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Author Connie L. Smith

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Preston and Nick endured the breakup of all breakups when Nick accused her of cheating on him. He insisted, and she denied while the rain pounded against her driveway and thunder roared in the distance. Then they both ran – Preston to a life of Rock and Roll, and Nick to a career in the Army.  Over four years later, they’re damaged and broken almost beyond repair. He’s carrying baggage from his military days, and she bears the scars of living a lifestyle she’s grown to hate.  When Preston’s label forces her to take time away from music, their paths cross in a parking lot not twenty-four hours after her hometown return, anger and sparks flying in a confusing blend. But regardless of the feelings neither has been able to shake, too many lies and secrets stand in the way of the one thing they need in order to recover.  Each other.

Read An Excerpt:

Surprisingly, he was leaving his apartment when I reached his floor, and he smiled at me like no animosity existed between us. “Hey, Preston.”

Hey, Preston,” I mocked, then held up the figurine and fastened a glare on him. “Take it back.”

He had the nerve to smirk. “How do you know I gave that to you?”

“Who else would leave a dolphin on my doorstep besides the guy who knows I love dolphins and wants to suddenly fix four years’ worth of betrayal?” His smirk disappeared, and I shoved the object closer to him. “Take it back.”

He shook his head. “I don’t want it back.”

“Well, I don’t want it ether.” When he arched a brow, I rolled my eyes. “Okay, it’s cute. It’s absolutely adorable, and it would look fantastic on my end table, but I can’t take this.”

“Why not?”

“Because I know what it means! You made a mistake, and you’re trying to make up for it. But it’s too late, Nick. And if I take this, it’s like saying that you have a chance to make things right, and you don’t.”

His brow again lifted. “You sure about that?”

I frowned. “Which part?”

With a grin, he shrugged in an almost casual manner, far too comfortable in a conversation that made me anxious. Evidently he’d meant what he said about mending things between us, and he wasn’t about to let my reservations ruin his determination. “You’re absolutely right about what the dolphin means, but are you sure I can’t make things right?”

“I’m so far beyond sure that sure isn’t even in my line of sight anymore.” I held the dolphin farther out, hoping that he’d take it. “I can’t keep clinging to things that weren’t good for me in the first place if I want my next four years to be any better than the last four years.”

Then he scowled. “And you think I wasn’t good for you in the first place?”

“I know you weren’t. If you were, you wouldn’t have believed Dad and dumped me, and…” Sighing, I waved the figurine in his direction. “Take it.”

“Your sentence trailed off,” he pointed out, a small smile forming on his lips. “That’s a good sign for me.” Eyes on me, he stepped closer, completely invading my personal space and causing the hand holding the dolphin to fall back against my stomach. After a moment of silently looking at me, so intense and needing, he pointed a finger at my face.

“That’s exactly why I can’t take it back,” he whispered. His finger moved to brush my hair behind my ear, trailing along my jaw before tracing my lips. I knew I should move, slap his hand away, something. But I couldn’t. I just stared, my mouth gaping in shock, my mind consumed with Nick and his caresses. “That was the biggest mistake of my life. And you are my life.”

His index finger exchanged for his thumb, outlining my bottom lip over and over. “I should’ve fought for this, and I’m not making the same mistake twice. I’m getting my life back.” Then he stepped away, gesturing at the dolphin. “That’s only the first step.” Turning, he walked to the stairway entrance at the other end of the hall, leaving me standing – still gawking where he’d been and suddenly holding the dolphin figure much tighter.


Author Bio:

Connie L. Smith spends far too much time with her mind wandering in fictional places. She reads too much, likes to bake, and might forever be sad that she doesn’t have fairy wings. And that she can’t swing dance. Her music of choice is severely outdated, and as an adult she’s kind of obsessed with Power Rangers. She has her BA from Northern Kentucky University in Speech Communication and History (she doesn’t totally get the connection either), and is currently working on her MA.


Main Site/Blog:






“A Rakish Christmas – Historical Rakes Tell All”

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12/19/2014 A Rakish Christmas Blog Hop


What are your Christmas Eve plans? Notable rakes Ross Thornbury (The Rake’s Handbook by Sally Orr) Alex Knight (Twice Tempted by Eileen Dreyer), Richard Barrett, Lord Hartley (A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe), Damian Beaumaris, Duke of Cirencester (The Rake’s Bargain by Lucy Ashford), “Lucky” Luke Wainwright (Sinfully Ever After by Jayne Fresina), and Benedict DeBreed (Craving the Rake’s Touch by Bronwyn Scott) tell us what they’re up to this Christmas Eve!


Ross Thornbury (The Rake’s Handbook):  In the morning, I oversee the decoration of Blackwell Hall with greenery consisting of ivy, holly, rosemary, and Christmas rose. Then a Yule log is dragged in and lit after being anointed with salt and wine. Later we hold a private dinner for our neighbors and friends. The highlight of our Christmas Eve’s feast is my delight in honoring my friends and family with many, many toasts. Later that evening, you can find me celebrating the season in the proverbial bosom of my family.


About the book The Rake’s Handbook -

The definitive guide to seduction…The Rake’s Handbook was written on a dare, and soon took the ton by storm. Now its author, Ross Thornbury, is publicly reviled by the ladies—who are, of course, forbidden to read the handbook—but privately revered by the gentlemen. Unfortunately, Ross’s notoriety is working against him and he flees London painfully aware of the shortcomings of his own jaded heart.Spirited young widow Elinor Colton lives next to Ross’s country estate. She’s appalled not only by his rakish reputation, but also by his progressive industrial plans. Elinor is sure she is immune to Ross’s seductive ways. But he keeps coming around…impressing her with his vision for England’s future and stunning her with his smiles.How does one resist the man who wrote the manual on love?

