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Sometimes We All Need a Do Over by Sami Lee

March 28, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 11 Comments →

One of the reasons I write is because human behaviour fascinates me. Why do people make the choices they make? How do they deal with the consequences if life doesn’t lead them where they expected? What would happen if they could go back and ‘do over’ parts of their lives? Would they be happier, or would they end up back in the same place with the same problems? 

We all have those moments in life that make us wonder. If we had done this or that differently, how would our lives have turned out? We’ll never know the answer, but asking the question is part of what makes us human. I like putting my characters in situations that force them to make a big choice, the kind of decision that could change the course of the rest of their lives. We don’t always recognise these moments when they happen, but I like my characters to be aware of the import of their actions and to watch them have the inevitable trouble dealing with the pressure. 

In my first print release with Samhain Publishing, Born Again Virgin, Kelsey Simmons thinks she knows what Mr Right looks like. She thinks she knows just what she wants. The along comes a virtual Mr. Wrong in the form of KD McKinley. He’s wearing a tool belt and a tempting smile and all her pre-formed beliefs are challenged. Will she choose security over the lure of physical chemistry? Or is there more to her attraction to KD than sex? 

What about you? Is there something in your life you’ve ever wanted to ‘do over’?

Welcome Guest Blogger Sami Lee!!!

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Today we have author Sami Lee joining us. Aside from having written the cleverly named book BORN AGAIN VIRGIN she’s held such varying jobs I tend to think there’s nothing she can’t do. Sami is generously giving away a copy of BORN AGAIN VIRGIN to a radom poster who correctly answers her trivia question. Send you replies to and will pull a winner.

For now here’s a bit about Sami and her recent print release BORN AGAIN VIRGIN.

Sami’s been a secretary, sales assistant, bar tender, waitress, student, tutor, human resource manager and administration officer, but at heart she’s always been a writer. She lives near the coast in Queensland, Australia and spends her time juggling family life with work and writing.  

Who needs spare time anyway? 

Sami writes for Samhain Publishing, and her first book, Born Again Virgin, is now available in PRINT, through Sami’s author page at Samhain, or through her website.

Born Again Virgin by Sami Lee


Can KD convince Kelsey they were made for each other before she marries the wrong guy? 

When she started a new life in the small town of Holly Hill, Kelsey Simmons made a vow to give up sex until she found The One. Now, finally, she has Mr. Right set firmly in her sights. She’s got the perfect plan to catch him. Trouble is, her intended target dodges cupid’s arrow and it hits Mr. Wrong smack in the rear. 

KD McKinley isn’t looking for love. He’s just renovating Kelsey’s house to help out his ill stepfather. But smart and sexy Kelsey proves impossible to resist. Pretty soon, KD is reconsidering the whole white-picket-fence thing. However, his Miss Right thinks he’s all wrong and KD isn’t sure he can convince her otherwise…

Excerpt: “Kelsey?” 

“I’m here.” 

He turned at the sound of her voice and she emerged from the shadows on the front porch. Even with barely a skerrick of moonlight, he could tell by the way she held her arms around herself that she wore that red dress. The sensuous swish of fabric and the delicate waft of her perfume teased his senses. His heart took off again and he prayed for more light. Where was a full moon when you needed one? 

“Thanks so much for this. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you’d told me where to go when I rang.” 

“I wouldn’t do that.” It hadn’t been an option. Not once she’d said those magic words, I really need you. Even if it was only for a bit of routine home maintenance, the fact she needed him made something swell uncomfortably in his chest. Jeez, McKinley, don’t get fanciful. It’s not your chest that’s swelling. His discomfort was lodged firmly in his pants. 

“I guess I knew that,” she said, an odd note of surprise in her voice. Then she warned, “It’s really creepy under the house.”

“I’m a big boy.” He squeezed his eyes shut. Now he sounded like he was big-noting himself. “And I have a flashlight. I’ll just head down and check things out.”

