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As the sheltered niece of a Highland chief, Caitrina Grant longs for adventure beyond the lush hills of Scotland. So when a pirate ship glides into the loch, tempting her with promises of exotic lands and hidden treasures, Trina sneaks aboard. But she is unprepared for the consequences-and the seductive captain who demands the ultimate price for her deception . . .


For Alexander Kidd, the sea is no place for a lady. Pursued by deadly enemies from every direction, Alex won’t rest until he claims the bounty of riches left to him by his father, the notorious Captain Kidd. A stowaway will not be tolerated-no matter how beautiful. But soon fighting his desire for Trina becomes his toughest battle yet, and he will have to make an agonizing choice: sacrifice his quest-or lose the woman who has stolen his heart.

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She laughed, drawing his gaze to her mouth. “My, my, Grant, but ye certainly havena’ changed. Ye are as cocky as before.”

“Ye’re no’ the first to think so.” Letting her hear the smirk in his voice, he raised his fingers to her face and caressed the sweet contour of her chin. He stopped suddenly at the pinch of steel at his groin. He looked down at the small dagger in her free hand, poised between his legs.

“If ye don’t remove yer hand from my face, I’ll most likely be the last.”

Her promise was made of silk and steel, convincing enough to keep him still. Close enough to look into her eyes, Darach drenched his vision in what he saw. A strong, fearless lass, who at present, was enjoying herself immensely. A spirited mare with lightning quick hands and a merciless tilt of her lips.

“I only wish to kiss ye, lass. Nothin’ more,” he promised quietly, pressing her, drawing her in with a finger under her chin. She wouldn’t kill him. Not with a marriage to the Menzie chief looming in her future. He tilted his head and grazed her mouth with his, just lightly enough to share breath, short and instantly heated. He watched her eyes close, her lips parting ever so slightly to receive him more fully.

He paused. What was he doing? Hadn’t it taken him months to put Janet out of his mind? Didn’t every lass he’d pursued since meeting her pale in comparison to her fiery spirit? She made him want to tame her, even though he knew he never could. No one ever would. Should he pursue her this time? She claimed to hate him but he doubted it to be true. What if it wasn’t true and he breaks her heart when he leaves yet again? He might want Janet Buchanan, but Grants didn’t lose things like castles…or hearts to Buchanans. What if his kin didn’t accept her?

“The thought of yer mouth on mine repulses me,” she said shakily, moving back.

She lied. Darach smiled. He didn’t want to think about his kin or past feuds, or anything but Janet’s mouth. She slept in his bed. She thought of him enough to feel the need to write about it—just like he did. It shouldn’t feel like a victory, however small, but it did. And since Darach already knew that victories with Janet would be few, he allowed himself to take enjoyment in it. He took a step closer and dipped his lips to her ear. “Prove it.”

Just as he suspected, she couldn’t. She fell weak when he took her up in the crook of his arm. She didn’t resist his hungry mouth, but searched his with equal abandon.

She awakened every nerve ending, sending scorching heat through Darach’s body. He stopped thinking and kissed her the way he’d dreamed of kissing her long after he left her. With a tight groan and an arm beneath her waist, he hefted her up, closer, if that were possible, and supported her back and her nape while he bent over her and deepened their kiss. He felt her resistance, very slight. Another man might have ignored it. But Darach wasn’t other men. He wanted to fit her between his thighs and let her feel what she brought him to, but he’d promised that he’d only wanted a kiss.

So he steadied her and set her firmly on her feet.

He’d gone daft. It had to be that.

She may have swayed. He knew he did.

She stared at him through hooded eyes and almost made him regret stopping. “If ye ever do that again,” she warned an instant later, looking more clear-headed. “I’ll scratch oot yer eyes.” Without waiting for his reply, she bent and plucked her letters from the trunk. “I’ll send someone tomorrow fer the rest of Margaret’s things. Now move aside and let me pass.”

He obeyed, smiling as she left his chamber. Returning to his bed, he wasn’t completely sure if he wanted to bed her or toss her out the window. He picked up his pillow and smelled her fragrance all over it.

Bed her.

Most definitely.






Janet Buchanan is no man’s property. She refuses to marry her family’s sworn enemy-consequences be damned. She’d rather take a dagger to the brute herself. Yet when a tantalizing-and infuriating-man from her past comes to her rescue, Janet finds herself undeniably tempted by his hot, hungry kiss.


Notorious for his prowess as a lover and a fighter, Darach Grant has only one goal in mind: to defend his kin’s land from the impending siege of a hostile clan. The last thing he needs is the delicious distraction of Janet Buchanan-the only woman who can stir his ire as deeply as she warms his blood. But Janet’s intended will stop at nothing to claim her, forcing Darach to choose between surrendering his honor . . . or his heart.

SWEET SURRENDER (only $0.99!)

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About Paula Quinn

New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn lives in New York with her three beautiful children, three over-protective chihuahuas, and a loud umbrella cockatoo. She loves to read romance and science fiction and has been writing since she was eleven.  She loves all things medieval, but it is her love for Scotland that pulls at her heartstrings.

