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Author of Romantic Suspense.  

Two books set in the Northern Territory of Australia. 


HELP save the forests and wildlife ~ BUY AN E.BOOK——————–

 My thanks to the moderators of Romance Junkies Blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell you about my books set in Australia   


A SHADOW FROM HIS PAST                   contemporary  v. sensual 

Life hadn’t been easy for Brad Steele and he’d been forced to live on the edge until he was eighteen. Now twelve years on, a reclusive naturalist and wildlife photographer, Brad carves out a place in the raw rugged regions of Australia’s Northern Territory, helping to relocate marauding crocodiles and taking care of injured wildlife. An injured bird brings Jodie Marshall into contact with Brad. His dark sensual good looks are the ultimate in a woman’s fantasy but any hopes the young English heiress, might have of touching the heart of the aloof hostile wildlife warrior are bleak indeed, until the night circumstance throws them together and into the firestorms of love and passion. But Brad has a secret buried deep in his soul that forbids his loving her…The power of their love survives heartbreak, a jail sentence and poison pens but can it survive their worst nightmare — its evil meticulously crafted and now a reality?

Available  ROMANCE AT HEART PUBLICATIONS  Excerpts  Author Website 


 Come, Love me Again   contemporary  v. sensual 

He snared her wrist in one powerful fist and pulled her to him.  Hunter Kincaid, the tall, striking, Australian cattle king still remembers, only too well, the girl who’d betrayed him in their youth, and he hates himself for still loving her…   “What do you want? Haven’t you done enough?” he hissed. Raw, untamed desires flaming through him and driven by naked longing, he’s but a breath from taking her. “Don’t you know what I can do to you? What I want to do to you?” Torn by twelve years of remorse, the lovely young Becky, quivers at the very touch of him. She has returned from
America and must tell him the truth — why she’d been forced to betray him. But the scars of betrayal burn deep in his soul and sex isn’t sufficient to expiate that pain – Hunter wants vengeance!  Let her suffer as he had.  


Review      FALLEN ANGELS  4 angelsCome, Love Me Again is one of the most emotionally packed stories I’ve read in a while. The exchanges between Rebecca and Hunter are powerful and sometimes gut wrenching. Their emotions are so raw and open that it is impossible not to feel them. Ms. Hilliger has portrayed the setting for this story in vivid detail, also. It fairly leaps off the page, and the cattle stations and the surrounding countryside are so vividly described that I could see everything in my mind. I felt like I stepped off the plane with the heroine and experienced everything she did. I was moved to tears by some of Hunter’s harshness toward her, especially when she tries to explain why she left him. This is a realistic story, and I enjoyed it very much.Reviewed by: Marlene

Read excerpts  Author Website   AND



   YouTube Preview Image

A good ‘bush tucker’ recipe for that camping occasion and roaring campfire.  DAMPER  Recipe of an authentic
Northern Territory bushman. My husband Bill. Enjoyed by us both on many an occasion with a good cup of ‘billie’ tea.
For one loaf. Required.  Cast-iron camp oven. Plain flour 3 cups.Margarine 2 tablespoonsBaking powder one tablespoonSalt  ¼ teaspoonMilk 1/3 cupWater ½ cup.Grated cheese, if you want to add it. In a mixing bowl rub margarine with flour, salt, and baking powder.Add milk and water and form dough.  Shape to a round, dust lightly with flour and place in cast-iron camp oven. Fire should be hot cinders, into which oven is placed, covering top of oven with more hot cinders and ash.  Leave to bake. Lift lid and check after twenty minutes. As damper bakes, keep your ‘billie’ boiling at one side of fire. When damper is ready, turn out of oven, cut into wedges and drizzle liberally with golden syrup. Eat it hot with your cup of ‘billie’ tea. Author website  TAKE A LOOK AT  PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF OUTBACK PLACES WHERE MY  STORIES ARE SET also  MYTHS  AND LEGENDS MYTH.   THE MIN MIN LIGHS. Mysterious phenomena of dancing globes of light on the plains of Outback
Queensland. Nobody has yet figured them out. 
LEGEND.  Lassiter’s gold. Gold nuggets and rubies as big as walnuts. Lassiter brought back a nugget, but the seam where it was found has not yet been located again. Expeditions still go out in search of it.
Central Australia. TheMacDonnell
JUNDAMARRA’S CAVE.   Hiding place of INDIGENOUS LEGENDARY WARRIOR of the Bunaba people.  A man who fought the British police in defence of his people. Kimberley region of North-West

