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CONTEST: Heartbreak Cove by Lily Everett Sneak Peek!

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Romance Junkies is excited to share a sneak peek from Heartbreak Cove by Lily Everett, along with a contest for one lucky reader to win the entire Sanctuary Island series, consisting of Mass Market editions of Sanctuary Island, Shoreline Drive, and Heartbreak Cove, as well as Homecoming, the collection of three Billionaire Brothers novellas set on Sanctuary Island! (Please note that this contest is limited US residents.)

Just tell us in the comments below why you want to win this Sanctuary Series set for a chance to WIN!

“Great, wholesome, laugh-out-loud entertainment that’s sure to please small town or island contemporary fans. Grab the series and settle in for a pleasant weekend of reading pleasure. I highly recommend it as one of the best contemporary series available.” Read more – Reviewed by Dorine at RJ.

Heartbreak CoveHeartbreak Cove – Sanctuary Island, Book 3 by Lily Everett

Welcome to a place where love is in the air, fate is in the stars, and home is just a heartbeat away…

Sheriff Andie Shepard may be new to Sanctuary Island but, like everyone else who comes here, she’s already fallen under its healing spell. Andie is determined to leave her mistakes behind her and make this scenic haven her home. But she just might have to change her plans—as well as open her heart—when an unexpected visitor shows up on her doorstep…

Heartbreak Cove

Caitlin is the ten-year-old niece Andie never knew she had. Silent, wary, and shy as can be, Caitlin only responds to the horses that run wild across the island. Andie has no idea how to deal with Caitlin—until Sam Brennan enters the picture. A tall, handsome loner who rehabilitates abused horses, Sam is able to help Caitlin break out of her shell. But that’s not all: He finds a way to touch something deep in Andie’s heart, opening her up to the healing power of love. Together, these three lost souls must face the darkness in their past to build a brighter future. Because here, on Sanctuary Island, anything is possible…



October 2013

Sheriff Andie Shepard leaned into the smooth bark of a tulip poplar and let the tree trunk do the work of propping up her tired body.

All around her, couples danced on the patch of cleared grass surrounded by long picnic tables laden with potluck dishes, pitchers of lemonade and sweet tea, and bowls of punch. Andie smiled at the exuberant happiness buzzing through the crisp evening air, making the town square glow as bright as the white twinkle lights strung from the gazebo and the tall oak trees.

Standing on the edges of the crowd, Andie got a wistful sense of what it must feel like to truly belong here on Sanctuary Island. It made her all the more determined to find her place in this town, amongst these people.

A whirling couple narrowly missed tripping over a folding chair at the end of Andie’s table, their laughter loud enough to scare away the fireflies.

Some people were having just a little bit too much fun, courtesy of one particular bowl of punch. The groom had doctored that bowl with a generous pour from a silver flask, making sure everyone knew which punch was now adults- only. Andie had been standing guard ever since.

Which she likely would be for another few hours yet. She smothered a yawn. Her shift started before dawn today, and it wouldn’t be over until the last wedding guest stumbled home and tumbled into bed, safe and sound.

She blinked to clear the exhaustion from her vision, and when she forced her eyes open, her heart slammed into her throat.

It was him.

Sam Brennan loomed across the picnic table, his tall, muscular form haloed in the golden glow of the twinkle lights. His face was cast in shadow, but even when she’d had him under the direct glare of the sheriff’s office fluorescent lights, Andie hadn’t been able to get a good read on him.

Because of the beard, she told herself, straightening automatically as she studied the close- cropped brown bristles darkening his jaw— but deep inside, Andie knew it was something more.

“You should go home, Sheriff,” he said abruptly, the low rumble of his voice vibrating through her like the roll of distant thunder. “You look like hell.”

BUY THE BOOK:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Indiebound

About the Author:
Lily Everett grew up in a small town in Virginia reading Misty of Chincoteague and Black Beauty, taking riding lessons, and longing for a horse of her own. Sadly, her parents gave her a college education instead—but she never forgot what the world looked like from the back of a horse. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, where she writes full-time.  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


Delaney Diamond ~ Interview & Contest

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Cover_The Blind Date_200X300



First, can you let us know what projects you are currently working on?



I’m currently working on The Wrong Man, which is book 2 of the Love Unexpected series. Although the books are connected, they are stand alone stories and don’t have to be read in order. After The Wrong Man, I’ll be working on one of The Johnson Boys stories about an African-American family that owns a brewery in Seattle, and More Than a Mistress, which will be another interracial romance due some time next spring. No date yet on either project.




1.)         How do you fit writing into your schedule? What does your workspace look like?


I work from home, which is a blessing and a curse. I always think I have time to get things done, which is not good for a procrastinaotr like me. I have a small business, I run a review site called Romance Novels in Color, and I write. To stay on track with my writing, I set specific goals for myself. For instance, I won’t get any writing done today because of the media blitz and some other things I have planned. So tomorrow, I’ll set the timer for at least an hour and make myself sit and write for that period of time. Once it’s up, I’ll take a break and then try for another hour. The timer is my friend. J


I have a home office with a couple of file cabinets, a shredder, two printers (three if you count one that’s now defunct), a color printer and a laser printer. I have two dry erase boards on the wall where I write tasks I need to complete or reminders of writing tips I don’t want to forget, and a bookshelf where I keep writing resources, magazines, and other knick knacks.