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Alex Knight (Twice Tempted): I imagine I’ll be dragged to service. Dinner with my extended family and Fiona’s sister Mae will be noisy and chaotic, full of cheer and spirits, followed by gift-giving. I wanted to give Fiona jewels, emeralds to match her eyes, rubies her hair. And I will. But I’ll also get her that telescope she’s been wanting. Not only so I can see the absolute wonder in her eyes as she unwraps something she has dreamed of her whole life, but so we can lie out on the park behind the estate of a winter eve, tucked beneath blankets and warmed with a toddy as she teaches me about the heavens…and I teach her about passion.

Richard Barrett, Lord Hartley (A Rake by Any Other Name): With Sophie in my arms. I could share all the deliciously naughty and nice things we enjoy doing with and to each other, but this Internet business seems terribly public for such private affairs. You can read A Rake by Any Other Name for that. But in the aftermath of our loving, when we are spent and gasping, and Sophie lies snuggled close to me—two hearts, two breaths in tandem—Sophie and I enjoy a slice of heaven and—dare I say it?—peace on earth.


About the book A Rake by Any Other Name

A Reluctant Lord… A Resistant Lady… A Superfluous Fiancée And a Devastating Family Secret…When Richard Barrett, Lord Hartley, is abruptly called home to take the reins of the estate, he discovers the extent of the family’s financial straits. The remedy: marry the heiress their families have picked out for him. Unfortunately, he’s already planned to marry someone else.Miss Sophie Goodnight isn’t too keen on becoming his purse with feet…and she sabotages all attempts to woo her. But when Lord Hartley discovers the shenanigans in his father’s past, he realizes that deciding between two beautiful women is the least of his problems.

“Absolutely terrific! Adventure and heat and everything I want in a great story.” —Victoria Alexander, #1 New York Times bestseller, on Touch of a Thief

“This sizzling tale of seduction, suspense, and adventure is what readers expect from Marlowe.” —RT Book Reviews on Touch of a Scoundrel

Buy the book -


Damian Beaumaris, Duke of Cirencester (The Rake’s Bargain):

We’ll be in the medieval banqueting hall of Brandon Abbey, watching the ceremonial Yule log being hauled in and set to burn in the great hearth there. Deb’s told me that, as the lady of the house, it’s her job to supervise the decorating of all the chief rooms with festive greenery – holly, ivy and mistletoe – and my sister Laura is particularly keen on the mistletoe. Laura, by the way, thinks she might – just might – have met the man of her dreams, and for once she doesn’t seem to have made a bad choice. But we’ll see. And I must remember, over Christmas, to stop Deb working too hard – because she’s told me she’s expecting our first child. Nothing could be a better Christmas present.


“Lucky” Luke Wainwright (Sinfully Ever After): In the orchard, searching for mistletoe to kiss my Becky under. Where else would a mad old soldier be?


Benedict DeBreed (Craving the Rake’s Touch): “In church! Can you believe it? All of London will be laughing its head off to think I am in church. But I will be sitting in the Earl of Dartmoor’s pew (That’s Ren) with my new family, sharing the hymn book with Sarah, definitely stealing a kiss or two when the vicar isn’t looking or maybe when he is, and lighting candles with the villagers as we sing Silent Night. I know I could never be happier.

Author Pippa Jay

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How far would you fall for love? Centuries ago, guardian angel Lucien committed a terrible sin. He gave into his own desires and revealed himself to the mortal woman he’d been charged to protect. By kissing her, he condemned himself. Torn of his wings and his angelic powers, thrown down into the City Below, Lucien now serves Satan as an incubus who claims souls for his master from the City Above, and who feeds on the energy stolen from his mortal lovers. Dark, sexy and charming, he’s been top of his league for decades uncounted. Until His Infernal Highness decides to send Lucien looking for a lost angel. Lucien has no idea what he did to deserve such a punishment, and the touch of an angel could destroy him. Yet the challenge and the potential kudos of seducing one of his former heavenly kin leads him on. But when he finds the angel, he learns he still has more to lose than his already forsaken soul.

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A couple of centuries ago, Lucien mused, he would’ve been forced to use the treacherous spiraling staircase that led down to Hell. Stone stairs that were covered in slime, cracked and shifting underfoot, with no handrail for safety, and no chance to withdraw. No light other than the lurid red glow from beneath. For those poor mortals travelling that way, the redness would have increased in step with the temperature as they descended, to the point where both would become unbearable, leaving them desperate to retreat. But then most would tumble headlong down the stairs long before being able to turn back, to lie broken and bleeding at the bottom. That would merely be the first taste of all the torments to come.

Instead, Lucien rode in the luxury of an elevator into the bowels of Hades, Hell, Purgatory—whatever mortals chose to name it. As one of its denizens, he had little to fear from such a trip Down Below. At least, normally he wouldn’t. Tonight was different. He’d been summoned.

Lucien hunched deeper into his leather jacket, hands thrust into his pockets and the collar turned up around his neck, though not from cold. In all his years as an incubus, the big boss had never asked to see him before. He couldn’t think of anything he’d done lately to warrant such attention. Or anything he hadn’t done. There were plenty of lewd and despicable acts he’d committed. Things even the darkest of human minds couldn’t possibly conceive, and several times over. That was his job after all. What else did anyone expect of a demon, for Hell’s sake?

Author Interview:

please tell us a little bit about your current projects? Thanks for having me! Well, at the moment I’m editing a YA dystopian romance – Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened – for release in April 2015, and that’s part one of a trilogy. I’m also editing my debut scifi romance novel that I got the rights back to, planning to re-release in 2015 along with the sequel (which has never been published before).