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to blog we go…

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Naughty is NiceOn Friday, 11/21/08, my new book, Naughty is Nice popped up as AVAILABLE at Shadowfire Press. We held a big holiday party for the publisher and authors on my group, Romance Lives Forever, and tons of people came. It was a huge success.

This anthology includes:

Sultry Summers’ story Dream Elf. “Is the handsome Irish stranger she keeps meeting and dreaming about a simple passer-by, a concerned citizen who shelters her during a storm, or the fireman who rescues her from her car when it plunges into the ditch? And wait… is that blond hair covering … No, those can’t be pointed ears. Can they?”

My story A Romance for Christmas. “It’s Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything she loves has been lost. Everything but her determination to survive and her little girl. Will it be a night of sadness, or of love and miracles?”And then it hit me… I’m going out of town for four straight days and won’t have access to email. Holy cow. How am I going to get out the word about Naughty is Nice? One of my friends (bless her) said, “Why don’t you do one of those blog tour things?” So here I am!

I’m giving away a really cool “Naughty / Nice” Christmas latte mug stuffed with Dove Chocolates, plus, every person who follows the trail to the end gets a free download of A Christmas Cookbook. The latte mug is a great size, very tall, and has a handle you can wrap your hand around. Click the link above and see a picture for yourself.

What do you have to do? Each day for four days, visit the blog listed in the last spot you visited. You can only win if you make a comment on each and every blog. This verifies you followed the trail and visited the four wonderful friends who helped me out!

Do all four blogs and get a cool cookbook, and a chance to win a great mug. If you didn’t start the trail here go back to  and leave a comment. You don’t have to say much. Just Happy Thanksgiving or Following the Trail will do. The final blog will link you to a secret page on my website, which will give the directions on how to enter the contest. (I promise, it’s super easy!) That’s it.

Ok, where’s the next stop on the trail? On 11/24, check out and see where to go next!

Guest blogger, author and marketing manager, Kim Richards

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Well, hello!

Thank you very much for having me today. It means a lot to me as both an author and as the marketing manager for the most awesome ebook publisher in the entire universe:  Eternal Press.

A lot of people see my name on promo emails and places like where I hang out and occasionally moderate chats. Many of those folks don’t know much about me or my work.  So I figured I’d tell you what I have going on since I normally spend a lot of time telling people about other folk’s works.

ebook thriller, Death Masks from Eternal Press  I have a love for fantasy and dark fiction but have found horror a little easier for me to write. I read just about anything though. It must be my sick sense of humor. Death Masks is a thriller about a serial murderer which Eternal Press released just a month prior to me accepting the position of marketing manager. I actually started out with them as an editor.

I really love working at EP. It’s a great, very supportive family who have given me an appreciation for romance. I always thought romance was silly stuff until I read some of these books and interacted with these folks. Since then I’ve met so many talented writers with great stories to tell. That’s what’s most important to me…a good story.  The folks at EP have given me the courage to try my hand at erotica too. I have my first erotica coming in December under a pseudonym.

You can check out my other works on my website at  There you’ll find the video trailer for Death Masks which features a deathmetal band from my home town of Roswell, NM and one of a reading I did at the Red Lion Pub in Chicago featuring a story of mine, Beauty Is, which appeared in issue #4 of Surreal Magazine.  It’s a fun story.  Think Mary Kay lady meets a zombie!  :) Wanna know a secret? I was a Mary Kay lady when I wrote the first draft.

