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Welcome Back Guest Blogger Leila Brown!!!!!

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Giving Back 

Most people want to do this. They feel a compelling force telling them to repay the niceties that they were shown. As a romance writer I feel this coming from several different directions.

I want to give back to an industry that has seen me through some hard times. Real life is not all heroes and roses. No. Some times reality sucks. But if you pick up a romance novel you have a four or five-hour (if you read fast like me) escape into a world you know will end in happily ever after. I try to give back to the industry by writing books that will see someone else through a monstrous reality. Give them a few hours of piece.

I also want to give back to the writers who have helped me along the way. There are two many to count. I can remember when I just started out I asked the wrong questions of some big named authors. You know that salary question you are never suppose to ask…uhmmm year I asked it of quite a few big named NY bestselling authors. A couple were polite and other just didn’t answer. Those few who answered I know were going up and beyond the norm. So when I receive that email I don’t think…How rude!…No I am thinking that this person could use some guidance and where is the best place that I know they can learn it? I am not at a point to take on any mentees but when I have enough books under my belt I will be a mentor to up and coming writers.

And now for the big part of giving back. I hope that with every book I write and publish I am giving the readers who spend their hard earned money on me exactly what they are craving. I hope my books chase them from the beginning to the end in a breathless way. I hope that when they reach the end they want to go back over it and read it again. I hope I have left them feeling that whatever situation they are in there is some type of happily ever after out there for them too.

And now my current form of giving back. My New Release:


A Chance Encounter 

A Chance Encounter by Leila Brown

Heather Crane makes a living helping couples become trios. After a chance encounter with the Grey brothers, she’ll put her knowledge of threesomes to personal use. Julian and Lucian Grey want Heather for what she is. But they must learn who she is to truly understand the treasure they’ve found.

Visit to pick up your copy!

Leila Brown

~Addictive Erotic Romance You Can’t Resist~ 

Welcome Guest Blogger Cindy K. Green!!!

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A Story that Wrote Itself

Last spring (2007) while I was in the midst of edits for my full-length novel, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Wedding, I itched to write something new. Anyone who’s edited a large novel knows how insane it can be, and I just needed to get away from it for a bit. It hit me late at night while I was trying to get to sleep. So, I pulled out my PDA and began to compose right there in the dark into the device. That first night I started what became my latest release, Meeting Mr. Right Online.

Authors will tell you stories of their Muses taking over and practically writing their stories for them. This was one of those times. It was fun; it was exciting. It was a humorous, sarcastic tone filling my head as I composed. Soon I realized this would be chick-lit in style. The tone was too funny; the situations too calamitous. And all too soon it was finished. Through the entire escapade of only two weeks, I had finished the entire first manuscript as if I had been a vessel more so than the author. It was the story that wrote itself.


Meeting Mr. Right Online Cindy K Green



What’s a girl to do when she’s thirty-three and all her friends have started their lives and left her behind? Lucinda Kelley works for a local cable television show, assists her sister in her tumultuous relationships, and yearns for the day she can meet Mr. Right. All that seems to change when she meets Londoner Julian Crawford in an on-line tv chat room. Eight months later, via email he has become her best friend and closest confidant. Then one day the messages cease, and Lucinda feels lost until she makes a vow to end this infatuation with someone she has never met and move on to something real. When an alarming revelation is exposed, it could be Lucinda’s undoing or it might be exactly what she was looking for. 

The Opening:

 Good evening, this is Amber Heffernan reporting live for Channel 11 entertainment news outside the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. In just a few minutes, the glamorous Lucinda Kelley will emerge with her new husband, that handsome British financier. This couple has been in the media limelight since they first started seeing each other almost six months ago, outshining all of the other popular Hollywood pairs. The bride was married today in a Vera Wang strapless scoop-neck wedding gown, and I’m told she looked absolutely stunning. When the couple exits the hotel, they will travel to JFK International Airport to board the family jet to Jamaica where the twosome plan to depart for a two week honeymoon. After that they will settle into their Malibu home in California where Lucinda produces her award winning television sitcom… 

The computer beeped letting me know it had finally booted up, and there I was, daydreaming again. I really had to stop doing that. I clicked the button once more, hoping this time it would be there. I held my breath for the few seconds it took to check my email messages, feeling that depressed, empty sensation yet again when I didn’t see it. Rubbing my forehead, I closed my eyes. This was absolutely ridiculous. Why did I torture myself so?


Read two more excerpts and watch the book trailer on my website.

Cindy K. Green is a multi-published author with degrees in History and Education. Previously a middle school English & History teacher, she now homeschools her own children and writes in several genres: Inspirational, Contemporary, Suspense and Historical romance. Find out more about Cindy and her books at


RJ Blog Winners

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Winner Terry Odell Guest Blogger!

