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Lately when I take a break from my own writing I’ve been escaping. I escape into books, movies. TV’s or video games. Just something that takes me away from the regular day. There are various ways I escape.

On the last long weekend I had I used it to escape. I didn’t turn on the TV or even read. Didn’t go near my computer either. I used the time to actually have some me time. I pampered myself with a decadent breakfast and also planned my lunch and dinner. Then I sat and enjoyed my breakfast. After I lounged around my house and listened to music. Sometimes I even got up and danced around my house. I went out and had my hair, nails, and toes pampered. When I got back home I napped, talked to friends I hadn’t spoken to in a while, ate and just lazed around. I did this for three days and it energized me.

Taking a moment to escape from the regular grind made me ready to dive back. It was fun.

So what do you do to escape?

McKenna Jeffries
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Conquering Jazz – What’s a woman to do when she unwittingly makes a tantalizing proposition to her best friend?

Be brazen, bold and set some ground rules.Her offer. One night of carnal bliss. No emotion allowed.

His counter offer. A continued affair to fulfill all their sexual cravings.

His hidden agenda. Conquer to make sure their affair never ends.

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Guest Blogger: Sara Angelini, author of The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy

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Howdy, Romance Junkies!!  My name is Sara Angelini and I’m the author of The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy, a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  I live in the San Francisco area with my husband Dominic, my daughter Sophia, my son Viggo, and my dogs Frodo and Sansa (listed in order of age and/or importance). 

Writing an introductory post is no easy task.  It’s difficult striking a balance between a cool, casual “Hey, this is me,” and a desperate, shrill “No, really, it’s MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”   I mean, the thing about characters is that they tend to write themselves.  *clears throat  and searches mind frantically for something to say…*







Trials is my first novel.  I started writing it when I found myself dissatisfied with much of the fanfiction that I read online.  Now, that’s not a slam.  There’s a lot of mighty fine writing out there.  But how many times have you read a story and thought, “hmm, that was really good, until the hero said this,” or “why doesn’t anyone write xyz?”  What are your favorite ideas/pet peeves when you read a story?

When I was a kid, every time I had a complaint about something, my mom would say “make a list!”  It was her maternal way of saying “shut your trap and do something about it.”  When I realized that I was whining, I started making my fanfiction wish list.  The list turned into scene ideas, and then a sketchy plot began to emerge.  Before I knew it, I was writing every night until 2 a.m., hiding my work from my husband, afraid he would laugh at my purple prose.

I took inspiration from my life.  Some of the courtroom scenes were taken directly from my experiences, and much of Darcy was based on my husband.  Like Darcy, Dominic is musical and also loves fast, sexy cars.  It was Dominic’s black racing helmet that inspired the idea of Darcy showing up to a Halloween party wearing a tinted helmet and racing suit. 

Far from laughing at my little hobby, my husband was incredibly supportive.  He let me bounce ideas off him and made sure my car references were accurate.  He was impressed that I’d started – and completed –  such an ambitious project, and bore it with good humor.  When I started posting chapters on the fanfiction websites, I distinctly recall checking my email for comments…from our hotel room bed on our wedding anniversary!

Ironically, Dominic still hasn’t read the entire book, even after I told him it was the owner’s manual to his wife. 

Since writing Trials, I’ve produced two other masterpieces: my children.  But with two kids under two years old, and my writing office converted to a nursery, I don’t get much writing done these days.  The desire is still there, and the ideas still pop into my head while I’m driving to work, so  I’m sure with the support of my husband I’ll be back into the swing of it in no time…hahahahaha!  In the meantime, The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy, published by Sourcebooks, will be released on October 1, 2009.

Thanks to Romance Junkies for letting me ramble about myself.  Today is my birthday, and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift!

Sara Angelini






A Change Of Mind

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I’m Jane Toombs.  Maybe some of you know me.  Maybe not. The Viking and I live on the south shore of Lake Superior with our calico grandcat, Kinko, who is as happy with the warm fall weather as we are.