I have a number of short stories in anthologies, the latest of which is a story about what dragons really do with the maidens given to them. It’s called Dragonfruit and appears in the anthology, Firestorm of Dragons.  Coming soon in 2009, I have a paranormal story in an anthology about dark fairy tales. That story’s called Die Weib Frau.  I was lucky enough to spend six weeks in Germany this year and ran across both legends touched on when visiting a castle.  My sons have often told friends to watch out because everything ends up in one of my stories. I suppose they’re right.

My non-fiction work includes chapters in The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy and The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction, both from Dragon Moon Press. 2009 will see another guide from them on writing magic. I wrote the chapter on Celtic Magic (and recently presented a workshop based upon it at The Muse Online Writing Workshop).

Also upcoming from Dragon Moon Press, will be a guidebook on writing paranormal stories. I’m co-editing this one with Tina Morgan. Bop of an email to me if you want the guidelines. krichards at kim-richards dot com.

As of today I’m neck deep in nanowrimo (National Write a Novel in A Month). It’s fun and I do recommend it for any writer. The one thing nanowrimo did for me was show my family that I’m serious about this writing thing. I’ve created several novels through participating in it. There’s just something about a deadline like that which gets me motivated.

I just got married in 2009 on Halloween. I keep telling everyone I’m going to take a week off but something always comes along that I want to do first. I like being very busy. It and writing keep my depression at bay. I’m one of those writers who ‘can’t not write’. It’s in my blood.

Thanks again for letting me ramble today. I hope you’ll take time to check out my work and visit Eternal Press at

OH, you know that email address I gave you above? Send me your snail mail address and I’ll mail you a bookwormbag goodie bag.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This writer’s life…

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My daughter made me sit down and watch a movie with her recently. It was called “Stranger than Fiction” and starred Will Farrell and Emma Thompson, and it was about an ordinary man who starts hearing a voice in his head. The voice is narrating his life, and he gets really concerned when the author (Ms. Thompson) mentions his imminent (or is that emminent?!) death.

I know why she made me watch it. When the author is standing on a ledge above a busy street and spreads her hands, palms down, to feel the air, then starts to make that jump—but gets interrupted by her assistant, blinks, and is suddenly standing on her desk—well, the look on her face is the one my daughter says I get when I’m deep into a story.

 While I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but giggle at how strange the author was. She visits a hospital and asks a nurse where the “really” dead people are. I remember going to a funeral home to learn about a mortician’s work and asked to see the incisions and the condition of a body when it comes directly from an autopsy. Now, I’m understanding the wierd look that crossed the funeral director’s face.

I thought my life was pretty normal until my daughter held up the mirror for me to look at myself. But I must admit I go to some extremes, including cyber-stalking rock climbers and search and rescue workers, stopping Memphis PD cops on the street to ask them about a day in their life, and visiting graveyards to gather atmosphere for a scene.

Superior Fire Dept Toy Drive 2008

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Superior Fire Dept Toy Drive 2008

***Permission to Forward***

Howdy, I am trying again this year to help out Todd by posting this in hopes of getting some toy donations again for the Superior Fire Dept.  We live in a small mining town, population three thousand. My husband who helps me with all things RJ is the Chief of the Fire Department here. It’s a low income town and there are a lot of kids here that don’t get much for Christmas. So the fire dept. started going around to businesses begging for donations of small toys. They spend days wrapping up the toys and weeks decorating one of the fire trucks with over five thousand holiday lights. And then on Christmas Eve Santa and Ms. Claus ride in back of the fire truck and, with Christmas music blaring, weave its way up and down every street in town. The sirens blare every few minutes and as kids hear it they scramble out of their houses. The truck stops and Santa gives each child a toy.