KD’s boots thudded on the stairs, getting farther and farther away.  Kelsey felt like slapping herself. What had she been thinking, asking him to come out here? She should have just crawled into bed and tried to sleep without the comfort of hot tea and jazz. Now she had to deal with the nerve-racking notion of KD at her house after ten at night and her still wearing her designed-for-seduction dress. Not to mention he would know dinner with Stefan hadn’t led to a night of passion. A major embarrassment, after the way she had played up the date for his benefit. 

Cursing her idiocy, Kelsey wandered back inside. Her eyes had adjusted to the dark enough that she could find her way down the hallway to the kitchen, where she sank into a chair and put her head on her hands. She didn’t wait long. In a few minutes the sound of the fridge purring to life alerted her to the fact the electricity was back on. She stood and flicked the kitchen light switch, giving a little cheer when it came instantly to life. 

Maybe she’d have time to change before KD returned. Or at least throw a T-shirt over her plunging neckline dress. She’d sweat like a hog in this heat, but she didn’t want KD to think she’d called him out here for anything other than a fuse. 

She had raced into her bedroom and switched on her bedside lamp when KD returned. From her doorway he announced, “All fixed. I’ve replaced the fuse, but you should probably get an electrician to check things out, just to be safe.”

 “Okay. Thanks.” 

“These old places can have tricky wiring.” 

“Yeah. Thanks.” Hadn’t she said that already? 

Nerves fluttered in her stomach. He had made no secret of his desire the past week or so, but now his expression was neutral. After this afternoon, she could hardly be surprised. He’d treated her to a perfectly nice lunch, had even included Gabby’s kids with good humor, and she’d ended it by throwing her relationship with Stefan in his face and stamping on his foot like a five-year-old. 

“How’d the date go?” His question seemed to surprise him as much as it did her. His jaw set in a hard line, as though wishing he could take the inquiry back. 

Kelsey wasn’t sure why she still felt the need to lie. Self-protection, probably. “It was fine. Nice.” 

“Can’t have been that nice. You’re here alone.” She could have done without him pointing it out.

“Not every successful date has to end in sex, you know.” 

“I guess that depends on what you’re aiming for.” 

“I suppose that shows what your aim of any date with a woman would be.” 

“Sugar.” That slow, insolent smile spread across his face and made her insides quiver. “If I went on a date with a woman like you, dressed like you are, she wouldn’t be home trying to fix a busted fuse on her own.” 

“Really?” She’d tried for disdain. It came out sounding more like an invitation to elaborate. He took a couple of steps toward her, breaching the threshold of her room.

Instinctively, Kelsey backed up, wishing she had the mettle to stand her ground. She could retreat no farther when her legs came flush against the bed. Disoriented already, she fell onto the mattress with an undignified plop.

Oh great. She was sitting on her bed now. Talk about sending a man signals. 

“If I’d taken you out tonight, I wouldn’t have been so easily turned away at your door.”

Moving closer with the unhurried calm of a predator who knows his prey is trapped in an inescapable situation, KD knelt before her. At her level, his eyes smouldered with a rapacious hunger that took Kelsey’s breath away. “I’d have had to kiss this sexy, pouty mouth of yours.” His hand came up to hold her chin, his thumb idly tracing the line of her lower lip. “Red lipstick suits you, sugar. Bold and hot and seductive. You look so damned amazing, I just couldn’t have left without touching you.”

He drew a line down her throat with his fingertip. “Here.” He moved his touch to her shoulder. “And here.” With a skilful tug, he slid the thin spaghetti strap of her dress down her arm. Kelsey sucked in a shallow breath, feeling as stunned as though he had bared her breast. But the dress clung to her flesh, catching on the hardened bud of her nipple. Closing her eyes, she didn’t move as his knuckles brushed feather-light across the distended peak. 

His next question brought her eyelids, which felt weighted down, flying open.

 Gruffly, he demanded, “Did he touch you?” 

Prize Giveaway:

 If you’d like to win your choice of a print or e-copy of Born Again Virgin, just email and answer one simple question from the posted blurb. 