You will receive a copy of Terry’s Starting Over



Winner Isabelle Kane Guest Blogger!

You will receive a copy of Isabelle’s One Last Farewell



Winner Ciar Cullen Guest Blogger!

You will receive a download of Ciar’s Key West Magic



Winner NJ Walters Guest Blogger!

Your choice of one of NJ’s holiday themed titles

Unmasking Kelly, Jessamyn’s Christamas Gift or Anastasia’s Style

Robin Snodgrass


Winner Jaci Burton Guest Blogger!

You will receive a copy of Jaci’s release Unwrapped



Winners Denyse Bridger Guest Blogger!

Each of you will receive a copy of Denyse’s release Passionate Kisses

Lily D and Jennifer Cole 


Winners Samantha Storm Guest Blogger!

Chrissy Dionne and Jenyfer Matthews


RJ Most Memorable Thanksgiving Memory Winners!

1.    Operation Second Chance by Roxanne Rustand, Superromance Harlequin- Author Autographed copy ~ Lisa Avila

2.    Halfway to The Grave by Jeaniene Frost, Avon ~ Amelia

3.      Blackthorne’s Bride by Shana Galen, Avon ~ Linda H

4.      Taken by the Night by Kathryn Smith, Avon ~ Carol

5.    In Her Bed by Deborah MacGillivray, Zebra, Author Autographed copy ~ Tina Burnell 


Winner Jenyfer Matthews Guest Blogger!

Winner receives an Electronic Copy of One Crazy Summer

Diane Castilleja 


RJ Things That Go Bump in the Night Winners!

1.    Big Boned by Meg Cabot, trade book, avon ~ Ruby D

2.    The Guardian by Elizabeth Lane, Harlequin Historical ~ Little Lamb Lost

3.    Just Wicked Enough by Lorraine Heath, Avon ~ Teresa Ryan

4.    Taken: The Spaniard’s Virgin by Lucy Monroe, Harlequin Presents, Author Autographed ~ Kim

5.    In Her bed by Deorah MacGillivray, Zebra, Author Autographed ~ Lisa R

6.    Eye of the Storm by Samantha Storm, New Concepts Publishing, Author Autographed ~ Carol

7.    The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James, Trade book, avon ~ Michele

8.    Face Time by Hank Phillippi Ryan, Harlequin Next, author Autographed ~ Crystal B

9. Everlasting by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, WM Marrow, Hard back ~ Danny

Welcome Guest Blogger Grace Tyler!!!!

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It’s Thursday and the weekend is almost here. The kids are out for summer break and it’s my favorite time to read. Just thinking about sitting by the pool with a good book and an icy drink while the kids swim brings a smile to my face. 

Today’s blogger reminds of that summer reading I love so please help me welcome Grace Tyler to the Romance Junkies Blog.  Join us and one lucky poster can win an e-copy of her newest release.


I don’t know about you, but my summer budget is shot, what with gas, food, and housing prices skyrocketing, so no summer vacations here.  Want to get away and take a little break?

Welcome to Dalmatian Island!


Here at Dalmatian Island, it’s all Dalmatians all the time!


Hi, I’m Grace Tyler, author of His and Hers Dalmatians, my contemporary novella about second chances and – Dalmatians!  I fell in love with them when I was a kid.  My uncle is a firefighter, and he always had a “Smokey” in his backyard.  Smokey I, Smokey II, Smokey III…Gorgeous, but we weren’t allowed to touch him/them.  Temperamental, I guess, but a beautiful boy.


Book summary:


Callie and Hayden James have nothing in common, other than their last names and a pair of Dalmatians. Their relationship was just as volatile after their divorce, so they split up the dogs to maintain the peace. After two years apart, attending the wedding of mutual friends forces Callie and Hayden to see each other again. Can this event lead to a truce and sharing custody of the dogs?


Behind the Scenes–The birth of a book

I love reunion stories, because they demonstrate the difficulties of making a relationship work over the long haul. The words, “And they lived happily ever after,” don’t really demonstrate what happens after a couple walks down the aisle, as anyone in a long term relationship can verify.

From here, I borrowed an idea from the movie “The Parent Trap,” but instead of splitting up twins, I’ve split up the couple’s Dalmatians. The movie focuses mostly on the children’s reunion, but I’ve focused on the divorced couple’s reunion, which is forced on them by the need to attend the wedding of mutual friends.

Questions I wanted to explore were why do couples break up when they really love each other? How can I make my hero and heroine have significant enough differences to necessitate a divorce and yet have enough commonalities and a strong enough love to bring them back together in the end?



Dalmatian pups
(c) 2004 M. Deer

Picture courtesy of

Much of my Dalmatian research was done at Hattrick, so stop by and visit them!