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Author Suzy Duffy

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Lincoln Ladies
New England Trilogy, Book 3
by Suzy Duffy

Release Date: October 30 , 2014

Genre: FICTION/ Contemporary Women/ Romance/Contemporary

ISBN e-book:   978-1-61213-274-7
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

Kate Kavanagh is happy raising her daughter and focusing on work, but when the girl moves to New York for a fantastic job and ends up moving in with her philandering father, things get complicated.

Her best friend, Madeline Stein, has been a career girl all her life. As a single mom, her job defines her, so when she loses it, Maddy needs to find something or someone else to make her forties fun.

Portia Kavanagh hits New York with a bang, but she’s so hungry for adventure she bites off more of the Big Apple than planned. Portia retreats to what she thinks is the sanctuary of her father’s home and soon discovers she’s not the only one in the family with an overactive appetite.

Kate and Maddy find themselves leaving their lovely hometown of Lincoln, outside Boston, for the fertile and romantic hills of Tuscany. However, blue skies, rich wine, and charming Italians bring the women a whole new world that they have to maneuver with the grace and style of a Lincoln Lady. Portia’s high-octane life in Manhattan comes at a price, too. Out of the millions of men she could have, she chooses the only one she’s meant to avoid. Her quandary: Has she made a mistake of epic proportions or found the one in a million?

This is a story of three fantastic women on a journey of self-discovery. With more ups and downs than a Florentine fairground, the ladies survive love, loss, and fresh pasta by laughing at life and using a doggie bag. There are lots of thrills and spills along the way, but in the end it’s all about friendship, attitude, and walking off that fabulous food. Come on an adventure and enjoy the ride with the lovely Lincoln Ladies.


suzyduffySuzy Duffy is an international and #1 best-selling author. She writes laugh-out-loud, life-affirming stories about women from five to ninety-five. (Sometimes she writes about men, too, but only for comedic purposes, and pets—if they’re funny.)

Her books have won numerous awards and critical acclaim. They’ve been published in Norwegian and German, and she gives 10% of her royalties to

Her New England trilogy includes:

Wellesley Wives – September 2012

Newton Neighbors – September 2013

Lincoln Ladies – September 2014

Praise for Duffy:

“Five Star rating . . . An all-American heart-warming romantic comedy.”

“Suzy Duffy . . . I had wondered who would be filling Maeve Binchy’s shoes . . . EXCELLENT . . . Highly Recommended.”

“Duffy isn’t just a good writer, she’s a darn good storyteller, too—a rare combination.”

Suzy is Irish and currently lives in Boston with her husband, five children, and one dog. She was recently a guest speaker at the Sydney Writers Festival in Australia. She loves connecting with readers, book clubs, and writer’s events.

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Suzy’s Other Books

    9781612131641   9781612133324

Author Marissa Kennerson

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Just like any average seventeen year old, Twig loves her family. She has a caring mother and a controlling father. Her brothers and sisters are committed to her family’s prosperity…

All one hundred and eighty three of them.

Twig lives in the Family, a collective society located in the rainforest of Costa Rica. The Family members coexist with the values of complete openness and honesty, and a shared fear of contagious infection in the outside world.

So when Adam, their Father, prophet, and savior, announces that Twig will be his new bride, she is overjoyed and honored. But when an injury forces her to leave the grounds, Twig finds that the world outside is not necessarily as toxic as she was made to believe. When she meets Leo, an American boy with a killer smile, she begins to question everything about her life within the Family, and the cult to which she belongs.

But when it comes to your Family, you don’t always get a choice.

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Please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Hi! My name is Marissa Kennerson, and my debut novel, THE FAMILY, launches with FFF DIGITAL on October 8, 2014.

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

I think I surprised my parents by coming out of the womb with a pen and some observations about how I thought the birth went. In all seriousness, as a child, writing came with such urgency. I couldn’t NOT write. I wish I had that flow and force these days!

Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?

To be honest, I can’t single out once source for this – maybe it was Anne Lamott who said it– but when you put aside dreams of grandeur, thoughts of publishing and making money from your writing – it will take flight in a different way. So very true, for me anyway. I also learned a lot about writing from making art. There are drafts, mistakes, horrors, botches, moments of brilliance. You’re just not meant to hit it out of the park on your first try. Someone out there is reading this and saying, “I TOLD YOU THAT.” Sorry! Next time I will credit you!

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you?

 I’m interested in heros/heroines that have a significant arc of growth.  Maybe I don’t even like them that much in the beginning. I am greatly impressed when authors have the confidence to start with this really faulty hero/heroine.  I become emotionally and psychologically invested as they grow – and even admonish myself for judging them so quickly at first!  I like a hero that feels human, takes chances, feels real emotions. A hero that gets hurt and recovers. In my own writing, sometimes I do that really well – and sometimes they start out a little too perfect and unapproachable. My mom, one of my best readers, is always really good about pointing that out to me.