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer? I’ve always written, so there wasn’t a kind of aha! moment for that. But to be a published author? That hit me just after finishing the first draft of my scifi romance novel back in 2009. I had a choice of shoving it into a virtual drawer or trying to get it published. I decided to go for the latter.

Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day? Actually it was my English teacher when I was fourteen. She’d read some of the stuff I’d written, and she just told me to keep writing. So I did.

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you? One who admits to and acknowledges his faults. He’s intelligent, considerate, strong, but doesn’t need to put others down to bolster his ego. None of my heroes are arrogant – I can’t stand that. They may occasionally behave like an a-hole, but they don’t pretend that’s okay. Mine tend to be beta heroes, and they regard their love interest as an equal partner. They won’t hesitate to rush in and save them, but they know when to stand back and let the heroine do it. They’d also hope their partner would do the same for them!

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections? I collect a bit of scifi memorabilia, though not so much these days as I don’t have the money or the space. My treasured SF possessions are a Blake’s Seven teleport bracelet used in the TV show, an intact B-Wing fighter from the original Star Wars toys, a SFX Luke lightsaber, and a tiny Corgi model of the Liberator also from Blake’s Seven. I dance for fitness, sew (cosplay outfits especially), draw, and play around with graphics for my books.

What has been your biggest adventure to date? In 2012 I flew from one end of the UK to the other to meet someone I’d only known online and watch them perform – he’s a musician who plays electric violin, and he likes to mix classical with pop and experiment with sounds (he does a mean lightsaber impression – pretty nifty sound to get on a violin!). I’d never flown alone, hadn’t been on a plane or gone away alone for over a decade, and he was only the third online friend I’ve been to meet for real. It was pretty awesome!

If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why? New Zealand. It’s on my bucket list, it’s a long way away, Lord of the Rings was filmed there, and I have an old school friend out there I’d like to visit. It looks beautiful, without Australia’s tendency for lots of venomous critters.

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes? I will try certain things, as long as they aren’t offal or tentacles. Other than that, I’ll give pretty much anything a go.

What is your favorite comfort food? Soup (preferably tomato) or pasta in a rich tomato and cheese sauce.

What is your favorite season? What do you love about it? I like autumn. It’s still warm, but not full on sun (I have fair skin and burn very easily), and still a good few hours of daylight without being uncomfortably hot. All the leaves change colour, and people start having bonfires and indoor fires – love the smell! My only quibble with it is that winter comes afterward!

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without? My smartphone. It goes everywhere with me. It’s my diary, my notebook, my social media connection – everything!

What project are you working on next? I need to do the next two parts of the Zombie Girl trilogy, self publish my two SFR novels, and I’m hoping to work on a superhero sequel to my current one, When Dark Falls.

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next? I’m on virtual tour with No Angel until the 23rd December – you can check out the schedule to see where I am by going here –



After spending twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay is now a stay-at-home mum who writes scifi and the supernatural. Somewhere along the way a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. In between torturing her plethora of characters, she spends the odd free moment playing guitar very badly, punishing herself with freestyle street dance, and studying the Dark Side of the Force. Although happily settled in the historical town of Colchester in the UK with her husband of 21 years and three little monsters, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head.

Pippa Jay is a dedicated member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, blogging at Spacefreighters Lounge, Adventures in Scifi, and Romancing the Genres. Her works include YA and adult stories crossing a multitude of subgenres from scifi to the paranormal, often with romance, and she’s one of eight authors included in a science fiction romance anthology—Tales from the SFR Brigade. She’s also a double SFR Galaxy Award winner, been a finalist in the Heart of Denver RWA Aspen Gold Contest (3rd place), and the GCC RWA Silken Sands Star Awards (2nd place).


You can stalk her at her website, or at her blog, but without doubt her favorite place to hang around and chat is on Twitter as @pippajaygreen.

You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Wattpad


Website –

Blogs –

Adventures in Scifi –

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Twitter –

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Facebook –!/pages/Pippa-Jay-Adventures-in-Scifi/114058821953752

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Vision of Darkness

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A psychic DEA agent works to unravel the mystery of a cursed lighthouse and falls in love with it’s keeper.

VISION OF DARKNESS is the first in the brand new D.I.E. Squadron romantic suspense series and will be released December 1, 2014. Fans of Christine Feehan’s Ghost Walker series, or Rebecca Zanetti’s FORGOTTEN SINS, will love this new series from Tonya Burrows!VISION OF DARKNESS is now available at Amazon. Get to know more about Tonya in this exclusive letter to readers


A beacon of light…

Undercover DEA agent Alex Brennan doesn’t believe in the paranormal, despite the exhausting nightmares that reveal things he shouldn’t know. When sleep deprivation causes him to make a horrible mistake on the job, he is driven to find answers. Dreams guide him to a lighthouse in Three Churches, Maine, where he finds an inexplicable and comforting familiarity in the arms of the lighthouse’s beautiful keeper, Pru Maddox.

A whisper of memory…

Deadly misfortune has long plagued Pru’s family, the result of a curse “The Green Lady” placed on the lighthouse. Skeptical, Alex searches for less ghostly explanations, though he can’t deny that the town has had more than its fair share of disappearances, suicides, and accidents. As their passion simmers, Alex digs deeper, and his dreams turn violent, frightening, and very real.

A vision of darkness…

To keep Pru safe, Alex must embrace his abilities and unravel the lighthouse’s mystery. Except someone—or something—wants the past to stay buried…and will do anything to keep it that way.




Excerpt 1 from VISION OF DARKNESS by Tonya Burrows

A shadow fell over Alex’s menu and he tensed in an automatic, trained reaction that had him ready to spring off his stool into battle.


He drew a breath, let it out, and forced his muscles to loosen. An effort. In his experience, unexpected shadows were never a good thing.

