreams come true.  

My genre is Paranormal Romance. Many years ago, I became captivated by archaeology and paleontology. If I’m not home, I’m out collecting. This past fall I discovered a grinding stone in my son’s backyard. It has six holes and with a little digging, I found the pestle. Not too far away is the fire pit, filled with fossilized bone. I am blessed to live in the Sierra Nevada foothills where the countryside is rife with ancient Native American legends and 49er follies.  

My love of science and archaeology is what pushed me into writing Paranormal Romance. I was twelve when I held my first séance. I gathered several friends of mine in the hallway of my home. We closed the doors to make it as black as possible and used the Ouija board. Fifteen minutes later one of the doors blew open, the candle went out, and all five us ran screaming down the hallway into the backyard where sunlight flooded our darkest imaginations with laughter.  

Paranormal reality lays deep in my family gene pool. My niece is Erin Renee, Manifestation Mistress, and witch. She recently did a segment for psychic reality show due out this fall. My mother had her experiences, and my sister prefers to not discuss the subject as it scares the bejeezes out of her.  

From archaeology to physics, my imagination runs the gamut. Here are some fun and amazing examples of weird physics: (Special thanks to Tom Chivers.) 

1.      All the matter that makes up the human race will fit into a sugar cube—atoms are 99.9999999999999 percent empty space. However, that sugar cube would weigh about five billion tons.

2.      Events in the future can affect what happened in the past. This is part of the quantum world and is well documented.

3.      Most of the universe is missing. What we can see only accounts for two percent of its mass. We know there is more because it has gravity.

4.      There are an infinite number of mes writing this sentence and an infinite number of yous reading it. There are an infinite number of universes existing side-by-side and every conceivable probability is played out.

5.      The faster you move, the heavier you get.  

In Gemini Rising, I take on the physics of other world dynamics as it relates to our precious Earth. Many years ago, I studied Zecharia Sitchin and his theory of a twelfth planet in our solar system. Alexander died Oct. 19, 2010, but his theories live on today. In fact, in 2005 a tenth planet was discovered by a group of astronomers using the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope at Palomar Observatory and the 8-meter Gemini North telescope on Mauna Kea, hence the book’s title, Gemini Rising.   


In Gemini Rising, Kate Kelly, wife of famous archaeologist Jason Kelly, follows her husband to Sedona, Arizona with her son Ryan to assist in the uncovering of an ancient Anasazi village. During her passage across the states a large comet appears, clouding the skies with red dust. Some say the comet is icy residue left over from the big bang. Others say it heralds the end of times.  

Within days, nightmares begin, within weeks, the first sign of a coming maelstrom appear. A UFO appears overhead and Kate meets an ancient Anasazi woman named Woman Who Walks With Light.  

Noah, an alien light being sent to assist Earth is drawn to Kate. What he also knows is that she is the chosen human to record the final collapse of Earth’s greatest civilization. Soon they become the conduit through which humanity is reborn and together they witness a new Earth coming to power in the galactic age.  


“Kate,” he whispered.

“Oh, Noah.”

“Do you know what we are doing?”

She smiled. “I hope so.” She thought of Ryan, her son. “What if…”

“He will sleep for hours.” He nestled close to her on the bed, running his hands up and down her body. “Are you sure this is what you want?” His fingers did a dance across her clothed breasts, stopping at her nipples, and continuing downward.

She drew him close, her body aglow. “I’ve never wanted anything more.”

His need pressed against her suit. She hesitated, unsure of her reaction should he be built differently than Jason. Ready to embark upon an incredible adventure, she put her reservations aside. 

He stiffened. “I’m sorry,” he said, drawing away. “I sense your reluctance.”

“It’s not you. It’s me. I’ve never been with anyone except Jason.”

He smiled and circled her breast with his finger. “So you think you’ll disappoint me?”

She shook her head. “No. I just…”

He tickled her face, cupped her chin, and kissed her. Running a finger around her eyes, he brushed them across an eyebrow and down over one cheek. He paused for a moment, making small circles on her cheekbones before exploring her nose. He stopped when he came to her lips. There, he circled her mouth with his finger.

She moaned.

