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Monthly Blogger CJ England!!

May 30, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 50 Comments →

Hey all,

Thanks to Romance Junkies for allowing me to become a monthly guest blogger.

Eyes Of Fire by CJ EnglandYou’ll see my posts at the end of every month on the 30th.  I love to chat with my readers and I really enjoy spending time at RJ.  And of course, the reviews here are always a treat.                                                                                             .

Today I wanted to remind everyone about my newest book.  As most of you may know, The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire released recently. I’ve already had several wonderful reader reviews where it’s being sold at My Bookstore and More and that means the world to me.

Let me give you a brief blurb…

An ancient prophecy comes to life in an erotic tale of forbidden love.

Talia’s visit home turns upside down when dark, frightening creatures appear seemingly from nowhere and transport her to another world. The faerie world. In this mystical paradise, she finds her life and honor threatened for reasons she does not understand.

When Calion Sáralondë, Prince of the Calen’taur Elves, rescues the human female from an orcan stronghold, his attraction to her is immediate and strong. And the feeling is mutual. Though their love is sardai—taboo—Calion can’t bring himself to send her back to her world. Her presence sets a fire in his soul only mating with her can tame.

And their passion could be the answer to an ancient prophecy that saves his world.

Cool, huh? Wait till you read it! Reviewer and readers alike use words like, “beautiful writing”, “sensational”, “uniquely creative”, and “breathtaking imagery” to describe it.

I’ve also had a few emails asking me where I get my ideas, so I thought it might be interesting to show you where some of the ideas for beyond the faerie myst came from. From dark forests to painted valleys, our own earth holds a myriad of inspirations. Join me now as I take you to Beyond the Faerie Myst…in our own backyard.

forCJMystThe Myst…in the book, the barrier between the human world and the world of the faerie. I got the idea on a cross country trip from Florida to Idaho. We were traveling through North Carolina and suddenly found ourselves in a place beyond time. Something unexplainable happened then. Where it should have only taken us a day or so to get through, it wound up taking us two weeks.
What happened to us during those two weeks? Were we transported beyond the Myst? We never found out, but we’ve never forgotten. And thus, a story is born.

The Valley of Osali…which in the human tongue means “Perfection”. FoCJ Osali
And for those of you who don’t recognize this magnificent place, it is the one and only Yosemite Valley. Painted by the Creator’s brush, it is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

This is the inspiration for the kingdom where Calion and the Calen’taur elves make their home. Filled with serenity, magick and tradition, Yosemite fills all the above requirements.
It is here where the prophecy will come to pass.

For CJ WhisperingfallsWhispering Falls…A Place of love and enchantment. Where Talia and Calion first join together and destiny is fulfilled.
A beautiful place taken from one of the many gorgeous waterfall areas in Northern Oregon and Southern Washington. Each with their own mystery and secrets.

Shimmering lights in the sky point to the Aurora Borealis which sometimes can be seen that far south, and the hidden hot springs, are a nod to the many exquisite places that every traveler should visit just once.

In the book you’ll hear me mention the Forest of Mysyr. It is a dark place, filled with FORCJ Forestheaviness, yet a strange, almost unnatural beauty. I used as my inspiration the rain forest near the coast of Northern California.
I’ve spent many an enjoyable time wandering through these massive giants and I always felt the trees were watching and wondering about me.

It’s that sense of spookiness that I tried to convey in the story,
Eyes of Fire.

Those are just a few of the inspirations for my magical world behind the faerie myst. To learn more about Talia, Calion and their friends and foes, purchase the book and enjoy. And let me know if you recognize any of the other places in the story. It’s all true, you know. Every word. The Myst is real and so are the places beyond the veil.

And remember, when you do purchase The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire, send me a copy of your receipt. I have a great THANK YOU GIFT, just for you! 

And just for you RJ Bloggers, if you leave me a comment about this post, I’ll put you in a drawing for a goodie bag of Eyes of Fire Promo gifts, plus a beautiful dreamcatcher to remind you to always…Follow Your Dreams.

