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The Worlds I Create by Anny Cook

January 28, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 9 Comments →

Hello! My name is Anny Cook and I write steamy romances for Ellora’s Cave and Cerridwen Press. At the moment I have three series in progress: Mystic Valley, Flowers of Camelot, and Ardent Angels. And I recently contracted my first non-series book, Kama Sutra Lovers with Ellora’s Cave. 

In the past few months several readers have asked me about how I created the worlds of Mystic Valley (for the Mystic Valley series) and Avalon (for the Flowers of Camelot series). World building is something I do before I begin writing the stories and I have a pretty specific order that works for me, though it might not work for other writers. After all, everyone has different working and creative styles. 

Though I may be a “seat of the pants” writer, that doesn’t mean that I’m a “seat of the pants” planner. When a new story idea begins to prod at me, I begin by jotting down ideas about the background. The story might be the central focus of the picture, but the frame and background are at least as important.  

When the ideas are written down and seem to fit together, then I draw a map. All right, don’t panic if you can’t draw, because this map is for the writer—not the public. I always draw a map, maybe even several maps, so that I remember where objects, houses, furniture, whatever might be important, are located. Maps clarify the surroundings for me. As I draw the maps, the “world” begins to take shape. What kind of flora and fauna exist on this world? What type of buildings are common and why?  

The culture and society starts to take on some substance. That’s when I start a series of lists. One list answers the cultural questions—what is the monetary system, the system of government, the cultural norms? What are the positions of power? Is there a religion and if so what are the basic beliefs? What are the gender norms? What about education, military, and economic systems? 

A second list has the answers regarding appearance for my characters—what type of clothing do they wear? How old are they? What are their physical characteristics? In the Mystic Valley series, the inhabitants of Mystic Valley are blue with pointed ears and small fangs. Long hair is culturally important, so with few exceptions everyone, both men and women, has long hair. Within the valley, status is based on lineage and warrior rank. Hair ornament colors are used to display the warrior’s rank. I have detailed descriptions of the ornaments, called chinkas, and also their weaponry. 

The third list is the bare beginnings of a relationship chart. Who is related to whom? In the case of the Valley with a huge cast of minor characters who might someday have their own stories, it is particularly important that the relationship lines are kept straight. It would be exceedingly awkward for a sharp eyed reader to point out that Joe has inadvertently married his Aunt Sally. A corollary to this list is an alphabetical list of names used in the series so that I don’t use a name twice, and confuse my readers. 

Beware inventing a new language for your new world. The glossary for Mystic Valley is four pages long and growing. If you’re going to have a new language, take a tip from me—begin your glossary list immediately and keep it up to date. In my case, my publisher chose to place the glossary in all of my Mystic Valley books. It’s far easier to provide this on request if it’s kept up to date. And your editor will thank you too when she or he is wading through a sea of new words. Just a quick word here about new words. It they’re too weird, your reader will find them distracting. I try to use them sparingly, just enough to give the flavor of the new world, but not enough to make reading the story such a chore that the reader finds something else to read. Of course, if the word is the name for an everyday object, such as the sharda that all the valley men wear, then it needs to be a very simple word to pronounce. 

When the framework is in place, then I begin to write. Most of the information is pretty bare bones at this point. As I write, there will be numerous additions to each of the lists and possibly even quite a few changes as new events pop up. As the series progresses, more lists are added. For every occupation, there is a list of equipment and materials. The healers have “patient” records listing who they treated, when, where and what the diagnosis was. The justices have records listing the cases they presided over and what the final decisions were. Investigators have case files. Cooks have recipes. The barter keeper has the barter books. 

This is a small glimpse of the ways I create a new world. There are other things to add to the lists—a time line, a birth/death registry, a building registry to keep track when new buildings are built and old ones are torn down. If all of this sounds complicated and a lot of work, just consider if you were building your town or village from scratch. What would need to be done? That’s what I do on paper and computer. And it also answers another question I get frequently…how do you keep everyone straight? 