2.)         Do you do a lot of research for your stories? What is the most interesting thing you have learned?


It depends on the story. I have one planned for next year called More Than a Mistress that requires a lot of research because the heroine is a sommelier. I had no idea what a stressful, involved career this was. That’s been the most interesting part. Because of what I’ve learned, I’ve decided to change the direction of the story a bit, but it’s very impressive how knowledgeable these people are about wine and spirits, right down to knowing which region of a country a wine would come from—and they can tell this by taste alone! The documentary Somm is on my list to watch as part of my research to learn more about sommeliers and the prestigious Master Sommelier exam.


3.)         Are you a plotter or do you write as it comes? Do your characters start with names or do they have to have personalities before they can be named?



I’m not a plotter. I write as it comes, but I do have ideas before I sit down. I also keep lots of notes in various notebooks of ideas, pieces of dialogue, thing like that. Sometimes the character names come as soon as the character. Other times it takes awhile, and as I’m writing, then the name may suddenly come to me, or I’ll look at websites that list baby names.


4.)         What do you want readers to take away after reading one of your stories? What do you want them to feel?



I want them to have an emotional connection to the characters, and I want them to feel the romance and love between the characters. I write romance, and I’m a romantic, and anyone who enjoys the idea of falling in love, sometimes making mistakes along the way, but eventually coming together in the end, will enjoy my books.


5.)         What genre would you love to write but haven’t yet? Is there one you would shy away from?



I would like to write historical romance, but I shy away from it because of the research involved. I understand the importance of getting it right as you write in a different time period, and it’s a bit intimidating to me. But I like a challenge and I like to learn, so maybe one day I’ll get around to doing it.


6.)         Do you have any hobbies that you do in your spare time? Is there something you would love to learn but haven’t had the chance yet?


In my spare time I read, watch movies, or hang out with friends. I would like to learn ballroom dancing. In my younger days – ahem – I used to go dancing all the time for fun, but I’d like to learn a more formal type of dance.





7.)         What kinds of books will we find on your bookshelf?

Mostly romance and thrillers. There are also reference books on writing.




1.)         Do you prefer to jump up and embrace the day or have a lazy breakfast in bed?


Lazy breakfast in bed. I’m not a morning person.


2.)         What are three words you would use to describe yourself? Are they the same as family/friends would use?


Loyal, friendly, sarcastic. My friends may not know how sarcastic I am, but my family does. J


3.)         What are your favorite TV shows? How about ones that you would stay away from?


My favorite TV shows are Modern Family and Law & Order SVU. I tend to stay away from reality shows. There are way too many of them, in my opinion, and they seem to bring out the worst in people. At least that’s what I hope. I hope they’re not a true reflection of how people actually behave.


4.)         What is your favorite dessert? Do you make it yourself or order it out?


I have a sweet tooth and love desserts. That’s really hard for someone like me who has a wheat sensitivity since almost every dessert—cakes, pies, brownies—is made with wheat flour. If I absolutely had to choose one, I’d say ice cream. I hope that I never become lactose intolerant, or I’ll be in big trouble!


5.)         What is your favorite childhood memory?


Maybe this is where I get my love of ice cream from, but one of my fondest memories is of my father taking me and my sister for ice cream at the ice cream parlor on Friday evenings, and we could get anything we wanted. I’m even smiling as I type this.




One night changes everything . . . again.

Years ago, when Ryan Stewart saw Shawna Ferguson, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a free man, and his deception caused him to lose her after a weekend that changed his life.

When Shawna’s sister and brother-in-law set her up on a blind date, she has no idea it’s with Ryan, with whom she’d spent a weekend she wishes she could forget. She reluctantly agrees to finish the date with him, but doing so leaves her vulnerable to his charms and the heat he ignited in her that very first night.


Her brow furrowed. “Why me?” she asked. “Out of all these women walking around out here.”

“There are other women out here?” Ryan looked around at the pedestrians as if seeing them for the first time. “I didn’t even notice. I only have eyes for you.”

A beat later, they both burst out laughing.

“Good one,” Shawna said. “Have you used it before?”

“First time. I thought of it on the fly. Good though, right?” He stopped grinning and looked her in the eyes to make sure she knew how serious he was. “But I meant it. Let me buy you dinner.”

“Ryan, I’m not interested in seeing anyone right now. You seem very sweet, but I’ll be leaving in a couple of days, so I don’t think this is a good idea.”

He couldn’t let her get away. She had to say yes. He’d come to Chicago to clear his head, and somehow he knew she’d play an important role in helping him finalize the decision he’d been struggling to make.

“It’s only dinner.” He could see her waver as she shifted from one foot to the other and tucked her purse closer to her body. “When do you get off?”

She laughed nervously. “This is ridiculous.”

“No, it’s not. You have to eat and I want to feed you. Makes sense to me.” He hoped that by keeping the conversation light, she wouldn’t overthink it and slip from his grasp, leaving him standing there with no way to see her again. “What kind of food do you like?”

Shawna shook her head in defeat. “French cuisine is my favorite.”

“And when do you get off?”

“At six.”

“I’ll be here at five-fifty, waiting.”

“If you’re not, it’s no big deal.” She shrugged.

He fixed his gaze on her face. “I hope that’s not true.”

She hesitated, tilting her head slightly, brown eyes observing him as if trying to figure him out. She obviously still doubted his sincerity.