After close to thirty years of selling to New York publishers as well as Harlequin/Silhouette, I decided electronic publishing was the  future as well as my own future, and have enjoyed the going-on-ten years I’ve been writing almost exclusively for them. In this period I’ve seen companies start and succeed, but also start and fail. More of the former attest to the health and future of electronic publishing.  I like the ease of of electronic submissions and editing. Plus the freedom to write my story without having to tailor it to fit a certain “line.” 

I was dragged under protest into the computer age, since I’m not mentally wired to deal anything more complicated than a typewriter.  But writing on a computer is a dream.  With effort, I’ve managed to download enough computer lingo into the hard drive of my mind to actually get here today–by following explicit instructions, of course.

Writers all know we’re lucky to have readers to tell our stories to.  What would we do without them,  when every one of us has characters in our heads yammering away to have their stories told? And, oh, the ideas! One of the Viking’s granddaughters works for a California zoo. On a recent visit she was telling us how even a hyena can be lovable. So what immediately leaps into my head? A were-hyena, wanting to present his side of the story. From that sprang a sketchy  outline for PRIME AND NULL, the saga of a were family, one of whom is a–you guessed it!  But before I write this one, there’s an array of others that have precedence.

What epublishers do I write for? I started with new Concepts Publishing, then added many others–Wings-ePress, Amber Quill Press, Double Dragon. DiskUs, Whiskey Creek Press, Champagne Books, Eternal Press, Crescent Moon Press,  Mundania, Freya’s Bower.  I recently added Red Rose Publishing and The Wild Rose Press.

What new books do I have coming out in 2009 and 2010?

From Champagne Books: Nightingale Man For their new gothic series IN THE CARDS, which features a Tarot card that influences each one: my story is Lady Luck

From Red Rose Publishing: For their new gothic series SHADOWED HEARTS: my story is Null and Void

From The Wild Rose Press: SKY HIGH, a roaring 20s historical romance 

From Crescent Moon Press: The second story in my fantasy UNDERWORLD Series: Unwanted

From Freya’s Bower: TWO HEARTS AND A CROW, a sweet contemporary romance

All currently available books have covers, blurbs and buy links at my web site:  

Anna Murray: Romance Writing isn’t Rocket Science!

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You know you’re married to a scientist when you complain about books falling off shelves and he dives into his workshop, surfacing with a pair of Bessey tradesman bar clamps (great as emergency bookends — you heard it here first!). 

When it comes to writing I wish I had patents or trade secrets. Some days I peer into my toolbox and come up gripping a sledge hammer. We all know you can’t brute-force a novel. It demands color and texture and nuance. True inspiration comes softly, and at odd times — during the twilight just before sleep, or in the morning, upon waking. Elegant plot solutions often hit me in the shower, and sometimes — if I’m lucky — I get a rinse-and-repeat. 

The story arc for my first novel hit while riding my stationary bike (on my way to losing 60 pounds — thanks Weight Watchers!) and balancing a

Wyoming historical society journal on the handlebars.  As I read a description of an old west boom-and-bust town I suddenly found myself imagining the characters in that way-back-when place, and the premise for the book popped into my head. Each day I rode and worked out several more chapters. I scrawled my ideas onto paper, continued my research, and soon I had a book outline. I never planned to write a romance novel (even though I’d read hundreds of them and loved the genre). The story simply unfolded as I pedaled. Completing the first book gave me the momentum (and the backstory and characters) to continue on to write the sequel. After 2,000 miles (and husband replacing the pedals on the bike with blocks of wood covered with sandpaper), I’m working on the third book in the series.Here’s a sample from my “ride-and-write program” romance, Unbroken Hearts (available on Kindle): 


Roy eased the wagon slowly down the hill; he’d catch hell from

if he made “a damn thundering entrance” into town. Through the dust of
Main Street

the men caught sight of a young woman on a white pony. Ned Kingman, Lola’s hired man, was standing with his head bowed alongside her. A small group of men was crushing in on the pair. “Must be a new gal at Lola’s,”

Roy drawled. “She’s on the white — means she’s had, ah, no more than five men.” He rolled his eyes and chuckled.

didn’t reply. He tipped his hat back, and leaned forward in the seat. Lola always introduced the new gals by strolling them down the street on a pony, always led by war veteran Ned. “Saints be praised,” muttered

, “we didn’t smell this one two miles out. “Hell

, they got to advertise somehow—”

didn’t finish his thought. 