My goal is to provide a rich, lush background for my characters and stories. The lives and loves of the men and women of Mystic Valley and Avalon play out in the new worlds I created with a lot of thought and craft. I hope that readers will enjoy their visits to Mystic Valley (Dancer’s Delight, Traveller’s Refuge, and Cherished Destinies) and Avalon (Chrysanthemum, Honeysuckle, and Daffodil [March 28])!

Check out Anny’s website for a more indepth look at her worlds and check at her blog to see what’s happening in her own world as well.

Welcome Guest Blogger Anny Cook!!!

January 28, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 2 Comments →

Where has the month gone? It seems like yesterday I was still getting ready for Christmas and now it’s almost February. Anyway here to help us all start our week off right is author Anny Cook.

Anny writes sexy and action packed novels for Ellora’s Cave and Cerridwen Press and today she’ll be discussing how she created the world that lives within the pages of her Mystic Valley Series. 

For now take a few minutes to learn a little bit more about Anny and her up coming release Honeysuckle. 

I’m old enough to know better and young
enough to be daring. I have a husband who
encourages me to write and provides the time
and a place to do so. I have children who are
proud of the things I’ve accomplished and
grandchildren who are too young to know what
that might be.

An elderly cat keeps me company as I do the one
 thing I really, really love to do…and that is
 write. I’m so lucky that my life has circled back
 around to this place where I can sit at my desk
 as long as I want, imagining and creating new
 worlds, new characters, and writing about their
 lives. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as
 I do.

Honeysuckle by Anny Cook



Anny Cook

The second book in the Flowers of Camelot 

When Florian LeFleur’s wife runs away with an acrobatic troupe leaving him with three marriageable daughters, he resolves to take them to Came-a-lot in search of husbands. Honeysuckle, his middle daughter resigns herself to settling for just one man though in her heart she longs to find two special men who will willingly make mad passionate love to her for the rest of their days. 

The first night on the road at the inn, Honeysuckle encounters the hunkalicious Hieney twins, Peter and Dick, who claim her immediately and announce their intentions to marry her at the first opportunity. Their plans are delayed as they deal with a coup attempt against King Arthur, the twins’ abduction by a wicked sorceress, wild poison-induced passion in a cave, and a sexy well endowed unicorn.   

Can the Hieney brothers overcome all obstacles to claim Honeysuckle in marriage?

Our First Reader Guest blogger Andrea!

January 26, 2008 By: mammakim Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 3 Comments →

Welcome to our first Guest blogger reader Andrea!  

What age did you start reading –  

 Actually I began reading on my own at the tender age of 2 1/2.  My Da thought perhaps I’d memorised the books so he tested me with a dictionary he had laying about…he told me I read each and every word.  They were shocked since they hadn’t started teaching me to read yet, so I suppose I beat them to the punch!  

Do you remember one of the first romance titles you read?    The very first romance book I’d read was “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman.  I’d watched the flick at the cinema when I was 16 & adored it, so I bought the book.   

What are some of your auto-buy authors? Do you have a favorite genre?   

I’m picky whose books I read because I find that if it’s a poorly written book, it’s a lot like Chinese food.  I read it & am hungry for something else in an hour! The list of authors I automatically buy from Amazon is long and diverse (I’m an admitted Amazon addict….literally I get the “shakes” whenever I go without ordering for more than one week!).  I always buy anything written by: P.C. Cast (her writing is simply stunning), Lilith Saintcrow (Dante Valentine kicks ass…can I say “ass”), Deidre Knight (makes me want to find an alien ASAP), Lora Leigh (for when I’m feeling oh so naughty!), Marjorie M. Liu (I’d love to join Dirk & Steele),  Gena Showalter (also would love to be an alien hunter), Susan Krinard (love her fanged & furry men), Charlaine Harris (Sookie rocks!), Katie MacAllister (one of the few authors who made me laugh until I did a decidedly unfeminine snort), Amy Lane (self-published AMAZING author…please check out her “Little Goddess” series), Sunny (any author with one name has to be good!), Linnea Sinclair (LOVE the sci-fi romance genre!), and Kresley Cole (it’s like she wrote Bowen’s character knowing my own Highlander man!). Favourite genre – I’d have to say that it’d be paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, time travel.  Anything weird is what I love.  I love urban fantasy books and fantasy books – so many of those can (and should) cross into romance (see Anne Bishop’s works, Rachel Caine, Patricia Briggs, Sharon Shinn to name a few). 