“Uh, hello? Are you all right?” the voice asked again and a hand waved in front of his face.

“Yeah, I—” He looked up at the dark-haired waitress standing on the other side of the counter, ready to give the first lame excuse that popped to mind—he wasn’t about to say he was probably a traumatized, emotional wreck on the verge of hysteria—but lost his train of thought when she smiled. She was medium height with a pear-shaped body that strained her polo shirt and jeans in all the right places and brought to mind twisted, sex-soaked sheets. She had her hair tucked under a ball cap, but from the wisps falling out around her face, he could tell the color was so dark it verged on black.

Pretty. Even his inner cynic, that snide voice always in the back of his mind making him doubt himself, thought so. He almost smiled, felt it quirking the side of his mouth. So rarely did they agree on anything. “Yeah, I’m good.”

Her bright blue gaze said she doubted that, but her smile never wavered. “You look like you could use some coffee.”

With that voice, like a velvet caress, she was just the right mix of sweet and sultry. Now all she had to do was grab him by the shirt and drag him over the counter for a romp in the kitchen and every fantasy he’d ever had as a teenager would be fulfilled.

“So, what about it?” she said and held up a coffee pot. “You want some?”

The jolt of lust was immediate and mildly embarrassing since it caused his breath to catch.

Coffee, Al. She’s talking about coffee.

Trying for nonchalance, he turned over the mug sitting upside-down on a saucer in front of him. Still, as she poured the coffee, he couldn’t help but let his gaze drop to her chest on the pretense of reading her nametag. Nice.

“Thanks … Pru.” He raised the mug in a salute then took a sip. Hot and strong. As the coffee hit his tongue, he could already feel the caffeine zinging into his bloodstream and sighed. “I do need this.”

“Been on the road a while, huh?”

He thought about it. Ten, twelve hours? Yeah, seemed about right.

“I can always tell the weary travelers from everyone else,” Pru said. “Mostly because I know everyone else.” She set the coffee pot aside and smiled at him again.

Alex felt a stirring in his gut, the warm, heavy sensation of arousal, his libido waking up from the slumber Trisha had put it in. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d looked at his ex-lover and wanted her like he now wanted this waitress he just met. Come to think of it, had he ever? Trisha was just another part of his life undercover, a convenient blonde bimbo to help solidify his identity in the minds of the criminal underworld.

“So where are you headed?” Pru asked.

Hah. Good question. His only goal had been to get out of the city when he packed up a bag and his camp gear yesterday and started driving. He’d originally headed west with the vague notion of driving out to Montana to visit Nick, his best friend, but he’d gotten as far as Albany, New York and had an inexplicable urge to go north. So he’d traveled up through the Adirondacks to Burlington, cut across Vermont into Maine, rambled through Bangor heading toward Bar Harbor, then hooked north again on US-1. Even after driving all over the half acre of hell known as New England, he still had no clue where he was going.

How was it possible to know right where you were on a map, yet still feel lost?

Tonya Burrows.200x278

Author Bio:

Tonya Burrows

Tonya Burrows wrote her first romance in 8th grade and hasn’t put down her pen since. Originally from a small town in Western New York, she’s currently soaking up the sun as a Florida girl. She suffers from a bad case of wanderlust and usually ends up moving someplace new every few years. Luckily, her two dogs and ginormous cat are excellent travel buddies.

When she’s not writing about hunky military heroes, Tonya can be found at a bookstore or the dog park. She also enjoys painting, watching movies, and her daily barre workouts. A geek at heart, she pledges her TV fandom to Supernatural and Dr. Who.

Connect with Tonya at: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | Pinterest | GoodReads

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Atthys J. Gage (YA Author)

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SPARK_200x300People are dying downtown, their bodies shriveled away to almost nothing. The police are mystified and outrageous rumors are flying. Fifteen year-old Francy Macmillan listens, but says nothing. It isn’t a comfort knowing that no matter how far-fetched the theories, the truth is even stranger.
For Francy, the truth wasn’t very hard to find. It followed her home from basketball practice one night, a floating bauble of light that speaks inside her mind and shares her thoughts and her feelings. Is it an alien wanderer fallen from some distant star? Or a shard of some divine entity? Whatever it is, Spark seems to like her.
But as their friendship grows, a disturbing fact emerges: Spark knows who is responsible for those deaths. With Spark’s help, it is up to Francy to stop them. Spark leads Francy into a strange alternate reality, along with her friends: beautiful Echo with the dragon tattoo; moody Brooke with the wicked jaw; and Owen Owens, the boy with the fascinating eyes who may just get around to kissing her one of these days—assuming the world doesn’t end first.

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Read Excerpt:

Snap! The air cracked like a cap pistol. Something bright flew across the room.

I wheeled around with my hand still full of hair.

“What the…?”

It flared orange—then red—a bright floating fleck of light. I watched it swirl, slowly stirring the air, rising like an ember from a campfire.


I dropped my hairbrush. My hair was on fire! I grabbed my head with both hands, pawing through my hair. “No, no, no…!”

But I couldn’t feel anything burning. I checked in the mirror. Nope. Not on fire. Not even a little.

I turned around again. The fleck hovered at eye-level now. It wasn’t orange any more. It was blue. I leaned in a little closer. It blinked white, then blue again.

“Okay, this is…”

But really, I couldn’t think of a word that fit. I circled it in slow, careful steps. It stayed still, dangling in the air. I reached out a finger. The fleck flashed silver and spiraled upward, before settling at eye level again. Reflected in the dresser mirror, a second fleck performed the same maneuver.

“What are you?” My voice quavered a little. I wasn’t scared—not exactly—but I could feel my heart beating pretty fast. I leaned in closer.