They have been doing this now for five years. I go with Todd on the drive and it takes about seven hours. Last year my parents donated a small snow machine to the Dept. It was so much fun watching kids who may have never seen snow experience it for the first time. ;-)Before we started the Toy Drive the Fire Dept. was always a few hundred toys short and the last group of kids would get only candy cans. So last year I put a shout out to the Romance Community and could not believe the out pouring of support and holiday spirit. The Fire Dept. got in 1,200 toys last year. Every kid in town got a toy and the Fire Dept. actually had some left over they shared with the Police Dept. for their Angel Tree Program.So I am out again doing my best to round up enough toys to give out to the kids in town this year. ;-)What the dept is looking for are small stuffed animals or 1-2 dollar toys. It doesn’t take a lot to make it a magical night for the kids in town.

If anyone is interested in sending in some toys it would be VERY MUCH appreciated by both the Fire Department and the kids in town ;-)You can send anything (including checks and gift cards made out to the Superior Fire Dept.) into:

Superior Fire Department
C/O Todd Pryor
271 West Main Street
Superior AZ 85273

Please feel free to pass this email on 

P.s. we tried to take a lot of pictures of last years Christmas Santa Drive but our camera did not handle the bright lights or the dark night very well. We do have a few photos we can share with you — HERE

And special thanks to all the people that helped out last year. You can see a list of contributors here –  HERE
If you have any questions about the Toy Drive send me a shout at chaoscat @ romance junkies .com (no spaces)

I told Todd I was going to try again this year to do a grass root movement thru RJ to see I could get the Department those extra toys they need this year. 

Cat Brown AKA Chaoscat (Chaos – It’s not just a lifestyle, it’s a state of mind)Owner/Operator Romance Junkies

The Moments

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I’ve mentioned before that I like to do something to acknowledge the moments I have in my life. These moments can range from sad to joyous. No matter which I stop and take time to have a moment. It has been a tough year for me between being ill and having surgery I need something fun to have a moment about.

Tomorrow I will be having a fun moment. I’ve started a new venture with four other authors – Sapphire Blue, Koko Brown, Aliyah Burke and Tuesday Morrigan – to form a group called Scribes Unleashed. We will be having a World Premiere at 6 pm EST through 12 am EST. It will be a huge party to celebrate our launch of our website and chat group. Come on by and share this moment with us at

The holidays are another moment. A moment when you share time with family and friends while eating, laughing and having a good time being together. I am looking forward to having some moments this Thanksgiving with my family and friends.

What are some of your moments?


~Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor
Chat Group:
My Blog:
Free Reads Site:


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Author of Romantic Suspense.  

HELP THE ENVIRONMENT and save the wildlife ~ BUY AN E.BOOK——————– 

Hello to everyone

First off. My thanks to the moderators of Romance Junkies Blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell you about my books set in Australia  

 At this point in time, I live in the southern states of Australia. We have all four seasons here and right now, we’re headed into summer.  

In the Northern Territory of Australia, which is my home, there are only two seasons known as The Dry and The Wet.  The Dry is a sort of winter from May to July or thereabouts and the Wet runs for the rest of the year. Really hot, humid and heaps of rain and prone to cyclones. Typically tropical. 

From a schoolteacher to a payroll manager, for one of
Australia’s largest retail companies was a dramatic career-path change for me and which I enjoyed, until, another came along–Writing. So, how did that come about? No. I haven’t been writing since I was six, or anything wonderful like that. 

My husband and I criss-crossed the Outback of Australia, both with his work and on holidays.  Discovering the magnificence of wind-crafted outcrops of granite and sandstone, vast ochre plains stretching to eternity and the bush teeming with wildlife uniquely Australian, our interest escalated. We extended our trips into holidays of gold and gemstone-fossicking adventures and retracing the tracks of explorers. We also followed the stock routs taken by cattlemen in the 1800’s. Droving teams taking cattle across this vast continent from the Kimberley in the west to Queensland in the east. No cattle trucks and road trains, as ride the highways today. 