Why Dalmatians, as opposed to any other breed of dogs? First and foremost, they are beautiful dogs with elegant markings and regal bearing. And they do not make good pets for many people, because they require a lot of exercise and interaction. Hayden discovers this after he begins the single life. Our hero is a high powered business man and travels a lot. Consequently, he has to hire a live in caretaker for his dog. Hey, he’s got the bucks.

Dals are beloved by the aficionados of the breed, and have many fun characteristics. They are highly intelligent, athletic, and tend to be mischievous. They also display what is known as a “grin.” In the pictures I saw of it, it looks like the dog is growling the way the teeth are displayed. But Dals actually smile when they are happy or excited, and the way to tell the difference when you are inexperienced with the breed or the individual dog is to watch his tail. If his tail is wagging and his teeth are bared, he’s smiling at you.

 The Talented, Off-Beat Heroine 

Callie is a sculptor and pottery artist, and now she’s trying her hand at running an art gallery with her friend, Rita, who put up a chunk of the money to get it started.  Once the gallery opens, Rita is off to her next project—setting up a show for Callie and other Salt Lake City artists in New York City.  Rita totally stresses Callie out, and now that our hero (her ex) wants to hook back up with her, Callie is really on the edge.  

EXCERPT: Copyright Grace Tyler

Now this, this was the garage as he’d remembered it—boxes of supplies, sculpting knives, pots in various stages of completion stationed on tables around the room, three pottery wheels, several mud spattered chairs.  And something new—a rectangular kiln stationed at the rear of the building.  


“It’s your dream studio,” he said, unable to contain his smile.  “What you’ve always wanted.”


“You made it possible,” she said.  “You and your grandiose divorce settlement.”


“You would have done it yourself someday.”  He shoved his hands in his pockets resisting the urge to touch a large plum vase in the center of the room.  “That’s a show piece,” he said, gesturing toward it with a casual nod of his head.  He’d watched Callie for hours during the first year of their marriage, watched her sculpting the elegant lines of similar pieces as though she coaxed the vessels out of the clay.  


Licking her lips, she smoothed back a stray lock of the chic bob to reveal one of her delicate ears.  He hadn’t liked that short haircut when he’d seen her for the first time from across the dining room at The Black Horse.  It was growing on him—her ears and her neck exposed all the time.  She moved so gracefully, something not always apparent with that wild mane of hair she’d worn during their years together. 


“I guess it is a showpiece,” she said.  “At least, it is supposed to be.”


“What do you mean?”


“I don’t know if you remember Rita.  She’s my partner in the gallery on West Temple.”  She bit her lips, looking off to her left. 


“And?”  He prompted her when it seemed she wouldn’t continue.


“Sorry.”  Inhaling loudly, Callie took a seat on one of the battered wooden chairs in front of the vase.  “We’re trying to arrange a show in New York.  Rita is working with an agency, and we’re working on setting up a show with some other Utah artists.  We may include some from other western states as well.”


Hayden had never jumped for joy in his life, but he felt like doing it now.  “That’s incredible, Cal.  Why aren’t you more excited?”


Huffing out a breath, she rested her head on the edge of the table.  “I can’t get excited.  Not until Rita gets things arranged, Hayden.  I can’t.” 


Hayden walked up behind her.  Hesitant at first, he let his fingers drift down the curve of her shoulder and squeezed her upper arm.  Touching her proved an exquisite torture.  “Calista David James, you are a dreamer.  Don’t you believe in your dreams?”


“Yes,” came the muffled reply.  “I just don’t believe in me.”


Hayden could understand her reluctance to commit her emotions to the possibility of a show in New York.  If it didn’t come through, she’d suffer a great deal of disappointment.  “Dreams are nothing without commitment, Callie.  You know that.”


She stood up then, ceramic dust coating the side of her face, her hair, and the bodice of the vivid purple, floor-length tent she’d worn as a dress.  “I committed myself to us.  Look how that turned out.”


“This is different,” he insisted, though the failure of their marriage had colored his belief in himself for a while too.  “This is about your talent.”


“It’s not just talent,” she protested, scuffing the toe of her sandal along a seam in the concrete.  “It’s a lot of luck and impressing the right people.  Choosing the right path.”


“I have a theory,” he said, tucking her inside the shelter of his arm.  He brushed the dust from her cheek and the side of her nose and wiped it on his jeans, a gesture he remembered from their shared past.


“What’s your theory?”  She looked up, meeting his eyes.  He had always loved the rich chocolate of her eyes, now dewy with a hint of moisture collected in the corners.


“When you’re on the right path, things work out easily.  So—how is the gallery working out?  Your partnership?  The new work you’re preparing for the show?”