His touch inflamed her. Her nerves were on fire, rippling up and down her spine. Her lips, sensitized beyond bearing, searched his face. Her body, filled with longing, sought the rest of him. Winding her arms around his neck, she heard his soft groan. Head bending to meet hers, he kissed her. Shivers of delight spasmed within her as his touch exploded in her mind. A sudden drop in her solar plexus had her head spinning out of control. She couldn’t think or move, and her body took on a will of its own. Her heart raced and her mind became a frenzy of lust and longing. He stroked her flesh with one hand while the other reached for the zipper of her jump suit. With infinite care, he opened her clothing and exposed her body. Trembling with desire, he touched her, then rose and removed his clothes.

 Unclothed, his body was nearly human with one exception. He had no navel. Reaching for her hand, he swept it down and over his smooth stomach, as if asking her permission to continue. She felt firm muscles beneath pliant skin. There was no disgust. No question she wouldn’t finish what she started. His muscles rippled as she passed her hand over him, searching for that spot, that place where all pleasure lay.

He gasped at her touch, and pushed her away. “Wait. You don’t know…”

She gave in, no longer caring that Earth stood blanketed by gasses, or that the husband she once loved more than likely lay dead in the dust. She only wanted Noah and his touch. To have him draw away was inconceivable and she grasped him close, refusing to let go.He stroked her in places Jason had never explored. All thought slipped away at his caress. His long hard body moved against her bare skin. An ecstatic shock of pleasure jolted her, and she arched, willing him into her.

He mounted her and she bucked, driving his movements into a frenzy of passion. A faint vibration began at her feet, rapidly encompassing her body. She thought she would faint from the pleasure. Her mind blanked. In the midst of an emotional hurricane, she spun through a tunnel before coming to rest in a field covered with wild flowers. The man, the alien, now Noah, stood before her, as a child then a boy. His life passed before her in an uninterrupted wave. Shocks of pleasure built, and she knew she had been with him not once, but many times, in as many places. Worlds contracted then expanded. Entire galaxies exploded then were cast away.

How old was he?

How old was she?

The two of them were one and the same, one soul meeting another, blending completely. The act itself went unnoticed in a sea of ecstasy as a bright golden light surrounded them in an explosion of pure spiritual power. 


I have to tell you, writing romance scenes are difficult for me. I am, by nature, a very private person. My editor at Crescent Moon Press forced me to push my envelope, yet conceded to me my need to express the romantic side of love in my own spiritual way. In a Shadow of Time, due out in Spring 2011 through Crescent Moon Press, I get a little riskier. Who knows, maybe in time my shyness will slip away!Thank you for spending time with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my musings. Questions and comments are always welcome at Please check out my website at or my publisher for more paranormal books at


Hot Heroes

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There are some authors I read almost solely for their smoking hot heroes. Yes, I like the heroines and secondary characters, but it’s the men that really draw me in. I don’t know what that says about me and I don’t plan on analyzing myself to figure it out either. I just know I love reading about hot, heroic, alpha men. So what makes a man heroic?

A while ago I was talking with a friend about a recent book she’d read. She didn’t like a hero because he wouldn’t sleep with the heroine when she was giving him all the right signs. But he didn’t sleep with her because he wasn’t sure he wanted a future with her. I hadn’t read the book (yet) but that pushed me into buying and reading it because I thought, now that’s heroic. It’s a small thing really, but even though he wanted her, he still held back. After reading the book, I discovered a new author I really liked. Would a guy in ‘real life’ be so heroic? I’d like to think the good guys would.

In Dangerous Secrets, my recent release from Carina Press, my hero is keeping a big secret from the heroine. The heroine is also keeping a secret from him. (See the theme?) Hers doesn’t affect his life, just her own. His secret, however, definitely affects their relationship. His secret keeping is the least heroic thing he does but he’s still heroic nonetheless. Since I can’t spoil the end, I can only say that despite the secret keeping, this hot southern hero looks out for the heroine and makes it his number one priority to keep her safe even when he might lose something very important to him.

What is your favorite heroic quality in a man? Or what has someone done recently for you that you consider heroic? It doesn’t matter how small. Giving up your seat on the subway to a pregnant woman can be heroic, in my opinion. Leave a comment about today’s blog and be entered to win a copy of Dangerous Secrets.


Dangerous Secrets by Katie Reus is now available from Carina Press.

Isabelle Ballantine has been fighting for independence since she was old enough to walk. Now that she’s finally out from under her father’s shadow, she won’t let anyone stand in her way. It’s tough living on her own, working in a bar and keeping her true identity a secret, but things start to look up when a sexy new stranger walks into her life. After working side by side for weeks, Izzy can’t figure out why he won’t make a move.