What is the name of the small town setting for Born Again Virgin?

Great Books and a Wrinkle in Time by Michele Lang

March 27, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 24 Comments →

One of my favorite books is A Wrinkle in Time, by the wonderful writer Madeleine L’Engle.  I’ve been thinking about L’Engle a lot these days…I was on a panel honoring her at Lunacon, and I had the privilege of meeting one of her writing students that day. I

f you haven’t had the joy of reading this book, please make time for it.  No, it’s not a romance, but it has the great themes of love and redemption in it, and the characters are vivid, idiosyncratic, determined, and gorgeous.  Meg Murray, the protagonist, goes on a quest to save her father.  She is whiny and depressed and insecure – and she is glorious!   

 I love books that cross boundaries and change you as a person.  It doesn’t matter whether a book is called a romance, an adventure, a children’s book, or a thriller…as long as it grabs me, I will love it.   A Wrinkle in Time presses all of my hot buttons for a great book:  supernatural settings, intense, flawed characters, a book that asks a lot of questions, tons of love in it.   

What makes a book great for you?  What books do you wish you could read today?As for me, I wish I could read a Madeleine L’Engle romance – those themes, settings, characters, but with a transformative romance in the middle of it.  These are the books I’m compelled to write.  Thanks so much to Romance Junkies for welcoming me as a guest blogger, and for you for visiting!  Please leave a comment about your favorite book and why you love it – one commenter will win a NETHERWOOD prize package with signed cover flat, excerpt book, scented candle, and bed and bath delights!  Thanks again and keep reading,Michele

Welcome Guest Blogger Michele Lang!!!

March 27, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 1 Comment →

Today we welcome Michele Lang to our little corner of the World Wide Web. While we wait for her blog topic I thought we should share a little about her boook NETHERWORLD. 

 Netherworld Michele Lang

There’s a new sheriff on the planet of Fresh Havens… 

And her name is Talia Fortune.  Her mission:  capture the cyber outlaw, Kovner, who has smashed the computer interface on the offworld colony of Fresh Havens.  His Sherwood:  the sentient


Forest, where he and a band of rebels hide from a deadly menace.  Scion of the Fortune family and primary shareholder of the mega-conglomerate FortuneCorp, Talia is desperate to prove her worth to her family, the residents of Fresh Havens, and to herself.  Kovner has discovered a dangerous secret that threatens Talia’s world and everything she’s ever known.  And Talia has sworn to destroy him – the outlaw she knows and loves in an alternate reality, the only man who can teach her how and why to survive. Here’s what reviewers and readers are saying about NETHERWOOD:

“Original, exciting…you can’t stop turning the pages!” —NYT Bestselling author Susan Squires

 “Michele Lang enters the Shomi line in a big way with NETHERWOOD.  Her clever world building makes this world in which technology reigns supreme seem real.  The descriptions are so vividly drawn that even the strongest technophobe will easily find themselves enthralled by this enchanting tale.”—CK2S Kwips and Kritiques “Ms. Lang’s writing has always been superb, yet the complexity of this plot and the relationships she has made integral to its furtherance shows that she is light years ahead of the game. Though there are elements of Robin Hood, the Matrix, Braveheart, and the Prisoner, just to name a few things implied in the text, they are freshly blended into something new that will challenge your mind and keep you hooked.” —Eternal Night

“NETHERWOOD is an action romance with many surprises along the way.  Ms. Lang packs this tale with futuristic action, an intriguing storyline and characters that have you cheering on their fight for survival. NETHERWOOD is an entertaining escape into a fascinating future world.”–Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

‘This book was a great book. How do I measure that, simple I started off reading it last Wednesday and finished it by Wednesday night. This is the kind of book you tell the hubby to pick up Chinese because you’re not going to cook tonight.” –reader SaraiJ 

“Can I tell you this book totally and completely ROCKS? I mean, from page one, rocks. . . . it’s got this WHOLE other level going on, discussions of the soul, of what makes us human, a love story, all wrapped up in a sci fi book with avatars and “Netherwood.” The book is AWESOME!”   –author Erica Orloff


Michele Lang — Electric Dreams

NETHERWOOD, March 2008

“Original, exciting…you can’t stop turning the pages!”