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

Art is a major hobby.  I love to paint, draw, collage – all of it. Nature is a must for me too. Beach, mountains, you name it. My husband HATES clutter- as do I – so collecting  as a hobby doesn’t happen so often in our house. Ha ha. But my father-in-law has a formidable collection of rare books, and we live vicariously through him.

What has been your biggest adventure to date?

What a great question. What has been my biggest adventure to date…? Three are vying for the top place in my head: 1. The time we got lost on a hike in Lake Tahoe – really lost – and our dog lead us home by scent. I was about eight. 2. Travelling to Costa Rica with my VERY adventurous parents. They are MUCH more adventurous than I am. I was pushed a bit out of my comfort zone. 3. Having my son and being a parent. The BEST adventure yet! And it keeps going! Love it.

If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

Ooh. I love that question. The Maldives. Those huts in the middle of that clear, turquoise water, white, white sand – the quiet. Yes, please. I will be holding hands with my son and husband so they get whisked there too. I love to swim, be in the sun and the inspiration that kind of quiet brings – unmatchable.

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?

This is one of those questions where I feel like I need someone who knows me to verify my answer. In my mind, I am adventurous! I love food and flavor.  I guess I would draw the line at  certain animals, and I’m not going on Fear Factor to eat worms or anything, but other than that…

I should also mention that becoming an epic cook is one of my life goals.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

Easy. Lip gloss. And Denim.

How do you describe yourself? How would your family and friends describe you?

I think I am intense and brimming with energy. I know other people see me as optimistic, upbeat, calm and kind. People are always a bit surprised at what lies beneath…I can be calm and kind and all of those things – but I have a dark side, just like everyone else. My husband always chuckles when people say, “She’s so sweet.” He’s says, “She can be.” Ha ha.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Cheeseburger please.

What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

Fall. I just love the cool down after summer. The feeling of a fresh start. The crisp, cool weather. The food, the clothes. My birthday! I just love fall! There’s a very quiet side to my spirit that loves to curl up with a good book on a cool, fall day.

What project are you working on next?

The sequel to THE FAMILY!

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next? – Vi and Grace WTH on Saturday, October 11. Please tune in! Will also keep you posted on my Facebook page.

Author Bio:

Marissa Kennerson

Marissa Kennerson

Marissa Kennerson received her B.A. in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley. Before earning her master’s degree in psychology and art therapy, she worked for Wired and Glamour. She lives in California with her family.  

Author Rebekah Lewis

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Nymphs in peril, obsessive gods, females who literally cannot admit when they’re wrong, and unruly satyrs. Just another typical day for Hermes.

When Zeus refuses to demand Apollo release Daphne from captivity in Olympus, the only option left is for Hermes to free the nymph himself. A simple task for a god with his skillset, but risking the wrath of Apollo never went well for anyone.

However, imprisoned nymphs aren’t distraction enough when a former flame crashes back into Hermes’ life. It’s been a long time since he laid eyes on Hybris, and the timing couldn’t be worse. As the goddess of hubris, she has many quirks—such as being incapable of apologizing. And no matter how much she tries to assure him she can be trusted, the memory of her betrayal remains.

As they formulate a plan to rescue Daphne, Hermes soon suspects no threat is greater than the tribulations of the heart.

Don’t miss the first part of The Adventures of Hermes, a companion series to The Cursed Satyroi.

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Read An Excerpt:

“I don’t have time for this, Hy. I have things to do. Important things.” A promise made to a satyr, one Hermes intended to keep. A damsel in distress. Heroics and all.

Hybris yawned. “Yeah. I see. Meandering around California and swimming at the beach is a matter of life or death.”

Shaking his head, he opened the glass door into the house. He attempted to shut it behind him, but she shoved past. Hermes made an extensive effort not to notice she still smelled like pomegranates.

He failed.

“Well, I was waiting for Zeus to summon me before you showed up with your judgy…judginess.” He closed the door and turned back to find her relaxing on his couch, despite her soaking wet clothing. Rude.

She studied her nails. “And did he?”

“Not yet.”

“Then you aren’t doing anything important.” Her gaze flicked down to his groin. “Yet.” Standing, Hybris advanced toward him.

“No. Oh, no, no, no. No.” Hermes rocketed away and hovered out of her immediate reach. “We are so not going there again. Not this time. Not this day. Not happening.” Was she for real? After all she’d done, she wanted sex from him?

Unsure if his ego or her influence on his personal hubris affected him, a warm smugness took hold. He’d always been cocky, but she could bring it out to the maximum.

“And why not? I’m a beautiful woman, you desire me, and you have an open schedule. Take off your pants and pleasure me.”


Author Interview: 

please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

-Currently I am working on the third book in the Cursed Satyroi series. Let’s just say that the series arc really takes off in this one.

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you?

-A perfect hero to me is a hero who is far from perfect. Without flaws, he’s too good to be true. Part of the reason I was adamant in making my satyrs look like the satyrs of mythology is that it gives them a huge flaw: their appearance is frightening when not in glamour. Could someone really love a man with hooves? How do they get around that?

