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RJ Review Staff Blue Ribbon Favorites for the Summer!

August 22, 2008 By: Romance Junkies Category: Blue Ribbon Favorites, Latest News 1 Comment →

THE RED SCARF by Kate Furnivall, Berkley
5 Ribbons from RJ

“Kate Furnivall’s book, THE RED SCARF, is a stunning narrative of loyalty, romantic love, and fear of betrayal. Anna’s tender-hearted reaction to care for Sophia during her time of need, and strong-willed Sophia’s loyalty toward Anna brought tears to my eyes. I was swept into the Siberian wilderness when Sophia, a tough survivor, escapes to find Vasily in a small village. Masterful storyteller Kate Furnivall spins a cruel world of Soviet Russia. THE RED SCARF was too compelling to put down. I’m telling my friends who love a dark historical to grab this powerful book.” Reviewer: Kathleen

Read rest of review: The Red Scarf


THE STORM by Jean Johnson, Berkley
5 Ribbons from RJ

“THE STORM is book six in Jean Johnson’s absolutely enchanting series about eight brothers banished from their homeland because of an ancient prophecy. Rydan of Nightfall has intrigued me from the very first book and I have been anxiously awaiting his story. I have wanted to unravel the mystery of this dark, enigmatic hero from the very beginning of this incredible series. THE STORM exceeds all of my expectations. The chemistry between Rydan and Rora is amazing and well worth the wait. Johnson skillfully combines the overall plot surrounding the island of Darkfall, the multiple prophecies, the eight brothers, with tales of love and passion into an enthralling and exhilarating series filled with action and adventure that should not be missed! Johnson has earned a place on my must buy list and her latest, THE STORM, is a definite keeper!” Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass Read rest of review: Sons of Destiny 6 TheStorm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JUST ONE OF THE GUYS by Kristan Higgins, HQN
4 Ribbons from RJ

“JUST ONE OF THE GUYS is an extremely likable romance story! Chastity shines as a woman on the search for love. She faces highs and lows through the course of the story. I really liked the fact that she leads a full and fulfilling life, even without a husband or boyfriend. Chastity knows how to have fun and enjoy her own company. She has a supportive family, a job she enjoys, hobbies, a love of the Yankees, and the need to prove herself. I will not spoil the romance for you but there are deep feelings and hurts and regrets to be explored in this story. In addition, there are some small subplots revolving around Chastity’s family that keep this small town story interesting and realistic. Kristan Higgins has a writing voice that is very genuine, robust, and amusing. She keeps the heart in romance without losing focus of her characters or the stories they have to tell. JUST ONE OF THE GUYS abounds with charm and the true joys and pratfalls of falling in love.” Reviewer: Sarah W

Read rest of review: Just One of the Guys


5 Ribbons from RJ

“TALES FROM THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT: GHOULS is a fantastic paranormal romance from a fresh and talented voice. Kacey Smith has created a story that is sexy, funny and highly entertaining. I absolutely loved this book, and encourage anyone looking for a smart and sassy heroine to look no further than Crystal Lafarge. I hope that we will get to read much more about Crystal and her friends in the future. I know that I will be first in line to read the next story!” Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis Read rest of review: Tales from the Graveyard Shift Ghouls~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

DEMONICA:PLEASURE UNBOUND by Larissa Ione, Grand Central
5 Ribbons from RJ

“PLEASURE UNBOUND is a fantastic start to what promises to be a dark and sensual new series, overflowing with action and romance. Larissa Ione has created an entire new take on the supernatural world and it is very addictive. The heroes are sexy and very alpha male and the heroines, the ones we have met so far anyway, are strong and independent. The story for PLEASURE UNBOUND moves along at a fast and furious pace, keeping the readers at the edge of their seats as more and more secrets are revealed. The love scenes are very erotic and sexy; the fact that Eidolon is an incubus demon is quite apparent. I really enjoyed reading PLEASURE UNBOUND and will be anxiously waiting for the next two novels in the series to come out.” Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis

Read rest of review: Demonica Pleasure Unbound


PHANTOM IN THE NIGHT by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love, Pocket Books
5 Ribbons from RJ

“I have enjoyed reading the whole B.A.D. series, but the newest in the series, PHANTOM IN THE NIGHT, is my favorite. It is mysterious, edgy and the wicked humor tops it all off. I thought I had the “villain” figured out and was pleasantly surprised when another twist was thrown into the mix. I was shocked to my toes when I learned who the real villain was. I look forward to reading more of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s tales and Dianna Love has become an “auto-buy” author for me. “Reviewer: Billie Jo