-New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Squires 

Welcome Guest Blogger Kelley Heckart!!!!

March 26, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 6 Comments →

Good Morning Junkies!! Today we welcome Kelley Heckart. She’ll be talking aboutr Celtic Men, A yummy topic for sure. She also has available a new book that looks simply fabulous. Let’s check out IN THE GLOAMING and learn a little bit more about Kelley’s writing.

Though Kelley resides on the earthly realm with her husband and their two dogs, she always has one foot firmly planted in the otherworldly realm of mystical creatures, fierce warriors and magic. A psychic once told her she has an old soul and this comes across in her tales of long ago places. An avid reader, she turned her lifelong passion for Celtic mythology into a way to express herself through writing. Currently, Kelley has three Celtic fantasy romance novels and a short story published. She has two more novels scheduled for release in 2009. In her free time, she enjoys playing her bass guitar, writing poetry/lyrics, hiking, boating and horseback riding. Kelley and her books can be found online at

In the Gloaminig by Kelley Heckart

In the Gloaming: An Anthology of Faerie Stories by Various

Faeries come from all cultures and countries and range in appearance from lovely to terrifying to looking like an everyday person. Some are benign, some malevolent. Based on actual faerie lore, this anthology incorporates the work of five spectacular authors who have penned tales of irridescent ice beings, fey men who love you into forgetfulness, frightening creatures who wear caps of human skin, enchanted lovers from a long lost era, and the land of faerie dreams.

Step into the world of glamour where the beautiful, the dreamy, the vicious, and even a bit of the sexually bizarre will captivate you.

Authors: Cora Zane, Esmerelda Bishop, K.M. Frontain, Nita Wick, and Kelley Heckart

What is it about Celtic men?

Hello, Romance Junkies.

Since I write about ancient Celts, I thought I would use that as my blog topic. 

 I think it is the rocker chick in me that draws me to ancient Celtic warriors with their long hair and serpentine tattoos. Put a guitar or a microphone stand in their hands and they look just like the latest rock star. Picture Robert Plant, a modern Celt, who looks hotter than he has in years with his long blonde hair. Put a sword in his hand instead of a microphone and he is the model of an ancient Celtic warrior or king. Yummy. I have always had a thing for swords, the scent of leather and wood smoke. This goes hand in hand with the Celtic warrior persona. The English dandy does nothing for me. I like my men to look like men with stubble darkening their faces. It is so rugged and so sexy. It is no wonder that I am inspired to create these types of heroes for my novels.  

Celtic men are known to have a fiery personality and in modern days they might be candidates for anger management, but I think all that warfare helped divert their anger to a better use. My preferred description for them is passionate. If modern Celtic men with pent up fire burning inside could walk around with big swords sheathed in leather at their sides, and engage in a cattle raid or two, they might not get into so much trouble if they could divert some of that passion. It is just a thought. Besides, I would love to see swords make a come back. Or better yet, fling some of that passion my way (if only I were single) in the form of kisses and such. When put to good use, passion can be rewarding.  

My favorite of the ancient Celts were the warriors of the Irish Fianna who were fierce mercenaries with the hearts of poets. In fact, one of the requirements to be part of the Fianna was to be a skilled poet. The most famous of these warriors is Fionn mac Cumhail. The king could call upon the Irish Fianna, or Fianna Eireann, in times of conflict. When not fighting, they lived apart from society as hunters in the forest. Mysterious…hmmm. Sounds like rock star material to me.   

Similar to the warriors of the Irish Fianna, my Celtic heroes are usually skilled warriors, sensitive and passionate. Sometimes their anger can be a bit of an issue, but I like flaws in a hero. It makes him more real. If only my heroes could walk from the pages of my books. A gal can dream. 

Thanks for letting me guest blog! 