“It’s all going well,” she admitted.  “If I let myself be optimistic, I’d say it’s fantastic.”


She used to be optimistic.  Before their divorce.


He’d invested a lot of time and energy convincing himself that it takes two to succeed in marriage, and it takes two to fail.  So he couldn’t shoulder the blame for Callie’s cynicism on his own.  He felt the weight of guilt nonetheless. 


“If it’s going well, there’s your sign of good things to come.”


The Dreamy, Richer than Sin Hero 

Hayden comes from old money. He’s a trust fund baby trying to make a name for himself and step out of the shadow of his deceased father. This explains his easy use of the conveniences his money can buy as well as his overcommitment to his business during the first years of his marriage. Hayden loves fiercely, and he enjoys taking care of the people and animals in his life. In his view, money makes a good vehicle for service. Callie, on the other hand, wouldn’t think his service counted unless he used his own hands to render it. They are learning to meet in the middle on this issue, as well as other issues.


He shares Callie’s passion for art, and is awed by her talent and proud of her achievements. Nature inspires him as well. He is more removed from the challenges facing our planet, but he enjoys outdoor recreation. And of course, he loves both of the dogs. He enjoys their companionship and their individuality, for Ricky and Lucy are unique and special in their own ways. The reunion of this family is meant to be, and I hope you will participate in their quest for happiness by reading this special story.


EXCERPT: Copyright Grace Tyler


A breeze lifted Hayden’s hair as he tossed the Frisbee to Ricky again. The dog caught it with ease, despite the fact that they hadn’t played for the past few weeks due to Hayden’s business trips. Board rooms and dinner meetings couldn’t compare to Saturday afternoon at the park, the sun warm on the back of his neck. He’d left his shoes beneath a nearby tree while he enjoyed the cool crush of the bright spring grass beneath his bare feet.


Ricky brought him the plastic disc and dropped it before standing on his hind legs and slapping his paws on his owner’s chest. Hayden put his arms around the dog and petted him vigorously, eliciting a sharp bark and a kiss from Ricky. Laughing, Hayden tumbled the Dalmatian to the ground and wrestled him until he collapsed. The dog flopped down next to him and treated his owner to a wide smile, sporting a mouthful of teeth and wagging his tail ferociously. The first time he’d seen a Dal smile, Hayden was put off by the bared teeth. But the breeder had explained it was a show of affection and how to tell whether the dog was angry or happy. Ricky was definitely happy today.


Hayden hadn’t seen that smile very often since leaving Callie’s.


He covered his eyes with his bare forearm and inhaled deeply of the smell of sun and spring grass. Gradually the tension he’d been harboring for an entire month ebbed. His latest deal had been grueling, and all the while he worked on it, he’d battled his anticipation of a reunion with Callie. He hadn’t expected the wedding to be so peaceful, he thought, twisting up the corners of his mouth.


Ricky flopped his head and front paws onto Hayden’s chest, and the man and his dog lay still on the ground. Ricky’s muffled snuffing and throaty grunts punctuated the sound of other people enjoying the weather and the park environs. When he really concentrated, Hayden could tune all of it out, even the Dal’s grumbling and wiggling against his rib cage, and just listen to the music of the birds overhead in the old-growth trees.





By Grace Tyler

Presented by Moonlit Romance


Big news! My paperback is now available directly through Amazon!


I hoped that readers would like my book, but it still takes me by surprise when I read my reviews and there–in writing–you like me! You really like me!


  Courtesy of Romance Junkies’ reviewer, Scarlet:

Witnessing these two proud characters struggle to overcome pride and misconception is a lesson in forgiveness that is unmistakable. Grace Tyler’s love for dogs come through loud and clear as we watch Lucy and Ricky get to know one another and their respective humans all over again. HIS AND HERS DALMATIANS is a breezy love story I am glad I indulged in.

For the full review, please visit my friends at Romance Junkies! 

For more reviews, please visit me at my site.


Thanks for taking a break with my Dals and me, and have a fruity umbrella drink on us!  Cheers!

Welcome Guest Blogger Kacey Smith!!!

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It’s Monday for sure and while many of us have the blues at the beginning of the week I think our guest today may be able to scare them away. Please help me welcome New Author Kacey Smith! 

It’s an honor for me to be here today, blogging with the Romance Junkies. I have my very first release with Amber Quill Press, part of their Amber Heat line. How did this come about? Well, sit back and I’ll tell you…

Amber Quill Press holds a contest every year.They call this contest the Heat Wave and it’s the only time they accept outside submissions. You send your entry in and then you sit back, biting your nails, until such time as the winners of the contest are announced. The date the winners are announced, you check your email OBSESSIVELY until you see something from AQP in the inbox.