How do you have your TBR pile? Do you have it all on a bookshelf or is it in piles all over the place? 

 Literally I own over 5000 books.  I have a bookshelf filled, a spare room filled, 12 large storage boxes filled, my bedroom filled.  Since I read one book a day (if not more), books are everywhere in my house.  (It’s like a living and breathing, creeping and crawling library!). 

Do you share your books with others? Do you have rules such as not turning the pages over or bending the binding? 

I share my books with friends when asked.  Of course, to my heathen friends who don’t read…I always hint at titles that I think they’d enjoy. :)  I don’t adhere to any rules regarding handling of books…I feel the more “dog earred” just means the more loved!

 Do you have any pets? How about photos of them? 

I’m presently owned by a thouroughly spoiled and pretentious Egyptian Mau feline named “Macy”.  She finds it was in excellent taste that you’ve inquired about her and may be available for interviews if time permits.  She also would like to briefly share that her home is unfortunately shared with an annoying and completely bourgeois Pug named “Shanny” whose presence she tolerates and would’ve possibly liked to share a photo of him as well, however is saddened to report that “accidentally” his photos have met with an online mishap.  I also own a 6.5 foot corn snake named “Russell” who is adorable!  He’s coloured the same as a creamsicle! :) (Attached is a photo of Macy) 

What books are you dying to get that is coming out in the next couple months?   

Oh God, that’s an enormous list, so here’s just a sampling.  Some of the books I’m most anxiously awaiting are (and this isn’t in any specific order): Jennifer Armintrout’s “All Souls Night” (a continuation of her fabulous “Blood Ties” series),  “Midnight Rising” by Lara Adrian, “The Bride of Casa Dracula” by Marta Acosta, “Warrior Rising” by P.C. Cast,  “Dark Needs At Night’s Edge” by Kresley Cole,  “Lover Enshrined” by J. R. Ward,  “Dark of the Moon” by Susan Krinard, “Playing With Fire” by Katie MacAllister,  “From Dead to Worse” by Charlaine Harris,  “The Queen’s Bastard” by C. E. Murphy,  “Gale Force (Weather Warden series book #7) by Rachel Caine,  “Timeless Moon” by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp,  Viking Unchained” & “Wild Jinx” by Sandra Hill,  “Demon Night” by Meljean Brook,  “Raine: The Lords of Satyr” by Elizabeth Amber,  “My Immortal Protector” by Jen Holling,  “The Last Twilight” and “The Iron Hunt” by Marjorie M. Liu,  “Personal Demon (Women of the Underworld, Book 8) by Kelley Armstrong,  “Mine To Possess” by Nalini Singh,  “The Song (Sons of Destiny, Book 4) by Jean Johnson,  and last but not least – “The Outlaw Demon Wails” by Kim Harrison (can’t wait!!!).  

 What blogs and/or myspace pages do you frequent regularly?  

Sadly enough, with my own writing going on (I’m wrapping up my first book!  Hooray for me! lol!), I’ve not had much time to go to blogs or Myspace…I do frequent Deidre Knight’s Yahoo group though…the women there (the mighty Knights!) and Deidre Knight are so much fun to hang out with! 

Have you ever been to a booksigning? If not who would you love to go meet at a booksigning?  