You will have until June 10th to enter.  Make sure you give me your name and email addy in the post so I can contact the winner!

And lastly, please check out my FREE READ blog where you can get a taste of CJ twice a week!!!

Want more of CJ and another FREE READ?  Check out my newsletter…

Hugs and have a wonderful blessed June!!!!

CJ England

Never anger an elf… we have very long memories.


Welcome Guest Blogger C.J. England!!!

May 30, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 2 Comments →

Howdy Romance Junkies!!! It seems like forever since I’ve been here rather than a week. Today we have CJ England joining us. I can’t think of a better way to end the week and the beautiful month of May then with her first monthly column. So look for CJ to be joining us here the 30th of every month.

Sit back, grab a snack or a drink and help Kim and I make CJ feel welcome.  

CJ England credits her passion for writing to her second grade sweetheart, Steven, a blond haired cutie with dimples, who dumped her for a girl who could swing on the monkey bars. She wrote her first story about love and loss after that tragic episode. 

She is a gypsy, due to her curiosity and “itchy feet”, spending time in fourteen countries, and has visited forty-two states in our own. 

Even raising three kids didn’t slow her down. Married to her own personal hottie, Jonathon, who is her inspiration, lover and bestest friend, she plans to travel the world, writing about all the places they visit.

 She is known on the internet as a bestselling, award winning, author who can bring sensuality and romance together in ways that require you keep a fire extinguisher and a box of Kleenex handy.  Described as having ‘innovative story lines’, ‘a whiz at character development’ and ‘quite simply a genius!’, CJ wants her books to spark the imaginations of her readers.  So they will begin to believe anything can happen if you…Follow Your Dreams. 

For more information on CJ and her great books, visit her web site at

or check out her other hangouts… 

Chat Group…
Newsletter Group…
Very Important Reader Group… CJ_England/
My Blog… Space……   

Eyes Of Fire by CJ England  

Promoting the Muse by Emily Veinglory

May 17, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 3 Comments →

I love writing books, I even quite like editing them, I enjoying getting the cover art, and nothing makes me happier than hearing from readers. But promotion?  I was raised to think bragging just wasn’t very nice.  “Hey, here is my book, it’s great, buy it now.  Excuse me while I crawl under thus desk and die.”  New releases are easier.  You are just telling the people that your new book is out.  No big deal, right.  It is a book, and it is out.  You are just pointing to it and going: “Gee, look at that.”  It’s like talking about the weather.  Nice cover art, a chance of sexy scenes changing to an HEA later in the afternoon.


But some books rashly decided to become new releases when I was busy moving countries, changing jobs or, in the case of The Sculptor’s Muse (Loose Id), just being generally clueless.  So I kind of wanted to give this ebook another chance.  I wrote it almost three years ago and I have grown as a writer since then.  But I still feel this novella deserves a few more sales than it gets, near the bottom of my backlist.  The Sculptor’s Muse is about Clarius—a divine, but rather depressed, muse—a spirit of divine inspiration.  He is forbidden to reveal himself directly to any mortal, but Karl is in desperate need.  He is a painter who is struck suddenly blind buy a virus and left adrift in his own life and deserted by most of his friends.  Karl doesn’t need an abstract inspiration, he needs a lover.  But breaking the rules of the muses will have consequences….


So there you go.  I decided that this May I would try and give The Sculptor’s Muse a little extra push before my new releases start coming out.  In June Father of Dragons (Samhain) comes out in print, in July Wolfkin (also Samhain) is released as an ebook.  But dragons and werewolves seem to be an easy sell to the romance reading public.  May is for muses.  Or at least I hope it is.  My attempts to get some free online promo going can be seen on my blog [] and we will see if it had any effect on sales when the royalty statement for May arrives (I will be sure to let everyone know). 