 The physical world had suddenly faded. They’d drawn near, and now his dark eyes were filled with a pretty young woman in pink, a study in grace on a pony, seemingly oblivious to the bustle around her. He noted that sadness touched at the corners of her mouth, in that place where her lips curved into the soft skin of her cheeks.

Cal wagged his head back and forth trying to clear the hot ringing in his ears. The surprise attack of schoolboy shyness and tunnel vision defied logic. The cruel mid-afternoon heat had pasted loose hairs to her forehead and cheeks, but the bulk of her silky chestnut tresses hung in thick plaits that lingered about slim shoulders. Full breasts and a narrow waist held a promise of heaven on earth. His heart beating wildly in his ears,

stared. When she coyly looked up and acknowledged his presence, it felt like springtime rumbling over a long, lonely winter. Why was such beauty destined for Lola’s? “Maybe she can cook, too,” muttered

. He smirked and watched

‘s usual hard expression softening like butter left on a sunny windowsill. Tilting his hat back he tried to remember the last time his brother had responded to a woman. Just then Ned saw them and raised his hand in greeting. “Howdy boys!” He stepped through the ring of men and guided the woman on the pony closer to their wagon.

‘s eyes briefly met with Sarah’s. His chest tightened, and he thought he saw her cheeks color prettily as her gaze tumbled down to the saddle horn. Ned knew the

brothers wouldn’t join in the bidding. 

 Cal Easton never spent time at Lola’s, and Ned knew it wasn’t for lack of money. A man like

Cal didn’t like to take advantage of a woman’s misfortune; he was a right gentleman, the sort who liked the pleasure of a woman’s favor – but not if he’d bought it. As for

, he could shamelessly rustle women anywhere; with his boyish good looks and smooth tongue he simply charmed petticoats off them. 



******************************************Anna Murray’s Easton Hearts Series books are available on Amazon (for Kindle, iPhone, and iPod Touch) at:Unbroken HeartsUntamed Hearts

Under the “Kissing Bough”

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Happy Christmas from USA Today Bestseller Jennifer Ashley, Emily Bryan and Alissa Johnson! We’re sorry as we can be to be rushing the season, but A CHRISTMAS BALL will hit the bookstores on September 29th! And we’re just so excited, we can’t wait a moment longer!

Our three novellas take place in 1822 London, which means Christmas is celebrated very differently. For example, there are no Christmas trees in the home of Lord and Lady Hartwell, the hosts of our CHRISTMAS BALL. That came later, after Queen Victoria married her German cousin and imported the “Tannenbaum” custom from his culture. But an English Christmas in 1822 did feature something called “a kissing bough.”

More than just mistletoe, this decoration was fashioned of evergreens (which symbolized life), ivy (which represented women), holly (whose prickly leaves remind us of men!) and mistletoe (as always, an excuse to steal a kiss!). However, the kissing bough represented a limited time offer. Each time a young man got a kiss, he was supposed to reach up and pluck off one of the mistletoe berries. When the berries were gone, there were no more free kisses!

But there are plenty of kisses in our stories! Jennifer Ashley’s The Longest Night will please fans of her Nvengaria series with her logosh hero Valentin and Mary, the Scottish miss from his past.

Emily Bryan’s My Lady Below Stairs takes a peek down the back staircase to see what the servants are up to. When head groom Ian Michael learns his love Jane is impersonating her well-born half-sister at the ball, Hartwell House will have more than one party crasher.

Finally, in Traditions by Alissa Johnson, William Renwick, Earl of Casselbury learns to cast off his careful plans and enjoy life to the fullest with the bespectacled, quirky heroine Patience.

That kissing bough will see plenty of use. Watch for A CHRISTMAS BALL in stores starting September 29th! Or you can pre-order here.

So now it’s your turn to share. What’s your favorite Christmas decoration? Why is it special to you?

Thanks for having us here today, Romance Junkies! Someone who leaves a comment or question will win their choice from Emily Bryan’s backlist so be sure to let us know you’re here!