I’ve never been to an actual booksigning.  For some odd and disturbing reason, romance authors tend not to frequent metropolitan

Detroit on their tours (despite the 8.5 million people who reside here).  If I could meet an author at a booksigning, I’d adore meeting Stephen Hawking…the man’s bloody brilliant.  Regarding romance & urban fantasy authors…the list is incredibly long (there are so many stunning authors in both genres) and varied.  I’d love to meet all of the authors whose books I’m patiently waiting for!

 Where do you love to settle down and read the most?   

I absolutely love curling up on my grotesquely overpriced yet amazingly comfortable new sofa (I wildly overspent buying the damn thing) while it’s snowing outside and my sweetheart is puttering about the house. 


Blue Ribbon Favorites for December 2007

January 24, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Blue Ribbon Favorites, Latest News 6 Comments →

Well this is the last list of favorites for the year 2007. I have to say there are certainly a lot of stellar offerings here for you to enjoy. So let us know what you think. Did we miss one of you favorites? 

A Chance to Dream by Lynne Connolly

A Mile High to Heaven by Angela Guillaume

Being With Him by Jessica Inclan

Black Olives by Martha Todd Dudman

Captain’s Surrender by Alex Beecroft

Cat O’Nine Tales by Deborah MacGillivray’s

Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh

Demon Night by Meljean Brook

Demonic Desires by Maggie M. Roth

Desires: Desire Under the Falls/ Desires in the Snow by Christy Poffs

Enough by Nicole Austin

Even If You Begged by Francis Ray

Evermore by Lynne Viehl

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannnah

Just a Taste by Deirdre Martin

Last Chance, My Love by Lynne Connolly

Mistress of the Revolution by Cathrine Delors

One Bite Stand by Nina Bangs

Suite Seventeen by Portia Da Costa

Sword and the Slave by Michelle L. Levigne

The Spymaster’s Lady by Joanna Bourne

Wind Song by Rita Karnopp

With Caution by J.L. Langely

Guest blogger Amanda!!

January 24, 2008 By: mammakim Category: Guest Blogger, Latest News 5 Comments →

Welcome to Amanda! Our first reviewer as a guest blogger.

What age did you start reading? How did you become a reviewer for Romance Junkies? 

I started reading when I was three years old. My mom always read me Dr. Seuss and made it a point to read at least a few books to me a day.  The first book I actually read all by myself (and didn’t understand a word of by the way) was Gone With the Wind. The librarian kept laughing and telling me there was no way I’d be able to read it, but I did and when I took it back, she couldn’t believe that I’d read the entire book. I think I was five then.  I started reviewing for Romance Junkies when I couldn’t find a review house that fit my needs. A friend of mine sent me the link to RJ and after reading their info on the website, I was hooked. I’ve since left other review houses and devoted all my time to RJ. I get the best books here, made some great friends and had non-stop laughs along the way. 

What is the best part of reviewing?   

 Meeting the authors. I’ve met some of the ones I’ve been a huge fan of for years which is incredible. Some of us have become friends and we swap books. Some have joined my yahoo groups and we sit around and talk or swap emails daily.  Do you remember one of the first romance titles you read?   I’m not sure of the title but I do know it was either Nora Roberts or Jude Deveraux.  What are some of your auto-buy authors? Do you have a favorite genre? What has changed since you started reviewing?   Definitely Kate Douglas, Sunny, JR Ward, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, Michele Bardsley. My favorite genre is kind of a cross between two. Paranormal and erotica.  Since I’ve started reviewing, I’ve discovered new and amazing authors and really learned to never judge a book by its cover. Just because you don’t like what the cover looks like, it doesn’t mean the story won’t be amazing.  How do you have your TBR pile? Do you have it all on a bookshelf in order or is it in piles all over the place?  The bookshelves I have are completely full. I also have books in boxes and inside drawers lol. I’m a bookaholic. From ebooks to print, I have a total of about 1000 books to be read. It’s insane and I drive my mother (who I live with) crazy. Everytime she turns around, there’s more books.  I try to keep the shelves organized by erotica, paranormal, para/erotica or just fiction. I also keep an Excel Spreedsheet of all the books I own by author for both ebook and print.  