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

-I collect Cheshire Cats and Alice in Wonderland stuff. Oh, and books. Lots of books. I saw the library in Beauty and the Beast and it became a live goal. LOL

What has been your biggest adventure to date?

-I went to Scotland after I graduated from college. What a blast!

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?

-I have an issue with textures that prevents me from eating fruit and a lot of vegetables even though I really want to eat them. It’s really aggravating actually. So when I am out in public, I don’t want to order something I know I can’t eat, which means I have to sound like the pickiest eater since the history of food.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

-Air Conditioning

What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?

-It varies. I do love the ocean. Cliché walk on the beach, perhaps?

What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

-Autumn. I love when it isn’t cold enough to be Winter, but it is too cool for summer and Halloween is my favorite holiday (horror movies are on more than usual, everything has creepy decorations) OH! And I get to pull out the boots that have been packed up since the end of Winter the year before.

What project are you working on next?

-After Satyr from the Shadows, I want to go back to my dystopian novel. I have many ideas for that one.

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

-In February I will be signing books at the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona!


Author Bio:

Rebekah Lewis holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. She is an award-winning cover artist for digital publishers, and enjoys every minute of it when not immersed into a world of satyrs and Greek gods. Always feeling the need to be productive, she can be found creating something whether with words or images, or with arts and crafts. She resides in Savannah, GA with her cat, Bagheera.

If you would like to follow Rebekah on social media or contact via email, use the following information:





Twitter: @RebekahLLewis


TEACH ME by Ella Sheridan

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Teach Me Book Blurb:

A woman determined to heal…

Shy researcher Jess Kingston spent the last eight weeks recovering from her ex-boyfriend’s brutal attack. Body healed, she’s ready to put her life back together—except her ex isn’t ready to let go. She won’t cower in a corner while Brit tortures her, but she’s powerless to fight back.

A man determined to resist…

Ex-military security specialist Conlan James avoids commitment like the plague. His job, his Harley, and the occasional one-night stand are all he needs, until the day he rescues Jess from a tense situation and realizes he can’t get her off his mind. He can teach her to protect herself, but protecting his heart is another matter.

A madman determined to win…

As the deadly game of cat-and-mouse with Brit heats up, so does the hunger between Con and Jess. Safety might be found in numbers, but in bed, all bets are off—and the wrong move could lead to heartbreak. Or death.


Teach Me Buy Links:




Barnes & Noble


Author Interview:

please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Thanks for having me!

As to current projects, there are quite a few! Right now I’m hard at work on the sequel to Teach Me. Trust Me will release December 30th. The third book in the Southern Nights trilogy, Take Me, is also in the works and will release in February. And I’m plotting the fourth book in my Secrets To Hide series at the moment (no title yet, but soon!).

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

I’ve always known writing was in my blood, but I think it was the moment that I closed the file on my first completed book (which was, in fact, Teach Me, though in another incarnation) that I realized this one wasn’t going to be just for me. As I stated in Teach Me’s dedication, the minute my hero, Conlan, walked into my mind, I knew he was different, and once his story was told, I had to put it out there; he demanded nothing less. It was a terrifying moment!

Describe the “perfect” hero.

The “perfect” hero for me cannot be perfect. Makes no sense, right? A flawed hero is my favorite, someone who doesn’t do everything right, doesn’t always make the by-the-book choice, doesn’t always think before he acts. In Teach Me, Conlan says the heroine, Jess, is a relationship kind of woman, and he’s a relationship-phobic man. The things he does to push her away hurt Jess, but when he finally gives in to the truth of his feelings for her, he can’t be more devoted—and he absolutely makes that long hard road to love worth her while. When it comes to keeping her safe, Conlan isn’t above doing things that aren’t necessarily legal, but he protects his woman and that’s all that matters.

Jack, the hero in book two of this series, is a patriotic ex-marine just like Conlan, all for justice, truth, and the American way, so to speak, but he is also a hacker, a man willing to do whatever it takes, even circumventing the law, to see the right thing done. I guess, for me, being perfect is, perhaps, a tad on the boring side; I like flaws. They make my men interesting.

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

I study martial arts, actually. I’ve taught women’s self-defense for several years, which is how that came to be the subject for Teach Me. (I don’t teach it quite like Conlan does, though!) I find the routine of martial arts both calming and invigorating, and getting your very bad day out of your system with a few rounds on the punching bag is a great benefit too!

What has been your biggest adventure to date?

Oh no, I’m not telling! If I revealed that, everyone might figure out how boring I really was…

If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

Scotland. Hands down. There’s no more beautiful place (and the men are darn sexy too!).

 What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?

Going nowhere but to bed—what else? ;)

What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

Fall. I live deep in the South, and it’s H-O-T. Fall is beautiful. So relaxing. And the kids are back in school (that helps too!).

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

My laptop. It actually crashed last week—can anyone say PANIC ATTACK? It wasn’t pretty, let me tell ya.

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

Yes! I will be participating in a book signing on November 1st, the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon in Birmingham, Alabama ( It will be my very first print signing, and I can’t tell you how excited I am!