I’m hoping for 20 extra sales as a result of my efforts.  But even if I don’t make that goal I hope to overcome some of my fear of self-promotion.  It comes down to having some faith that there are actually a few people out there that want to know about my book and are more than happy to be told about it.  Because if the book doesn’t create that kind of response in readers no amount of promotion is going to save it!

Welcome Guest Blogger Emily Veinglory !!!!

May 17, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 1 Comment →

Welcome to Saturday!!! Another month ticks away and summer gets closer and closer. Today we have author  Emily Veinglory joining us!! Emily will be discusing her muse and promoting it. It ties very well with her release THE SCULPTER’S MUSE. Not only does it sound fabulous just look at the cover. IT’S GORGEOUS!!


So if you can spare a few precious weekend minutes with us, please help Kim and I welcome Emily to the Romance Junkies Blog!!!

The Sculpter’s Muse be Emily Veinglory


Karl, a young painter, is struck blind almost over night by a merciless virus. Clarius, a jaded muse, is sent to watch over him. Muses are meant to remain an invisible, divine presence–but from the very beginning Clarius knows that this case will be different. Karl does not need abstract inspiration; he needs to be loved, and touched.


But a vindictive female muse and Karl’s insane ex-boyfriend are hunting Clarius down–and the penalty for any muse revealing themselves to a mortal man is death! Clarius must leave the man he loves and the loss may tear them both apart.


New Zealand-born Emily Veinglory began writing her first novel while studying for her PhD. Since then she has continued as a scientist by day and writer by night (and on weekends). Emily writes fantasy and romance often with a dark or paranormal twist, including two fantasy romance novels with Samhain Publishing. She is currently working on a sequel to ‘Father of Dragons’ tentatively entitled ‘Lover of Ghosts’. 

Emily loves to hear from readers via email:


or her blog:

Upside Down by Amie Stuart

May 14, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 7 Comments →

Or taking the ordinary and giving it a good hard twist!  One of the BEST parts about being a writer is, well, that little god-factor. As in, I am. God. I am the god of every universe I create. I get to make people do things, give them a history and sometimes… sometimes my muse even lets me get away with whatever crazy scheme I cook up.  And in my capacity as god of Amieville, (that’s Amie-ville not Amityville, okay?), I’ve had occasion to say in the middle of plotting a book, “Wow, that’d be a hoot! Let’s do it!”  

That’s usually the point where my muse should tell me no, but doesn’t because she’s out drinking or cavorting with unused heroes or something equally insane. In HANDS ON it was blue-collar chicks, a little BDSM and girls kissing each other, in Kink (in the BUILT anthology) it was 1st person from a dude’s point of view and MAKE U SWEAT (September 08) is about female movers! I even created a hero who was a survivor of spousal abuse.  

Then….there was NAILED my June Aphrodisia release. I played with about five or six different scenarios surrounding my hero being a gun-for-hire, and my heroine being a woman in hiding (with a blue collar job), and one of my critique partners said, “He can’t kill someone on the page. The readers won’t like that.” Keeping in mind she’s often the voice of reason*, this particular time I listened.   And I said in reply, “Hey wouldn’t it be cool/funny/crazy/a complete gas if he was the black sheep because he WOULDN’T kill people?” And Raine said, “Yeah! Do it, DO IT!”   And we laughed…a LOT! Because we thought we were terribly clever and funny.  

So I did it. I made my hero the bane of his father’s existence because he won’t kill; I made my heroine a peeping tom. The one person who is initially a thorn in my heroine’s side later becomes a great good friend (and helps save her skin) and then I jambed my hero’s brother up by making him unable to lie. It’s all in a day’s work, but sometimes being god of the universe can make you reckless…Such as with a hero who can’t lie. WHAT was I thinking? Because, you see, some rather wise writerly person once said, “If you introduce a gun in the first act, you have to use it by the end of the book.” Well I definitely introduced a gun in NAILED, and I had to “use it” in SCREWED …or rather, give the reader a good reason for my hero’s inability to lie. Don’t worry, I found one, but to see how THAT turns out, you’ll have to wait until next March. 😉 

I hope you enjoy Wynn, Bonnie,Clyde and the rest of the crazy-fun cast that makes up NAILED as much as I did!  