To keep informed about my new books, contests and other book related news, I invite you to join my Yahoo group at 

Welcome Guest Blogger Shirley Tallman!!!

March 24, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 4 Comments →

Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!!

Today we’re joined by Shirley Tallman. Rather than have me try to describe Shirley and her work she’s going to take the reigns. So with out further ado here’s Shirley.

The Cliffhouse Strangler Shirley Tallman

Hi Romance Junkies! 

What a delight it is to visit the Romance Junkies website! I’ve been a member for nearly two years now, but this is the first time I’ve been invited to address my fellow members personally. 

I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Shirley Tallman and I write the Sarah Woolson historical mystery series set in 1880s San Francisco: MURDER ON NOB HILL, THE RUSSIAN HILL MURDERS and THE CLIFF HOUSE STRANGLER. 

Our feisty heroine, Sarah Woolson, is a young woman with a dream – more than anything she longs to be an attorney. But in those days it took a lot of chutzpah to take on the exclusive all-male legal establishment. For one thing, very few law schools accepted women students – those girls who did manage to get a legal education, still had to fight to be accepted into their state’s Bar Association. The main obstacle to pursuing this profession, however, was that society expected women to stay in the home and tend to their knitting (and husband and children, of course); after all, everyone knew it was against God’s will for women to have a career!  

That pretty much explains why Sarah has vowed not to marry. In order to retain her independence, and achieve her goal of providing equal justice for all, she must remain single. As a married woman she would be under her husband’s control; he would manage her finances, decide where they would live, how their children were to be raised, even which church they would join. 

The problem, of course, is that Sarah is not only intelligent and determined, she’s also a beautiful and desirable young woman. Men are attracted to her and, as much as she tries to ignore her feelings, she is attracted to them. Especially Pierce Godfrey, whom Sarah is forced to admit in THE RUSSIAN HILL MURDERS is the most handsome man she has ever met. As my niece Melody is fond of saying, “Aunt Shirley, how can she possibly resist him?” 

But there’s more than one man in Sarah’s life, whether she cares to admit it or not. Her gruff and opinionated friend and former colleague, Robert Campbell, shows every sign of becoming very fond of Sarah, despite what he refers to as her “pigheaded obstinacy.”  

Sarah’s way of dealing with this prickly problem, is to immerse herself in her work. In THE CLIFF HOUSE STRANGLER – book #3 in the series – Sarah and Robert attend a séance at San Francisco’s famed Cliff House, only to find one of the guests has been strangled – under their very noses! Before Sarah knows it, she finds herself at the center of a complicated murder plot involving ghosts, gypsies and City Hall, all the while facing off with Robert in a volatile legal battle.  

But how long can she bury her head in the sand? Sooner or later, Sarah’s going to have to listen to her heart, isn’t she? The question is, what will her heart tell her to do? 

Sorry Melody, but you’re going to have to read the next book in the Sarah Woolson series to find out.     

A Confession by Emily McKay

March 20, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 9 Comments →

I have a confession to make. I’ve never blogged before. Not even once.The truth is, I don’t have a very bloggable life. So if you’re expecting stories of my latest shopping spree at Nordstroms during which I spent thousands of dollars on shoes … well, you’re going to be disappointed. See, I’m a mom. And not one of those sophisticated moms with a nanny to take care of her kids either. My day-to-day grind consists of filling sippy cups, changing diapers and kissing booboos intermixed with trying to eek out a few pages of writing during the odd moment when both kids are distracted. On a good day the most exciting thing that happens is I realize there are enough leftovers in the fridge that I won’t have to cook dinner. (Woohoo, tonight is such a night!) Behold, the glamorous life of the professional writer. 

However on Tuesday something truly exciting did happen. While I was off folding laundry, the UPS guy dropped a package on my doorstep. A box of books from Harlequin/Silhouette. My author copies of my latest book, Baby on the Billionaire’s Doorstep. Getting my author copies is always my favorite part of the whole writing process. After all the months of work, all the revisions and line edits, all the waiting, one day, this magical box of books just appears on my doorstep. My heart leaps every time I see a box with those four Harlequin diamonds printed on the side.