Read rest of review: Phantom In The Night


TRIAL BY FIRE by Jo Davis, Signet Eclipse
5 Ribbons from RJ

“Within the pages of TRIAL BY FIRE you will discover a sizzling hero paired up with a dynamic heroine that heat up the pages with an scorching passion. Jo Davis delights her readers with a romantic suspense weaved with an enthralling plot that wills you to turn the pages quickly to see how it ends. I truly enjoyed the cast of vibrant characters within this charming tale. I laughed out loud at the antics and cried when the heart of the story unfolded. “Reviewer: Billie JoRead rest of review: Trial By Fire ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5 Ribbons from RJ

“L. L. Foster’s SERVANT: THE AWAKENING is an intriguing blend of romance and urban fantasy with some horror elements added to the mix. She begins this intense novel at a running pace and never slows down. Fans of Lori Foster’s previous books will notice that this is a darker, grittier side of her writing. Foster demonstrates that she possesses an exceptional talent for writing in any genre extremely well. Her interpretation of urban fantasy stands out in an ever-growing list of options. Gaby’s story kept my adrenaline pumping fast and furious. I was unable to put the book down until I had read the very last word! This book is a splendid beginning to a promising new series. It has an engaging, innovative plot that will have fans demanding sequel after sequel to this marvelous story.” Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass Read rest of review: Servant The Awakening ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SHALL NOT WANT by Julia Spencer-Fleming , St. Martin’s Minotaur
5 Ribbons from RJ

“I SHALL NOT WANT is a wonderful story on its own, but I wouldn’t recommend that new readers start here. The gradual unfolding of the relationship between Clare and Russ is so important to the series, you should really begin at the beginning, with IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER. I SHALL NOT WANT concludes on a more hopeful note than the previous entry in this series, but poor Clare and Russ are still a long way from a storybook happy ending. I plan to keep reading this brilliant series until the lovers finally get that happy ending – or die in the attempt.” Reviewer: Lynn Reynolds

Read rest of review: I Shall Not Want


SOUL OF FIRE by Sarah A. Hoyt, Bantam Spectra
4 Ribbons from RJ

“Sarah A. Hoyt’s SOUL OF FIRE is a marvelous tale, full of strange and original images, including her portraits of kingdoms of were-monkeys and were-tigers. Everyone in this alternate world possesses at least a little magic; the issue is merely how fairly the magic will be distributed. Peter Farewell serves an ancient goddess who seeks to keep any one kingdom from trying to hoard all the magic to itself, as the British are doing. I highly recommend SOUL OF FIRE, as well as the first book in this series, HEART OF LIGHT, which introduces Peter but focuses on the adventures of his friends Nigel and Emily Old hall. Both books create a vividly realized world of magic and feature wonderful, well-rounded characters. Peter is a fantastic creation. He’s a charming yet fierce dragon – but also a man, and one who’s willing to make any sacrifice for the woman he loves.” Reviewer: Lynn Reynolds

Read rest of review: Soul of Fire


NAUTI DREAMS by Lora Leigh, Berkley
5 Ribbons from RJ

“Lora Leigh lived up to her reputation as the ‘Mistress of Seduction’ because NAUTI DREAMS was so hot that one match would have been enough to make me erupt into flames. Romance played a huge part in NAUTI DREAMS and I found myself in awe at how romantic, yet forceful, Natches was. Nothing was going to deter this Mackay from his mission and when the smoke cleared Chaya was well and truly caught – Natches Mackay style. My favorite Nauti installment to date, NAUTI DREAMS is powerful and compelling. I have yet to fall out of love with Natches; however, the next installment of this great series, NAUTI INTENTIONS, just might give Natches a run for his money. It is the story of Alex Jansen and Janey Mackay and promises to be just as naughty as the rest!” Reviewer: Natasha Smith

Read rest of review: Nauti_Dreams


WILD CARD by Lora Leigh, St. Martin’s
5 Ribbons from RJ

“While reading HIDDEN AGENDAS, also by Lora Leigh, my heart hurt for the Navy SEAL so abused but still so steadfast in his wedding vows to his wife. I yearned for his book and for his happy ending. Not one word of this highly emotional and addicting novel, WILD CARD, has disappointed me. Noah Blake, while a changed man, continued to be true to his wife and though six years had passed, almost three of them spent recovering, Noah still honored his wedding vows. A more perfect character I have yet to meet. WILD CARD is an intoxicating first installment of a brand new series. The words flow, the emotions are raw, and love is in the air. Add in the danger of Noah’s mission and I could not have asked for a better book. I can’t recommend WILD CARD enough. It is ultimately one of the most satisfying books I have ever read penned by this prolific and talented author. “Reviewer: Natasha Smith