Do you share your books with others? Do you have rules such as not turning the pages over or bending the binding?   If you bend my pages or crack the spine in half, you will never borrow another book from me lol. I loan my books out. I actually run a book exchange with a few authors and other friends of mine. It keeps the cost of our buying frenzies to a minimum.   Do you have any pets? How about photos of them?   I have a puppy. Her name is Layla (Eric Clapton fan). She’s six months old and a TUB! We’re not sure what she is but she’s beginning to look a bit like a boxer. Here are some pictures. The black dog is a husky mix and his name is Hank. He belongs to my mom.  




What books are you dying to get that is coming out in the next couple months? 

JR Ward’s new release, Kate Douglas has some new Wolf Tale installments coming out. Basically I’m trying not to order or buy anymore books until I get my stack whittled down a little.  What blogs and/or myspace pages do you frequent regularly?   I have my own blog where I post all my reviews, both for RJ and reviews I do just on the books I read for pleasure. Here’s the link if you’re interested in checking it out. My friend Heather and I (my lifesaver) update it weekly with all my new reviews. She does all the graphics and links to the author’s websites and booksellers for me. 

Have you ever been to a booksigning? If not who would you love to go meet at a booksigning? 

Personally I haven’t, but a friend of mine from RJ went to one and ran into Sunny and Kate Douglas. I had reviewed a book for each of them and was totally in awe of both. So she tracked them down, told them they had a stalker from RJ and wondered if she could get their autograph for me. They laughed when they found out it was for me and signed away. Later on, after emailing them my HUGE thank you’s, we emailed back and forth and still stay in touch. They are truly wonderful ladies and I would pass out if I met them lol. 

From Dream to Reality by Karen Erickson

January 21, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 21 Comments →

I’m going to be honest. When I first started seriously writing toward publication, I really didn’t know e-publishers existed. Well, that’s a lie. I knew they were out there but I didn’t consider submitting to them. More than anything, it was pure ignorance on my part. I knew they were out there but I didn’t know what they had to offer, I’d never read any books they published. I was in this simple place where I sat in front of my monitor and just wrote. I wasn’t thinking about where I would submit anything once I finished all of the (really bad at first) writing. 

In 2006, I finished a 75k word stinker (ooh yeah it was bad, trust me) and I was bored, looking for a challenge. I wanted to write something different, I wanted to write something, um, naughty. By that point, I knew about e-publishers and I loved the stuff I was reading from them. Quality writing, fantastic plots, wonderfully romantic couples having smokin’ hot sex. What more could I ask for? I wanted to do that, I wanted to write things like that. Could I? 

That’s when I got this little itch to write something like that, a short little something that would singe eyebrows and hopefully make the reader sigh with happiness at the end. So I did. I wrote like a possessed maniac for a couple of weeks. I was pleased with the end result but was it good enough? 

I submitted it with nerves tumbling in my stomach (my arrow hovered over that send button on the screen for so long!) and received an acceptance only a few short days later! I got so much joy from writing Release Me and even more joy when I sold it to Cobblestone Press. I thought that maybe I was on to something so I continued to write the hot stuff… 

Now almost two years later, I’m happily writing for a few e-publishers and I just had my first book out with Ellora’s Cave, Virgin Jewels. What a wild ride it’s been! I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, made a lot of good friends and I’ve even had a few readers tell me they like my stuff (which is the biggest thrill ever!).  

I wouldn’t trade this job for the world. Not only do I get to create characters inside my head and make them come alive but I also get to do it sitting on my (spreading) bum in my sweats. 

I’m blessed. It’s the best job ever.

Welcome Guest Blogger Karen Erickson!!!!

January 21, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 3 Comments →

Welcome to Monday!! I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend. We start the week off with author Karen Erickson. She’s going to be talking about her road to publishing and giving away a copy of her newest release Virgin Jewels to one lucky poster.