You can also find me online daily (and participating in monthly contests and giveaways—lots of fun stuff!) through the Nice Girls Writing Naughty Facebook Group ( and every Monday on my blog (


Author Bio & Social Media Links:

Ella grew up in the Deep South, where books provided adventures, friends, and her first taste of romance. Now she writes her own romantic adventures, with plenty of hot alpha men and the women who love and challenge them. With a day job, a husband, two active teenagers, and two not so active cats, Ella is always busy, but getting the voices in her head down on paper is a top priority. Connect with Ella at .

Author Website:

Author Newsletter:

Author E-mail:

Amazon Author Page            

Facebook Author Page         

Twitter (@AuthorESheridan)




Man on the Run by Gail Hamilton

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Lydia Marshall needs to round up the last samples of an unpredictable “relationship enhancer” created by her employer, NuGenn Pharmaceuticals. The last batch of the so-called potion is in the hands of a test subject, Damone Reid. But when Lydia finally tracks him down she’s in for a shock. He is no longer the shy, awkward programmer she interviewed months before. Suddenly, she finds herself swept up in Damone’s potion-fueled quest to live life to the fullest. They go kite flying.  They go whale watching. They go dancing in the moonlight.

Even though Lydia tries to keep things professional the former nerd’s enthusiasm–and kisses–are infectious. As the tall, sexy adventurer takes her on a wild ride, Lydia finds herself falling for him. But is it the love potion that is igniting her feelings? And what will Damone do if he finds out her secret mission is to destroy the very thing that is changing his life? The discovery could destroy their blossoming romance.


asked to see Damone right away but Mrs. Benson shook her head. 
gone.  Packed a bag this morning and told
me he was going on a trip to have some fun. Didn’t know when he’d be back.  Whistling show tunes, he was, and said he
meant to start at some place called Barrel-o-Thrills.  Took off before I could get another word out
of him.”
Lydia thanked Mrs. Benson and rushed out to her car.  A quick search on her cell phone found
Barrel-o-Thrills out on the edge of the city. It was a club specializing in
bungee jumping. The website announced: Give
yourself the thrill of a lifetime.  Your
molecules will never be the same.  
remembered the 50-foot railing and tore out of the driveway.  What if Damone came to real harm because of
NuGenn!  What if he’d used too much of the
potion and it had morphed into a thrill enhancer instead of a relationship
Oh, the
lawsuit!  Oh, the bad publicity!
By the time Lydia got to Barrel-o-Thrills, parked and
paid admission, her heart was pounding.
She raced over to bungee towers just in time to see a long, gangling
body flying through the air, arms and legs wind-milling, yelling with
delight.  When she finally got to where
the crew were slipping the harness from Damone, she could see what his
grandmother meant. He was grinning even though, wobbling and whooping, he could
barely stand upright.
the potion have done this?
wondered again.
Or had he just discovered common recreational drugs?
Moving swiftly and decisively, she rushed over and
grabbed Damone by the elbow.
         “Let him go.  I’ll take care of him from here,” she told
the crew chief.
Unclipping the last of the harness, the man shrugged
and handed Damone over.  Reeling from the
wild plunge, Damone staggered straight into Lydia.  Hanging on to stay upright, he blinked at her
in disoriented, astonished surprise.
“Volta…” he gasped.
The next second, he flung
both his arms around Lydia and started kissing her with a passion that curled
her toes and shocked her at the same time.
In fact, Lydia was so shocked that she just stood
there while Damone tightened his embrace even more.  His mouth feasted on hers with such total
delight, and such complete abandon that the sensation swept away any resistance
Lydia tried to muster.  The fellow was
kissing her as though he hadn’t kissed a woman in ages–kissing as though he
meant to claim every delicious pleasure he had missed living like a hermit in a
basement.   Lydia could actually feel the determination rushing through
Gail Hamilton has been creating novels since the great romance boom of the eighties, writing for Harlequin and other publishers. She has been a farm hand, English teacher, ad copywriter, and once rode a British Bedford truck across the Sahara and back to see Timbuctu. All of it is fodder for her fiction. She is drawn to action, romance, adventure and characters with a distinctly odd twist. These show up in her many romance novels and her fast-moving historical novel, The Tomorrow Country.
After trying urban life in Europe and Toronto, Gail returned to live on the family farm where she grew up. In this rural corner hugging the north shore of Lake Ontario, Gail digs into the rich, raucous local history. She cherishes a secret passion for animated movies and loves snapping photos of nature all around her, reading the constant changes like a newspaper every morning. What better place to hatch brand new tales for everyone’s enjoyment.
Visit Gail’s website at

Love Poison Tour

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Love is a dangerous drug.

Lab assistant and avid climber Amber Wilson is no stranger to risk. But she feels invisible around her handsome boss, Mark, until she accidentally doses him with an irresistible aphrodisiac that leaves him with a suicidal hangover. Abruptly fired, Amber and Mark partner up to research the source of the drug—a rare New Zealand mushroom—in hopes of refining it for safe use.