*Raine is often the voice of reason but in SCREWED (which is actually two novellas Screwed and Hooked) I did indeed pull the trigger–twice. 



HANDS ON ~ Now Available from Aphrodisia ROPER’S RULE ~ Cobblestone Press May 08

NAILED ~ Aphrodisia June 08

MAKE U SWEAT ~ Aphrodisia September 08

SCREWED ~ Aphrodisia March 09

Welcome Guest Blogger Amie Stuart!!!!!

May 14, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 7 Comments →

Happy Hump Day and what an appropriately titled novel for us to be discussing. NAILED by Amie Stuart hits the Shelves on May 27th.

Seriously speaking,  joining us today is Amie Stuart and if the cover is any indication about this story’s heat level it should be smoking hot.

So please help Kim and I welcome Amie to the Junkies Blog!!

Growing up, Amie wanted to be a lawyer and a psychology. Obviously, she’s seen the error of her ways. Being a writer is so much more fun! She’s the last of a dying breed, a native Texan, and still make her home where cowboys and music (her other two loves) abound.

Nailed by Amie Stuart 

Late Night

As resident fix-it girl for an apartment complex in a tiny Texas town, Bonnie James makes enough money to pay the bills and have a little fun on the side. She likes checking out the other tenants and sometimes indulges in her own sexual fantasies by watching them late at night. It’s exciting, it’s erotic, and it always leaves her ready and willing for more.

Turn On

When you’re a bounty hunter, late night stake-outs are part of the job. So Wynn Collier should be concentrating on his own business, not watching a Peeping Tom with the sweetest body west of the Mississippi. But he’s a hot-blooded male on a hot Texas night and he can’t resist the chance to investigate every one of her delectable curves.

Goes on sale May 27

Dream of a Series by Taige Crenshaw

May 13, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 9 Comments →

I was talking the other day about dreams giving me some of my idea for my books. Dreams are indeed powerful. I’ve been known to dream of an outfit I want and then wake and make it. I love to sew. I also love to cook and have been know to dream of delicious dishes and then get up and make them. Yeah I dream of food. LOL.  

Thinking of the dreams I’ve had It got me to thinking of one of my series that came from a dream. My Rarities Incorporated series came from a dream. Let me take you inside my dream that became my Rarities Incorporated series.   

It was a dark cold night when I dreamed…. nah that’s not how it happened. Hey what can I say I’m a writer and kinda quirky. {Grin}. Here how it really happened. 

 I was in a deep sleep minding my own business when all of a sudden I found myself sitting at this table with a bunch of women. Each proceeded to introduce themselves. I was confused but let them have there way. When they were done the first one to introduce herself Zarya Burke lifted her hand and I was floating in the air. I rolled my eyes and told her to get to the point. The women looked at each other and laughed with me. They lowered me back to my chair and told me of a race called Zuri Maji. They told me of what they were and all they could do. That they had many stories to be told and would tell me more as needed.  

I jerked awake and I had goose bumps. I ran to my desk and took pen and paper and wrote all I had been told. The women I had met in my dream are the women who were the owner of Rarities Incorporated which appears in my series. Each woman was distinct and I wanted to get what I had gotten from them down clearly. Once I was done writing I had books of information waiting for the first story to come to me.  

Fast forward months later and again I was asleep and a Rarities Incorporated story came to me. It unfolded in a cinematic movie I went through all the steps the heroine and hero did. It happened at Christmas and in where I was originally born. Besides the Zuri Maji it had a race of beings that were both unique and beautiful. Again I woke revived and went to write furiously. Veils Rising took form and when done I was pleased and a story in Rarities Incorporated was started.  