Then you take a deep breath and open that email. When you see the words, “Congratulations,” you leap out of your chair, startling the family pet and any other family members who might be near you as you run screaming through the house. Or maybe that was just me… J

In any event. Here’s what led me to the contest. I’d been reading Amber Quill works for almost two years. I started writing a story and couldn’t choose which of the two men I really wanted to be the hero, so I just flat refused to choose. I figured if I, as the writer of this story, was having such a hard time, then my heroine should have a hard time, too. I finally made it so neither of us had to choose. She wound up with both men in her life and I wound up with a contract with Amber Quill Press.

I’m thrilled to be part of the Amber Quill Family. I ADORE my cover, and I’m hard at work on a sequel to Tales from the Graveyard Shift: Ghouls.  I hope you enjoy Crystal, Brian and Ulrich’s adventures and that you’ll let me hear from you with your impressions of the story.

Ghouls by Kacey Smith

You can read an excerpt at the Amber Quill website ( or on my website ( or you can buy the book at the following link:



Spinning a Tale by Taige Crenshaw

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If anyone knows how to make and entrance it’s Taige. Only she would choose Friday the 13th to start her monthly blogging with us. Seriously all jokes aside I am thrilled to welcome Taige to the junkies blog each month. I can’t wait to see what she comes up.

I an object I think of as my talisman when I write. It’s a picture of a spinning top. I don’t have a real one yet but I look at the picture of the top that I have posted in my office and wonder about all the possibilities. Then I break all those possibilities and push the boundaries. 

Just like a top I like to add my spin on things and let them land where fate deems fit. As a writer I strive to be different. When I sit down and write a story I write not just as a writer but also as a reader. I want to be entertained and want to entertain, thrill, entice and make you come back for more. Many say there is power with free speech. I say there is power in the way you write the words in your free speech. It is amazing what the human brain can come up with and I am asked many times how I come up with my ideas and I always find there is not really a way to fully articulate how I come up with ideas. I just simply say I put my spin on it. .

I explore the differences in each of us then smash it to push it to the extreme and rework it to make it into mine. The trick is you have to let go and let the muse take you where it will. Me and Mikayla – my muse (yes she has a name because she is very demanding and opinionated) have a good working relationship. Meaning I let her have free rein and when I do it works in both our favors. We push each other to do more and give more. With each book I sit to write I wonder what will make this different and memorable then I realize that no matter what you write as long as you put your spin on it you already have the battle of a great story won.  

When I think of putting my spin on things the first story that comes to mind is my novel Onyx Moon Rising. The world, my heroine and hero all show what I mean by spin.  

In Onyx Moon Rising I created a world where supernatural beings were known to humanity. A world where they had right like everyone else. In this world they needed a force to keep order. Thus the Nefer Investigation Force was created. It is an elite group of agents who work to keep order. Tashana – my heroine – is powerful and take no prisoner’s. Sanjay – my hero – is secretive and mysterious when he came to me. Onyx Moon Rising is set in an intricate world with lots of twists and turns. I wanted the plot to have a mythology behind what my characters were and the world they inhabit. The world of Onyx Moon Rising, will lead Tashana and Sanjay on a path that will make there destiny or destroy the world. The passion and intrigue around them go hand in hand. The surprises enrich their adventure. Each has their own things they must face. Ultimately the story leads you on a path of not only a passion but redemption. There are a few other surprises thrown in and more to follow in the next books in the series. 

Tashana – my heroine – is a Nefer Agent and she is used to making life or death decisions on a daily basis. These decisions can change the delicate balance of the world. In her latest assignment Tashana had to face many obstacles that will test all her will and beliefs. It will be emotional, sensual and surprising to Tashana all she will go through. Tashana has withstood a tragedy that shaped her life. Now she is forced to confront what has happened. The outcome will not only shape her future but the future of the entire world. Tashana is kick ass take no prisoner’s personality made her fun, challenging and frustrating to write. She broke all barriers and knocked down the walls. She was demanding with what she wanted in her story. 

Tashana brought life and vitality to the pages. She took Sanjay Callens, a man with secrets and mystery surrounding him and made him respect, admire and desire her. Tashana is on an adventure that will shape not only her but those around her.  

Sanjay Callens. Sanjay – my hero – a man with secrets and mystery surrounding him. Sanjay is a shadow dragon and is part of the elite Marltes- dragon warriors. He has a mission which he cannot allow anyone to stand in his way. Yet when he is paired with Tashana he finds all his beliefs tested.  

