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Sexual Sacrament by Angela Caperton

April 30, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 5 Comments →

I believe that sex is a sacrament.

Even casual sex can give us a glimpse of the divine, but sex between two people who love each other deeply is a transcendent experience that takes us out of our own skin and into a realm of sensual communion that surpasses all others. Even if you dismiss the mystical reasons why this might be so, you are left with a fascinating web of biology and pheromones more intoxicating than a lotus’ kiss.

Whatever your belief, sex has a meaning.

It is a magic anyone can cast, practical and liberating.  It is a worship of our senses, our creator’s gifts, and testament to the blessings of life itself.

Good sex turns flesh into energy and melds two (or more) conscious spirits into one.

This is a theme I find myself returning to constantly in my writing.  In a way, nearly everything I write is about the sacred nature of sex, and I strongly suspect that will always be the case.

In my award winning erotic fantasy Woman of the Mountain, I created a world where sex is not just intrinsic to life and happiness; it is the core of the dominant belief system in the culture of a realm.  The story centers on the heroine, Adita, the high priestess to the goddess Zenthe, a deity who represents the very essence of sexual pleasure and the overwhelming power of love.  In the story, Adita must fulfill her obligations to Zenthe, but must also contend with a jealous rival, the growing threat of a patriarchal religious movement that seeks to overthrow Zenthe’s influence, and her own forbidden desire for her Captain of the Guard, Casmin.

I aimed to create a world where sexuality is sacred, not only in rite or doctrine, but as an unfettered and freely expressed expression of every element of life.

Sex is powerful magic. When it is mated with heart-filled desire and a love powerful enough to challenge destiny the earth moves…

Now you know my views of sexual sacrament.  What do you think about sexuality and the divine?


To learn more about Woman of the Mountain – the 2008 EPPIE Winner for Best Erotica – or any of my other works, visit my website at or visit my blog for all current events and also a lot of eclectic fun!  My blog is at

Welcome Guest Blogger Angela Caperton!!!!

April 30, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Latest News No Comments →

Happy Wednesday Romance Junkies. It looks as though another month of 2008 has come to an end. Slowly we creep toward Summer. When the temperatures rise and I find that I read more and more. IMO there’s nothing better than the lazy days of Summer where life slows down some and I can sit by the pool and read.

Joining us today is Angela Caperton and I mentioned Summer reading beacuse it’s the time of the year that I get the chance to discover and enjoy authors who are new to me. Angela falls into this catagorey for me so I’m glad she’s joining us to day and sharing her thoughts and her novel WOMAN OF THE MOUNTAIN. So Sit back enjoy and see if you can add one more TBR author to your Summer reading list as well.

Born in Virginia and later raised on a sailboat, Angela Caperton has traveled extensively and has grown up to appreciate the world in all its forms.  Always looking for the next adventure, she continues to travel as fate permits and writes fantasy and erotica to keep her wanderlust in check.  Currently she has three works available, Inspiration, an erotic novella set in Renaissance Florence, her erotic fantasy and 2008 EPPIE Winner, Woman of the Mountain, and her erotic fairy tale, The Passions of Pearl.

Womanof the Mountain by Angela Caperton

 The fate of Corsinium depends upon Adita’s passion.
Within her mountain temple, Adita, High Priestess of the goddess Zenthe, presides over orgiastic rites of love and desire…
Only the most brave suitors dare approach her, for failure to please the High Priestess can only end in tragedy.  As land and people suffer from droughts, floods and war, Adita must find the a way to lift Zenthe’s sorrow, even if it means sacrificing her own desires to serve her beloved goddess, and all Corsinium.
Casmin’s destiny had always been to serve Zenthe.  Now as Captain of the temple guard, Casmin must balance his forbidden love for Adita, the deadly allure of the First Priestess and the growing threat of the rival god Kahmudj.
When all the forces of deity and love converge, it takes all Adita’s will, Casmin’s strength, and an erotic rite powerful enough to shake creation itself to spare Corsinium a cataclysmic end…


The Magical Waters of Bath, England by Dorothy McFalls

April 28, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 12 Comments →

Image a moonlit night in Bath, England…a devilishly handsome rake dressed in his finest black and white suit…a public bath in the middle of the city with mist gently rising off the dark waters. 