Getting my author copies of this book was particularly exciting because this is the first book I’ve written with a child in it. (I’ve had pregnant heroines before, but no babies until now.) Usually I identify more strongly with my heroine, but with this book, I felt a strong connection with the hero, Dex Messina, who unexpectedly finds himself caring for the five month old baby girl he didn’t know he had. This baby completely turns his life upside down and he’s amazed at how quickly he falls in love with his daughter. 

That’s pretty much how it happened with me too. Before my husband and I decided to have kids, I wasn’t even sure I wanted them. And frankly, I had serious doubts about my abilities as a Mom. I just wasn’t sure I’d “take” to motherhood. No time to myself? All day alone with kids? Humming that tune you can’t get out of your head that you later realize is the theme to Blue’s Clues? Or—most embarrassing of all—asking your adult friend if she needs to stop and use the potty?  

Let’s face it: motherhood is rife with challenges and humiliations. But the truth is, I love it. And I loved writing about a hero falling in love with being a father. 

Emily McKay 

P.S.  I’m running a contest on my website. Be sure to stop by for a chance to win a one of two $50 gift cards from

Welcome Guest Blogger Emily McKay!!

March 20, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Latest News 1 Comment →

Well it’s officially Spring and where I am in PA has been getting rain for the last three days. If I could see the sun I’d be a happy camper, but we do have Emilt McKay here to brighten up our day and talk to us about her blogging life so that definitely helps.

So join us won’t you and don’t forget to check out Emily’s Website for her current contest and her new book BABY ON THE BILLIONAIRE’S DOORSTEP.


Baby on the billionarie’s doorstep Emily McKay


Jet-setting bachelor Dex Messina thought he knew everything about women…until he met the tiny infant girl abandoned on his doorstep. One thing Dex was sure of: the gorgeous redhead who stormed back into his life, insisting she’d made a mistake, was hiding something. And uncovering her secret would be his pleasure.

To gain custody of her beloved niece, Lucy Alwin would do anything–even pose as the woman with whom Dex had shared one intimate night. But if boldly lying to the powerful billionaire was difficult, resisting their burning desire could prove impossible.

The Inferno Collection by Jacqueline Seewald

March 18, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 6 Comments →

Hi, Romance Junkies!  My name is Jacqueline Seewald and my novel THE INFERNO COLLECTION is a thriller that combines sensual romance with mystery and the paranormal. I’m not much into category fiction or labeling. I try not to write formula fiction–although my novel does have many of the attributes of romantic suspense such as a woman in jeopardy and a sexy, romantic happy ending. 

I love to read a passionate romance with strong, memorable characters. I also love books that provide an intelligent mystery. I decided that if I were going to write a mystery novel, it would have to be one with romantic elements. I spent several years writing and rewriting THE INFERNO COLLECTION. When I was finally satisfied with it, I went back and painfully cut away about a third of the novel because I wanted the book to be a fast-paced thriller, a page-turner.  At Five Star/Gale, the book actually went through three different editors, all of whom gave me input for rewriting. After the ARC’s came out, I still found errors that needed correction, mostly those of the printer. It was a long, slow process to put out a quality book. 

Some of the writers I admire that combine mystery and romance extremely well: Jayne Ann Krentz (a former librarian like myself) who always writes great romantic suspense,Faye Kellerman who writes wonderful romantic mysteries, likewise J.A. Jance and Elizabeth George. Tami Hoag’s CRY WOLF is an all-time favorite of mine, a brilliant tour de force. I also love the writing of Janet Evanovich which is great fun. There are so many great writers that combine romance and mystery, I can’t begin to name them all.

Welcome Guest Blogger Jacqueline Seewald!!!!

March 18, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 10 Comments →

Welcome to Tuesday!! The month of March is ticking away slowly creeping to spring. Making me and many others want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, but before you do join us as Jacqueline Seewald shares her latest release with us and gives on lucky poster a chance to win a copy.