Sanjay is accustomed to control and order. Tashana challenges all that. This warrior woman makes him desire, respect and admire her strong will and take no prisoner’s attitude. He will want to claim the warrior woman as his own. Sanjay although he is part of a world where supernatural beings are known to humanity and they had rights like everyone else. His race tends to keep to themselves in dragon home world. They have secrets and codes they live by. Working with Tashana he must decide how much to trust her with the secrets he carries. The secrets that could destroy all worlds’ and realms. The interaction between him and Tashana will be emotional, sensual and surprising. Sanjay just as Tashana was fun, challenging and frustrating to write. He played by his own code of honor. He knew what he wanted in the story. Sanjay breathed sensuality into the page. He took Tashana Rennix, a warrior woman and made her feel feminine without losing her attitude. Sanjay may have set out to follow his mission but he was taken on a journey that will change all he knows and his conceptions of the world.

Onyx Moon Rising encompasses what I mean my putting my spin. It is an alternate reality built in a world so much like the one we live in. It has moments that defy definition, an engaging plot, lots of sex, fantasy and escape. An escape from the normal everyday and into the pages of an adventure. There is freedom when you let go the restrictions and let the imagination free. Step outside what is expected. I love, fight and live with all those characters and world I create. Isn’t this really what it is all about? Taking a spin and letting it flow. 

Novels are an adventure just waiting for you to open the pages and take a whirl. It is all about imagination and using it to escape. So take a spin and see where you end up and let your mind escape…

Onyx Moon Rising by Taige Crensahw

  Onyx Moon Rising  Series: Nefer Investigation Force ~ Book One

Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books

E-Book ISBN #: 978-1-59578-370-7

Genre: Paranormal  

Legends are born to face a task that will define the world. How they come out of it will resound for all time… 

Tashana Rennix is used to being in charge of her own destiny. As a Nefer Investigation Force Agent, more importantly a Nefer Guardian, she makes decisions on a daily basis that affect the balance between life and death. Now faced with a challenge that will test all her abilities, she must fight to save the world, her soul and her life. 

Sanjay Callens, a shadow dragon is part of the elite Marltes- dragon warriors. No one will stand in his way as he retrieves the stolen artifacts that were taken from the dragon home world. Being paired with a Nefer Agent who is reckless and a loner is not in his plan. Yet the Onyx Moon has chosen her and he must work with her to save all that he holds dear. All that he believes. For a man accustomed to control and order it will be a challenge. A challenge that is complicated by his desire to claim the warrior woman as his own. 

There is an Onyx Moon Rising and the wind whispers that death is coming…  

Taige Crenshaw has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book.  It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance.  With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s.  Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people  and far reaches of the world in her novels. Taige is an multi-published author with books available at Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books and Total-E-Bound.

Check out Taige these places below. 

Website: (website)
Chat Group:


Free Reads Site:  




Welcome Guest Blogger Erastes!!!!

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Good Morning and a Happy Tuesday to one and all in Blogland. Today Erastes is joining us. Erastes has a new anthology out and one lucky poster can win a copy of SPEAK ITS NAME.

So come and help us welcome Erastes and post for a chance to win! 

Trilogy No. 111: Speak Its Name
By: Lee Rowan, Erastes, Charlie Cochrane
ISBN # 978-1-60202-125-9
Word Count: 71,949
Gay Historical Fiction

SIN Erastes 


Trilogy No. 111 – Speak Its Name was released on 1st June.  It’s a three-author, three-novella anthology published by Linden Bay Romance with stories that are all gay historical fiction.

Aftermath by Charlie Cochrane is based in 1920’s Oxford, England
Gentleman’s Gentleman by Lee Rowan is a Victorian Spy Romance
Hard & Fast by Erastes is a Regency, Jane Austen on Viagra.

Expectations riding on young Englishmen are immense; for those who’ve something to hide, those expectations could prove overwhelming.

When shy Edward Easterby first sees the popular Hugo Lamont, he’s both envious of the man’s social skills and ashamed of finding him so attractive. But two awful secrets weigh Lamont down. One is that he fancies Easterby, at a time when the expression of such desires is strictly illegal. The second is that an earlier, disastrous encounter with a young gigolo has left him unwilling to enter into a relationship with anyone. Hugo feels torn apart by the conflict between what he wants and what he feels is “right”. Will Edward find that time and patience are enough to change Hugo’s mind?

Gentleman’s Gentleman
Lord Robert Scoville has lived in a reasonably comfortable Victorian closet, without hope of real love, or any notion that it’s right there in front of him if he would only open his eyes and take notice of his right-hand man, Jack Darling. Jack has done his best to be satisfied with the lesser intimacy of caring for the man he loves, but his feigned role as a below-stairs ladies’ man leaves his heart empty. When a simple diplomatic errand turns dangerous and a man from their past raises unanswerable questions, both men find themselves endangered by the secrets between them. Can they untangle the web of misunderstanding before an unknown attacker parts them forever?