A whispered dare is glibly given.


And a lovely but painfully proper Regency lady on the verge of spinsterhood accepts the challenge and jumps at the chance to taste freedom for the first time in her life. She wiggles out of her gown, and jumps—literally jumps—into hot water.



That’s exactly what happens in Cerridwen Press’s historical romance, LADY IONA’S REBELLION (June 2007).


But Lady Iona isn’t the first to toss aside her inhibitions and put her fate in the hands of Bath’s mystical waters. According to archeological evidence, the natural hot springs located in the Avon Valley have captured man’s imagination since prehistoric hunters chased game through the emerald-colored wooded hills. Revered as sacred by every civilization to inhabit the area, these springs have played a major role in shaping the development of the City of Bath.


Rainwater flowing into the Avon Valley from the surrounding hills sink deep into the earth’s crust through a fault line that runs beneath the City of Bath. The water takes some 6,000 years to make its journey and be forced back up to the surface through fissures in the limestone crust. The ancient rainwater is now rust colored and steaming with heat as it bubbles up from one of Bath’s three springs. It’s also teeming with more than forty minerals, including calcium, sodium, and iron, which gives the water its distinctive ruddy color and bitter flavor.


The largest of the three springs, the Sacred Spring, pumps around 250,000 gallons of water per day and reaches an average temperature of 115º F (46º C). This spring supplies the public King’s Bath where our daring heroine agreed to take the midnight dip that changed her life..


There’s a long history of people’s lives being forever changed for the better when bathing in the mystical hot springs.


The most well known (and fanciful) is the legend of Bladud, father to King Lear. Once heir to the throne, Bladud was banished from his home and forced to make his way as a swineherd after he contracted leprosy. Life as he knew it was in ruins. And to make matters worse, soon his pigs, too, fell victim to the highly contagious disease. But one day Bladud happened upon a lush valley where his pigs wallowed in the warm, oozy mud of the springs. The swine were miraculously cured. Bladud tested the waters himself and discovered that the hot, ruddy red spring waters indeed had the ability to cure leprosy. A new man, he returned to his father’s lands to claim is rightful place as king and immediately moved his court to Bath to build his capital.


Though Bladud’s tale of how he discovered the beneficial spring waters was wildly popular during the Regency period, the curative properties of these waters were well known by the ancient Celtics, who for more than 2,000 years tossed coins into the springs as offerings to Sulis, the life-giving mother goddess of the hot spring who guarded the connection between the sunlit world and the Otherworld.


When the Romans invaded in 43 AD, they merged Celtic beliefs with their own, as was typical of the Romans at that time. And created a new deity that was a hybrid of the Celtic goddess and their own Minerva. To celebrate this new goddess, Sulis Minerva, the goddess of the springs as well as the Roman goddess of healing and wisdom, they built an elaborate bath and temple complex.


A large city grew up around the spa and temples, and the Romans bathed in the restorative waters. Like the Celtics before them, they tossed gold, silver, bronze, and brass coins, jewelry, engraved gemstones, and metal vessels into the pool of water as offerings to Sulis Minerva. And they carved curses onto lead sheets called defixiones imploring the goddess to make sure terrible things befell those who wronged them in some way.


When the Romans retreated in the 5th century, the town and its monuments were nearly completely destroyed by repeated attacks by Saxon raiders. By the 10th century most of the Roman buildings and street patterns were gone. A new town had begun to develop around the sacred springs again, beginning with an Anglo-Saxon monastery built near the steaming waters. The town, now called Bath for the first time, was again catching the attention of the powerful and elite.


During the Elizabethan and Georgian periods, royalty and the aristocracy descended on the city in the summer to take advantage of the curative waters for a wide range of ailments including rheumatism, paralysis, gout, and barrenness in women.