To cinch the deal of a lifetime, Adam Marcellus agrees to help Izzy’s eccentric father convince his daughter to move home. He’d assumed Izzy would be another spoiled rich princess, but he’s surprised to discover his feelings for her are stronger than anything he’s ever experienced. When a deranged stalker targets her, Adam finds himself fighting not only an unknown threat—but an unexpected attraction to the one woman he can’t have.

A little about me: I’ve been reading romance since I was a kid and the addiction stayed with me into adulthood. I write sexy paranormal romance and fast-paced romantic suspense. Dangerous Secrets just released from Carina Press and I have another romantic suspense, Deadly Obsession, coming out from Carina this August. In early 2012 my first book in a paranormal trilogy will release from Signet Eclipse (NAL/Penguin). To learn more about me please visit my website, my blog, or find me on twitter.

What do you look for in a book?

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She Looked Like An Angel but I Got Wise… by Tracey Livesay

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Have you seen the movie, “She-Devil?” 

If you have, and you read this website, you probably know where I’m going.  Mary Fisher, played by the amazing Meryl Streep, was a “super glamorous romance writer,” who dressed in floral pastels and spoke in a quiet, cultured voice.  She lived in a mansion, had a chauffeured Rolls Royce and a hunky live-in “helper” named Garcia.  And to a teenage girl obsessed with romance novels it was a dream existence.  Mary Fisher was a fictional character, but there were real authors out there who looked like her:   Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter and Jayne Ann Krentz to name a few.  Surely, that life was attainable?  And one day I would have it.

What the movie didn’t show the teenage Me was that before Mary Fisher could live that life of luxury, she had to write a book. 

Even if you’ve heard this before, it bears repeating:  writing a book is hard.  It’s more than just having an idea.  It’s about studying the market and figuring out if your idea will sell.  It’s about sitting down and crafting a good story.  And once that’s done, there’s revisions.  Lots and lots of revisions.  It’s about finding the time to write when you have three kids and a husband.  It’s about not falling asleep on your keyboard when the only time you’ve found is after midnight.  It’s about letting others read your work and opening yourself to their comments, both helpful and hurtful.   

Reading books on improving your craft.  Attending workshops, in person and online.   Writing a book is hard and even with new digital opportunities, getting published is harder.

If it were only about looking fabulous and fluffy in a pink chiffon Laura Ashley dress:  been there, done that, 1995, no pictures, thank God!

Still, I fantasize about Mary Fisher’s life.  Sitting by my pool, sipping a frozen drink, doing TV interviews…

[happy sigh]

You think my husband will let me have a Garcia?

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day—read a romance novel!!

It hasn’t happened yet, but Tracey Livesay remains focused on her dream of being published.  Follow her path to publication by visiting her website:

Cassandre Dayne

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SAUCING UP THE SCENECassandre Dayne       Isn’t it delicious being a writer and having a wicked imagination? I love creating characters and penning ideas that seen farfetched or perhaps filled with a touch of fear. I feel very lucky as I write in several genres including paranormal, campy murder mystery and erotic romance. While being able to switch gears is tasty indeed, every story has some of the same elements from plot and character development to setting the scene and what I relish in doing is setting that kind of scene that hopefully draws you into the location and sizzles your senses.     Whether I write about a wicked tryst in the castle like hotel nestled on the sandy beaches of St. Maartin or in a smoky club, meant for men only, I try and give you the amazing feel of the joint or the sensuous space, allowing the reader to see, feel and taste what is happening. Writers can do that in several ways including vivid descriptions of the studly hunk that strolled into the darkened bar, sending a hungry gaze across the room at the stunning redhead who eyed him casually. Of course being able to conceptualize the actual taste of a succulent treat is wonderful, but can be tricky. She licked a long line down the length of the French vanilla ice cream cone, capturing the single bead that trickled down to her chin as she watched the way his eyes cast a smoky gaze down the length of her body. Of course our hand some was telling the leading lady one thing…     He was going to ravage her body that night.     Granted, the concept is to show the reader his blatant desire for the woman, but didn’t you think about a creamy taste of ice cream at that moment as well? The wonderful thing about being a writer is that we don’t have to “go” to our location of choice physically. The internet is a wonderful creature, allowing us to virtually travel to any destination learning about the culture, the layout of the land, the food and even learning the dialect.     I have written a fairly sultry piece called Taming Paradise and it involves two raging hunks from New Zealand. I was lucky enough to have a dear friend who is from the lovely country who reminded me that New Zealand is not Australia. The customs and way of life are completely different. In addition, there is a sensuous group of people that continue to speak the Maori language. He taught me many things about their lifestyle including giving me just a taste of their language, which I have been able to incorporate into the story. Here are just a few of their sensual words.  Kikino – naughty; ataahua – beautiful; morena – good morning; Kei te pehea koe – how are you; aroha – love.       I would never claim to be an expert, but it is delightful to learn just a taste to add to my stories and I hope to continue. If you have never seen the stunning beaches of New Zealand or the beautiful coves, please take a look. I’ll give you just a taste of how I use the beautiful language. “Kia Ora.”     Shannon shivered as the husky timbre of his deep voice sent shivers racing down her spine.  “Kei te pai.” A sucker for a sultry man with an accent, the Maori dialect native to New Zealand had always intrigued her and the memories of learning and sharing came back to her easily. It was a language full of passion and reflected a people that gave reverence to all creatures. The moment she opened her eyes and glanced into what could only be described as the most sensuous pair of sapphire blue eyes twinkling in the dim lighting, she knew she was in deep trouble.     “My, my beautiful lady. Kei te pehea koe?”     Swallowing hard, his soft words alone sent electric pulses skating into her pussy and after a moment of calming her nerves, Shannon turned to completely face the man with the tantalizing accent that had been watching her from afar. Randolph had taught her a few expressions in their years together and hearing the words brought back too many raw memories. “I am more than fine and unfortunately I know only a few other words of your beautiful language.” For some reason her breath caught in her throat and a single bead of perspiration slid down the back of her neck. While his eyes were indeed an invitation into his soul, it was his shoulder length sun kissed golden-flecked hair that created vivid images of entwining her fingers around several locks while they made love in a hammock by the beach. While she resisted the urge to stare at his pulsing cock, the heat between them seared every one of her nerve endings.     He took her hand into his, caressing her palm with just his thumb and eased toward her. “I would love to teach you karihika. Sexy.”     This just gives you a taste of setting the scene and whether it’s with language or vibrant imagery, details are important. When you pick up your next book to read, think to yourself, has the author taken you to that wondrous place of fantasy? Thank you for having me as a guest blogger! I enjoyed it. I have a release coming out next week from Rebel Ink Press called Revving Her Wild Engines and another one in March, Shadows of Panic  & Wicked Desire. I would love to hear from you. You can always reach me at: or email at Naughty books and stories available at Amazon Kindle, Coffee Time Romance, Barnes and Nobel and the links below.

Dear Cupid, F%@# You

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First, thanks to the gorgeous Romance Junkies who I’ve loved as a reader and am indebted to as an author.

Valentine’s Day is a time every year dedicated to romance and couples (or trios, depending on how you swing). I’m all for the Happily Ever After, but I have a proposal. While February 14 is about shared passion, I vote for February 15 to be the day you focus on rediscovering your own passion.

When it comes to passion, I’m talking about something that gives you a rush. Like when I hold the latest novel from one of my favorite authors and take a deep breath as I open the cover (sometimes I think I even hear angels singing in the background as I flip to that first page). That’s the kind of rush I’m talking about.

You were born with passion. It’s swirling inside you. But somewhere along the line, life got in the way. We learned to settle. We focus on our jobs, our families, our to-do lists. But we forget about the most important person in our life. Ourselves. And I’ll venture to say that your passion is still there. It’s just buried beneath layers of grit and grime. Why not use today to brush it off so your passion can shine again?

If life is a book, then you are the protagonist. A good protagonist doesn’t wait for things to happen. She makes things happen. Even if (especially if) there’s nothing she can do, she still has to try to change things. She has passion. She doesn’t need Cupid to find passion in her life. And neither do you. All you have to do is let it out.

So, go ahead and drop the F-bomb if it makes you happy. Leave the laundry for another day, and read a book instead (preferably mine). Make a list of what makes your heart beat a little faster.

You tell me. What are YOU going to do to rediscover your passion?  

Forget Cupid. Leave a comment and then get out there and revive your passion.