The notes I kept on those trips translated into a series of travel articles for a magazine until, I realised what better backdrop than this sun-drenched wilderness for conjuring up stories of unique blend–love up against impossible odds. I undertook studies in creative writing, specialising in Romance, and set to work. 

Writing fulfils my most cherished dream, to breathe life, love and emotion into the characters in my imagination, mostly, conjured up from the men and women who dare to live in the Outback.

OTHER INTERESTS (Shared by my husband as well). Animal welfare. Both domestic and wildlife. I am a member of THE WILDLIFE WARRIORSA STEVE IRWIN PROJECT 


A Blue Bird on His Shoulder 

I hope you enjoy the trailer. 

Romona Hilliger’s short, spicy Christmas read  

                 available at  ROMANCE AT HEART PUBLICATPUBLICATIONS


                                                                       Short excerpts

Strange weather for November, but then not entirely unknown on the edge of the southernmost tip of Australia’s southernmost state—Tasmania. Next step Antarctica, she thought with cheery incredulity. 

Wanda lifted her bag of meagre shopping from the passenger seat and peeredtoward the old stone hut that she called home, but a movement on the veranda stopped her dead in her tracks. The dying rays of sunset picked up a figure sitting against one of the support posts, his arms hugging his drawn-up knees.“Who are you?” she called, her heart pounding and her suspicions at peak. Couldhe be…? A chill shot through her, and it wasn’t just the thinness of the Indiancheesecloth dress she wore, nor the icy winds. ‘What do you want?’ she shouted,effecting bravado, though she felt none. 

…‘I just… want … a drink of water…a bite to …eat,’ he faltered.A morsel of food and a cup of water she was more than willing to give, but Wanda was unsure of whether she should let him into the house or not.. at that moment he slouched over and instinctively, she reached out to steady him. Now there was no alternative, she had a sick man on her hands. 

…Wanda heard the sound of the zip of his trousers and she left the room to pick up the only two towels she possessed from a pile of clean laundry. She returned and, facing the fire, his back was to her. Powerful shoulder muscles bunched and moved as he slid down his jockey shorts and cast them to the floor, the line of his body curving into slim hips and the neatest butt she’d ever seen. Her heart began thudding painfully and her pulse set to racing.

Naked! A stranger, naked and in trouble, in her little cabin, seemed incredible but so wonderful. He half-turned and she handed him the towel— thrust it, more to the point, not daring a full-on look…


          I do beleive, like us here, preparations are well underway for the coming festive season. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL, MAY YOUR NEXT YEAR BE A GOOD ONE.



Must have books for the fall

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Thanks for joining me today!

I’m so running behind getting this up…sorry! Nice guestblogging manners I have, yes? I’d like to claim it’s because I’m sick, which I am, but actually, I just sort of totally forgot.

So in order to not strain my overly-exhausted brain, I’m just going to do a run-down of must have books for the fall. :-) Nice and easy.

The Missing

The Missing– by Shiloh Walker *G* Hey, people keep telling me I need to promote more.  A paranormal romantic suspense, and you can read more about it here. 

If you’re looking to buy…*G* Borders * Powell’s * Amazon * Barnes & Noble


Red by Jordan Summers. I read this one, and loved it. urban fantasy crosses with paranormal and you can read more about it here.

A Mermaids Kiss

A Mermaid’s Kiss by Joey Hill~ Now I haven’t read this one yet, but I’m going to. It’s sitting on my shelves waiting…calling my name… this book is a departure from Joey’s normal stuff and I can’t wait to try it.  Sensual paranormal/fantasy romance, and you can read more about it here.

Wolfsbane and Mistletoe

Wolfsbane & Mistletoe by Patricia Briggs & others. Main reason I’m dying for this story…Patricia’s novella, Star of David…and here’s why. The description of this story reads:  It’s a heartwarming story of how murder and deception can bring a family together. I love it. :-)  You can read more about it here.