Read rest of review: Wild Card


TEMPT ME WITH DARKNESS by Shayla Black, Pocket
5 Ribbons from RJ

“The first word to come to my mind to describe TEMPT ME WITH DARKNESS is Wow! Others are amazing, terrific, fantastic and outstanding! Shayla Black is well known as an author of erotic romance, but with the introduction of her new Doomsday Brethren series, she is sure to win over legions of new fans. TEMPT ME WITH DARKNESS is a story that seamlessly combines elements of fantasy, mythology and the paranormal with contemporary, sensual romance. Marrok, Olivia and the other members of the Brethren are richly drawn, fascinating and utterly irresistible. They will stay with you long after the last page is turned, and the storyline will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next novel in this sure to be addictive new series.” Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis

Read rest of review: Tempt Me With Darkness


5 Ribbons from RJ

“THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT is a titillating, intriguing, historical romance. Readers will be spellbound by this unique story as James and Lusinda try to discover more about each other without revealing their own secrets. Containing humorous dialogue, mystical and interesting characters and a mysterious plot, this is a great escape novel. Readers will keep turning pages long after they discover THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT. “Reviewer: Dottie

Read rest of review: The Trouble With Moonlight


TO WED A HIGHLANDER by Michele Sinclair, Zebra
5 Ribbons from RJ

“Hot, hot, hot! Set in the early fourteenth century Scottish Highlands, TO WED A HIGHLANDER is a passionate, thrilling historical novel. FIVE BLUE RIBBONS! I absolutely loved it and found it impossible to put down until I finished reading the last page! Readers will be swept up in this story as these two pride-filled people help each other overcome their vulnerabilities and discover the meaning of true love. These two characters are well matched and memorable; they stay in your mind long after the book is closed. The secondary characters add charm to the novel and I hope to see them in future novels. TO WED A HIGHLANDER has found a place on my keeper shelf. It is a book to read over and over again. This is the first book I have read by Michele Sinclair, but it will not be my last. This reviewer is now a fan and I cannot wait to get to the bookstore to get her book THE HIGHLANDER’S BRIDE.” Reviewer: Dottie

Read rest of review: To Wed A Highlander


SOME LIKE IT WICKED by Teresa Medeiros, Avon
5 Ribbons from RJ

“Ms. Teresa Medeiros has done it again! SOME LIKE IT WICKED is a clever, love-and-laughter, historical romance and a terrific read. I absolutely loved it! Five Blue Ribbons!! Ms. Medeiros’ books should come with a warning – they can be addictive. This passion-filled romp is filled with witty dialogue and feisty characters. Anticipating what madcap adventure Catriona would become involved in next kept me turning the pages. From the moment I started reading this novel I could not stop until I finished the last page. Brimming with humor, an enchanting plot, irresistible characters and highly sensual love scenes, SOME LIKE IT WICKED is a winner. I cannot recommend it enough and I look forward to the sequel SOME LIKE IT WILD coming out in 2009.” Reviewer: Dottie

Read rest of review: Some Like It Wicked


DIE SLOWLY FOR ME by T.L. Gray, Cerridwen Press
5 Ribbons from RJ

“If you want a read with fast pace, twists and turns that keep you at the edge of your seat, DIE SLOWLY FOR ME is a must. The plot is a pleasure to follow, with the issues of women in a male dominated job, parental abuse and the foster care system all being dealt with beautifully by Ms. Gray. There are some very hilarious moments in this book and you can only have a healthy respect for Nikki’s inventiveness in standing up for herself. You will most certainly enjoy the teams’ reaction to her and the lengths they go through to stay out of her way. T.L. Gray has produced an absolutely stunning read.” Reviewer: jhayboy

Read rest of review: Die Slowly For Me


DARE TO by AKM Miles, Torquere Press
4.5 Ribbons from RJ

“JC’s character brings high levels of hilarity to the book as well as that in-house cupid at work feel. DARE TO is a very emotional read that will have you reaching for the tissue box – a time or two.” Reviewer: jhayboy
Read rest of review: Dare To

Blue Ribbon Favorites for December 2007

January 24, 2008 By: Jenn L Category: Blue Ribbon Favorites, Latest News 6 Comments →

Well this is the last list of favorites for the year 2007. I have to say there are certainly a lot of stellar offerings here for you to enjoy. So let us know what you think. Did we miss one of you favorites? 