“I’ll see you at six, Ryan Stewart.”

Get it now for FREE until October 7, 2013: Amazon


Contest information:

Not only is Delaney Diamond giving away a free copy of her book, she’s having a contest!

Prize: Winners choice of four (4) of the following items: (1) Delaney Diamond T-shirt in large or extra large (2) Delaney Diamond two-tone tote bag (3) $20 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (4) Delaney Diamond keychain (5) an autographed copy of Hot Latin Men Vol. I (6) an autographed copy of Hot Latin Men Vol. II (7) four bookmarks with Delaney Diamond book covers.

Eligibility: You must be a subscriber to Delaney’s blog. Prizes open to U.S. and international entrants.

How to enter: Correctly match each blog on her tour with its description. Visit the contest post on her website for the details.

Deadline to enter: October 13, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST



Delaney Diamond writes sweet and sensual romance novels and is the site manager of Romance Novels in Color, where diversity in romance in celebrated. When she’s not reading or writing she’s trying out new recipes or traveling to an interesting locale. Find free reads and the first chapter of all her books at


Contact Information:


Facebook fan page:


Romance Novels in Color:

Tigris Eden’s Burned in Shadows blog tour ~ Giveaway

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Thank you to RomanceJunkies for having me on their blog today!


I am so glad you could join us here at RomanceJunkies. To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects?


Red Hawk Mercenary Group: Ghost is a sci-fi erotic romance about female assassin and the men who love them, or try to love them. It’s dark, and edgy and the women are fowl in everything that they do. I think it’s safe to say they’re hardened criminals but with a Robin Hood outlook on life, instead of robbing from the rich to give to the poor, they kill in order to provide for their town, which is in the outlands.


The Relationship is about a woman who was in love with her best friend, only he marries the other girl. It’s still in a very rough state and as I’m writing it I find that there are twists and turns popping up that I know have to investigate and foster.



When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?


When my sixth grade teacher, Ms. Guill, read The Case of The Missing Peperoni out loud to all of the class. She said it was the best story she’s ever read with the use of vocabulary words. So I kept writing, it wasn’t always stories though. There has been poems as well as music.


Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?


My husband LL, he told me to write like I mean it.


Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you?


The perfect hero is not perfect. To me he has to be flawed. He has to struggle and while doing it, pulling it off in such a way that no one will see his flaws except for the person he deems worthy to see the heart of him.



What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?


Family, Music, Reading, painting, and travelling. J


What has been your biggest adventure to date?


My biggest adventure to date was walking through the rooms of Versailles and strolling the beautiful gardens. It was some sight! I spent two days there, and it still wasn’t enough for me.



If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?


Oh, she’d have to whisk me away to France. There is so much I want to see and do there. I haven’t had enough time to fully experience France. So much more for me to experience.


When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?


Adventure all the way baby! I’ll try anything once.


What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without? What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?


Hmm modern convenience that I can live without would have to be cell phone. I need my cell, it keeps me connected.


My ideal romantic evening for me, and don’t laugh! It would be LL hand feeding me macaroons while we watch his favorite football team whoop on their opponents. Its romantic to me because I know that if he can tear himself away from the screen to pop food in my mouth, well then he’s gotta be the most devoted husband ever right?


How do you describe yourself? How would your family and friends describe you?


I would say don’t be fooled by the smile. A lot of people in my past have thought that because I’m so nice they can take advantage of me. Those people were wrong, I may seem like a softie, but I’m anything but.


 My family would say that I’m the person they can depend on, and that I’m a good listener and that I have a big heart. (I just asked LL these questions and then I confirmed it with my best friend, just so that I’d have a co-signer.



What is your favorite comfort food?


Oatmeal crème pies.


What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?


Winter. I get to snuggle up to LL.


What project are you working on next?


Redeemed in Shadows, Gabe’s story.


Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?


Nope, nothing happening but this amazing blog tour, you can find me here! J


Thanks again for blogging with us!


Thanks for having me!



Tigris Eden Blog Tour Banner






Burned in Shadows

Blog Tour Schedule


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Burned in Shadows Blog Tour Giveaway Info



Tour Wide Giveaway


Tigris Eden will be giving away the following items:


  • 1 bottle of Signature Perfume of Burned (Inspired by the book) -US Shipping ONLY.
  • 1 $20 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble
  • 5 eBook copies of both Burned in Shadows and Enslaved in Shadows



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Book Blurb:


Royce Zarides has accepted his hand dealt by fate. He’s loved and left far too many women, in the bedroom that is. But one kiss from Belinda Raine Ignis was all it took for his eyes to open. Is she really the woman meant for him and his brother Ronin? Or will history only repeat itself? That’s the million dollar question he doesn’t want to answer.


Ronin does not believe that Belinda is for him and his brother. But one night with her isn’t enough. Even when he sees her for who and what she really is, Ronin still has a hard time expressing his fears and emotions where Belinda is concerned, and time is running out now that she’s to ascend to the status of Matria of the Phoenix Enclave.


Belinda (Bells) Ignis is good at ignoring men. She’s had her share of heartache. Jilted at the altar by her first love, she’s sworn all men off for good. Her mother and Matria of her community has other plans in mind, as well as the Zarides brothers. When faced with the heated glances of Ronin and the smooth tongue of Royce, what’s a girl to do?