On their way to New Zealand to collect fungi samples, Amber is blindsided by a deep and intense romantic connection with Mark. Their new business plan is endangered by ruthless Maori mobsters who control a mushroom scheme they’re killing to protect. As the body count rises, Amber struggles to salvage her and Mark’s dreams, but when she risks her heart and acts alone, both of them could end up paying the ultimate price.


Barnes & Noble:




Author Interview:

please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Well, thank you for inviting me.

I’ve just started the Love Poison Blog Tour, so that’ll keep me busy for a few weeks.

Last year, while I was researching a story idea, I stumbled upon a website written by and for military spouses who are struggling with the fallout of PTSD and TBI in their returning warrior husbands and partners. I was so moved by their plight that I’ve written a novel that, I hope, makes their struggles more understandable for non-military readers. Editing starts in November. Look for “Shell Shocked” in spring 2015.

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

My wife and I ran a motel on Carolina Beach, NC for ten years. Being an hotelier is a huge time suck, so when we sold out in 2005, we elected not to take on another massive work obligation. Instead, we moved to a rural setting and took some time for ourselves to finally do what we wanted in life. I’ve always wanted to write, but I’ve never had the time.

Describe the “perfect” hero.

I think this is less about looks and more about attitude. When challenged, a hero or heroine is the person who doesn’t quit. In Love Poison, both Mark and Amber are faced with seemingly impossible tasks to accomplish. At different times, they each take on the hero role. In the end, they save each other. I think that’s closer to how things tend to turn out in real life. True love has to be mutual.

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

For the past ten years, I’ve been fortunate enough to live on a small farm in the foothills of Western NC. I kept an organic garden and loved to grow my own food. There’s nothing quite like planting rows of potatoes, tomatoes, greens, kale, peppers, cucumbers, and squash in freshly tilled soil in early spring.

My wife and I tended a small herd of llamas for eight years. They ate grass and hay and gave me perfectly balanced fertilizer that made my garden flourish. We also kept a dozen or so chickens that ranged the pastures, ate the bugs, and gave us fresh eggs. The harmonious nature of working the land, using nature’s own cycles, keeps me grounded and sooths my soul. I don’t use pesticides and I pull weeds by hand—not the most efficient use of the land, but it gives me satisfaction.

What has been your biggest adventure to date?

I’ve always been a risk-taker, so I’ve had more than my fair share of adventures. But I’m pretty sure the decision to uproot my family and immigrate to the US from England, where I was born and raised, has been the biggest adventure of all. Although the language is similar, the cultural differences between England and America are huge—far larger than I anticipated. I bought a one way ticket and had to make things work. It’s been a wild ride at times, but I don’t regret making the move. I’d recommend to anyone, if you have the opportunity, try to live in another country for at least a few months. It gives a unique perspective on life, and being removed from your local support mechanisms really helps you to grow as a person.

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?

I’ll try anything once. That’s how I found out I love sushi, but not snails J.

What is your favorite comfort food?

It’s getting to that time of year in NC. The evenings have a chill about them and the heart yearns for comfort food. I lean heavily on dishes from my youth—Shepherd’s pie, or a thick beef stew full of fresh vegetables and thickened with Guinness and Bisto gravy (a British staple). I enjoy cooking, and all my American family (my wife is from New Hampshire) enjoy these British dishes. Their family roots are Irish, so it maybe it’s in the genes .

What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?

I enjoy the fall, especially where we live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains—the colors are spectacular. But Spring is by far my favorite–time to till the earth and plant the seeds that will provide the food for our table throughout the year. Spring is a time of anticipation and renewal.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

No contest here—dishwasher. I hate washing dishes!

What project are you working on next?

I’ve just completed the first draft of book-one of what I believe might be a trilogy. It’s based around a child who has the ability to heal illness in others. The medical premise is unusual, and her abilities have created a lot of nuanced complexity for the characters, who have surprised me—a lot—in how they’ve developed. I’m driven by the tale. I think about it all the time. It owns me. It haunts me. I’ve written book-one twice before and thrown away the words. Now that I’ve accumulated more expertise in my writing skills, maybe I can actualize the concept. If I can pull it off, I think it’ll be a worthwhile read.






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True Love Way by Mary Elizabeth

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Some days are brighter than others, but Penelope Finnel has learned she can be invisible behind the colored lenses of her heart-shaped sunglasses.

Her mind is her own worst enemy, and simply waking up in the morning is risky. For a girl like her, staying in bed is easier. Especially when the day comes to start school in a new town with new kids who don’t understand that the clouds are not the only reason everything is so gloomy.

Dillon Decker is a typical boy from a typical small town who radiates light and happiness. Under the hovering glare of her father, Dillon leads Penelope around on his bicycle’s handlebars, hoping he will be the cure to her madness.

But as time goes by and when friend turns to lover, and lover turns to caretaker, how much can either of them endure before they’re swallowed whole?

This is a story about rollerblades and moving trucks, trading candy for smiles, and passing notes across lawns.

First love and the struggle to keep it sane.

The true love way.