Rogue Secondary Characters

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So I’m in the midst of Book II of my first paranormal romance series. I’ve plotted out all five books already—plotlines, romantic couplings, story arcs over the course of the individual books and the story as a whole. I’m set. And what happens…?

Well, Jeremiah, to be exact. You see, Jeremiah is the brother of the heroine of Book II. And like most other characters in this series, he has a dark past. Jeremiah plays as much of a role in this story as all the other secondary characters. He doesn’t get extra page time. He has the same amount of snappy dialogue as everyone else. But while planning Jeremiah’s back story, I got a little…engrossed.

Soon, I’d written pages of notes on not only his whole sordid past and how it related to Book II, but I’d actually gone and written scenes…scenes that Book II had no room to support. My secondary character’s notes became very distracting—and expansive (25 pages so far!). I realized this particular secondary character was calling to me. No, not just calling. DEMANDING! If all the other secondary characters were getting their own books, why couldn’t he?

I found myself setting Book II on the side to figure out how and IF I could do what Jeremiah wanted—and, admittedly, deserved. I knew if the series got published, readers would want to know more about him. They would want him to have an HEA just like all the others. In fact, they would probably demand it as much as Jeremiah did. And after going through a hellish past and an even more hellish ordeal in Book II’s black moment, I realized Jeremiah deserved an HEA of his own.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long to hit me. The series is paranormal so I created a way to bring his supposedly-deceased wife back from “the dead.” Only, of course, there would be a price. Jeremiah was going to have to go through hell all over again to get his HEA, deserving already or not. Readers would probably hate me for making his life miserable all over again, but—hey—he got his way and now had his very own book all to himself! And we love it when our romance heroes redeem themselves. Am I right, ladies?

My five-part series is now a six-part series with Jeremiah’s currently set for Book III. The more time I spend with him, the more I believe that I made the right choice. Just as I made the right choice to take my western novella, Blackest Heart, and expand on it! Not only did it win

1st Place

in the 2009 More Than Magic’s Novella category. It was chosen for a paperback anthology, July’s The Way Back Home, AND its two sequels, Bluest Heart and Bet It On My Heart, are slated for publication in 2010. I’ve learned to go with my instinct…or rogue characters, in this case. Usually, it pays off and I’m all the happier with the work as a whole!

So writers – it’s your turn to sound off! Do you have any rogue secondary characters knocking down your muse’s door? Are (and how are) you indulging them?

Readers – what secondary characters have you read that you thought deserved their own story? Did an author ever make you deliriously happy by giving one of your favorite secondary characters a chance to redeem themselves in their own book?


FOREVER AMORE – Available Now! – How far would you go for love?

Sept 1 – 30: Follow the FOREVER AMORE virtual book tour to win an autographed cover! See The Cozy Page and September Web Appearances for a complete tour listing!

Amber Leigh Williams

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Let me Speak I have a Voice

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“Come on it should go this way.” Voice A states.

“No I want it this way.” Voice B defends

“You better let me speak or…” Voice A warns.

“Or else what?” Voice B shoots back.

“I won’t say a word and we’ll see how far you get without me.” Voice A said with no inflection in the tone.

“Okay lets compromise.” Voice B suggests.

Voice A and B watch each other then sit down to discuss.

This is a mythical conversation between a writer (Voice B) and the characters (Voice A).

As a writer it is hard when you have vision of how a story will go then it takes a different turn because of how the characters want it to be. Characters have personalities, wants, desires, and opinions just like anyone else. I learned long ago to let them flow as they are supposed to. I learned to work together instead of against each other. This helps me create vivid real people and paranormal beings that make you want to laugh, cry, fight, and love with them. Writing takes a mix of all parts working together.

Don’t get me wrong in no way it is always roses and harmony but I’ve learned to work together. This is about getting the best story out to you the reader. In the process of creating characters that live you must keep true to the characters. Years ago this was hard for me. I had a vision I wanted but it didn’t ring true to the characters. When I realized in order to make the best book I would have to get deep inside the characters psyche I learned to listen and get their personalities so it rings true. It is a balancing act that you work on for each book to get it just where it needs to be.