Of course a degree of propriety had to be upheld at all times. Bathers wore heavy costumes that would cover the body from neck to ankle. And men were expected to keep to one side of the bath and women to the other.


The popularity of Bath diminished during the Regency period. The Regent (George IV) favored the seaside city of Brighton. And where the Regent went, society followed. Yet a small number of aristocrats still made their way to the quaint city in the Avon Valley every summer, hoping to find their own miracles in the steamy waters of Bath.


Award winning Regency and romantic suspense author, Dorothy McFalls, hopes readers will give her dive into her historical romance releases, including LADY IONA’S REBELLION from Cerridwen Press and LADY SOPHIE’S MIDNIGHT SEDUCTION from Whispers Publishing.  Look for reviews, excerpts, and short stories at Dorothy’s website:

**CONTEST: Comment on this blog and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win an ebook copy of LADY IONA’S REBELLION.  Good luck!**

Starstruck by Mechele Armstrong

April 25, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 21 Comments →

Last week, I went to the Romantic Times Convention.  I had a blast and I learned a lot from going to panels and listening to people talk. 

There are a couple of things I don’t think I’ll ever get over being excited about.  And actually, I hope I don’t. 

One of those things is seeing authors I admire.  I have been a reader since I could sound out words.  My mother read to me long before that.  Put me in a room full of books and I’m a happy woman.  When I don’t have anything to read, I’ll read the back of cereal boxes, packets, anything I can.  So needless to say, yes, seeing authors that I read renders me a squealful, joyful fan.  At the Saturday book signing, I was two spots down from Kelly Armstrong.  I got to see SL Carpenter and Sahara Kelly.  I got hugs from both and *squeals* books signed.  Yes, Megan Hart signed Tempted for me.  Yes, I stalked her.  Didn’t get to stalk Lauren Dane as much as I would have liked but maybe next time. 

I think I might faint if I ever get the chance to meet Stephen King.   

The other thing that I get overjoyed about is people coming up to me and saying, “I read you and I love your stories.”  Do you know how much I want to just grab that person in a hug and thank them like a babbling idiot?  I’m still in awe that I’m doing something I love and people are reading.  I try not to babble like an idiot but I’m sure I do.  People were excited to find out I had Settler’s Mine 3: The Woman coming out the Tuesday after RT was over.  How neat is that?   

I’m sure because I’m so excited over meeting authors is one reason that meeting my own fans means so much to me.  Truly, if you ever wonder how much an author appreciates notes and seeing fans, they do. I can’t even put into words just how much that means to me.  I love hearing from and seeing fans. And I know I always will. Because I will always be a fan myself of other authors.  Contest: Name an author who will make you faint in the comments and I’ll buy you a copy of one of their books (within reason, no out of print copies that cost like 1000 dollars on Ebay but anything current and available in ebook, mass market, and trade paperback).  

Welcome Guest Blogger Mechele Armstrong!!!

April 25, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 5 Comments →

Happy Friday!!!

Today we are joined by Mechele Armstrong and she just got back from the ROMANTIC TIMES Convention. Mechele will be sharing her adventures with us and offereing up a prize to on lucky poster. So come and start the weekend off right and help us welcome Mechele to the Junkies Blog.


Growing up, I had a vivid imagination with lots of imaginary playmates and stuffed animals to keep me company. I even had crayon box adventures where the colors had a kingdom and tales to tell. And who says pink is a girl color? In my world, he was a prince.

From the time I could form my letters, this translated into fancifal writings from poems on eye shadow (I was six) to a story about an Island world I created with animals and people. Writing was something I always did.

But it never clicked. I drifted in and out of genres, mystery, animal stories, thrillers, toying with it, playing at it. I would finish some projects and store them away. It never occurred to me that this pastime could be my life’s passion if I let it. Until my world collided with rediscovery.

As a teenager, I devoured books, especially romances but drifted out of the genre as an adult. On a weekend trip to the beach, I read four romance novels. I had a flash of inspiration. I could write these! Romance was where my heart lay. Within six weeks I had written my first romance novel.