“What were you doing in my hair?” It made a tight vertical loop, pulsing green, blue, then green again.

“Why are you doing that?” I don’t know why I kept asking it questions like I thought it could answer. I guess I was really talking to myself. I pushed my lips out and blew, just gently. The fleck flickered in the tiny draft, but it didn’t blow away. If anything, it drew a little closer. I had the sudden impulse to run downstairs and get a jar from the kitchen and see if I could catch it, but I didn’t do that. Instead, I put my hand out. The fleck danced in until it was barely an inch above my open palm. I braced myself and watched it settle into my hand. It was cool and tiny on my skin.

“Hey,” I whispered. “What are you?”

It glowed and I heard a sound, low and metallic: bonk.

“Was that you?”

There was a chirp, and then a low warbling hoot like when you blow air over the top of a bottle. None of these sounds came in through my ears. They were just there, sounding inside my head.

Again, it went bonk. That seemed to be its favorite. A click, a whistle, a little wooden pop. Far-off thunder rumbled. Quiet at first, it rose up inside me, getting bigger and louder. The sound swooped up into a squeal, then dropped even faster to a sub-woofer grumble and faded to silence.

“Is this supposed to mean something?”

It made a soft chugging noise, like a little toy train. The whole time, the thing just sat there glowing in my palm.

“I don’t think we’re getting anywhere.”

It rose into the air until it hung just a few inches from my nose. I stared. It glowed blue, flashed silver, then paled to dull violet.

“It’s okay,” I said, and this time I was totally talking to myself. “This isn’t really happening. It’s a dream. I’m dreaming. A dream about a little fleck of light that floats around, making strange noises…”

Then, it flared bright crimson and flew straight into my head.


Author Interview:

Please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

First up is a YA title called Spark. It’s about what happens when a high school girl is befriended by a tiny, floating fleck of sentient energy. A unique friendship, to be sure, but Francy and Spark barely have time to get to know each other before creatures from a parallel pocket universe start trying to cross over into our world, resulting in a series of shriveled, desiccated corpses. Turns out it’s up to Francy and her friends to stop these appalling and unappealing events. And of course, Francy goes gaga over a boy named Owen, because there’s nothing like an invasion by inter-dimensional aliens to make you focus on the important things in life.

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer? 

Actually, I’m still waiting for that moment. My muse is a odd, unpredictable creature. I never know what she’s going to pull yet. But as long as she’s moderately cooperative, I’ll keep trying.

Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?

Don’t be afraid. Throw everything you can think of at the wall and see what sticks. Then, scrape up whatever didn’t stick and throw it at another wall. I can’t remember who told me that. I think he was a wall-painter.

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you? 

Most of my written heroes are plucky, occasionally sullen teenage girls who have been suddenly and inexplicably put in charge of saving the world from chaos. They have to overcome insurmountable obstacles, such as anxiety, self-doubt and a general lack of preparedness. I admire their tenacity, bravery and loyalty, though it wouldn’t do them any harm if they finished their homework every now and then.

What has been your biggest adventure to date?

The biggest adventure of all: marriage and raising kids. Followed closely by cleaning out the refrigerator.

 If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

Hmm. I think I need a little more information about this scenario. Will the fairy whisk me back afterwards or am I on my own? I’m not saying that’s necessarily a deal breaker, I just want to know how much to pack.

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?

Oh, I’ll try anything more than once, particularly if someone else is cooking. I couldn’t bring myself to order the water beetles in China but otherwise, I’m game.

How do you describe yourself? How would your family and friends describe you?

You don’t want to know. I don’t want to know.

What is your favorite comfort food? 

Toast with butter and jam. Raspberry, preferably.

What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

Season Three with Faith and the Mayor, though Season Five with Glory was great, too.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

The obvious answer is the internet, but of course I survived without it for many years. Ultimately I’d probably choose something a lot more basic like hot water on demand.

   What project are you working on next?

I’ve recently finished a paranormal thriller called Whisper Blue, about a man named Miles who creates an internet ghost as part of a thesis project on media and the masses, only to have her come to life. I discovered afterwards that I had created a sort of modern day Frankenstein story, with Miles standing in for Victor, Whisper as the Creature, and the internet chat room gang as the torch-bearing mob of villagers.

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

I’m on Facebook at and at and guest-blogging here and there. I shouldn’t be too hard to find.


Author Bio:

Atthys Gage is a writer and musician with a lifelong love for myth, magic, and books. His second real job was in a bookstore. As was his third, fourth, fifth and sixth. Eventually, he stopped trying to sell books and started writing them. After studying classics at Haverford College, he developed an interest in the ways that ancient stories influence modern story-telling, and has always had a fascination for that cloudy borderline between the normal and the paranormal. He lives on the coast of Northern California with his long-suffering wife, strong-willed children, and several indifferent chickens.


Sinfully Ever After by Jayne Fresina

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Title: Sinfully Ever After

Series: Book Club Belles Society

Author: Jayne Fresina

Pubdate: December 2, 2014

ISBN: 9781402287794


Teaching scandalous young men a lesson? This is not your typical book club


To Rebecca Sherringham, all men are open books—read quickly and forgotten. Perhaps she’s just too practical for love. The last thing she needs is another bore around—especially one that’s supposed to be dead.


Captain Lucius “Luke” Wainwright turns up a decade after disappearing without a trace. He’s on a mission to claim his birthright and he’s not going away again until he gets it. But Becky and the ladies of the village Book Club Belles Society won’t let this rogue get away with his sins. He’ll soon find that certain young ladies are accustomed to dealing with villains.


Buy Links:







An Excerpt:


He was going to kiss her.

Her skin shivered with anticipation until she could barely sit still. There was something proprietary about his gaze, the way it claimed her as surely as an arm around the waist.