Suite 606

Last but not least… Suite 606 by JD Robb & others. The “JD Robb” pretty much says it all for me.

You can read more about that one here.

We always need more reading recommendations.  Although my husband would laugh if I said that.  Us die-hard readers have TBR piles that teeter into the sky.  But you never know…what happens if there is a book famine?

So what books are you looking forward to this fall? You ready for some Christmas-y reads?  Looking forward to a contemporary? Toss out some ideas.

Thanks for dropping by!

Shiloh Walker

Clare London calling!

November 08, 2008 By: Guestauthor Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 5 Comments →

Let me just ask you all one question.
Do you love to read about a strong, sexy man in love?
If the answer’s YES, then how about *two* of them?

Hi everyone, I’m Clare London and I write male/male romance and erotica.  That question is the very basis of my work!  I’m very grateful and excited to be here on the Blog today to meet you all and talk to you about my books.

And if you get the chance to say ‘Hi’ to me today, you might win a download of one of my short stories.  Visit my website DarkPearlDiva to whet your appetite!

Me?  I can’t believe you’ll be interested in me, but anyway…

I’m married, straight, a mother of two lively teenaged boys, I work full time as an accountant and I live in the city of my pen name – London.  I was born on the South England coast in Sussex, but I’ve lived in and around London since I was 9.  I’ve been writing since I was at school, some very immature stuff *lol*.  At the end of 2000, I wrote a huge bodice-ripper novel – well, more like THREE novels in length – and from then on I’ve been writing every day. It’s difficult to fit it in with everything else going on, but I try.  It’s a joy and an escape for me.

In 2003 I discovered the magic of fanfiction, and especially male/male fan-or-slash fiction, and – as they say – I never looked back.  In 2007, I discovered two great publishers, Eternal Press and Dreamspinner Press, and they both took a chance on me.  My first year as a published author has been a whirlwind!  I have three novels published, a succession of short stories either in anthologies, or separately published, and you can find me at 5 different publishers at the moment.  I’ll post the links at the bottom here.

What do I write?  I like to write strong, sexy and sympathetic characters.  There’s usually a good dose of erotica in there too – I like my characters to enjoy all of life and to share it with you, the reader.  I write romance mainly, but there are instances of humour and angst and spooky horror too.

***Have a great weekend and feel free to say Hi to me – even better, demand plenty of excerpts!***

Here’s a worksafe snippet to tempt you, from my Christmas short story at Eternal Press, Secret Santa.

Seb and Jamie argue over everything, even Christmas supper.  But when they both receive an unsuitable Secret Santa present, it helps cook up something rather more exciting between them!

The temperature in the kitchen had increased by many degrees and not all of them were caused by the cooker. Seb’s back was to the counter, the edge digging into his waist.  He had a smudge of cranberry chutney on his nose.  Jamie was only a step away from him, their eyes locked on each other. They were both breathing more shallowly than earlier in the evening. When Seb lifted a hand to wipe away the chutney, Jamie grasped his wrist, not harshly, but the grip was firm.

“I’ll do that.” With his free hand, he wiped the chutney gently off Seb’s nose. Then his fingertip continued to trail down Seb’s cheek, under his jaw and then along the lines of his throat.

Seb groaned aloud, a soft growling sound from the back of his throat. His head went back, baring his neck, and he swallowed heavily.

Jamie dropped his hand, leaning in closer. “I mean . . . I want . . .”

“What?” Seb’s voice was just a whisper. “Say it.”

“I want you.” Jamie’s murmur breathed heat and sweet excitement into Seb’s ear. He sounded both shocked and thrilled, but then hadn’t that been his permanent state, ever since he put an arm around Seb’s waist and pulled him in for a proper, non-cranberry caress?

Seb bit back a gasp. His body shivered. “How long, Jamie?” His words were hoarse.