Then the screen door opens and slams shut again, and standing beside the light Nazi is Penelope. Her hair is up now, and from what I can tell she’s not chewing gum anymore. Her knees are dirty, and her shoes are untied. The Discman isn’t on her hip, but her green sunglasses are still on her face, even though it’s nighttime.

Suddenly Mr. Finnel’s voice scares me out of my own head. “What are you looking at, boy?”

Definitely over six feet tall, the daughter Nazi isn’t leaning against the porch post anymore. He’s standing in front of his daughter, blocking my view of her.

I straighten my spine and speak too loudly, too quickly. “Nothing!”

He laughs at me again, but his eyebrows are more serious than ever. From behind her father’s arm, Penelope peeks out. I can’t see her eyes through her glasses, but I know she’s looking at me. I can’t stop looking at her.

Mr. Finnel’s laughter stops. “See something you like, boy? Do you think I’m cute?”

“Wha … what … no,” I stutter. My heart stops. He hates me.

Finally, she speaks, soft-spoken and small. “Don’t embarrass me, Dad. You’re so embarrassing.”

The heart Nazi puts his arm over his daughter’s shoulders and leads her down the steps to the walkway leading to the Chrysler.

“The boy next door is weird, Pen. Don’t talk to him,” he warns her with amusement in his voice. “He offered me bolts.”

Mary Elizabeth is an up and coming author who finds words in chaos, writing stories about the skeletons hanging in your closets. Known as The Realist, she is one half of The Elizabeths–a duo brave enough to never hide the truth.

Mary was born and raised in Southern California. She is a wife, mother of four beautiful children, and dog tamer to one enthusiastic Pit Bull and a prissy Chihuahua. She’s a hairstylist by day but contemporary fiction, new adult author by night. Mary can often be found finger twirling her hair and chewing on a stick of licorice while writing and rewriting a sentence over and over until it’s perfect. She discovered her talent for tale-telling accidentally, but literature is in her chokehold. And she’s not letting go until every story is told.

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.”–Jeremiah 17:9



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GRAND PRIZE: Kindle Fire

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The Fallen Siren Series, Prequel #0.5



GENRE: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance


Join FBI Agents Emma Monroe and Zack Armstrong.

She’s a Siren. He’s a Werewolf.

Their mission is redemption.

Emma Monroe is a Fallen Siren, cursed by the gods and banished to Earth for her failure to prevent the kidnapping of Persephone. She’s had many names and many lives, but only one mission: redemption. Now she works for the FBI and is on temporary assignment in Charleston. Solving this next missing persons case could be the key to ending her ancient curse—unless the temptation that’s her new partner gets in the way.

Zack Armstrong is a Werewolf. Tall, dark, and dangerous, he currently works for one of the bureau’s elite Child Abduction Rapid Deployment teams. In many respects the man is every bit as mysterious as his secret and perilous past. But there are two things he’s certain about, that he’s going to get his man and his woman.

When Zack finds himself suddenly shy a partner and a third child goes missing in Charleston, Emma goes from consultant to CARD team member in the space of a few hours. The abductions of the first two boys ended in murder, an outcome that neither Zack nor Emma can abide. As they race against time to track down the kidnapper and rescue the latest victim, they find themselves fighting something just as treacherous—a growing attraction that can’t be ignored or denied.



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The Fallen Siren Series, Book 1


Meet FBI Agents Emma Monroe and Zack Armstrong.

She’s cursed. He’s damned.

Together, they make one hell of a team.

Emma Monroe is a Siren, cursed by the gods and bound to earth to atone for an ancient failure. She’s had many names and many lives, but only one mission: redemption. Now that she works missing persons cases for the FBI, it could be just a rescue away. Unless her new partner leads her astray.

Special Agent Zack Armstrong just transferred into the San Diego Field Office. He’s a werewolf, doing his best to beat back the demons from his dark and dangerous past. As a former Black Ops sniper, he’s taken enough lives. Now he’s doing penance by saving them.

Emma and Zack’s very first case draws them deep into the realm of the paranormal, and forces them to use their own supernatural abilities. But that leaves each of them vulnerable, and there are lines partners should not cross. As secrets are revealed and more women go missing, one thing becomes clear: as they race to save the victims, Emma and Zack risk losing themselves.



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The Fallen Siren Series, Book 2


Join Agents Emma Monroe and Zack Armstrong.

She’s sacrificed. He’s suffered. They’ve both been betrayed.

Now it’s time for a reckoning.

Special Agent Emma Monroe has a secret. She’s a Fallen Siren, cursed by the gods and banished to Earth for her failure to prevent the kidnapping of Persephone. As an FBI agent she saves the lives of others believing redemption could be one rescue away.

Her partner Zack is a werewolf and former Black Ops sniper who once carried out a string of questionable assignments. Now he’s determined to atone for his past. Ironically, there’s a portion of his past Zack doesn’t remember—an affair with Emma. Giving into their attraction for one another almost led to their undoing. Now it’s back to business as usual.