I went back and revamped a thriller that I had written a few years before, making it a romance. And I became serious about my craft, trying to soak in all I could about writing. I began to write on a roleplay loop and the practice has been invaluable. I’ve cut my teeth there and learned what works in writing and what doesn’t. And I’ve finally accepted who I am. A storyteller at heart, be it tales told to my children, an erotic piece about lovers or about a vampire looking for love.

So come with me and take a journey where just like in my crayon box, things aren’t always what they seem.

The Woman by Mechele Armstrong


Book Link:
 my website link:

 Tam and Jax are perfectly hot and happy with each other, despite their rare male pair bonding.  Until Tam starts having visions and feels the need to go to Settler’s Mine.  Why is a puzzle as they already have their heartstones. 

There they meet Kiann, and once they do, their lives will never be the same, especially once she finds her heartstone and it glows in response to theirs. 

They can’t believe a woman is their third mate, even if they both feel mind numbing attraction for her. The first attraction they’ve felt for any woman.  Jax refuses to accept the mating while Tam keeps an open mind. 

But Kiann is not just any woman. She’s the denied heir to the throne of Ebolia. 

Even before her stepbrother, who stepped in to rule for her while she was young, learns that she not only has a heartstone, but mates, he’ll do anything to hold onto the throne. 

It’s a race to see if desire will make Jax finally accept his destiny with Kiann, or her stepbrother will get to her first, with Tam as the bridge between the two reluctant mates.   

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs by Michele Hauf

April 24, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 15 Comments →

Sorta, kinda, literally in my latest release, RACING THE MOON, which debuts the new Nocturne Bites eBook short story line on May 1st.  There is much rain in the story.  And there is a cat.  And well, not a dog, but a wolf. 

      A werewolf, to be exact.  This quick read (about an hour to read the whole thing) is my first foray into the wild and alpha world of werewolves.  I have to admit, I’ve not been keen on werewolves until recently.  I think it has to do with my very real fear of dogs.  I was bitten as a child, and chased a couple times as an adult.  So while I don’t hate them, I am just very unsure around dogs (of all sizes) and try my best to walk a wide circle around them.

      Until now, I’ve written about vampires and witches in my Bewitch the Dark series.  But the BTD world is populated with all sorts, including werewolves, faeries, familiars, demons and others.  So when my editor asked me to write a story for this new line, I figured it great opportunity to explore a paranormal creature I had always wondered about.  And what better match for a werewolf than a shapeshifting cat familiar? 

      My own cats (Sebastian and Toast) are not afraid of dogs at all, and Sebastian has been known to smack a dog three times his size on the nose if it gets out of line.  So I had some great examples to model my heroine after.  She is a feline who can stand up to anything the big bad werewolf had to offer.  Did I gain a new respect for canines after writing RACING THE MOON?  I’m still not sure about dogs, but wolves are gorgeous creatures that I’ve developed a newfound love for.

      So what about you?  Are you a cat or dog person?  Can you be both?  If you’re a dog lover, does that automatically equate to being a wolf lover as well?  What is it about werewolves that make them so sexy?  And if the gauntlet were thrown down between a werewolf and vampire, who do you think would be the last one standing?

For more info about RACING THE MOON, and to read the first chapter, stop by my website at:

I don’t have copies of the short story available yet, but I’ve love to give away a signed copy of my latest vampire release, KISS ME DEADLY to one lucky commentor!


Welcome Guest Blogger Michele Hauf!!!

April 24, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 2 Comments →

HAPPY  THURSDAY!!! Today we are joined by author Michele Hauf as she discusses the paranormal genre and her upcoming release RACINGTHE MOON. Known for her vampires and her witches this new novel allows her to stretch her wings a bit.

Join us as we welcome Michele to the Junkies blog.

Michele Hauf writes paranormal romance, action/adventure, fantasy and
historical romance. If it’s got action, a kick-butt heroine, and the
occasional vampire, she is so there. Her 16th full-length novel, HIS
FORGOTTEN FOREVER, is out this July from Nocturne.