Even when I read I can tell if a “voice” of the characters. I don’t know if that’s just me but I do and I enjoy novels that the characters voice is real more. Even some characters that stick with me even after the story is finished I take with me as I sleep. They pop up in my dreams. That to me is a sign of a great book. Characters that stay with you afterwards and make you wonder what is going on in their lives.

With my own characters that I have already written I don’t have to wonder. They pop up in my dreams also letting me know they are still there. When I am on a roll with a new character they won’t let me sleep or have a moment to myself. LOL. Yeah my mind is full and I love it.

My question to you. How does the characters in any novel you have read or written speak to you?

Taige Crenshaw
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To Be or Not to Be? by Catherine Anne Collins

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***First of all, many thanks to Romance Junkies for allowing me to be their guest blogger for the day.

 To be or not to be?  That is the question.

What question, you ask.  Well, let me explain in more detail.  To be or not to be happy? Do you, as a reader, require a Happily Ever After? When I did a search on the internet for this question I was astounded at the controversy and in-depth explanations people give of this very subject. The general concensus is that romance has to have an HEA, but there are wide and varied opinions as to what constitutes a happy ending.  According to some, the hero and heroine don’t necessarily have to end up together at the end of the story.  These people enjoy reading about the emotional roller-coaster ride of relationships and love, but have no problem with the h/h ending up seperate at the end.  In fact, they love a good cry.  Other readers insist upon a happy ending, they want to be left feeling good and walk away from a book with a smile on their face.

So why the difference in opinions?  Does it have to do with personality types?  Could your astrological sign influence your desire for HEA or HFN (happy for now)?  Do you want the outcome to be a reflection of your own life, or are you reading to escape your own life?  Do you need things written in black and white, or are you okay with an open ending where you can fill in the blanks yourself?

My husband and I own a martial arts center and I see kind of the same thing when teaching our students.  Some of them need exact details: how, what, why, when, how fast, how slow, how hard.  They are true technicians who need specifics and don’t do well when you tell them it depends as much on the energy of the person coming at you.  How fast that person is coming, how long their legs are, are they righthanded, lefthanded, kicking, punching, spinning, short, tall…it all comes into play.  The more creative people deal well with this and adapt easily to the intangible aspect of the martial arts.  In this case, it’s so much a personality thing.  I’ve gotten so that I can know a person’s job and their astrological sign and tell you what teaching approach they’ll need on the floor.  I’d be curious to know if the same technique applies to people who need the HEA and those who don’t.

 Now, that brings me to my next question.  As a writer, (I know some of you reading this are writers), do you need to write an HEA ending?  Are you comfortable splitting up the hero and heroine to live seperate lives, or, even worse, killing one of them off and leaving the other one grieving for what could have been.

What do I like to read and write, you ask?  I could tell you to buy my books and find out, but I know you’re all going to do that anyway :-)  You can do that here:  My two latest releases finaled in the 2009 Independent Book Publishers Awards and are both great reads.  I have to admit, though, that A Witch’s Lament is garnering the most attention because of the Salem witch theme.  It seems to be a subject that interests a lot of people. 

Okay, self-promotion over, I’ll answer the question.  I’m a true believer in a happy ending.  I have to put a book down or walk away from a movie feeling good.  There’s far too much sadness, pain, gore, and anger in the world.  Why not feed the good?  After all, what you put out there, not only comes back at you, but can influence others.  I would rather make someone feel happy than make them cry.  It might not be reality, it might not mirror day to day life, but what the heck, I’m the writer, I can make anything I want happen in my books. :-)

 So, tell me, what do you think?

Catherine Anne Collins

Everybody Loves A Hero: Guest Blogging with Tracy Wolff

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First off, I’m excited to be blogging here at Romance Junkies today.  It’s one of my favorite sites to visit and it’s great fun to be on this side of the blog for a change.

 I’ve been reading romance novels since I was in the fifth grade.  My mother handed me a couple after an unsuccessful visit to the bookstore, where I couldn’t find a book because I’d already read everything in the Young Adult and classics sections of the store.  From the first page of the first book (Jude Deveraux’s Velvet Angel) I was hooked.  Hooked by the fabulous story, incredible clothes, terrible dungeon, plucky heroine, and, of course, the sexy as all get out hero, Miles Montgomery.  Seriously, there was nothing about this man not to love.  He was tall, sexy, handsome, loyal, intelligent, cunning, adored by women from age 1 to 99 and a hell of a good fighter, to boot.  Needless to say, he made my 11 year old heart go pitter patter.  And then some.