For now lets learn a little more aboput Karen and VIRGIN JEWELS. 

After leaving the crazy working world to become a stay at home mom/slave, Karen realized she needed to get crackin’ and pursue her life long dream of being a published writer. A busy mother of three, she fits her precious writing time in between chasing her children, hanging out with her wonderful husband and pretending she has a maid. She lives in California.


Virgin Jewels by Karen Erickson

The Virgin’s Blood necklace is legendary. Simple in appearance, it wields a sexual power only its true owners can experience…

Hannah doesn’t understand why the newest acquisition at her family’s jewelry store makes her ache so deliciously. When Colin visits the shop and tells the necklace’s erotic tale, Hannah’s further enflamed—for the necklace and the man.

Borrowing the necklace, she has mind-blowing sex with Colin, the power of the stones overwhelming. But for normally shy Hannah, the experience is bittersweet. Her alluring aggressiveness isn’t real—it’s the Virgin’s Blood Jewels. She can’t keep the necklace, and fears she’ll lose Colin without it. But Colin knows more about the jewels than he’s telling.

My Sweet Side by Mimi Riser

January 18, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 19 Comments →

Does anyone remember the old style sweet romances? Not today’s sweet romances, but those short contemporaries of the ‘60s and ‘70s that matched up young, virginal heroines (who were often poor and alone in life) with older, worldlier heroes, who were always very rich, very handsome, and very, very alpha? 

Believe it or not, I once wrote one. (Yep, me, who now writes erotic-romances. Talk about moving from one extreme to the other, LOL.) In fact, I would have written more, but the publisher closed. It was fun while it lasted though. I honestly liked those old style sweets—both reading and writing them. They were like fairytales in a way. Also, my mother and older brother were writing them at the same time I was, which added to the fun. The year was 1978—I was an innocent young thing of 23 (almost as young and innocent as those novels’ heroines, come to think of it)—and the three of us were writing for the MacFadden Romance line, which was published out of NY in the late ‘70s. If you’ve never heard of that line, just picture the old original Harlequins and you’ll have a good idea of what a MacFadden romance was like. 

They were called “formula romances,” a term that’s considered rather derogatory today, but it didn’t seem so back then. True, the books were written to a pretty specific formula, but it was one that readers enjoyed. It worked, just like a recipe for one’s favorite food. If you like a particular dish, you can eat it often without tiring of it, right? That’s the reader perspective, anyway, as I see it. 

As an author, now, I found the challenge in writing this sort of book was discovering how creative I could be within the confines of the assigned formula. To use another food analogy, it was like cooking with limited ingredients but still doing one’s best to produce a tasty meal. My mother, for instance, always managed to season her MacFaddens with a dash of mystery and suspense, whereas mine contained a generous sprinkling of comedy, so though we were using the same basic recipe, our stories still had different flavors. 

My brother, on the other hand, was a little too creative, so to speak, and ended up having to rewrite half of his before it could be published. What he did, actually, was… Are you ready for this?… He wrote a ROMANY hero. (Gasp. LOL) Nowadays, of course, that would be fine, but we couldn’t slip it past the “formula police” back then, and he had to change it. I received a wee bit of criticism, too, for writing a hero with an Irish accent, which was also considered a tad un-formula. Mind you, an Irish hero was okay, but apparently I should have had him educated in England so he could have an English accent. My bad. However, I convinced my editor to let it stay by regaling her with tales of the Irish rugby team my two roommates and I had dated for one weekend back in college, thereby proving that it was indeed a sexy accent and added a worthwhile dimension to his character. (Big grin)  

Guest Blogger Mimi Riser!!!!

January 18, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 4 Comments →

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!

The weekend is officially here and I for one am glad to see it arrive. I get plenty of time to read and for me that’s the best thing ever.