Racing the Moon Michele Hauf

Dean Maverick, werewolf, is racing against the full moon when his
truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A sexy female mechanic named
Sunday assesses the damage, and Dean. Sparks crackle between the two of
them; they cannot hide their attraction to one another.

It’ll take a day for parts to arrive; Sunday offers the spare
bedroom above her shop for him to stay the night. Dean doesn’t have a day,
or even a few hours. When the full moon is high in the sky, his inner wolf
will emerge, unless he can appease it beforehand with sex.

Being a familiar isn’t easy for Sunday, sex is a conduit for
demons to enter the mortal realm. Most familiars can control this power,
but Sunday can’t. Every time she climaxes, a demon bridges to this realm,
and they’re not always friendly. But she can’t deny the feral need to help
slake Dean’s lust. And keeping the wolf at bay will see her safe from an
attack, wolves don’t like cats.

Can a cat and wolf get beyond their prejudices and overcome
their own problems to bring the wolf to a howling submission?

Welcome Guest Blogger Elena Dorothy Bowman!!!

April 22, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News No Comments →

Well it’s Tuesday and the month of April is slowly slipping away. I can’t believe May is almost here. And just as this month comes to an end so does the LEGACY SERIES by Elena Dorothy Bowman.

She’s joining us today to share a little about herself and this last installment entitled ADAMS POINT. Please help us make her feel welcome and feel free to ask any questions you might have for her here in the comment section of the blog.

I am an author who writes in several genres including: futuristic
science fiction, and mystery romance novels that have a touch of the
paranormal running through them. My early interest in space and working
in the space industry had captured my imagination and was instrumental
in writing my first novel in The Sarah’s Landing Series — Sarah’s

The first book in the series was published in
hardcover, soft-cover, e-book and as an audio book. The audio book won
the APA award for one of the best audio books in 2001. All four books
have now been contracted for and released in ebook format by Write
Words, Inc., and is expected to be released in print by
their imprint Cambridge Books sometime in 2008.

When the series was completed, I thought about writing a mystery novel.
The mystery novel turned out to be a Romantic Suspense/ Mystery/Thriller
with a touch of the paranormal. It surprised me to say the least. I
didn’t know I could write in that genre. That novel, which turned out to
be the first in a series, has now been published, by Write Words,, as an e-book, and in print by Cambridge Books.

The second and third books in the series have also been released as ebooks,
with the second book now in print and the third recently released in
print. There are seven other books which been released as ebooks and
they, too, will be in print eventually, four of which are part of the
Sarah’s Landing Series, and the other three are stand alone novels.
I am a former aerospace software engineer, an Honors graduate of
Fitchburg College earning a BS Degree in Engineering and Management. I
also serve as an officer in the Massachusetts Chapter of the National
League of American PenWomen. The mother of four, and grandmother of one,
I live in Chelmsford, MA with my husband and two daughters. My two sons
have their own homes.

More about all of my novels, excepts and reviews can be read on my
website: or


Adams Point
Write Words, Inc., imprint Cambridge Books
ISBN# 1-59431-452-7

 Adams Point ED Bowman

The third and final episode begins with Ethan’s return to Adams Point
after taking some of the guests to Caleb’s Cove in order to lesson the
danger that might engulf them. After the disappearances of the
McCutcheons and the Holms, he thought it was a wise move to make until
he could unravel the mystery of their disappearances. He was in a hurry
to return to the Point because he didn’t like leaving Abigail alone. It
wasn’t that he didn’t trust the people he left her with. He didn’t trust
the house. It tried to make her a part of it before, not once but twice,
and he wasn’t about to let it happen again. He knew she wasn’t really
alone there were three other couples with her along with Tony who would
never let anything happen to her. Still, he wasn’t there and he wanted
to get back to her as quickly as he could. He knew the strange
happenings and disappearances of two couples from the Inn had really
shaken his remaining guests. Even if they didn’t leave with the others
who were quick to take Ethan up on his offer, they were still unnerved.
They had decided to stay with Ethan, Abigail and Tony instead of going
aboard the Abigail for a half-hour sail to the small village of Caleb’s
Cove and what was considered safety.