When an opportunity came up for me to be a part of a special theme with EC my publisher I was racking my brain on what to write it on. Again another dream and I was met by the women who were in charge of Rarities Incorporated at the table we had sat at before. They let me know the first story I had written was out of order in which the stories needed to be told and I needed to fix it. Then they sent me on my way to the adventure which became Golden Seduction. As I entered the dream of Golden Seduction I met my heroine who is an ultimate geek more comfortable with computers than people. When a man comes out of a tarot card she is confused but not shocked. She works Rarities Incorporated, a place with many beings. When she hears his plight she doesn’t think she can help him she is not athletic and more adapt at books. Yet the hero has fate in her and knows he needs her. She steps up and they have an adventure which shows the sense of hope and sensuality. The hope of the hero and heroine. The sensuality of their love story that touched many emotions. After I woke I wrote furiously.  

Before I could even digest the story another dream came to me the next night. Shadow Dane featured a heroine who was tackle charge and knew what she wanted. A hero who has seen to much and trusts even less. His control is shredded by her and she wants him but not all the strings he offers. They find common ground. Have an adventure that led’s them to secrets and so much more. It was intense, exhilarating and sexy. Upon waking I was torn between which to write first. The two stories happened during the same time frame so it really didn’t matter. I wrote Golden Seduction then after it was done immediately wrote Shadow Dance.  While I wrote them I didn’t dream of anything but the stories. After they were complete I found myself once again at the table with the women who run Rarities Incorporated. They were pleased with what I had done and couldn’t wait to meet the world.  They sent me off and said be ready for my next adventure soon.  

They were right. Since then I have had many adventures in the Rarities Incorporated world and each one revels more and more. Besides the Zuri Maji there are many races I get to explore. I enjoy each adventure and imagine it all started with a dream. 

A dream of a series.

Welcome Guest Blogger Taige Crenshaw!!!

May 13, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Latest News 1 Comment →

Hello Romance Junkies Fans!!

It’s Tuesday and we have a week packed with authors.

Today we are joined by Taige Crenshaw. I can tell you that I have enjoyed her Rarities Incorporated Series and I’m thrilled that she is here with us today to share how it came about.

So sit back and enjoy a glimpse at Taige and the Rarities Series and then stay tuned for her blog about the series’ conception.

 Rarities Incorporated by Taige Crenshaw

Rarities Incorporated 

Rarities Incorporated is the premier research agency to approach if you need to retrieve a lost item- from anyplace in the human or supernatural worlds. 

Taige Crenshaw has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book.  It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance.  

With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s.  

Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people  and far reaches of the world in her novels. Taige is an multi-published author with books available at Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books and Total-E-Bound.

Check out Taige these places below. 

Website: (website)
Blog: (blog)
Chat Group:


Free Reads Site:  


Welcome Guest Blogger Kathryn Shay!!!

May 12, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 14 Comments →

It’s Monday and lucky for us we have Author Kathryn Shay joining us. Sit back and enjoy this blog from Kathryn and comment away I hear she is giving book away today. 


Hello, Romance Junkies.


I love the name of this site! I, too, am a romance junkie and proud of it! 

First, a bit about me.  I’m Kathryn Shay and I write for Harlequin SuperRomance and The Berkley Publishing Group. I have twenty-books out for Super and ten for Berkley.  I’ve been a writer all my life, though my chosen profession was teaching high school English. Now, I’m a full time author.  I have a wonderful hero of a husband, two terrific kids and some very good friends.


I’m here today to talk about my current release, TAKING THE HEAT.  The book is about widower Liam O’Neil who lost his wife three years ago to cancer and is ready to date again. He meets Sophie Tyler, rough and tumble female firefighter from New York City, and is attracted to her. But his sons are still suffering over the loss of their mother and Liam feels he can’t risk getting involved with someone in a dangerous profession.  Too bad, though, because they can’t help themselves and sparks fly, emotionally, physically and on the line.