Anyway, I’ve been reading romances for 22 years now—and I’m not a one sub-genre kind of girl.  I read just about everything—romantic comedy, category, erotic romance, romantic suspense, contemporary, paranormals, historicals, YA—if it’s a romance, I’ll give it a shot.  My TBR pile numbers in the high hundreds.  Now, the sub-genres of romance are  very different—in tone, temperament, style, heroine, and any number of other things.  I enjoy the differences, I really do.  But for me, the one constant in romance novels is the hero.  And let me tell you, I love me a good hero.  

Maybe because Miles Montgomery, a truly fabulous hero, was my first example of the romance novel hero, I always strive to create a hero that is as fabulous and yummy and all around amazing as he was.  So when I sat down to write this blog post, I thought I’d give you a thumbnail sketch of my newest hero and let you be the judge.  But I’ll warn you, I write seriously alpha heroines, so my heroes need to be pretty kick-ass themselves. 


Cole Adams, the hero of my brand new erotic suspense, Tie Me Down, is a tall, dark and gorgeous documentary maker on the trail of his sister’s murderer.  Desperate to solve the cold case, he turns to Genevieve Deveraux, one of the few honest
New Orleans homicide detectives around, to help him.  Sparks fly as the two search for his sister’s murderer—and face down a psychotic serial killer—and Cole, who relishes being in control in and out of the bedroom, finds himself seriously turned on by Genevieve’s strength and determination.  Though his relationships are always a little dark, even Cole is shocked by the intensity of his need for Genevieve and the lengths he will go to to get inside her body and her head.

Her independence and need for control bring out a side of him that he’s never known existed—one that is dark and dangerous and determined to bend her to his will.  And though he is shocked by his need to dominate her– to be everything to her—he is unable to walk away from the wild, often frightening, pleasure he feels when he’s with her.  The sexual gratification he brings Genevieve may be her obsession, but every day he’s with her drives him closer to a primal edge he’s never suspected.

And if Cole sounds like your kind of hero, here’s a little excerpt to whet your appetite for the book:

“I’m sorry I jumped down your throat this afternoon.” She said the words quickly, as if they tasted bad.

            “I thought that was my line.”

            She shrugged. “Maybe both of ours?”

He nodded. “Okay.”

“So go ahead and say it.” She watched him expectantly.

            “I’m sorry I was an ass this afternoon?”

            “You’re not supposed to say it like it’s a question.”

            He grinned because he couldn’t help himself. Then reached for her hand and tugged. “Come on in.” He dragged her through the living room and down the hallway to the kitchen. “You want a drink?” He nodded to the bottle of tequila on the counter.

            She glanced at the discarded lime peels. “It looks like you’ve been drinking enough of that for both of us.”

            “Not even close.” Then, because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself for one second longer, he pulled her into his arms. “I’m glad you came.”

            “Me too.”

            He rested his chin on the top of her head for a minute and just breathed in the sweet honey scent of her.

She shoved against his chest, pushed him away. And for a brief moment he felt bereft, though for the life of him he couldn’t figure out why.

            Striving for control, needing to keep his hands busy with something other than her, he reached into the bar cabinet and pulled out a shot glass. “You ever tried Patrón?”

            She wrinkled her nose. “I’m not a big tequila drinker.”

            “This isn’t any ordinary tequila.” He poured a shot, handed it to her. But stopped her when she started to sip.

            “If you’re going to do a shot, you’ve got to do it right.”

Genevieve lifted one cool brow, licked her full lower lip and nearly had him coming in his fucking jeans. “I didn’t realize there was a wrong way to do this.”

            “Sweetheart, there’s a wrong way to do everything.” And then he was putting his hands on her waist and lifting her up so that her sweet ass was on the center island, her legs just a little bit open.

            Stepping between them before she could change her mind, he slipped yet another god-awful suit jacket off her shoulders—he was seriously going to have to do something about her wardrobe. Maybe if he ripped it all off her . . .