While trying to unravel the mystery behind a series of kidnappings in Southern California, Emma and Zack become entangled with political tensions in the vampire and Were worlds. Not to mention the struggles they face in their relationship with one another. With so much uncertainty, they come to realize the only thing they can really count on is one another…or can they?


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S. J. Harper is the pen name for the writing team of Samantha Sommersby and Jeanne C. Stein, two friends who met at Comic- Con in San Diego and quickly bonded over a mutual love of good wine, edgy urban fantasy, and everything Joss Whedon.

Samantha Sommersby left what she used to call her “real- life” day job in the psychiatric !eld to pursue writing full- time in 2007. She is the author of more than ten novels and novellas including the critically acclaimed Forbidden series. She currently lives with her husband and terrier pup, Olive, in a century- old Southern California Craftsman. Sam happily spends her days immersed in a world where vampires, werewolves, and demons are real, myths, and legends are revered, magic is possible, and love still conquers all.

Jeanne Stein is the national bestselling author of The Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles. She also has numerous short story credits, including most recently the novella Blood Debt from the New York Times bestselling anthology Hexed. Her series has been picked up in three foreign countries and her short stories published in collections here in the U.S. and the U.K. She lives in Denver, Colorado, where she !nds gardening a challenge more daunting than navigating the world of mythical creatures.



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The Apartment by Amanda Black

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The Apartment by Amanda Black

“Amanda Black’s erotic debut is sure to melt your e-reader. Five scorching stars!” -Amazon bestselling author Sydney Logan




Lily has spent a lifetime putting everyone else’s needs before her own.

Ethan is struggling to find a place in the home he left behind.

When the two meet by chance in an empty apartment, everything changes. Drawn together by an inexplicable desire, Lily and Ethan discover a passion neither knew existed. And so, they make a pact: Nothing from their outside lives will enter the apartment—not even their names.

But what will happen when the apartment’s walls inevitably come down?

*This book is intended for mature audiences.*


 Don’t Miss the second book in the series – The Blank Canvas

COMING 11/5/2014



Author Interview:

Please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Thank you for having me! My new novel The Apartment is the first in a series of erotic romance books. It focuses on Lily and Ethan, who meet by chance in an empty apartment they are both looking to rent. They begin an affair that only has one rule: total anonymity. As their lives become more entangled it’s only a matter of time before their one rule is broken.

When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

When certain ideas just wouldn’t leave my head. I started out reading a lot of fanfiction for something fun to do. Before long I found myself wondering if the ideas in my head would work as their own stories. I began to slowly post chapters online and was amazed at the positive feedback I received.

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you?

I don’t think anybody is perfect. We all have our flaws, and that’s what makes us interesting as individuals. I would get bored reading about someone who has made zero mistakes in their life. How would they ever learn or grow? I think the perfect hero for me knows that they’re not perfect, yet keeps on trying to do the best they can with what they’re given.

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections?

I love watching movies and reading books. Once in a while I will sketch something. I’ve had a lot of fleeting interests in different things, but nothing I’ve committed to long enough to collect. The closest would probably be a lot of little squirrel figurines that my family has given me over the years because they know I think squirrels are adorable.

What has been your biggest adventure to date?

Publishing this book! It has been such a rollercoaster of emotions and I know that I’ve had it easier than a lot of authors out there.

If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?

I’d love to visit New Zealand! It’s a beautiful country and being whisked away would be much more pleasurable than a 24 hour flight! Although at the risk of sounding sappy, I’d wish for WHEN, not WHERE. I’d ask to go back about six months in time, before I lost my mother so that I could say goodbye properly.

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?

I’m about 50/50 with food. I used to be much pickier but have found that I like more than I ever have in the past. I will definitely try more than I used to, but if it looks or smells disgusting it can be hard to overcome.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without?

Probably my cell phone, because we don’t even bother with a land line anymore. One time I left it behind at work and I went into a panic and needed to turn the car around. I don’t think there is much else that would cause that reaction with me.

What is this romance writer’s idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?

Well, I love to travel, which I rarely get to do, and I love finding a nice restaurant in an unknown place and having a nice leisurely meal. The “ideal” part is eating and drinking whatever I want without worrying what the cocktails cost!

How do you describe yourself? How would your family and friends describe you?

I consider myself a bit of an introvert. It can take a while for me to warm up to people and feel comfortable enough to just be myself around them. I think that anyone who knows me well enough would say that once that happens I’m a very loyal friend and quite a loudmouth.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Food is the one great love affair of my life other than my husband. Very hard to narrow it down, but it’s usually a toss-up between Italian and Mexican.

What project are you working on next?

The second part of my series will be out in November. It picks up right where The Apartment leaves off.

Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

So far I’m only in Social Media Land. I can be found on Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve also started a Tumblr page to share pics that inspired me and quotes from the books. I check them often so stop by and say hi!



Amanda Black was born and raised in the Midwest, where she still lives with her husband and spoiled-rotten dogs. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art before deciding that she actually needed to pay some bills, which is when she took a position as an ophthalmic technician.

Follow her on: Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr


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