The Great Bottom Spread Caper by Shelley Munro

April 17, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 4 Comments →

What they don’t tell you when you start writing…


One of the most common questions people ask me during an interview situation is about my advice for aspiring writers. What tips would I give to anyone starting out writing?


Aside from the advice to read, read and read some more and to sit down and write, my best tip is to exercise on a regular basis, because writing and all the sitting involved during the writing of a book, leads to bottom spread.


Yes, sadly true….take it from one who knows. It even bears repeating. Beware the dratted bottom spread.


“Exercise?” you cry. “I don’t have time to exercise.”


Yes, I can hear your words of disbelief echoing around the globe now.


The thing is, bottom spread is insidious. It creeps up on a writer and suddenly…wham! Shaking head. It’s not a pretty sight.


Luckily I have a solution to halt bottom spread. One word, and no, it’s not a dirty one.




I’m all about multi-tasking whenever possible so here are some ways to add exercise to your routine without too many radical changes.


  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  2. Park your vehicle in one central place and walk to different shops/destinations to complete your chores.
  3. Walk your children to school instead of driving them.
  4. Go for a walk after dinner. Take your children and husband with you and make it into family time.
  5. Explore some of the National and State parks during weekends and holidays.
  6. Walk barefoot on the beach.
  7. Take the dog for a walk.
  8. Do the housework – not my personal favorite, but I’m just laying out all the options!
  9. Go dancing or put on some music at home and shake your groove thing.
  10. Use that gym membership.
  11. Drag the old bike out of storage.
  12. Take up a new sport.
  13. Try gardening – grow your own flowers and vegetables.
  14. Fancy a swim? My local pool has water aerobics, which actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Swim or walk up and down the pool.


As well as a great way to combat weight gain, regular exercise helps with concentration. It gives you time to think about your characters and plot. Yes, it’s that multi-tasking thing again. Exercising is me-time and although you mightn’t think so at first, it’s also fun. So get to it! Sweat those toxins out and you’ll find you’ll feel better. You might even live longer and gain in self-confidence. And above all, you’ll stop that nasty bottom spread!


What do you think about exercise? Do you like it or hate it? Do you exercise? Pssst – do you suffer from the dreaded bottom spread?

  Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand and loves to write. She was horrified to discover the truth about bottom spread and has worked hard to combat said problem ever since. Shelley likes walking the dog and cycling but hates housework. Her most recent release is Wanderlust, a contemporary tale of travel through India. It combines all of Shelley’s favorite things: exotic location, love, and lashings of intrigue and murder. Wanderlust is available from Cerridwen Press on 17 April—today. You can visit Shelley’s website at

Welcome Guest Blogger Shelley Munro!!!!!

April 17, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News No Comments →

Happy Thursday!!! Today we welcome Shelley Munro.

She’ll be warning us about the pitfall of writing and the effect of sitting on an author as well as sharing her recent release WANDERLUST.

So grab a beverage and join us in welcoming Shelley to the Junkies blog today. 

Wanderlust by Shelley Munro 


Shelley Munro

Not many people live their dream, but I’ve been incredibly lucky. I’m Anna Tietjens, and I work as a tour leader for Wanderlust Adventures.

My current tour is through incredible India. It should be a breeze, except my younger sister is joining in New Delhi. Things are not exactly civil between us—a childhood full of upheaval didn’t help—and our parents have insisted she travel with me or not at all. I see fun times ahead. Now my boyfriend has turned up without warning. Don’t get me wrong. I really like Sebastian Brady. The sex is good, spectacular even, but meeting a few times a year is enough. I mean I’m not looking for love or happy ever after.

But worst of all is the bad luck I’ve been having recently. One of my passengers died in Syria, and now it looks like my co-driver might have to leave the tour. Despite the exotic location, it’s not exactly smooth sailing, and I’m starting to think someone is out to halt the tour…

Here’s the buy link:

My website link:

And my blog link:

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