Licking a trail from the hollow of her throat to her breastbone, he savored the taste of her.

            “Mmm, salty.”

            She blushed, then leaned back on her hands so that her breasts were thrust forward. “It’s a hundred degrees in the shade. Hard not to sweat.”

            It took all his self-control to take things slowly when all he really wanted to do was to eat her alive.

“I wasn’t complaining,” he murmured as he trailed his tongue over the curve of first one breast and then the other. Then he slammed back the shot of tequila and finished it off by biting into a lime slice.

            Her mouth was slightly open, her eyes wide as she stared at his lips. “That’s the right way to do a tequila shot?”

            He loved her voice, the syrupy sweetness was a turn-on even without the hard-ass tone she deliberately injected into it. With the hard-ass tone, it was irresistible. “It’s the best way.”

            “I bet.”

            He poured another shot. Handed it to her. “Here. You try.”

            He shrugged out of his T-shirt and nearly smiled as she did the same. Would have, if his first look at her body hadn’t brought him all the way to the edge. She was still covered in little bruises, the love bites he’d given her the last time they’d been together. It was hard to imagine that he’d done that to her, had marked her as he’d marked no other woman. Had claimed her as he’d never had the desire to do before.

            Maybe he was a Neanderthal, because looking at her covered in his marks— seeing her proudly wearing the evidence of his desire for her—turned him so hard and fast his vision blurred.

Shit, how he wanted this woman. Was dangerously close to becoming obsessed with her.

Her sexy pink tongue darted out, swiped across her top lip and then her bottom one, as if she couldn’t quite decide where to lick. And every thought he had or might have had got lost in the wild need pumping through him.

Groaning, he tangled a hand in her hair and urged her closer. “Come on, sweetheart,” he whispered. “Taste me.”

So tell me, what kind of hero do you like to read about?  Leave a comment and be entered to win a copy of my first erotic suspense, Full Exposure. 

Tis The Season! by Lisa Jackson

September 09, 2009 By: Guestauthor Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 2 Comments →

Yeah, I know, not really.  But then, I’m not talking about Christmas.  I’m talking (or writing) about writing.  Autumn is my favorite season. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer.  I spend a lot of time with my friends at the beach or lake and do all of the summer stuff.  We boat, party, clam bake, golf (no, not me, but all of my friends!) and generally have a blast.

But, truthfully, my writing suffers.  When the sun is up and bright and warm, I’d just rather be outside.

But now that Labor Day is over and there’s a definite nip in the morning air, a crispness, I’m happiest.  The nights are cool, which is great for sleeping, and somehow the stars seem brightest at this time of year.  I love the leaves turning, bright days, some wisps of fog and hot apple cider along with bonfires and football.

And best of all, my creative juices begin to flow like lava.  I can’t write fast enough.  It’s as if everything that was bottled up in summer can finally be released.  For example, I’m finishing my spring book and finally the pages are flying past but also I’m getting flashes of plot ideas and characters for upcoming books.  This always happens to me, the time I’m most creative everything hits at once.  It’s feast or famine.  If I tell myself, okay, now it’s time to sit down and plot out a story, I’m dead meat.  But, if, while working on a current book, I read something, ideas start to form!

I don’t know if other authors  have a similar experience, or if it’s some mental condition I’m harboring, but when I’m on, I’m really on and when I’m off . . . okay, then creatively I’m dead. 

People always ask me if I write a certain amount of pages or hours per day or week . . . I guess by now, after reading this, you’ll know my answer is a big, resounding “no.”  I would love to.  I envy those authors with the dedication, determination, skill and creativity to organize their days into writing, research, exercising, reading, whatever. 

Oh, I’ve tried it.  Even got myself a calendar and started marking the pages I was going to turn out on a particular day, fitting that in with the doctor and hair and business appointments.  Guess what?  It didn’t work!  And not only did it not work a little, it didn’t work period.  I’m just not that organized and I guess I never will be.

So, my advice to anyone who’s trying to write or does write, do it your way.  It may not be efficient, but whatever works for you is the right (write) way!  For me, I’m really glad that the writing season is here!

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