After the meal, she left the table and Lucky Luke stayed to talk with her father. Becky found the dog Ness, now with a full belly, snoring happily by the fire, his paws twitching. The scene was peaceful for once with no Mrs. Jarvis angrily crashing her pots and pans about. Snow piled up against the window, and a stronger wind had sprung up to send the flakes spinning and spattering against the glass panes, but it was warm and cozy in that kitchen, and her smile, reflected in the window, was sunny. It was pleasant to hear her father’s distant laughter and the low murmur of male voices in the house.

She took three leaves from the pot of mint on the windowsill. If he was going to kiss her, she ought to have sweeter breath. Several other leaves had also been very recently ripped from the stems, she noted. Had he also taken some to be prepared? Smiling, she chewed the mint and resumed wiping down the table.

When Luke came in, she was still cleaning up the kitchen.

“Your father has fallen asleep, Miss Sherringham. I hope I didn’t bore him too badly.”

“Oh, it’s quite normal for my father to drift off midsentence. I’ll see him up to bed shortly.”

Becky had extinguished the lamps in the kitchen, and now light came only from the fire and the soft glow of the hall sconces through the open door behind him. He cast a great, bulky shadow across the flagged floor, a black, three-legged spider. His eyes were very dark and wary again as he paused there, just inside the kitchen doorway, leaning on his cane.

“Thank you for preparing the dinner,” she said. “It would have been cold game pie if you weren’t here to share your talents.”

“Well, I had to repay your kindness somehow, Miss Sherringham.”

He was being very polite now, she noted. His tone changed back and forth, one minute casual and even too familiar, the next formal, distant, as if he couldn’t decide what he ought to be. When she’d first met him in Brighton, she’d never imagined that he even knew how to be courteous, but now, seeing him converse civilly with her father, she suspected there were hidden sides to Lucky Luke.

She looked at his scars, his watchful eyes, and then his lips.

I tell you what…you’ll owe me a kiss…One kiss. To clear your brother’s debt to me.

Becky swallowed hard, tasting the cooling mint on her tongue. She reached into a drawer of the Welsh dresser, fumbled to the very back of it, and brought out the playing card he had once given her. She placed the IOU, writing side up, on the kitchen table.





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“Benedict Le Fay will betray you. And then he will die.”

Betrayal and death—not quite the prophecy Selkie wanted about her first love. A half-faerie princess with a price on her head, Selkie Stewart just wants a little normal in her life. Not another crazy prophecy. Besides, she and Ben are a team. They’re the two most wanted individuals in the Otherworld, and fated to bring down the Seelie Fairie Court and put an end to their reign of terror. Nothing can come between them.

Until Ben leaves. And the sun goes out. And the chiming bells deafen all of Boston.

The Seelies are coming. And only Selkie can stop them from destroying the world.

Here are my social media links: Tumblr ~ Twitter ~ website

And buy links for the book: Amazon – B&N – BAM


Author Interview:

please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

After spending a lot of time dealing with faeries for the Otherworld books, my current project is about nothing but humans. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot of magic around!

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

The moment I realized what a “story” was. I’ve been telling them to myself all my life, since before I could even technically “write.”

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you?

The “perfect” hero is, I think, someone you want to spend time with, someone you want to hang out with, someone you want to be friends (or more) with. You wouldn’t want him too perfect (can you imagine having friends who were perfect in every way? Really imagine that. What would you laugh about??), but you also wouldn’t want him to be a jerk.

And, sometimes, you would want your perfect hero to be a she! Or even some other pronoun!

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

I’m so boring. My pastime is basically writing. Writing fiction, writing fanfiction, writing e-mails, etc. Just writing. When I’m not writing, I am watching way too much television or poking around way too much on the Internet.

I do collect Christmas tree ornaments, which is hilarious because I haven’t put up a tree in years. I also collect old books about New England. I have gotten more story ideas from these old books, they’re fantastic.

What has been your biggest adventure to date?

I have several times in my life picked up and moved hundreds of miles away from every single person I knew. Every single time I do it, it’s an enormous adventure.

If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

Boston. If you’d like to know why, I point you to my books! ;-)

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?  

I was always a very picky eater, and then I moved to New Orleans. New Orleans is where I learned to eat. A good cook can make anything delicious. So, if I trust the cook, I will give basically anything a try.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

The Internet.

What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?  

I’m really very simple. I like good wine and good conversation.

What is your favorite comfort food?


What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

Spring. I love the flowers coming back and the temperatures climbing up and the increased sunshine.

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

I’ll be flitting around lots of blogs all month. Follow me on Twitter (@skylardorset) for details! Also, I’ll be at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington, on January 10, and Books on the Square in Providence, Rhode Island, on January 16. Stop by and see me!


Author bio:

Skylar is a born-and-bred New Englander, which is why Boston was a natural setting for her debut novel, THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS. Skylar shares her home with a cardboard cutout ofthe Tenth Doctor, lots of Mardi Gras beads from the time she spent living in New Orleans, and a harp she’s supposed to be teaching herself to play. She’d like to get a dog.

Author Kimberly Dean

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Rafflecopter Giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Naughty or Nice?

The holidays are here.  It’s the time of the year for traditions like decorating trees, singing carols, and drinking eggnog. Yet there’s one tradition that children fear – being put on either the naughty or nice list.

My latest book, Courting Trouble, explores this same theme, only from a very adult perspective.

Sienna is a good girl who’s always followed the rules. The problem? She’s ended up broke and underemployed, with no boyfriend in sight. When an opportunity to escape her situation presents itself, she has to make a decision on whether to continue being the proper lady or go far outside her comfort zone.

Could she really work as an escort for Luxxor Escort Services?