Today author Mimi Riser joins us and just reading the titles of her books inspires me to seek them out. As a young girl I was enchanted by fairy tales and with titles like Samantha White & The Seven Dwarves, Tina Takes a Tumble and Sherwood Charade what else could you think of but the romance of the HEA a fairy tale delivers.

So grab a beverage or a snack and help us Welcome Mimi to the RJ Blog.

One lucky poster will receive their choice of either Samantha White & the Seven Dwarves or Tina Takes a Tumble. 

Mimi Riser is a longtime, fulltime author who currently writes for Amber Quill Press and their imprint Amber Heat. She lives in “cowboy country” with the love of her life and a houseful of furry children. You can find out more about her and her books at her publisher’s site or at

Sherwood Charade by Mimi Riser

Sherwood Charade

Medieval Time-Travel Romance

Coming February 2008 from Amber Quill Press 

Some are born to greatness. Others have it thrust upon them. Marian Allanson would prefer to avoid it, period. Emotionally scarred, and haunted by nightly dreams of the mythical Robin Hood, Marian is limping through life till a mysterious quirk of fate tosses her and twelve-year-old street kid Orlando Konstantinos centuries into the past. 

Now she’s on a full-scale run through medieval Sherwood, threatened by the Sheriff of Nottingham, and discovering there may be truth to the myth, after all. A forest phantom appears out of the shadows to rescue her from death, then disappears again, leaving her to a different danger in the form of a forced marriage to Lord Roland of Hunterdon, a man hot enough to melt a maid’s skivvies (despite the fact underwear hasn’t been invented yet). To make matters worse, when the old sheriff is murdered, Roland steps into the job with plans to kill Robin Hood, unless Marian can stop him. Or will Roland be the one to die?

With the questions striking deeper than Robin’s arrows, and a sudden uncertainty as to who’s the villain and who’s the hero, “Maid Marian” has much more to worry about than her missing unmentionables. And speaking of missing, where the devil is Orlando?… Before the secrets crack open and the dust clears, an unlikely heroine will rise from her own ashes, a legend will be rewritten, and a love will be forged strong enough to conquer time.  

Boomerang Love’s Inspiration by Melissa Lopez

January 17, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Latest News 6 Comments →

Our muses can be influenced by a song lyric. A favorite quote. A women’s magazine survey. A Hollywood entertainment show. A sporting event. A too-die action hero. Even another author’s story. Absolutely anything can jump start our muses. That’s what is so great about being an author. You never know what will tickle a muse’s fancy. 

Boomerang Love’s inspiration was a combination of things. 

More than a year ago Samhain Publishing put out a call for sun, sand, and sex anthology stories. I’d grinned in delight as I read the theme. Beaches! Exotic locations! Authors love the travel channel, especially me. I starting thinking of all the beaches I’d yet to visit, including those in Australia. 

Ever since watching “Crocodile Dundee” an Australian comedy set in the Australian Outback I’ve been fascinated by the country. Yes, my fascination goes back that far. The country has such an allure for me, its beauty, the men, and the accents. I didn’t have to give it a second thought. I knew I wanted to try for a story slot. And so did my muse. Through the weaving of a story I knew where my muse was taking me. 

The actual concept inspiration for Boomerang Love sprang from the relationship of my youngest son’s favorite hero and his wife. Steve and Terri Irwin. 

Some mothers watch hours on end of cartoons with their little boys, not me. Mine still wants to grow up to be a crocodile hunter. And then one day I listened as the couple shared their “love at first sight” tale. The couple married within a few short months of meeting one another. 

Almost immediately my muse asked me…what if a heroine left, instead of staying? Would she return? Did she dare? What about the hero? Would he be able to work her out of his system? The plot to Boomerang Love fell into place as I drafted a short premise up. 

In those minutes the Thorn brothers were born. 

I invite you to…Take a walkabout on the wild side. 

To read an excerpt, follow the link. 

Melissa Lopez

JOURNEYS OF LOVE every woman needs to take. 

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