The clock is ticking down for certain members of the Shadow Unit. Draven assumed dead, leaves a sour taste in every ones mouth. Jes’ new found abilities make for a great addition to the team. But when things seem to settle, they only get worse, as the team sets out to discover the origins of Mr. Black and the notorious Red Sun Organization. Secrets are uncovered and deals are made that result in a deadly blow to all involved.


Buy Links:


Barnes & Noble:

All Romance:


Author Bio:


There is really not much to say… I love to write, read, and listen to music. My attempt at a music career sadly ended at the Apollo one warm night in May! LOL (Side note: I was not booed just outdone by two munchkins rapping to Biggy Smalls but they were good!)


Military brat extraordinaire; have traveled to a lot of interesting places.


The very first time I put pen to paper in story fashion, was in 6th grade. It was called The Case of the Missing Pepperoni.


It was a cute mystery where all the ingredients and shop appliances came to life when the store owner closed up for the evening.


Tigris Eden is the author of The Shadow Unit Series and co-author of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Season 1 and 2.


Places to find Tigris:







Destiny Blaine presents a new sports romance novella

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He’s playing for his brother’s debt

Quarterback Lane Levermore is in a hell of a fix. He’s set to play in one of the most important games of his career, and his brother is in too deep with Vegas bookmakers, bookies who are looking at Lane for repayment.

She’s stumbled across questionable pre-game lines

Feisty sports reporter Donna Belfour has her eye on Lane Levermore. Her instincts are razor sharp, and she knows there’s a world of heat gathering around her favorite quarterback. Determined to call Lane out on his unfavorable intentions, Donna digs up some scandalous information that could ruin careers.

Winning the game will come at an extraordinary price

After a frustrating first half, Lane acknowledges a serious problem with one sexy vixen. He hauls Donna off to a nearby vacant office and addresses a few of those more personal concerns. By the start of the third quarter, Lane’s luck has definitely changed. He is confident he will not only cover the game spread, but with any luck, he may just win his woman’s heart.


Leave a comment for your chance to win a free PDF file of Covering the Spread by Destiny Blaine

Available now from Resplendence Publishing

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The Wild Pack Authors Street Team




Sexy Alpha Males – And a CONTEST!

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Hey RJ Readers,

Thought we’d kick off my guest post here talking about alpha heroes and their heroines.  We as authors have written scores of blogs, books and other forms of paraphernalia about these men who dominate and why we love them.

In my upcoming Red Sage release ENDANGERED, Josef starts off as a dominant but he’s kind of hell bent on self destruction, not finding worth in himself until after he’s had some time with our definitely strong heroine Livia, and her lover, Isabella.   Yeah, it took two women to make him stand up and act like a proper Alpha, but even then the story takes another twist at the end.

I’ve also created a few different variations on the Alpha Male.  In Torn to Pieces I had two wolves, both Alphas of their pack, but in menage there wasn’t really a true dominant, because the heroine herself was too head strong and often smarter than both the boys together.


And my kinky dominan

ts in two of my Decadent titles aren’t really the idea of dominant we have in mind.  I’d like to pick YOUR brains though.  First, my top five favorite dominant males:

  1. Wrath – of Black Dagger Brotherhood fame. Honestly, I identify strongly with the Blind King and love his choice of mates because Beth doesn’t take any of his crap!  Sometimes that’s needed!
  2. Eric Drake –  from Dark Wolf Rising.  Rhyannon Byrd did a pretty good job of creating a convincing alpha in this werewolf romance.  Eric’s a pretty bad ass but he’s also got the restraint required for someone wielding power.
  3. Lucas Simone from Cynthia Eden’s Never Cry Wolf. Yeah, he’s kinda psycho too, on top of being over the top AND protective of what he realizes almost too late is his mate.
  4. Micah Sloane from Lora Leigh’s Maverick fits this bill.  AND he’s human, as opposed to the rest of this list!
  5. Drew Black – from Back in Black by Lori Foster. Yeah, Drew’s the other human on this list.  Foul mouthed, business savy, he’s got what it takes to hold the reigns in business and in bed.  What makes him more alpha to me is that Gillian lets him be, for the most part, as his charm comes through naturally as an extension of his personality because of her.

So that’s my list, who are YOUR favorite alpha males?  OH, I forgot to mention one random commenter will be chosen to receive a free copy of Torn to Pieces AND Surrender to Love! 

Endangered450X752Description: Livía Ilona, vampire queen of San Francisco, and her lover Isabella, have kept The Syndicate and their drugs out of their territory until recently when a new boss stepped in and started making strict demands. Tiring of their threats, Livía strikes a deal with The Syndicate’s leader to keep out of Nob Hill. All she has to do is kill the one man who happens to be causing problems—Joséf Staganov. Except he’s not just a troublemaking ex-cop, he’s the key to returning Livía’s human soul. Rogue cop turned vigilante, Joséf Staganov fights to keep The Syndicate and their drugs off the streets of San Francisco, using whatever means necessary. Aware that his life is on a short leash, he trusts only himself until even that trust is betrayed by an operation gone bad. Now hooked on the drugs he’s trying to eradicate, Joséf vows to take as much of the criminal organization down as possible before he dies. Except during a fight, the Queen of the Night comes with her lover to his rescue and to abduct him. Capture quickly turns to seduction until Joséf learns the real reason for his kidnapping: Recover Isabella’s boy. The human in him still sees the good of his act, yet the beast Livía accidentally unleashes presents an all new threat. Can the threesome recover Isabella’s son, topple the Syndicate and stop the threats on their lives?