Physical contact is supposed to be off-limits, but that rule will be difficult to follow when she’s assigned to escort Jason Sloan.  The man is smart, aggressive, and sexy as sin.  Just how far is she willing to go?

There’s a thrill that comes with breaking the rules, a rush that’s mixed with fear.  Risk can yield rewards, but there can also be repercussions. More often than not, they fall hardest on those who cross that line only once.  Which will be the more powerful motivator for Sienna?   Pleasure beyond her experience or the possible ruination of her reputation?

Of course, there are people who don’t care what list they’re put on. That’s Jason. He doesn’t understand why Sienna’s decision is so tough.  He wants her to be naughty and very nice to him, all at the same time.

So what list do you usually fall onto? Are you a free spirit who’s willing to pay the price?  Or do you stick to the straight and narrow, hoping there will be a reward at the end of the road?

Courting Trouble buy links:

KindleKindle UKNookiBook │Google Play


Social Media links:





EIGHT NIGHTS WITH A HERO Excerpt and Giveaway

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Giveaway Details
There will be two tour-wide prizes (two winners, US only):
• First Prize: $40.00 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card
• Second Prize: Box of Swag with contributions from all the authors

Rafflecopter Code:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rafflecopter Link:


“Stacy Green has written an emotionally charged, thought-provoking and stunning mystery/suspense that will capture and hold you hostage until the last page is read.” –Katie Reus, New York Times – USA Today Best Seller MIAMI, MISTLETOE, and MURDER (Red Stone Security Series Book 4) – She’ll Fight To Protect Those She Cares About. He’ll Fight To Protect Her.


Eight Nights with a Hero

Authors:          Dee J. Adams, Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey, Carolyn Crane, Misty Evans, Adrienne Giordano, Stacy Green, Katie Reus and Joan Swan

Publisher:       Éire Publishing, LLC

Release Date:December 16, 2014

Genre:             Romantic Suspense


Cold Nights, Hot Heroes, and Eight Deadly Secrets…

Snuggle up to 8 riveting Romantic Suspense stories involving 8 Hot Heroes from all walks of life who will do anything to protect those they love.  PLEASE NOTE: This box set will be available only through January 31, 2015!


Google Play:

All Romance:

Barnes & Noble:



Adams Author Photo

About Dee J. Adams

After graduating high school in Texas, Award Winning Author Dee J. Adams moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. For twenty years, she acted in television and worked behind the scenes as an acting/dialogue coach for sitcoms. Writing happened accidentally after a vivid dream and the urging of her husband to “Just write it down.” Three weeks, fourteen hours a day, and four hundred and fifty (long hand) pages later, she had her first novel. An award winning author, Dee J. loves writing books filled with action, mystery and love. (Not necessarily in that order.) Her experience in show business led to her narrating many of the books in the Adrenaline Highs series for She is the wife of a wonderful man and mother to a fabulous daughter. She’s a dog lover all the way—due in part to a killer allergy to cats—with a fondness towards Boxers and Pit Bulls. She is a member of several organizations, including Romance Writers of America and SAG-AFTRA.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter


 Blurb for Imminent Danger (Adrenaline Highs Series, Book 5)

For Abbey Washington, dancing is more than a dream, it’s a way to forget her past. But being at the wrong place at the wrong time makes her the sole witness to a stabbing and brings back horrible memories. Since the killers saw her just as clearly as she saw them, Abbey is now a loose end that needs to be tied up.

Blake St. John is working toward his PI license and hopes to find the man who hurt his brother in a kidnapping. He quit chasing his quiet co-worker, Abbey, months ago. But now that she needs protection, he takes on the role of bodyguard and all the feelings he tried to bury for her come back with a vengeance.

Abbey’s past makes it hard to trust and an attempt on her life forces her to realize that time is running out as the killers get closer. Now, she must risk it all or face a life without the one man who showed her how to love.


Excerpt from Imminent Danger

“Has anyone ever kissed you, Ab?” he whispered the question.

She looked at his lips as she shook her head. She’d started breathing harder and he hadn’t touched her.

“You look scared and interested at the same time,” Blake said, reading her expression.

“I guess I am.” She met his gaze and struggled with something. “If I’m being honest, I’m afraid I won’t ever share a first kiss with someone.” She uttered the words so softly that Blake barely heard her.

“We could fix that right now, if you want to.” He didn’t dare get his hopes up. “You know I won’t ever hurt you, right?”

Her eyes widened. “I didn’t mean now. Here. God, how embarrassing. Blake…” She trailed off, but the look in her eyes changed to something closer to optimism.

“We can start small. An Eskimo kiss,” he blurted.

Her brows pulled together. “What?”

His confidence spiked. “An Eskimo kiss. You know what an Eskimo kiss is. No lips.”

She looked suspicious and he smiled.

“It’ll be completely painless. I promise. Want to try?” It took her a few seconds to think about it, but when she gave him a slight nod, an instant bolt of heat shot through his gut.

“Keep your eyes open, okay. Watch me.” He leaned in slowly, clued in to her uncertainty by the rising of her chest. “Eyes on mine,” he whispered as he closed the distance. He grazed the side of her nose with his as they stared at each other. Their lips so close together, he felt the warmth of her breath across his cheek. He continued to softly nuzzle her nose. First one side, then the other. His skin tingled all over with electric energy. It took every ounce of will power he possessed to keep his hands stuffed in his pockets, to keep his lips from joining the party. Just his nose, brushing against hers in a playful little two-step. God, she smelled like fresh lemons. Finally, he pulled away but not too far. He had something else planned. “Not bad, right?” he asked.

She swallowed again and shook her head. “No.”

“I’ve got another one for you,” he said.

“Another Eskimo kiss?”