Jamie watched the movement of Seb’s mouth, the drop of sweat on his upper lip. He thought he could watch it for hours. He’d never imagined quite how fascinating this vibrant man could be! “What do you mean?”

“How long have you wanted me?”

Jamie smiled. That was an easy question. “For always, for too long. Have I said the wrong thing again?” He realized he didn’t care anymore. He knew he spoke honestly and with care, the same as always. It was just that he was finding new words and new expressions now—and Seb was listening to him too. “We’ve never talked about these things; never stopped arguing long enough to discover an alternative way of communicating. Do you find it offensive?”

“Offensive?” Seb’s laugh was a little shaky. “I’ve wanted you since you first turned those icy eyes on me and told me to shut the hell up.”

Jamie frowned. “Those have never been my words.”

Seb grinned at the narrow wrinkle of concern on Jamie’s forehead. He had a mad, bad and reckless urge to put his lips to it and kiss it away. Damned guy was too literal! He was too pale, too, and it made the flush on his cheeks stand out more boldly. But Jamie was strong enough to press back against Seb’s torso when they shifted around, and it felt like both of them took their turn struggling for dominance. He was also intuitive enough to know that if his fingertips brushed at the crease of Seb’s jeans, just underneath his left buttock, Seb would be tempted to whimper and roll over, playing dead like the best kind of obedient pet.

How does he know me so well? Seb grinned at such a wild and happy thought, and just kept grinning. Jamie felt good under his grasp and tasty on his lips. When and how had he deserved this Christmas present?  

Buy it here

Clare London, Author
Writing… Man to Man

My publishers:

Eternal Press
Dreamspinner Press

Torquere Press
Aspen Mountain Press
Red Rose Publishing

Do You Remember Your First Love?

November 05, 2008 By: Guestauthor Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 19 Comments →

Hi All,

My name’s LaVerne Thompson and I’m a newly published author, my first published work PROMISES from Red Rose Publishing is a contemporary romance about young love lost then found. available in ebook form.

How many of us have had childhood friends whom we were close too or left lasting impressions on us, but then moved away and we never heard from them again. From time to time don’t you ever wonder about whatever happened to them. This is the story of bestfriends rediscovering each other as adults. Here’s the blurb and an excerpt.



by LaVerne Thompson


Can the promise of young love withstand the test of time?

Childhood friends, David and Mia know there is something special, something different about their friendship.  But then David moves away and whatever that something is they never have the chance to explore.

Mia waits twelve years for David to come back to her, knowing deep in her heart that one day he would.  She’d made him a promise the day he left, she would wait for him, and she kept it. Unbeknownst to her, he has also.  He never forgets her.  Not where it counts, in his heart.  Now he has to prove it to her.


He had taken several steps before he saw her talking with her parents but she hadn’t seen him. Her back was to him, yet he would have known her anywhere, anytime.

From the rear she was perfectly proportioned. Above average height, she would only come up to his shoulders in her high heels. He noticed she still wore her hair in that corkscrew style but it was longer now, hanging well past her shoulders.

When they were kids he loved nothing better than pulling one of her dark curls and watching it spring back towards her head. He wanted to pull one now. His gaze left her hair and followed the back of her dress, admiring the open display all the way down to the top of the curve of her beautifully rounded butt. Her dress ended just below her thighs, giving him a view of long sleek toned legs. She always did have nice legs. Yeah, he wanted to do a lot more than touch her hair.

She must have sensed him staring at her because suddenly she turned around and stared back at him. Even across the crowded room, he could feel her drawing him toward her; pulling him in until only the two of them existed in the universe. Just the way it had always been between them. There was no reason for fear.

Nothing had changed. He knew the truth now.  He loved her still.

Except everything had changed. He was now free to show her.

I hope you enjoyed my excerpt. I also write fantasy and sci/fi.  If you’d like to learn more about my work please visit my blog at or check out

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