An Author’s Journey ~ Tonya Callihan

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Tonya has been writing all of her life. At the age of 13, on Christmas break she snuck one of her mom’s romances from a box brought over by her grandma. The novel she read was ‘Montana Sky’ by Nora Roberts. Once she finished reading that book she knew someday she would to be a published romance author. She has been writing every since.

Now a single mom she balances her time between her 10 month old son, Mason, writing, work, and the Internet!

Tonya loves to help support some of her favorite authors and is very involved in several street teams and posts book reviews over at her blog!

Her first novel was published in January 2010, Night Promises, the first book in her Night Pleasures series! After a long wait her second book from MuseItUp Publishing, Claimed will be coming out Spring 2013! With hopefully, more releases this year as well.




My Links:

Author FB:!/pages/Author-Tonya-Callihan/155567004477447


















Book Reviews:




When I was 13 I snuck my first romance novel from my mom’s secret stash of books and hid it in my backpack. I would stay up late at night reading it, while everyone in the house was sleeping. I read ‘Montana Sky’ by Nora Roberts. It took me a total of three days to finish that novel. Would have been sooner if I didn’t have to hide it.

As soon as I finished that book I remember a sense of joy and relief washing over me. I was a writer…I was going to be a romance writer. I knew from that day what I wanted to be. I just wasn’t sure how to make it happen.

I read more books and I wrote down several ideas. At 16 I penned my first novel and soon typed it on my computer. I was so proud of myself. Now I look back at that novel and shake my head. What in the world was I thinking? The story doesn’t make sense, the characters are realistic or memorable and the plot has so many holes in it it’s ridiculous.

My point is I wrote and I didn’t stop. No matter how horrible the story was I continued to write more and more stories. Nora Roberts says it best. “I can’t fix a blank page.”

I also read. I had a new love of reading, it was a great escape as a teenager and now as an adult from the real world. Reading helped improve my writing skills. I honestly believe that. I learned more about making characters realistic and planning a story from beginning to end.

I have to have a solid plan in front of me before I start a story. I’m not a punster. I’ve tried to be a punster, but half way in I realize so many mistakes and plot holes, I have to re-write the entire story. It’s a waste of my time. So I sit down and plan.

My mom knew I wrote, but she was unaware of what I wrote until I was in my twenties. Then she was somewhat surprised by my choice. I will never forget out conversation that day. She told me if I wanted to be a writer then I should be a writer. She also told me I had to think about finances and if writing would pay the bills. My mom is smart and very realistic. So, yes, I do have a day job to pay my bills and support my family. I still find time to write and interact with readers and the rest of the writing world.

In fact, I’m addicted to social media sites, below are my links be sure to connect with me because right now I am running a couple of contests!

Contest 1: When I reach 500 likes on my Facebook Page I will be giving away a gift basket which includes: 3 books, lip gloss, nail polish, makeup bag, and fun author swag from several authors.!/pages/Author-Tonya-Callihan/155567004477447


Contest 2: I am honored to have my blog featured during Lisa Renee Jones’ blog feature month, all of May. My feature was May 6. If you go to her blog and comment you can win a $10 Bath and Body gift card and Team Chris/Team Mark Bracelets inspired by her Inside Out Series. If you go to my blog and comment on my post about my blog feature you can win a download of any of Lisa’s books, up to $10.

Lisa’s Blog Post:


My blog post:

Contest 3: When I reach 1,000 followers on Twitter I will be giving away another gift basket which includes: Bath and Body Works lotion and body spray, nail polish, books and author swag.


Twitter @tonyacallihan


Thanks so much for allowing me to be a guest today! I hope all of the mother’s have a Happy Mother’s Day!!


Please enjoy an excerpt from my book Night Promises available now

Buy Night Promises

Secret Cravings PUblishing





Barnes and Noble





Night Promises 1




“Our new girl is looking good out there.” Mac handed Kelly a bottle of water from the small fridge in the corner of their office.

“That’s good. I wasn’t sure about hiring a human. The last one quit within the first hour, but she’s made it through two nights.”

“Our last one was more concerned with whether vampires really existed or not. With Cammie, I believe she’s got a real interest with vamps and respects us.”

“How did your date go last night?”

“There won’t be a second one. For a three-hundred year old vamp, he has no charm and absolutely nothing but blood and the sport of finding the next meal to talk about.”

“I think Micah is interested in you.”

“What makes you say that?” “When I arrived at Connor’s, Micah asked me how you were. I told him you were on a date, and he looked upset and got short with me.”

“Well, I’m not interested in him.”

“Is there such a thing as life mates?”

“Did he say we were life mates? I tell you what; he didn’t get the hint seventy years ago, but he’s going to get it now.” She tossed her water bottle in the trash.

“I’ll take that as a yes and a no. He didn’t mention you two were life mates.”

She stood in front of Kelly’s desk. “There are rumors that life mates really exist. But I’ve never felt that pull, I guess you could call it.”

“Can humans feel it with vampires?”

“I don’t think so. I’ve never heard of it. As much as I hate to admit this, Micah would be the man you need to talk to about this type of stuff. He’s been around longer than I have, and he knows how it works.”