Hard and Fast:
Major Geoffrey Chaloner has returned, relatively unscathed, from the Napoleonic War, and England is at peace for the first time in years. Unable to set up his own establishment, he is forced to live with his irascible father who has very clear views on just about everything—including exactly whom Geoffrey will marry and why. The trouble is that Geoffrey isn’t particularly keen on the idea, and even less so when he meets Adam Heyward, the enigmatic cousin of the lady his father has picked out for him… As Geoffrey says himself: “I have never been taught what I should do if I fell in love with someone of a sex that was not, as I expected it would be, opposite to my own.”

We are all dedicated writers of gay historical fiction and find the past – particularly in light of homosexuality and the way things might have been managed – fascinating to research, explore and write.  Lee specialises in Age of Sail fiction and her two nautical novels “Ransom” and “Winds of Change” have salt in their veins and a real understanding of Nelson’s navy and the men who worked under him. This is Charlie’s first publication but Linden Bay have recognised her talent and have contracted her for more work. My first novel was “Standish” – another Regency – but I have published over 20 short stories and novellas, in many different ages. My second novel, “Transgressions” has been picked up by Perseus Books which bodes well for the genre as a whole, as mainly it’s only been published by smaller publishers. That’s due for publication next Spring.

Please feel free to ask us anything about gay historical romance, our writings, research or whatever and we’ll do our best to answer.

We’ll be giving away a print copy of the book to one lucky commenter, together with various little presents like magnets etc so please don’t be shy!

Thanks for listening

Erastes, Lee Rowan and Charlie Cochrane

C is for Cookie…Except when it’s for Chicken

June 09, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 4 Comments →

My youngest child was born butt-ugly.


It was a difficult pregnancy. I hadn’t managed to gain more than fifteen pounds. (Don’t hate me — I may be the only woman in the history of motherhood to gain weight while breastfeeding). And so, upon entry into the world, my daughter looked rather like a plucked hen. In fact, “Chicken” remains her nickname to this day, some eleven years later. 

In addition to being extremely skinny, Chicken was born jaundiced, which meant most of her was a lovely shade of Big Bird yellow. But only MOST of her, because to cap it all off (please pardon the pun) she also made her entrance into the world with a large hematoma on the top of her skull. In other words, her trip through the play-dough fun factory of life blessed her with a cone-head.


A purple cone-head. A BRIGHT purple cone-head, which did nothing to offset the rubber-ducky tones of her complexion.


(It ain’t easy being green? Try clashing with YOURSELF. Thank goodness she couldn’t focus well enough to see her own reflection.)


What do I remember about Chicken’s birth? Pain, more pain, smiling through gritted teeth as the obstetrics nurse assured me I wasn’t really in labor, going through end-stage transition with no drugs (against my most fervent wishes), pushing while the same (very embarrassed and apologetic) nurse assured me the doctor was on his way, and then…Voila! Beautiful baby girl with my hands, her father’s feet, her aunt’s eyes, and her paternal great-grandmother’s nose.


It was only later, when I looked at the pictures — or better yet, when I saw the video of my daughter’s homecoming and caught the horrified expression on my mother-in-law’s face — that I came to realize I’d given birth to…yes. A butt-ugly baby.


No one was cruel enough to mention her imperfections, which is probably why I remained blissfully unaware till long after her cone-head and jaundice had faded and she’d put on a little weight. Not that I would’ve cared. Chicken was (and still is) everything I’ve ever wanted in a daughter.

What does this have to do with romance fiction? Bear with me.


We’ve all heard writers refer to their stories as their “babies.” But a mother has little control over what her baby looks like when it’s born. That’s up to fate, the circumstances of the birth, and a roll of the genetic dice.


A book is not, in fact, nothing like a baby in this regard. Barring a truly horrible editing experience, the author has significant control over the finished product. Furthermore, once a book has finished its gestation period — gone through early drafts, revisions, a final polish, and then the publisher’s editorial process — and is published, it’s reached its potential. Unlike a baby, the book is all it will ever be and has no opportunity to improve.


My point? While it would have been unkind and fairly pointless to tell me my daughter was an unattractive newborn, an honest and even highly critical review of an author’s book can be a beneficial thing. Why? Because while the author can’t change what’s already on the page, she can use the criticism to create a better product next time.


Imagine if, in my post-birth, highly hormonal state, someone had said to me, “Your kid is skinny, yellow, and has an ugly purple cone-head. Try harder next time, will ya?”


I likely would’ve left them limping.


But if a reviewer or a reader says to me, “Your last book failed to move me. I didn’t understand the characters’ motivations, and the ending felt rushed,” I feel the sting of the rejection…and then I take the golden nugget of constructive criticism and make it work for me next time.