 Berinn Rae

 Berinn Rae

 author of sexy urban fantasy

 I love to hear from readers and authors. Email me.



Coming April 2011: Knightfall 

The story of a half-breed angel believed to be the harbinger of Armageddon, and the seductive knight assigned to kill her.  

Life is relatively normal for bush pilot Kerra Cain. That is, until a fallen angel reveals himself, with plans to use her to destroy the Seven Seals. To escape, she must place her trust in the arms of Gareth, a dangerously sexy but enigmatic man who has haunted her dreams for years. Thrown into a desperate war for survival, Kerra must embrace a heritage long denied her in Knightfall, Berinn Rae’s debut fantasy romance coming April 2011 from Crescent Moon Press.

Read the first chapter for free.

Come Vote on the Entries this week in the RJ Writing Contest

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There will be six entries listed here each week for you to read and vote on. You can vote for all six entries, but you may only vote once for each.

The voting process allows readers to provide feedback to the writers through our online comment form. Each week an email address will be selected at random from these posts and will receive a digital Carina title of the winner’s choice.

The Grand Prize will be 25 digital Carina titles of the winner’s choice and will be selected at random from all of those who commented.

Unexpected Changes

February 13, 2011 By: Guestauthor Category: Guest Blogger 1 Comment →

Sometimes things don’t always go as you plan. It is what you do when that happens that will define where you go. I’ve been working on a project that is going in unexpected directions. At first I wasn’t so sure if the way it was going was for a good thing or not but I’ve been going with it.

The last few days has reveled to me why the changes were good. Things are flowing better and moving along. Yes those changes were unexpected and for a moment I thought that it wasn’t something that I could go with but I am glad that I stuck it out. Now that I am seeing what is coming I am ready for it and looking forward to it. Unexpected changes can be very good.

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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Power of Attraction – A woman whose destiny has been ordained from birth meets the man who has been prophesied for her–but there is more to him than meets the eye. With prophecies and legacies to fulfill, which way will she go: to a man who may be possibly her mate, or to a dark legacy that could take her life.

Buy here at Total-E-Bound.

Avril Ashton…Bring the Heat…

February 11, 2011 By: Guestauthor Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 13 Comments →

Ever since I knew I wanted to write romance, I knew they’d be erotic. There’s something not authentic—to me at least—about a story that leaves you and the door, having to use your imagination about the happenings in the bedroom. Part of falling in love is making love, learning your partner’s wants, needs, making sure you’re compatible. That’s the real and while romance novels can’t be classified as such, they are based in facts. 

I’ve read romance with no sex/detailed love scenes. Amanda Ashley remains a fave, but she’s an exception, not my rule. One of the criteria to me buying a romance novel, or checking it out of the library, is the heat level. My motto is ‘if they ain’t humpin, I ain’t reading.’ No disrespect to the readers who prefer the sweet side of romance, they just aren’t for me. 

I recently read a novel where it seemed the author couldn’t decide what she wanted the heat level to be. The language was raw and salty—the way I like. The P and C words were used to describe body parts and I began salivating, waiting for the first trip to the bedroom. That sucker was finished in two sentences. What? I felt so jipped. That is where you’d lose me, the reader, and I know that was never your intent. 

In my debut release A Wicked Ride, the bedroom parlay is an extension of the banter between the h/h Sasha and Niko. It’s also where they allow their guards to drop, allow those emotional feelings to manifest. Why would that be muted, downplayed? It shouldn’t. The readers invested in their HEA want to be able to witness it all—at least this reader does. Give it to me.

 A Wicked Ride

Available now from 

Buy Here                          

   A thief on a mission…A former mob-enforcer out for revenge… 

Sasha Forde has hung up her thieving stilettos, but a visit from a mobster sends her back to her old life. In order to save her family—and herself—from jail, she must steal evidence hidden in a lawyer’s office. She sets out to do what she considers a simple B and E, but someone else has arrived first. And he holds her life in his tattooed hands. Not for long.  

Niko Davaris is all about revenge on the man who tried to kill him. The evidence he stole is the first step in that direction. He’s not thrilled to wake up with a gun to his head. The woman on the other end is cocky, smug and too damn hot for her own good. He wants her, she wants the evidence. When she takes it and disappears, he gives chase.
Battle lines are blurred as they give in to temptation, but on a ride like this, someone has to come out on top. Who will it be?

Author links:!/AvrilAsh

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