“Do you not want to know?” “I’m not interested in settling down. Honestly, I don’t believe vamps are capable of settling down.”

“Why not?”

“Because we are creatures of habit. Sex and blood. We need both and very often. We can’t stay with the same human for a long period of time, or we will kill them or be forced to turn them against their will. Vamps can feed from one another during sex, but the vamp will still have a strong hunger for human blood.”

“That answers my questions then.”

“Do you think you and Connor are life mates?”

“No, I don’t. I’ve never felt a pull, as you said. I was more curious about a lasting relationship between a human and vampire.”

“I hate to let you down but it’s almost impossible. If you and Connor are life mates, you would have to let him turn you.”

“But as you said, we would still need human blood.”


CONTEST – Win a Sonoma Getaway

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Create wonderful memories with a grand prize trip for two to sunny Sonoma, California! Find out more about this awesome grand prize, as well as secondary prizes too at Susan Wiggs’ site! HURRY – CONTEST ENDING SOON!

Curious about Susan Wiggs’  book, The Apple Orchard, that takes place in Sonoma, California? Read RJ’s Review!





Contest plus Q and A with Elizabeth Hoyt!

February 27, 2013 By: Romance Junkies Category: Author Interview with RJ, Contests 17 Comments →

***CONTEST*** Run to Elizabeth’s website and come back here to tell us what you found of interest there, or what you liked best about Elizabeth’s answers below. Include your email address to be entered to win all 5 books in the Maiden Lane series, provided by the publisher (US residents only please and no PO Boxes for delivery of the prize).


I am so glad you could join us here at RomanceJunkies. To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Lord of Darkness is my latest book, in stores right now. Lady Margaret St. John travels to London determined to do two things: 1. Kill the Ghost of St. Giles, the accused murderer of her lover, and 2. Seduce the husband she hasn’t seen since their wedding day so she can have a much longed for baby. Her plans immediately go array, however, when she finds out that the Ghost of St. Giles is in fact…her husband.

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

I guess I’ve never felt I had to be a writer—there are so many other interesting careers out there, and I didn’t actually start writing until I was thirty-five. But when I got my first advance check I knew I could make money as a writer and at that point there was no looking back.

Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?

Someone famous has said to cut out all the boring bits in your book, but I can’t remember who. 😉

Describe the “perfect” hero.

LOL! All my heroes have imperfections, so they don’t exactly fit the mould of a perfect hero. I’m interested in a man who is smart, has a high regard for family and his responsibilities, and who is willing to fight for what he believes in.

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

Reading, walking my dogs, and gardening. I have several dozen orchids in my office, but I don’t know if they count as a collection. 😉

If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

I’d like to visit India because I’ve never been.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

My iPhone.

What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

Fall because of the chill air and apples.

What project are you working on next?

I’m in revisions for my October book, Duke of Midnight, which features Maximus Batten, the Duke of Wakefield as the hero and Artemis Greaves as his heroine.

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

I’m doing a multi-author signing at Anderson’s Book Shop in Napierville, Illinois on April 27th.

Thanks again for blogging with us!


Thank you for having me on Romance Junkies! Readers can learn more about my Maiden Lane series and Lord of Darkness at my website: You can also chat with me on Twitter (, Facebook (, Goodreads (, and Pinterest (

Treasure Hunt Giveaway – TO TRUST A THIEF by Michelle McLean

January 22, 2013 By: Guestauthor Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 5 Comments →

Welcome to Day 2 of the To Trust a Thief treasure hunt!

Guest author Michelle McLean is here to share her new Entangled Scandalous release with us! TO TRUST A THIEF just came out, and it’s like a Victorian Romancing the stone–which means treasure! Michelle is here spreading the treasure hunt far and wide. You can buy TO TRUST A THIEF here for your Nook or here for your Kindle for only $2.99.


First of all, I want to thank the Romance Junkies for hosting me today. I am thrilled to be here!

To Trust a Thief is a tale in which a young woman in Victorian England must trust a master thief she intends to betray in order to find a legendary necklace that could save her fiancé and family. But in searching for the necklace, she may lose her heart.

Since the story centers on the hunt for a treasure, I thought it would be fun to celebrate its release with a treasure hunt of my own :)

The clue for Day 2 of the hunt focuses on the villain of the story, Lord Rellik, and his motive for finding the priceless Courtland necklace. Our heroine Min wants the necklace so she can bribe her parents out of trouble and pay off her fiancé’s gambling debts while Bryant, the master thief she is falling in love with, wants the necklace to buy his freedom from his boss, the aforementioned villain Rellik.

Rellik, on the other hand, wants the necklace for a much more simple reason; he’s a greedy old sod who just wants the fortune.

Here’s the rundown – from Jan 21st to Feb 1st, you can join me in a treasure hunt for five fabulous prizes. I’ll be making the rounds on five wonderful blogs and will leave a clue at each one. The clue will give you a hint both as to what the prize is, and where you need to go on our To Trust a Thief treasure map to enter the giveaway for that day. You’ll also get a few snippets of the book and a chance for extra entries if you solve a special riddle.


Follow these instructions and see if you can find the treasure!

Step 1 – Here is your clue for Day 2:  Lord Rellik would kill to keep Min from the cash; while they’re duking it out, you can spend your own stash.

Step 2 – CLICK HERE to go to the treasure map.