This is why honest, well-intentioned reviews are so important to the romance fiction industry. Authors need carefully considered criticism to improve their work. Readers need reliable reviews to direct their buying habits. Publishers need feedback to set acquisition standards. And none of that has anything to do with anybody’s cooing newborn. This is a business, after all — a point that sometimes gets lost when authors fail to differentiate between themselves and their work.


I am not my writing. When someone doesn’t like my books, it’s not a slur against my intelligence or character. (And in the case of those reviewers who launch personal, spiteful attacks against authors for laughs and blog hits…well, that ultimately says more about their characters than those of the authors they bash, doesn’t it?) Yet who can help but take a bad review just a little bit personally? But if you can swallow that hurt and read a negative review with something approaching objectivity, that’s what could make the difference between feeling insulted and rejected or learning something valuable about your own work.


I wish I could say everything I ever needed to know about publishing I learned on Sesame Street, but here is where the analogy ends. It’s a tough business. We’ve all heard how authors must grow thick skins because Oscar the Grouch and Bert in a bad mood over his lost bottle-cap collection ain’t got nuthin’ on a few of the characters we’ve all run across in the Romancelandia blogosphere.


I think the best an author can do is to cultivate a positive attitude, count her blessings along with her good reviews (One! One four-and-a-half Blue Ribbon reviews!) and remember that when it comes to books and babies, one of these things is NOT like the other.


This message has been brought to you by the letter ‘M’ and the number ’17.’


Welcome Guest Blogger Selah March!!!!

June 09, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 7 Comments →

Happy Monday!!!! It’s already looking like a hot one today and here at the Junkies Blog between the weather and our guest blogger you may want to crank the AC.

Selah March was born, grew up, and continues to reside in the northeastern United States. She holds a degree in English literature and has been writing fiction for several years. A wife and mother of three, she enjoys solitude, long walks after nightfall, and the bracing rigor of a six-month-long winter.


Killing Frost by Sela March


Time-traveler. Cowboy. Assassin. Kit Frost has been all three, and more, but he’s never stooped to slave running, and he doesn’t intend to start now. So he announces when he arrives in a brothel to collect his cargo, only to be handed the drugged body of beautiful Lourdes Carterro. 


But Lourdes isn’t a slave. She’s a trained sexual submissive in thrall to a wealthy and powerful man. Her escape attempt may have failed, but she isn’t so submissive that she’s ready to give up. She’ll use her skills to lull Kit, to make him think she’s weak and easily controlled, and then she’ll find her way to freedom. 


Before long, Kit’s worn leather belt has strapped Lourdes to the bed, and she’s begging for his rough touch. But Kit finds new ways to torture her with pleasure, and soon she wonders … can she run away if running away means leaving Kit behind?




On Friday, June 13, I will randomly choose one winner from all Romance Junkie readers who email me at selahmarch @ (remove spaces) and mention the Romance Junkies blog. The winner will receive a free ARC of “There Came A Killing Frost” in PDF format.

“Writer” Cindi Myers

June 05, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 4 Comments →

Hi, I’m Cindi Myers and I’m a writer. 

Do you think it’s merely coincidence that these sort of introductions sound as if they should take place at a 12-step meeting? While I don’t think of my writing as a destructive disease, I’ll admit it has been a life-changing obsession. And if I happened to mention to strangers that I have people living in my head who talk to me, they would probably take a few steps away.     

When I’m writing a book the idea does begin to take over my life. My characters do talk to me and I think about them much of the time. I talk about them at the dinner table and my husband smiles and nods, the way he would if I went on and on about any other person he’d never met. 

The characters in A Soldier Comes Home certainly moved in and made themselves at home while I was writing the book. I’d be cooking dinner and Chrissie would insist on telling me all the reasons she really couldn’t fall in love with Ray. Falling asleep at night, Ray would pop in to riff on how much harder being a single dad was than he thought it would be.  

The inspiration for A Soldier Comes Home came from a series of newspaper articles that ran in the Rocky Mountain News about the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families. One article featured soldiers who received “Dear John” letters while they were overseas and came home to, in some cases, empty apartments. Reading that article made me so sad. As a writer, I wanted to make the story come out differently. There was another article about Native American soldiers from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. That became the basis for the subplot of the book, and for the free online read that’s running on right now. “Finding Home” is a prequel to A Soldier Comes Home and you can read it at

Being a writer does require the ability to look at the world a little differently, to want to create different endings for situations, and to make imaginary people real. I’m guilty as charged and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So yes, I’m Cindi Myers, and I am a writer. 

P.S. I have a video for A Soldier Comes Home that I’m pretty jazzed about.

You can view it here        

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