Jacqueline Seewald has taught writing courses including Creative Writing at the high school, middle school and college level and has also worked as an academic librarian and educational media specialist. Seven of her books of fiction have been published. Her short stories, poems, essays, reviews and articles have appeared in numerous publications such as: SASEE, AFFAIRE DE COEUR, LOST TREASURE, THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, PEDESTAL, SURREAL, AFTER DARK,MAGUSZINE, THE DANA LITERARY SOCIETY JOURNAL, PALACE OF REASON, LIBRARY JOURNAL, THE ERICKSON TRIBUNE and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. A romantic suspense/mystery thriller, THE INFERNO COLLECTION, has been published by Five Star/Gale in hardcover and a sequel has been contracted for publication in February 2009.


The Inferno Collection by Jacqueline Seewald

When Kim Reynolds, a reference librarian at the university who has clairvoyant ability, is contacted by her friend, Lorette Campbell, a grad student in the English doctoral program, a chain of frightening events unfolds. Lorette, worried that someone is out to harm her, asks Kim to look into the possibility that an inferno collection exists at the library.   

After Lorette dies, the police initially write it off as a suicide. Kim begins her own investigation, placing her life in jeopardy. Romantically, she becomes involved with dashing, popular professor, Don Bernard, as well as tough police detective, Mike Gardner, who also possesses psychic abilities.   


Kim recognized the policeman who came to her door, wondered why she hadn’t realized who he was before. He was just as tall and well built, with the same calm, steady gray eyes. But he was no longer casually dressed as he had been at the library. His conservative gray suit matched his eyes, making him look more like an accountant than a law enforcement officer. His manner was friendly and not the least bit intimidating. But Kim wasn’t fooled. She studied his rugged, masculine features. This was a formidable, dangerous man, even if he chose not to emphasize those qualities. 

Michael Gardner took out his shield and showed it to her. “May I come in and talk with you? I’ve been assigned to check into the death of Lorette Campbell. I understand you found her body and identified yourself as a friend of the deceased.” 

She could only manage to nod her head.  For a moment, his eyes met hers.  Then he was staring at her, connecting on a metaphysical level. She resented the intrusion into her psyche, into her very soul, and met his gaze with a defiant look. Something passed between them, a jolt of kinetic energy. She recognized it for what it was. Why should there be this potent attraction between them? She quickly looked away, confused and frightened, denying the chemistry and that something more. 

He followed her into the living area and sat down on a straight-back chair, removing a small notebook and clicking a pen. 

“I want to go over what you told the uniformed officers last night.” Much to her relief, his tone was polite and professional. “I have some questions for you.” 

She furrowed her brow. “I told them everything I knew. Why do I have to go over it again? It was awful.”  Careful what you say to him. You can’t trust a policeman. 

He gave her a kind look. “I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but your friend didn’t die of natural causes.” 

My romantic suspense/mystery thriller THE INFERNO COLLECTION was published in hardcover by Five Star/Gale at the end of June 2007. Gale is mainly a publisher that deals with libraries. So if you decide to check the book out, it’s likely you’ll find it in your library, or if not, ask them to order it!  

If you’d like to buy your own copy, it’s available from the publisher for a 10% discount, or from: 


Barnes and Noble:  


It occurred to me that some of you might enjoy reading romantic short stories that I’ve written which were sold to internet publications and are posted for free reads. It will also give you a chance to see if you like the kind of writing I do. So here are some things to check out and enjoy:  “Rose in Bloom”  “The Open Door”   “Touch Not the Cat”  “The Phone Call” 



A copy of THE INFERNO COLLECTION  If you would like to win a copy of my novel, please answer the following question in 25 words or less in an e-mail to that includes your name and snail mail address. On the submission line write: contest entry for THE INFERNO COLLECTION.

Question: What is an inferno collection? 


All correct answers will be eligible for the drawing except my friends and relatives. One winner will be selected randomly. 

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