Step 3 – Once there, click on the location on the map that matches the clue.

Step 4 – Fill in the form to enter to win the prize and read a little snippet of the book just for fun!

Step 5 – Be sure to visit the other blogs on our Treasure Hunt Tour for more chances to win other awesome prizes, especially the huge grand prize on day 5!! Each giveaway will run for a week, so you can go back and enter any that you missed.


Here are the Treasure Hunt blog stops:

Day 1 – Monday Jan 21st – My Blog

Day 2 – Tuesday, January 22 — Romance Junkies 

Day 3 – Wednesday, January 23 — Cocktails and Books

Day 4 – Thursday, January 24 — Romance Book Junkies

Day 5 – Friday, January 25 — Romance Reviews Today 


Extra Entries Clue = There will be an opportunity for extra entries if you can figure out the riddle of the villainous Lord Rellik’s name. The clue will be listed on the entry form, but I’ll list it here as well to give you a little more thinking time.

There is something sinister about Rellik’s name; figure it out, get extra points for the game. Here is a hint, if you are in doubt; try reading it backwards, it might help you out.

Have fun hunting!! And good luck finding your treasures :)


About Michelle: Michelle McLean is the author of historical and paranormal novels, including TO TRUST A THIEF (Entangled Scandalous Jan 2013), a historical trilogy, BLOOD BLADE SISTERS (Entangled Scandalous 2013), and a zombie fairy tale retelling WISH UPON A STAR (Entangled Ever After Oct 2013). She is also the author of the educational non-fiction book HOMEWORK HELPERS: ESSAYS AND TERM PAPERS.

Michelle has a B.S. in History, a M.A. in English, and tends to be a bit of an overly organized mess with an insatiable love of books and more weird quirks than you can shake a stick at. She is also a contributor on The Naked Hero, and the Operation Awesome, Scene 13, and Scandalous book blogs as well as maintaining her personal blog.

If she’s not editing, reading or chasing her kids around, she can usually be found in a quiet corner working on her next book. Michelle resides in PA with her husband and two young children, an insanely hyper dog, and two very spoiled cats.

Author Carla Neggers and a giveaway!

January 21, 2013 By: Romance Junkies Category: Contests, Guest Blogger, Latest News 17 Comments →

:::We have a copy of the book to giveaway. How do you enter? Just join in and add a comment for a chance to win. Don’t forget to include your email addy or check back later this month to see if you have won:::


February 2013 – A Swift River Valley Novel                                                                                                       

Pre-Order your copy today!

Two strangers who meet at a costume ball work out the other’s identity only to be faced with an even greater mystery, in THAT NIGHT ON THISTLE LANE (Harlequin MIRA, February 2013, $7.99 U.S./$9.99 CAN.), the second book in New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers’ Swift River Valley contemporary romance series.

When Knights Bridge, Massachusetts, librarian Phoebe O’Dunn uncovers a tiny room hidden in the attic of the town’s library, it is as if she is stepping into a time capsule. Not only is the mysterious space filled with perfect reproductions of dresses from famous films up through the 1960s, but it’s also overflowing with elaborate gowns from myriads of different historical eras.

So even though sensible, uneventful Phoebe had initially declined to attend a gala masquerade in Boston with her sister and friends, she thinks better of it at the last moment and decides to secretly attend dressed as a princess. Surely no one—not even her sister—will recognize Phoebe in an intricate Edwardian gown with a wig and mask? It’ll be Phoebe’s secret.

As soon as she enters the ball, Phoebe attracts the attention of a charming masked swashbuckler. The two strangers make an instant connection and all eyes are on the striking couple as they glide across the dance floor.  However, while her gallant swashbuckler is distracted, Phoebe is forced to flee the ball before she is recognized. Once home, she scolds herself for being so reckless, hides the gowns and vows to keep her escapade a secret.

However, that proves difficult when Phoebe’s charismatic dance partner follows her back to Knights Bridge. It turns out the masked swashbuckler is Noah Kendrick, billionaire founder of high tech company NAK, Inc.  Noah’s wealth has made him wary, especially of women.  But the spark he felt with his princess was genuine and—even better—she has no ulterior motives. The only problem is now he has to find her.

After Phoebe meets Noah, she begins to suspect that he is her swashbuckler. However, she is too afraid to reveal herself to him.  What will the reaction of this billionaire jet-setter be when he realizes that his feisty, exciting princess is actually a boring small-town librarian?

But events may force the dance partners to drop their masks and reveal their true identities.  Noah is being followed by a mysterious stranger.  This elusive man has been on Noah’s tail since San Diego, and when he appears in Knights Bridge, Phoebe is suddenly drawn into a situation that has her worrying for her family’s safety.

THAT NIGHT ON THISTLE LANE is available wherever books are sold and at

New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers is always plotting her next adventure, whether in life or for one of her books.  Her fertile imagination and curious nature make her ready for anything.  These qualities sparked her love of reading as a child and continue to drive her passion for storytelling today.

With her trademark blend of action, adventure and down-to-earth, realistic characters caught up in extraordinary circumstances, her novels never fail to take her readers on an exciting journey.

Growing up in rural western Massachusetts, the third of seven children, Carla would grab a pad and pen and climb a tree to spin her stories. Just before she was born, her Dutch immigrant father and Southern-born mother had packed up the car with two kids and all their belongings and headed north to start a new life. They’d settled in an eighteenth-century carriage house on 90 acres and begun a long process of renovation.