A Chance to Dream by Lynne Connolly

A Mile High to Heaven by Angela Guillaume

Being With Him by Jessica Inclan

Black Olives by Martha Todd Dudman

Captain’s Surrender by Alex Beecroft

Cat O’Nine Tales by Deborah MacGillivray’s

Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh

Demon Night by Meljean Brook

Demonic Desires by Maggie M. Roth

Desires: Desire Under the Falls/ Desires in the Snow by Christy Poffs

Enough by Nicole Austin

Even If You Begged by Francis Ray

Evermore by Lynne Viehl

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannnah

Just a Taste by Deirdre Martin

Last Chance, My Love by Lynne Connolly

Mistress of the Revolution by Cathrine Delors

One Bite Stand by Nina Bangs

Suite Seventeen by Portia Da Costa

Sword and the Slave by Michelle L. Levigne

The Spymaster’s Lady by Joanna Bourne

Wind Song by Rita Karnopp

With Caution by J.L. Langely

October Blue Ribbon Favorites

November 18, 2007 By: Jenn L Category: Blue Ribbon Favorites, Latest News 7 Comments →

Good things it’s said come to those who wait and after reviewing October’s Blue Ribbon Favorites I can certainly agree with that statement. This month’s offerings run the gambit and include a reissue from Kathleen Woodiwiss as well new releases both in Print and Ebook.

So enjoy this offering from our staff and feel free to share with us what you favorite read from October was, I for one love to add to my every growing list of must have reads and can’t wait to see what you our readers can add to this list.

Thanks again to Lucia and Christina for compiling this list, keep’em coming ladies.

Also for your convenience we have created a page here on the blog that will keep a running list of all the favorites for each month.

Have a great Sunday and happy reading.

October 2007 Blue Ribbon Favorites  

A Sinful Tiger by Brenda Williamson 

Atlantis Awakening by Alyssa Day 

Deal With This by Lucy Monroe 

Howl at the Moon by Christine Warren

Logan’s Redemption by Cara Marsi

Men of Phucket: Tongue Thai’d by Sedonia Guillone

Paul’s Dream by Rowan McBride

Red by Tracey H. Kitts  

Second Chances by CJ England

Seeing Things by Jana Richards 

Switchcraft by Mary Castillo 

The Dragon of Ankoll Keep by K.S. Augustin   

The Vampire In My Dreams by Terry Lee Wilde

True Deception by Patricia Waddell 

Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss  

Lucia and Christina

Blue Ribbon Favorite Co-Coordinators


RJ Blue Ribbon Favorites for Sept

October 16, 2007 By: Romance Junkies Category: Blue Ribbon Favorites 1 Comment →

We asked the RJ reviewers what were your top reads last month?

Here is a list of RJ Reviewers Blue Ribbon Favorites for Sept:

A Scot’s Honor by C.H. Admirand

Along for the Ride by Michelle M. Pillow

Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand

Bird in a Gilded Cage by Christy Poff

Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh

Cinda and the Bounty Hunter by Paige Tyler

Derailed by Rhiannon Neeley

Everyday Spectres: Gates of Hell by Willa Okati

For Her Pleasure by Maya Banks

Force of Nature by Suzanne Brockmann

Free Fall by Fern Michaels

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Highlander’s Bride by Michele Sinclair

Holidays are Hell by Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Marjorie M. Liu, Vicki Peterson

Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

Meagan’s Chance by L.C. Monroe

Mind Games by Christine Feehan

Mining Evermore by Kathleen Rowland

Prime Time by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Raw Silk by Lisabet Sarai

Royal Harlot by Susan Holloway Scott

Servant: The Awakening by L.L. Foster

Shadow Whispers by Linda Conrad

Silver Master by Jayne Castle

Someone to Love by Jude Deveraux

Tanner’s Scheme by Lora Leigh

The Forever Summer by Suzanne MacPherson

The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

Trouble by Sasha White

Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

Whose Number is Up, Anyway? By Stevi Mittman

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wolf Tales IV by Kate Douglas


Lucia Nelson   &  Christina Rodriguez

Blue Ribbon Favorites Coordinators           

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