“A butterfly kiss,” he told her. Before she said no, he leaned in again, his nose grazing hers before he fluttered his lashes against her cheek. He felt her smile, felt the warmth of her lips a fraction of an inch from his skin. After a few seconds, he pulled back. “Not so bad, right?” She lowered her gaze and shook her head. “How about we go for a small one. If you don’t like it, you can bail and I won’t mention it again. Deal?”

She looked skeptical. “I don’t know.”

“Have I steered you wrong yet?” he asked.

“No, but…”

“Are my hands still stuffed in my back pockets?” he asked. Touching her would only send her running.

She smiled at that. “Yes.”

“Then…? What do you say? Totally up to you.”

Her tension ratcheted up about ten notches before she said, “Okay.”

All he wanted to do was take away the fear. “It’s all right,” he whispered. Blake moved in slowly and nuzzled her nose again with another Eskimo kiss. He wanted to wrap her up tight in his arms, put his lips on hers and kiss her forever, but if he did that he’d lose her. Slowly, he let his lips brush against hers in a barely there kiss. She was as soft as he imagined. Hell, softer. Her plush lips begged for more, but he kept it simple, kept it sweet. Back and forth, so slowly. Her breath washed over his mouth in short gasps and Blake pulled back a fraction.

She opened her eyes and he saw a mix of surprise and panic. He wanted to touch the smooth skin of her cheek, wanted to run his hands through the softness of her hair. “That wasn’t so bad,” she said.

His heart lodged in his throat and he nodded, tried to find his voice. He gave her reassuring grin. “See? Your first kiss and you survived fine.” He let her process that. “Wanna try another one?”

Shyly, she nodded and swallowed again as her gaze fastened on his lips. She looked more ready to do battle than kiss.


Blog Tour Schedule

Follow the Blog Tour to meet all the authors and read excerpts from the different books in the bundle:




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Rafflecopter Giveaway HTML – 3 signed copies of The Longest Night and 10 free codes for The Longest Night audiobook (open 11/22-12/21)

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Book Info


The Deepest Night

By Kara Braden

Sourcebooks Casablanca

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: The Longest Night, book #2



When everything you love is on the line…

The Isles of Scilly off the coast of England are remote, windswept and wild. They’re the perfect place for Ray Powell to recuperate after the toughest Afghanistan mission the military contractor has ever run. Except instead of the peace and quiet he so desperately needs, he’s faced with a beautiful American woman who instantly challenges his iron control.


It’s best to proceed with caution…

Seeking her own safe haven, Michelle Cole is intrigued and flustered by the intensely compelling and irresistible man.


As their cautious friendship slowly builds into simmering attraction, their hearts and souls are about to be broken open…if they’ll allow it.


Praise for The Deepest Night by Kara Braden:

“This smashing sequel shows that respectful communication is downright scorching… This sweet contemporary will appeal to romance fans who like their heroes powerful and smitten and their heroines capable and genuine.”—Publishers Weekly STARRED Review



Buy Links

Amazon | B&N | BAM | !ndigo | IndieBound | iBooks


Author Bio

Kara Braden makes her debut in modern romance with a story of love in isolation. She believes that engaging, romantic fantasy can be found everywhere in the world, even in the most unlikely places. With the support of her wonderful husband, cats, and dogs, she writes from her home office outside Phoenix, Arizona, where she spends her time hiding from the sunlight and heat.


Social Media

Author Website



Twitter @KaraBraden





But as they approached the patio stairs, Michelle slowed her steps. She wanted to preserve the night, to capture the fragile closeness she felt with Ray, to hold it tight against whatever tomorrow might bring.

She was, in fact, tempted to invite him to her room – or to go with him to his room, given the narrow single bed in the manager’s apartment. She could almost hear Vicky’s voice urging her to seize the moment, to let her hair down. To live a little.

That wasn’t her way, but she could…adapt. With a little smile, she stopped two steps up the stairs and turned. With Ray still on the grass, they were nearly the same height. She smiled at him and slipped the flashlight into his jacket pocket, but then her courage faltered. She couldn’t just lean into his arms and steal a kiss.

“Thank you for tonight,” she said, inching forward to the very edge of the step, hoping he’d read her intent and meet her halfway.

He put one foot on the bottom step and draped the blanket over the stairway railing. “Thank you for trusting me to surprise you,” he said, lifting his now-­free hand to her face.

The touch stole her breath, sparking heat across her cold skin. She closed her eyes and tipped her head, pressing against his fingers.

And then she felt his lips on hers, deceptively soft and undemanding, though she felt the strength coiled behind that gentle touch. Her lips parted on a sharp inhale that he stole, the heat of their breath mixing, captive between them. His hand slid back through strands that had fallen free of her ponytail, cupping her nape. Shivers raced through her body, and she lifted up on her toes to lean even closer, bracing her free hand on his chest. His jacket was like ice under her palm, but the leather was soft, pliant, barely hiding the powerful chest underneath.

He chased her gasp with his tongue, a soft swipe across her bottom lip as if he were tasting her. Vertigo hit more powerfully than it had under the infinite stars. She slid her hand up over his shoulder to hold his nape, seeking his strength, his steadiness.

Keeping his fingers entwined with hers, he dropped his other hand from her hair. His arm wrapped around her body, forearm fitted against the curve of her back. She sighed into the kiss, inviting him deeper. He didn’t refuse.

Their tongues touched for a single heartbeat. Parted. Touched again. He drew back and tipped his head the other way as he pulled her close against his chest, her toes now barely touching the edge of the stair. She held tightly, trusting his strength more than her own sense of balance, and gave in to the kiss with a sense of greedy indulgence she’d never before felt.

The raw power of him was a drug to her senses. There was no hesitation in him, no wavering in his intent. Everything she offered, he claimed.

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