After graduating as valedictorian of her high school class, Carla studied music at Boston University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in journalism. She enjoyed a brief stint as a freelance journalist, then turned to writing fiction full-time and now has more than 60 novels of romantic suspense and contemporary romance to her credit. Her books have been translated into 24 languages and sold in more than 30 countries.

Travel and research play a large part in Carla’s writing. “It’s part of the fun of being a writer— you never know what will spark an idea. For example, I wasn’t thinking about writing on my first trip to Ireland. Then I stepped into the ruin of the cottage where my son-in-law’s

great-grandfather was born…and I knew a story had started percolating. I just didn’t know

what it was!”

Once a plot is hatched, the real research begins. Carla’s novels have taken her atop New England’s highest peaks, onto a shooting range with a police academy instructor and across the world as she scouts out locations and seeks the authenticity that imbues her novels.

The author’s greatest pleasure comes in those moments when she feels she’s gotten the story just right—when it all comes together on the pages of her book, exactly the way she’s envisioned the tale in her mind. Then, when readers connect with the story, her satisfaction is complete.  “I love to hear from readers,” says the author. “When they tell me that a story resonated and they had a great time with it, I know I’ve done my job and done it well.”

A distinguished member of the writing community, Carla is a founder of the New England chapter of Romance Writers of America and has served on the boards of Novelists, Inc., and International Thriller Writers.

When she’s not working on her next book, Carla enjoys traveling, hiking and kayaking. She’s always planning the next trip and the next adventure—either of which just might inspire a new story.

Carla and her husband, Joe, are the parents of two grown children. They live in Vermont, not far from picturesque Quechee Gorge.

I am so glad you could join us here at RomanceJunkies. To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Thanks! Can fairy tales come true? Phoebe O’Dunn in That Night on Thistle Lane loves a happy ending but doubts she’ll have one herself, at least romantically. Then she discovers a secret room in the small New England library where she works. The room’s filled with vintage gowns, and she impulsively wears one to a charity masquerade in Boston, only to dance with a swashbuckler…who he is and how the secret room came to be intrigue Phoebe and change her life! This is the second book in my Swift River Valley series. It launched last year with Secrets of the Lost Summer.

1. When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

I don’t think it was a matter of knowing so much as doing. Writers write, and I’ve been writing since I was a kid climbing a tree with a pad and pen!

2. Every writer dreams of getting “the call”. What were you doing when yours came? Who got to hear the good news first?

One of the “good news” calls I most remember is when an agent offered to represent me and was so positive and encouraging about my writing. I was a young mother living in a tiny town (22 miles from the nearest dry cleaners!), cooking Cornish hens…which I ended up burning, I was so excited!

3. Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?
When I was in college, a journalism professor taught me to note what I liked about a rough draft and in that to find my strengths as a writer and the strengths of the piece. I fall back on that advice to this day.

4. Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you?

The “perfect” hero for me is one who isn’t so perfect, and in that lies endless possibilities!

5. Tell us About your Library Contest, what a great idea!
Thanks! The “My Favorite Library Contest” gives people a chance to win $1000 for their favorite library as well as a collection of my books. All the details are on my website: If we select your entry (100 words or less telling me about your favorite library), you also receive books and a gift basket of some of my favorite New England goodies. Libraries have meant so much to me and I’ve heard from countless readers over the years who feel the same. The contest runs until April 1 but please enter today!

6. What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?
I love to travel. My father was Dutch, so I have first cousins in Holland I enjoy visiting. I also have first cousins in Australia I want to visit! We go to Ireland as often as we can. In fact, we’ll be there again soon. Hiking, and I hope kayaking. Also have to continue my research into whiskey! It’s a passion of Finian Bracken, the Irish priest in my Sharpe & Donovan suspense series.

7. What has been your biggest adventure to date?

Marriage! Joe and I met at Boston University and we’ve been on an adventure ever since. This has included many moves, two children (now grown) and two (so far) grandchildren, Leo, three, and Oona, born in September.

8. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

I’d be off to Ireland again! We love it there. Of course, we also love Maine…and Holland…and California…and the Pacific Northwest…and…wait! I’d pick Australia. It’s a long, long flight and I think I’d like to be whisked there. Yes. Definitely.

9. When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?
I’ll try almost anything once. I really don’t like raw fish and meat. Rare is bad enough, but raw? Otherwise I’ll try anything, especially fruits and vegetables.

10. What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

New England’s a great place to live because it has four distinct seasons, and I love them all…although I admit I get tired of winter if it bleeds into June!

11. What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

It depends on the day. Right now I don’t see how I could manage without my MacBook Air, but tomorrow it could be the television. I love Netflix!

12. What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?

Dinner out with Joe at our favorite hotel in Ireland with a long walk by the bay afterward. Perfection.

13. How do you describe Carla Neggers? How do Carla Naggers’ family and friends describe her?

Hm…I’m not sure how to answer this one! Rain check?

14. And lastly, no interview of a writer would be complete without this question: what is your favorite comfort food?
I always have a chicken pot pie in the freezer, and I’ve even made them from scratch. Great comfort food. But I can also be comforted by Irish rhubarb crumble, shepherd’s pie, onion rings…my doctor’s not reading this, right? Ha. All things in moderation!

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