Two questions that the book deals with might be of interest to you. First, can people from totally different worlds find common ground and build a life together?  This is one of the themes of the book. Liam is a staid, salt-of-the-earth cook at his family’s pub. He’s just an ordinary guy trying to make his way after the death of his wife three years ago and the subsequent difficulties with his boys, primarily the younger one, little Mikey.  But Liam’s ready to date again; he just didn’t think it would be with an FDNY firefighter. But when Sophie joins her station house group at the pub most mornings for breakfast, she’s attracted to Liam.  Their entire orientation is different, their jobs couldn’t be further apart and even their world view is at odds.  So how are they going to get together? Since this is a romance, you know they do. But, boy, is it a rocky road, and the times they are apart are excruciating for the characters, for me as a writer, and I’ll bet for you as a reader.  For me personally, an opposites-attract relationship has been an issue. My husband and I are very different, and have been since we married over thirty years ago.  He likes different things, has different views on raising the kids, and sometimes simply doesn’t understand me! But we’ve managed to work it out, compromising and giving in to each other when necessary.  And you know what? I love that he’s different. He’s really interesting to me after all these years.  Do you all think opposites can make it work? Any personal experiences to share?


The second question the book raises is how much responsibility does a parent have to his kids when it means giving up something very important in his life?  Seven-year-old Mikey is depressed and fearful, even three years after his mother died. So is teenager Cleary, though he hides it behind adolescent bravado.  When Sophie comes into their world, Mike is afraid of what she does for a living and worries about her all the time. Cleary is irritable about her relationship with his father.  (By the way, some of the best scenes of the book are with these guys. Oh, other than the hot sex between Liam and Sophie. J)  Liam himself is tortured about what to do: should he accept a woman into their lives who routinely walks into burning buildings?  Again, this is an issue I’ve struggled with raising two kids. How do you balance your own needs and desires with theirs?  I do believe in sacrificing for my children, and have done it, but I’m not sure a person should give up his dreams for them. What do you think?


I’ll be back to check to see what you’re all thinking about these questions and my work. And I’ll be giving away a book, too.


Till then,

Kathy Shay

Sisters in Romance by Kimber Chin

May 08, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Latest News 9 Comments →

With Mother’s Day coming up, I was thinking about all the important women in my life.  Two of these women are my sisters, both younger than myself, both very different, yet we’re all similar enough that complete strangers recognize us as being related.


Our romance heroines also often have sisters.  I’m not a fan of the evil sister/stepsister phenom (maybe because I fear being nominated in real life for that role).  On the other hand, I don’t believe in “perfect” sister relationships either (we grew up pulling each other’s hair, how could it be perfect?). 

The great sister relationships in romance are more complex.  Lillian and Daisy Bowman from Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflower series are two of my favorites.  Both women have a shared childhood and many characteristics in common, including loving hearts and a tendency to play rounders in their knickers.  They are also two very different people.  Lillian, the elder, is quite bossy and controlling (being an elder sister, I’ll admit to being quite bossy and controlling).  Daisy, the youngest, is a bit of a dreamer and a tad bit sheltered (as my sisters may be reading this, I won’t say whether this applies to them – let’s just say it COULD happen).  They love each other and the men loving them face the additional hurdle of convincing over protective sisters that they’re ‘good enough.’


In my first novel, Breach Of Trust, Anne, the heroine, has a complicated relationship with her younger sister Ginny.  They were assigned labels growing up, as many children are, that they struggle to move past in adulthood.  Anne is the smart sister.  Ginny is the pretty sister. 

I cheated a bit, grounding it in my own experience (sans the drama – my life isn’t that exciting).  I was always labeled the smart sister.  Like Anne, I don’t think it was because I was more intelligent.  I believe it was because I had brunette hair while my two sisters had gorgeous golden red locks (that curled and bounced around their shoulders while mine sat on my head like some dead rodent).  It wasn’t all that bad.  I worked harder in school and in life to prove this tag correct.  Anne did the same.  It contributed to our successes.


So who are your favorite fictional sisters?  What do you love about them?  What makes them special?  One lucky commenter will receive an eBook copy of my first ever novel Breach Of Trust.               

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